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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 19, 1938, Arcadia, California Page two Arcadia Daut twi Uke tuesday july to 10h# . It Kwh tips is a a to spa a a is published daily ext rpt Munday and holidays at 104 n first Avi nue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a n 1 i i n o 0 n part void Iii and publisher strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg u. S. Pat. Off. In Terry second it Mailer. March 14. 193i the Post office at arc California under the of March 3. 1879. Cha act the Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by Deuce of court on the 8th Dav of May 1931. Mem he in Arcadia chamber of Commerce Arcadia business mens so station California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented in the United states and Canada g $ by j. J. Devine a associates. Inc. New York City Chicago. $ ? Detroit Pittsburgh. A. And Atlanta. A. Copies of the Arcadia g 5 daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. 0 a subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c per o 6 month. Phone 2131 for All departments. 5 o advertising rates on application g $ oooo of too oooo oooo 0-00000oo oooo of o too oooo o o oooo a administration lauded High compliments to sheriff k. W. A Gene Biscailuz for his administration of the county jail one of the largest institutions of its Type in the country for keeping operating expenses at a minimum maintaining a discipline of High order and surmounting difficulties in maintaining an overcrowded institution were paid today by or. Chester Echols former professor of Medicine and surgery at Marquette University Milwaukee. Or. Echols noted educator and Pra Titi Ner has made a study of jails throughout the country from a professional 1 standpoint and commendation of the los Angeles county jail was based on expel. 3 gained in his surveys. A it is remarkable a or. Echols told sheriff Biscailuz a that you Are Able to House More than Twenty three Hundred prisoners and feed them at a minimum Cost of eight and three quarters cents per meal with Good wholesome food. It is apparent that we a you maintain rigid discipline and order there is evidence of human treatment of the prisoners. A your Honor Camps Are i know models from which scores of other counties throughout the United states have j planned their similar a throughout the entire los Angeles county jail from the booking office to the tanks and up to the Hospital it is j Plain to be seen that your jail organization is one of the finest in the United or. Echols also commented favourably on the fact that the Federal government looks upon the county jail As one j of the Foremost of its Type in the United states. Mousie Meunier Belgium a Frota nj3i wows que a Post cup few amp on a vow Bra nonce Walker m 63 pc to Crsp by a 2? a wn-kin6 record i it it a apr set a a shr Ecford Porfyl Pink mo., to Cai Chao / 1326 Mues in 26 vhf \ Holet Rev was Mai to sack 1b the h0u6e, Derby com 27 hemp Apter to / hotel do rep to win May j fas Ufko amp arb it adv i Africa to Kepp Englund from loping. The Rock of dral tar Ini?3o/ Hev Zerlen Shep Tae. Win Pung Monkey few fion which nates by Ueva a was Inse Parsaie with. A Roish Rule 11 spam in m. 7-19-3 3 Sierra Madre news l. Laura e. Cadmus second annual Flower show Date revealed Gier Alt \ is monkeys strange it seems mighty Gibraltar. Mediterranean fortress noted for its Impre inability was saved for England in 1930 by 30 Barbara apes imported from Africa. Involved in the superstitious beliefs of Spanish natives at Gibral-2 tar England a hold on the Rock a i believed dependent on whether or ? j not the Barbary apes could live i 1 there under British r i the last ape died native England a Flag would wave Ever the fortress. In. When whispered no longer Hugh Johnson says it copyright 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. A rights reserved. Cascade chrysanthemums and summer aloes were topics of round table discussion during the a May night supper hour at in Wist a. Vine gardens wheat tile supper table and Pavilion were Gay with giant Titomas artistically Foi the occasion. Duped More and More and today is the loveliest in All Japan. Each departing guest carried away the thought that Sierra mid res Vine has grown so Large became it has been loved so Well through a Long succession of years and prayed that harm shall never come its Way. Social club entertained or in 1930, the Monkey population of Gibraltar had dropped off until there were but two left a pair of old females. Natives Psi the word that weakening. He British i no it a j now is the tune As pointed out by mrs. W. J. Lawless owner of Sierra Madress famous Wistaria Vine to concentrate on Cascade chrysanthemums. She announce d the second annual show of these queenly Flowers for october together with a Dahlia show set for August store toll Yonezo Okamoto leading publisher of school text books and founder 20 years ago of visual education in Japan who is now a Sierra Madre resident at the Beautiful Pratt estate. Described the old and the typical 17 and 31-syllable poetry of his in i try pus symbolical of nature and love and told of the habits of the Wistaria Vine with particular reference to the immense i win of Sierra Madre n lug. The Vine which came Oreina a from the Orient 43 years ago i. D of cult to Tran splant Anc no list in i it Home he pointed out. If is unusual for the Wistaria to grow o Large and it is sensitive to climate. The Vine has feeling he de red. Quot if you do not love it and do not care for it. The Vine will not As an example or Okamoto related a quaint Story of a b Wiful White Wistaria which he liken a a to the Waves of the Ocean reaching the height of its Beauty it Xin Kojo Temple at Sakai seashore City of Japan. Admired by Emp. Lotta Hopper n Avenue Dentart pm Star social club led bean supper. 317 North Alibie the East last night at a in it it expedition starts thurs. Mrs. W. J. Lawless owner of Wistaria Vine gardens will leave on thursday for Seattle to attend the Pacific coast Region National Council of Garden clubs to Convene at olympic hotel july 28 to 30. Mrs. Lawless is a Delegate to the convention representing California Garden clubs incorporated an ambassadorial expedition will include stops Enro Ute to the convention at Ventura Santa maria., Santa Barbara and san Francisco Garden centers and nurseries and or Chambers of c Anneyre to promote Sierra Madre and the Wistaria Vine As Well As for helpful hint for this City. Accompanying mrs. Lawless on the trip which will extend to Vic Toria Huber go fit Bull be her assist i passage e w. E. H. Cd eke and t. Mrs Maxwell c Loim m. Uri. S to return about a a a a Eteri club u ii i Eteri g sch is meet it Gardener Anderson her House Oldman. Of the party must i. Fearing possible revolution or other trouble with the Spanish natives military strategists stationed at Gibraltar saw the necessity of taking Steps to replenish the Stock of Barbary apes. Consequently Captain d. A. Smith was commissioned to bring in w ones from Africa to quiet the superstitious natives. He captured 30. Ferried them across the Strait and turned them Loose to clamber Over the towering Rock Mountain. Today. St ran e it seems it is a crime to tease these peace pre serving monkeys of Gibraltar and High treason to kill one for 234 years England hot this strategic fortress which guard Over the Entrance to the Mediterranean vet oddly enough Gibraltar was not taken by England for England in 1704. But for Archduke Charles of Austria pretender to the austrian throne during the War of the Spanish succession a British Squadron was sent to the Mediterranean under sir George Roc he who after cruising about decided to altar although tin fortified with too guns took it in three Days. In is is of Archduke Charle however. Charles was his attempt to gain Bethany Beach having had a somewhat similar Job Hung around my in of like the dear Albatross which drove the ancient manner Cutty my heart goes out to Elmer Andrews who a i just b f n anointed its administrator of the new w a go s a and h o or s Lav. It is a hard assignment. He will to damned if he does and damned if he does no to. Every hour of his Cay and night be dogged with a fru it ions of prejudice hand ant against labor irs on too much personal Power to be Able to say what is a fair Price for an existing privately owned Public Utility before you ruin it. But i have a kind of Hunch that Harold is going to astonish his critics by being simply practical and decent. He has in his staff some of the a beet american authorities on this subject. I would in disappointed if he turned in any confiscatory recommendations. The Petroleum would underwrite his fair the yet. A in i Sui i rent was a Pei the a to the Eft on paper plan Alme Appun cd so Iii with but Anent this cot App abutment. Jefferson said something it that it is easy to put the out line of a Liberal democratic government but impossible to find the men we May not approx Harry Hopkins was effect. I done to. F no Nett met. To fit the Blue print a Ter be by i Andrews knows this experience know. He difficulties the perplex courageous no nation place provided in the government May Betesh and not by men but t men ar1. Imply sterile a Happy Choice. Ii the policies appointed in in themore i know from personal exp Rienche that he has perhaps the bal Miest staff ver assembled in Washington. I once when a perfectly absurd policy was proposed in new York City against the protest of everybody t there incl fag the particularly j practical May a Nae of them Blus i tired to me Quot you must think we re synopsis a Gregory Sallust Young Ergo so private investigator is greatly interested in tile affairs of the Beautiful hungarian girl Sabine Szen Tes for two reasons first because her Beauty and Charm Are irresistible second because she is associated with lord Gavin Fortescue a sinister shadowy figure in Intonational affairs. Fortescue is a strange looking Little Man curiously misshapen. Sallust knows him by reputation and has begun to suspect that he and Sabine Are concerned in certain illegal activities which Gregory is investigating for sir Pelli Nofe Gwaine Cust a British Industrial giant. Gregory and Sabine have become friends although she will Tell him nothing of herself or her relations with Fortescue. In saving a Scotland Yard detective from a Brawl in a cafe near Deauville France where Sabine had lured the victim Sallust gains Possession of a mysterious coded Telegram dropped during the fight. Sabine refuses to enlighten Gregory on the Telegram warning him it is dangerous to know too much. She agrees to spend the following Day with the infatuated Gregory. Dining at a Roadside inn Sabine is filled with apprehension for Gregory a safety when she sees Quot the limper one of lord Gavin a henchmen watching them. Later when Gregory goes to get his car he is attacked by a Man who throws Pepper in his eyes. Sabine disappears. Returning to England Gregory a suspicions of lord Gavin Fortescue Are confirmed by sir Pel Linore and Gregory Calls on inspector marrow fat of Scotland Yard to try to establish a working agreement with the police. Chapter Chi superintendent marrow fat raised his eyebrows again. A but what a your interest in the matter outside the lady May i ask its hardly your business to ferret out lord Cavin Fortescue a a no but i am engaged on a private investigation for sir Ellinore Gwaine Cust at the moment and the two things May link up a what sort of thing Are you investigating a a that is sir a Ellinore a affair and if lie has t told you its hardly my place to do so. He was hoping though i think that you might agree to my working with your superintendent marrow fat Shook his Large round head. A a in a sorry sir. In a afraid we can to agree to that. You see it would be quite contrary to regulations and i done to think the matter inspector Wells was sent Over to look into can have any bearing on a private Issue which appears to rest Between sir Ellinore Gwaine Cust and lord Gavin Fortescue. We re very much obliged for the information you be brought us All the the superintendent was glancing through the papers in the Wallet. A you did no to happen to find a Telegram in this by any Chance did you a he asked after a moment. A a in a afraid not a Gregory lied glibly. He had never been particularly keen on police cooperation and since his offer of assistance had been rejected he had no intention of letting them have a sight of what he considered to be his Best card. The superintendent extended a Large plump hand. A Well much obliged to you in a sure and in a very grateful to you for having come to Wells help so promptly when they were giving him a rough House. Good morning to you and thank a a t he door closed behind Gregory the i Iper intendant suddenly recall Active. He grabbed a big Grunt Quot gets spa Aid Iii cd k Telephone and after a Momient bellowed Down it. A that you Wells i be just had that Bird Here who helped you out at Trouville. Gregory Sallust a Bis name a Clever Devil if Ever there a one he wanted to work in with us but., of course i could t have that. Listen though you re the Lucky one lord Gavin Fortescue a in this it la be the biggest thing that a Hap Pence in years and it Mem a promotion for you if you handle it right come up to me at once but put some Good men on to Trail Sallust As he leaves the building. I his not to be lost sight of Day or night. He a pinched that Telegram but he. Going to Lead us to something get a my names not marrowfat.�?�. From Scotland Yard Gregory walked round the Corner to Westminster Bridge and took the underground Down to Gloucester Road where he Bael rooms comprising the first floor of no. 272. He could Well have afforded better quarters but the building was the property of one George Rudd who Hati been his Batman in the War and had Ever since remained ins devoted Henchman. Or. Rudd eked out a precarious living by letting the upper floors of his House generally to students at the London University and doing Odd jobs for Tho retail grocer who had the old fashioned Little shop on the ground floor. When Gregory returned he found Rudd in his sitting room polishing some 18th-Century Silver halted rapiers. He was a medium sized Man with Yellowish hair close cropped and bristling at the top of his head but allowed to grow into a lock in front which he carefully trained in a Well greased curve across his forehead. A Small fair moustache graced his upper lip hut As he always kept it neatly trimmed it failed to hide the fact that his Teeth badly needed the attention of the dentist. His eyes were Blue Quick humorous and Friendly. A like to come on a trip with me to France a Gregory asked him. A not a Arf the sex Soldier removed the butt of a Gold Flake that dangled from his lower lip. A is it Gay farce or one of them places on the coast where the girls from the policy Bejares disports themselves in pocket handkerchiefs during the summer months a a no this is business. In be got a private War on. By the Bye we shall he a must we go risking our necks that Way As Well sir a asked Rudd ruefully. A no Nastu rations on you As a Pilot sir but i always feel ifs More Homey like in a Nice comfortable train Gregory grinned. A no we be got to be Birdman this trip and ifs probable we shall be flying backwards and forwards across the Channel until we re sick of the sight of the Damn a very Good or. Gregory just As you say a agreed Rudd philosophically. A but i Hopes we has Long enough on the other Side Between trips to Knock off a bottle or two of that Vin Rouge in one of them a a the afternoon was the sort one always Hopes for in Early August hut rarely gets Sunshine so Brilliant that the passing people were walking perceptibly slower than usual. The women were in their lightest frocks and nearly All the men had abandoned their waistcoats. The ice Cream vendors beside their stands were doing a roaring business and that Lazy hush filled the air which made London seem temporarily a City of the tropics. At Heston Many people were taking the Fine spell. Quite a crowd was gathered on the flying grow i watching the planes w by Dennis Wheatley Corno and go. Gregory presented Hii credentials at the office while Kuo d garaged the car and a few Monu no later an official led them out r to a inn Gnu in which reposed a very up to Date looking monoplane. It was an enclosed tvo Sci or Miles Hawk cruising Speed i la m.p.h., but As it was fitted with a retractable undercarriage Gregory knew that would give it an extra in and by the use of the supercharger he could Rev her up to a Good hit Over 200. At a Quarter to five with Rudd in the observers seat Gregory called a a contacts Anil took the air. He headed straight for Calais but did not descend at the Landing ground. Instead he turned eastward and followed the coast line a far As Dunkirk carefully scrutinize ing the ground beneath him. Then he turned on his track and flew Southwest until he reached Cape Iris Nez then he turned once More and finally came Down at the Calais Airport a Little before seven of clock. Having parked the plane and refuelled it to capacity he left instructions that. He might be returning in it to England that night. Then in a taxi he drove to the town Hall and inquired the whereabouts of the cafe de la Cloche at first no one seemed to know it but having penetrated at last to a Musty Little Bureau where an old woman sat writing a spidery hand in a Well thumbed Ledger he Learned that the place was a poor sort of Rita mint a Kilometre outside the town on the Road to Boulogne. As they came out again in the evening sunlight he remarked to Rudd a your Birds wont operate until after dark in any Case so there a no sense in making ourselves conspicuous. Well go to the hotel terminus. The Queerly assorted couple obtained an excellent meal entirely satisfactory to both their divergent tastes Anil by Tho time they had finished darkness had fallen. During dinner Gregory had been carefully considering the problem of How he could Best install himself at the cafe de la Cloche without arousing suspicion. To visit it was simple enough but he might have to remain there for several hours and from the description which the old woman at the Bureau had Given him of the place it hardly seemed one at which a Well dressed traveler would choose to linger. True he had brought a disreputable looking old Raincoat for just such a possibility a its pockets bulged with his gun night glasses and a big flashlight hut that hardly seemed enough. The fact that Rudd was so obviously an englishman and could hardly speak a word of French Sis also certain to raise comment in such an out of the Way spot. He could leave Rudd outside of course but he preferred to have him with him so that he could Send him off at once to Shadow anybody he wished to have followed. After dinner he managed to hire a car to drive himself. It was a citroen and had seen better Days but that suited his purpose admirably. At ten of clock they packed themselves into its worn seats and Gregory drove slowly out of the town explaining to Rudd his plan of Campaign As he did so. A i want to Snoop around at this place a bit a he said a and unless i can get what in a after i done to want to leave until they Chuck us out. We re on a motoring Holiday you and in and another Bloke named Brown. We intended to move on to Boulogne tonight but this wretched old bus let us Down a few Hundred Yards from the cafe. We be sent poor old Brown to foots log it Back into Calais and come out with a Mechanic. To be concluded copyright i Mut by King feature it n i Ltd r i r a i crazy Tivious an in i la. A i Quot in Here the too of the ilk we problem from his actual belter than anybody i understands As Well the of employers As he does cities of workers. He is and fair. This will be ii labor relations Board administration. People who had apprehensions about a new hot m More toil history i c eyed is system aint carrying May Calm the the or Cash Rock sir Glt am was dry the r tears. To he new aim Gnu Trator h a Profe anal Public iter ant of the brits i Type will ample k d in Peri Nee a mgr Anc of practical rials while there Are Ola i a it by Lions have charge unfelt politic Nocent judgment is generally Good and his heart is honest. Cons Dering his tre Mendu. Responsibilities it is no More than Ordinary sportsmanship to say the it he has turned in an almost perfect performance As a Good and faithful Public servant. Attempt to review m of our foreign relations do tour cell Hull with any head dub org Cal. July 19. A up a when spa officials made a Grant for improvements in the foghorn equipment at Point Arent they As a dispenser thin any Man yet to hear a responsible1 probably did not know that the ? of in on key bus inc is. Harry a mate excursion into Iowa a was clearly amateurish in his mind keen his foghorn is known locally As the Quot big it is expected that the modernization of the foghorn will permit a re christening to some other kind of a noise. Eleanor Roosevelt a i upright. 1938. By United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved sir body would had minis t rat rims by Cor. Meet club of Bethany an wednesday Ai s week with miss Ben-83 West Sierra mad Dutiful Hon in from Al me 1 the Send admired by the emperor on Elsif to the Temple the Boa White Wistaria was Given to and thence transported. It the Perial Palace at Tokio away the Home it loved so Well. Though watched Over at the i rial court and prayed Over a emperor the Wistaria failed to Forth its blooms and one night Inspirit of the Wistaria conveyed itself to the emperor in a 31-syllable i a poem though i the Vine wave of ily the seashore should be hanging on to a Pine tree of the Imperial court i to cannot feel at Home and cannot i Bloom a whereupon tile emperor j in begged forgiveness of the Wistaria Ipi Ril and called tile priest of the Liu Dahlst Temple to take it to its Home. After that it blossomed 5 30 Lou Lacy Boulevard. A a Bible school closes Bethany Church summer Bibl school closed on Friday after a successful season with an average attendance Dent fund a Simila an hour of a week the throne so g responsibility flog to be r Anc took Anne tomorrow Amer oohs Wil t. Be of old i r tora. J Call it it of fact re tiny sheep of the bum but Prat too same thing Rue of pc c j a and Jack eking bark Over cur history terrible ineptitude of the conduct of the War among the states and the graft and patronage Ridden administrations of Grant. Mckin Fai l the Ley and Harding compared with the civic honesty of both the Wilson Anc Franklin Roosevelt administrations it is impossible not to give the Devil if you think sol his due i and concede that there has been Moraity in appointments and administration. Andrewes nomination has no political significance whatever. It was solely on Merit and his administration will be correspondingly excellent. Rochester Minn you go away a Why wonder a Little myself been living at Hyde Park for some time and i find that when you accustom yourself to staying in More or less the same environment it becomes inc reap ugly difficult to take off easily on trips of any kind. The fact that i enjoy my peaceful life and that i have two grandchildren to use a an excuse for staying at h me makes departure doubly a hard. I did want to see my son James Quot Why do however so i told the children that indeed i i would be gone Only three Days for i have and that i really had to go which was convincing to myself if not to the children. At 5 o clock Friday afternoon i actually got into my car and. With my Brief Case and a Small bag. Started for new York. The drive Down was uneventful except that i found it hard to keep awake. I reached my apartment in new York in very Good time. After Telephone continued on Page 3 min a lib to picnic a club of the Conort. 177 and Suff and expenses school is proposed 1< or. Hour and a half oui ugh the year. A fireside the f Lineal Church is planning a for tomorrow at 6 p.m., r swimming and supper at Moravia Park. The committee on arrangements eludes mrs. Al Miller mrs. H. M Wilhelmi. Mrs. Roy pics Cerv fond mrs. H c. , Jio Wal Unze transportation for members without cars. Joe Paloska f Vav what Vas his last Woods y ii p.0 he ill h k Eyer did he Sas i was forgiven by Ham Fisher 5 a u Hsu and Seis Friedt. Ave my Liff to am sorrel As you my for enl a i a a a got says g i j i p so some Triest j \ re Leftus yes clothes an Theis Een j yes duffle bag m Sieux

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