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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1947, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 17, 1947, Arcadia, California I i West Arcadia treat of the month Days Start today a West Arcadia treat of the month Days Start today two sections sixteen pages Sanita Sage Roosevelt asks party to support United nations california�?tin1 Man checking baggage at tin Yermo inspection station on the Road from Baker Las vegas and Salt Lake said tuesday night that 300 More cars passed through his station that Day that the same Day last year. Hud Means a lot to Acadia and this area since Highway fit passes right through Here and some of them will Stop in fact California is still the promised land to a great Many easterners. The Porter at Tho port Shelby hotel Detroit i m sure anxious to get Back out there. I was stationed at Point hueneme during the War. Did no to like that so much but that Southern California is swell. Clot a Friend on. There looking for me a Job and when he gets it in a station operator in Toledo. A i m coming out in september. Going Aback around Santa Ana where i was stationed and build me up a Gas and so on and on. A California License is an invitation to Many share the ride propositions Tom people who seem ready to put on their hat and come West. Prosperity tile county looks More prosperous than it did even last fall. Lots and lots of new cars on the highways. The roads around Detroit Are stacked Hubcap deep with these Piggy Back Lucks carrying four to six cars out of Detroit. The used car lots Are lined with late models. Yours for a Price anywhere from $400 to $700 above list. Seems like every barn in Kansas and Iowa also has a new car sticking out of the door and new farm equipment around. And wily not with the biggest won y now As to when to sell. Parmer in Everetts Kau. Moaning because he had sold Ilia wheat on saturday at an even two Bucks a Bushel Arcadia democrats hear state chairman stating that it should bt1 the policy of tin1 democratic party in Alifornia to fight for peace through support of the United nations which was born Here James Roosevelt son of the late president and chairman of the state democratic Central committee tuesday night addressed a meeting of 12th congressional District democrats invited by chairman mrs. Ruth Wheeler of Arcadia. To attend the meeting held at the Catholic Parish Hall Here. Introduced by Allen Carter of Pomona democratic candidate for the Assembly from the 49th Dis Cit that he was there to discuss some of the Points in the proposed Quot statement of policy of the democratic party in California which will be tinder discussion at next weeks meeting of the Central committee in Sacramento. He defended the foreign policy Plank although stating that it would undoubtedly undergo some changes in he Light of tile Marshall plan which was brought out after the policy statement was written. He strongly supported the Marshall while out hanging Arcadia California thursday july 17, 1947 i i Park Entrance to civic Center sought by City chief Cahill named to chamber Board kill Ion of chief of police William Cahill to Tho direct Tomato appearance of councilman Albert Adcock and City attorney t. Guy Uorn Yii to discuss civic matters and decision to proceed with a business directory of Arcadia under the direction of c. L. A a Jack Russell highlighted a i full Agenda at the chamber of Commerce mooting in the chamber office monday night. I pm in Linum Adcock asked for the support of the chamber in seeking to arrange to acquire a potion of the old Southern Pacific right of was Nom c. J. Cassady and make an arrangement with the county to no to possible a Road entering the civic Center property from the ale. President Clifford Lance i appointed a committee composed of John fanes chairman Richard Clark and f. Hal Roach to investigate the matter. Recommendations on two matters 1 of City been my affecting business Here were sought by City attorney. Guy Cornyn involving the ques Herrina n scream f no her i Tion of whether Arcadia should1 Tours Chuck Wagon which comes j follow the Lead of most neighbouring i up the Wash j in Handy for picnics in National vol. Xxx no. 29 Foj a a Long course thirty teat Liers of i on to slate teachers College of new York stopped in Arcaba monday on an 8,000-mile seven weeks educational tour. W. Parker Lyon teachers. Left welcomes or. In a. Johnson and Tribune bulletin i Boro. Travelling new York summer school visits Arcadia on 8,000-Mife x starve my Hap Everett interpreting history geography and sociology in a new prospective 30 teachers from new York will return to their at the last election. Roosevelt said classrooms in the fall with a renewed inspiration. Enrolled in the travelling summer school of the Oneonta state1 teachers College 8,000 Miles in seven weeks the group arrived Here in a chartered bus monday and spent the afternoon at the Pony exp Ess museum. The teachers Are accompanied by or. R. A. Johnson of the Oneonta faculty director of the tour and Evelyn Hodgdon and Julia Morey also of the faculty. Following the bus was an automobile with trailer attached the City May take stand against trailer Parks Platt asks Council to state position a very in Aller Cam a Ter i Cit Voday my nil rec Barie Council a ivc he Trail t was re i of com i nth opposed to is in an i corp was Tho View of councilman tues Hen the City coun a letter from Platt asking the �?�clan1 its position or question. The a Reed to the or Cilman c Loree Russell that it does no to add to the Lent value of a City to build Ith trailers. He said there is of room in unincorporated y for the trailers. It Council on june 30 denied washing machine wringer grabs child s presides rep. Richard m. Nixon in. Cali serving his first term in Congress recently presided Over the House of representatives during consideration of the War department appropriations Bill in the absence of speaker Joseph w. Martin or. In mass. He is shown Here in the chair holding the speaker s Gavel. Not Only is it unusual for a first termer to preside but Nixon is one of the youngest congressmen to occupy the speakers chair. Plan stating that he believed it re tuesday morning mrs. William k., Parks and other Beauty spots. I he a Euh my a License placed and was far Superior to the Watson 423 Calunia Street ran group a ived from san Bernardino it individuals original Truman plan in that it i Nito the House and found her three does not impair the right of self determination of nations. He pointed out that the United states hacked the veto at san Francisco As much As Russia and now wished we did no to have it but said and monday morning it went to we could work through the Assem $2.05 and by tuesday it was $2.09 at the granary in his Home town. A sold every drap ratted Peck of wheat i had. Too. Id lean Over 0 and let you kick me in the seat of my pants Only in a afraid you w on to kick hard that same Farmer has a memory though. He can remember other Days food still insist the Best food on the Road can lie obtained from the Small hotel or cafe operator in a town of around 1500 to 2500 in the Middle West. Pound for Pound and Dollar for Dollar that is. Not for fancy frills but just Good food. About the. Only thing the City cafe Man had Learned his country brother done to know is How to Cut it thinner and charge More. Bly of the United nations and achieve almost everything tile Security Council veto denies us. Roosevelt said he proposed that tile democratic party work for a initiative referendum to abolish the practice of Cross filing in California it the next election. He supported the Fec and said that the nation should be doing something now to prepare against the next depression which he said was surely coming. In closing made a Strong plea for education of the masses in the True meaning of atomic warfare As a Means of thwarting future wars. Communities and pass an ordinance fee from All wishing to Dis where Many of the teachers saw tribute advertising matter from door year old son Robert with his in their first Orange Groves sunday to door an opinion also was sought tire in the washing machine.morb1n. As to whether the City s present pro wringer Loller. Arcadia where one of the rata sensing system for business the City a ornamental Street lighting system will be taken to or. To Stewart for j teachers wanted to know if this by needed an changes. Extended East along Huntington drive Between second and treatment the child a Kornily hotter than usual Quot the group moved the chamber voted in favor of an fifth Avenue about sept. I. Along very Well mrs. Watson Sud on to tire Huntington lib Ary. This j ordinance to control and License Huntington drive Street lights to be extended about sept. Yesterday. Phase of their Tnp was a mum to free distribution and named a com i Oneonta was Huntington he Tjhie Smittee to study the License problem town and he named part of South composed of Roy Long chairman Pasadena after the Eastern City. William Cahill and Paul Kennedy. Huntington s family Home Iii one j a preliminary discussion of a i on a is now the City Library we were j City directory was held with Russell told. J the proposed manager of the pro Oneonta has sponsored similar i Jet who disclosed some of his plans i trips to Europe new England and j for the Book and on motion the i the old South but this is the first chamber voted to have Russell pro a nine months Bat Pacific expedition. Veterans of the need a pfc the publication of the other Tours Are Freda Neuberger of Book w a Speed. Jeffersonville and Julia Davidson a offs tube was set up to con of Glen Falls. Both seemed highly tact the Board of trustees of the impressed after three Days in the High school with respect to a More continued on Page 8 m. A. D. Teachers granted new salary scale the contract was awarded to the state construction company at a meeting1 of the City Council tuesday night. The project will Cost $11,942. Proposed construction of a a police pistol Range was re pm 11 permission to develop a trailer re on fourth Avenue near the Santa be tracks. In his letter to the Council tuesday. Platt said Quot on june 5, 1917 a petition for a x ii variance Quot was presented to the pm inning Cut Mission by the under run d and Ralph g. Williams. In lire petition a request was made that a certain parcel of land on fourth Avenue and just North of lie Santa be tracks be zoned c-2 for the sole purpose of installing a t Ailer court on the site. Quot at this meeting of the commis Ion there were no protestants again t such a variance being ranted however the commission a fit to set the matter Over to the meeting of june 19, 1947 in Dis a it. Ird of the fact that More than 75 per cent of tile property owners within a 500 foot radius had signed the petition. Quot in the interim an opposition to the project was organized not by a i red to the property owners on fourth ave mrs. Joneson named to head Library Board nue. The outlet Street to the pro am is a Ami court but by a few persons residing on Huntington drive and fifth Avenue. Quot the protests mrie by this organized group were t a nature that showed not Only Bias and prejudice hotels hotels Are crowded and not taking Many Advance reservations but the heat is off in this business in spite of the heavy travel this summer. Hotel rates Havno to jumped any More than anything else and there definitely is a different feeling Back of the desk. Hit Salt Lake late at night. The Centennial was on. No rooms at the Morehouse but the Man called across the Street and got one. At least when they say they done to snarl at you. Suspect admits Longden burglary Hary Marquez who will be arraigned on three counts of burglary Iii Pasadena july 25, has admitted burglar izing the c. H. Mcfarlin Home at 356 West Longden according to Pasadena police. Tile 31-year-old suspect also admitted tile theft of fender skirts from an automobile belonging to Frank a. Pause 381 West Longden. The police said. Winning tie for pay increases the m. A. Faculty had its proposed salary scale approved by tile High school Board of trustee., tuesday night. The schedule provides for a $3100 minimum and a $4900 maximum for certificated employees. Meanwhile the Board authorized the advertising of bids Ifor renovation of the High school bleachers and approved preliminary plans for a class room addition to be Golden state. Purpose of the tour is the promotion of inter regional understanding pet project of Charles w. Hunt president of Oneonta College and executive Secretary of the ame Jean association of teachers colleges. The Days when teachers merely memorial Day burglar sent to san Quentin built adjoining the present arts i stayed five pages ahead of the building. Three Wheeler to Check on one hour parking National calamity like floods brings out some Good old jokes. Lou costello was telling the one about the coloured preacher in the Midwest. The Farmers in his congregation needed rain. The Fields were dry. The streams were drying up so the preacher got his i motorcycle. Flock together and they prayed for 1 the new vehicle according to rain. Each evening they gathered William Cahill chief of police is and the preacher prayed for rain j equipped with two Way radio a maximum enforcement of tire one hour parking limit in the downtown area was assured this week with the acquisition by a Nadia police of a three wheeled and finally it rained and rained and rained. The streams overflowed their Banks like the recent floods along the Mississippi. The water flowed up into the streets and finally the preacher got his flock together again in boats this time. They sat in their boats and he stood up and said. Quot Good lord we needed rain. We prayed for rain and you gave us rain. But Good lord this am ridiculous a Home Sweet Home funds sought1 for Village youth Center Money is now being raised for the youth Center to be established on the Hugo Reid school site. A building 25 by 45 feet has already been selected. Elsewhere on the youth front character builders is working on details of incorporation and the location or medical kit and blankets for first Aid a Shotgun and lights which can be used to flood any area under investigation. Capable of carrying two men. The vehicle Cost about $1200. It was delivered to the police Here Friday. It will be Partl Cula in useful for such duty As door shaking with its special lights and its Maneule ability into Small areas along alleys behind stores. On assignments like this it can be operated by one Man. Preliminary to the strict enforcement of the one hour parking time limit chief Cahill explained that warning cards would be put on cars that were found to be parked overtime until citizens become used to the idea. Tile affected area has been pasted with permanent signs affixed to the Light standards. Montrose Pollock services today Fune Al services will be held to i a Stop at the la Brea tar pits was Day for Montrose Pollock poultry i so lec dec but _ the tour includes not Man and civic Leader who lived in 1 on v Points of historic interest. Tile Arcadia for 25 years. 1 teachers a e eager to investigate guilty of burglar izing an Arcadia Home on memorial Day James f. Farris20, was sentenced to the state Penitentiary at san Quentin in Superior court Friday. Two other counts of burglary were dismissed. Paul w. Sondersted the Secondi to. Suspect pleaded not guilty to All tour. After the Huntington Library a a ,. N t a i Thiee counts and will of tried aug. Pupils in the text Are gone forever and the emphasis is now being put on interpretive teaching or. Johnson said. These people Are learning things which you can to find in text books. Six hours credit is Given for the i the police committee. Following Survey of possible Sites i Hill chief of police found suitable i ground near the City dump where j he believes the Range can be built i for $750. Also refer cd to the police . H c. Joneson was named in Ute was the request of the a a ail to of ati1 fre president of the Library Board at a woman a club for the use of vacant meeting Friday. Property at the rear of fire station mrs. Ray Kinnison was named to two on Baldwin Avenue Fop me by the Board to succeed mrs. Carl ran boy scout troop five. Bob Charn Dolph. Ray Dickinson will again hers scoutmaster plans to move a serve As Sec teary treasurer. Chicken House to the property for mrs. Kinnison wife of the assist u e a Quot 3 hoop room. Ant United states attorney is a the Council approved the Histing graduate of . And studied Law of f ii i Lur As director of the at . She is a member of the first Avenue playground at $250 a woman a club and the Santa Anita month pending the appointment athletic club. Pomona bus line adopts new schedule 29. Farris pleaded guilty to second i a new schedule on the Pasadena degree burglary of the b eggs Home j pm Mona Claremont motor coach at 948 Paloma. He also had his pro line of Pacific electric railway Pollock who lived at 1915 South Industry and agriculture of the Ballon in a previous Case revoked providing for four round trip daily area tile school systems attitude and Wpm serve two sentences con exit sundays and Hondus will of the people shipping facilities currently. J become effective monday in form 1 and Many other phases of Western the Appel Home and a third Job in a Mai Ler passenger traffic Lac in Mich Llinda w Ere committed on manager Pacific Electra railway fat Rumely Active in Church Yout i ills co Panion Hie same Day Arcadia police re-1 under the new schedule them w ill leu june and expect to return covered the loot including a Mink be an earlier morning arrival in j to new York aug. 15 via a Northern coat swords jewel a clothes and Pasadena at 7 40 ., so As to a Santa Anita died monday after a three weeks illness. Pollock had been in floor health for almost a Vear. And we1 a e activities Pollock served As an elder in tile Arcadia Community presbyterian Church and was formerly clerk of the sessions at the United presbyterian Church in Pasadena. He also served on the boards of the Community Chest and the veterans service Center. And took part in Myca and his activities. Pollock a native of Pennsylvania is survived by his wife Margaret d. N. Pollock and sister miss Al Frata Pollock of Pasadena. Services will be conducted at 2 . At the Glasser and Miller Chapel by or. Charles Poling. Interment will be at Forest Lawn. Route. I Bolo knife. Within four Days. Walter Dickinson named director of y men s club City Council meets As Board of equalization meeting As a Board of equalization the City Council monday night passed on the following requests for adjustments in valuations of local property All of which were in strict accordance with adjustments or rejections p Evio ulv agreed to by the office of the los Angeles county assessor. Los Angeles Orrl club application was rejected for a reduction in valuation from $1,064,250 to $557 Walter Dickinson of Arcadia Ray on Lle Lanc occupied by Santa Arto u i a a Arcadia youth Wells. Robert Thompson. Judson Anita race track. Is u1 a nth master and Maurice Patterson. Due to an error As to the local Madhouse. Inc jointly sponsored Monrovia today were listed As i zone of property owned by Carl by the Junior Chambers of com rectors of the Monrovia a by Quot a a men s j Thomas at Colorado and Santa an Merce in Arcadia and Monrovia is club which filed articles of i corp Ita valuation on approximately considering a site for the Tri City oration with the county clerks of eight acres of land was reduced youth Center. J Tice. There is no Stock subscription j from $21,140 to $11,800. Faking Over or Clint Baxter of Arcadia right takes office As president of the Alhambra 20-30 club receiving the Gavel from Mel Walter retiring president. I Homas ii. Bristow sub District governor looks on. Comorato 8 Workers. Including Claremont ill the operation certain trips will be operated through while other trips will make connections at Pomona to and from Claremore westbound trips will leave Arcadia i fist and be. To Cpl i re it it at 7 12 ., 10 32 ., 1 37 ., Ani 5 07 . For be Wadena. Eastbound tips wll leave Arcadia at 8 17 11 52 ., 2 42 and 6 12 . For Pomona and Claremont. Services on this line provides transportation Between Pasadena a Nadia Monrovia Duarte. Azusa Glendora san Dimas la Verne. Pomona and Claremont Chebul in detail Are now available at ticket offices or May b secured from operators on this line. Alhambra woman Hurt in crash stopping suddenly tor a train c Huntington drive Sunda noon a car driven by Edward t. King. 23, Alhambra was struck from b Hind by an automobile driven by George Malcolm 44, Al i Ham Bra. Jessie Malcolm 43 received minor injuries in the crash. West Arcadia with 22 merchants offering special allies a treat of the month Days starts today in West Arcadia. For details of the big three Day event see pages to and i a a of a permanent City recreation director which the recreation commission Hopes to achieve a a soon. Placed on file was a letter from i the personnel Board report my the reorganization of the Board. J. A. Carpenter s resignation was accepted. The Council also approved the display and Sale of Barbecue patios in zone cd. A Public Iwa my on the zoning of the West Arcadia Annex Way for tonight. Entov no notice was Given ring on the Proto i operated in part of town by Peter j. Vanlobensels. The Council rend a letter from the West Arcadia a no lion to the rail Oad Ion protesting tin granting of a franchise. In the City of Arcadia but also completely ignored the property lights of the petitioners. The main spokesman for the opposition self admitted owner of a trailer has 22 income residential units backed up to the property of petitioners yet he objects to the petitioners right to Benefit by a first class improvement namely a trailer court built under a very strict City ordinance continued on Page 7 appear the City posed i t through of a by us line the was j. Pc name selected for arboretum los in genes county arboretum was selected tuesday As the official name of what has been known As the Lucky Baldwin arboretum in Arcadia. The name was designated by i he bord of supervisors on a suggestion of supervisor William a. Smith win represents Hie District. Smith said More than too names suggested in Public letters received by ids office had proved unsatisfactory. He added that few of the letters recommended inclusion of i Lucky Baldwin in the arboretum name. Cycle of electric current Here to be changed from 50 to 60 soon the Cycle of electric current in Arcadia is due to be changed from to to go soon. According to an announcement from the Southern California Edison company. Purpose of the change is to give Arcadia the Benefit of using what has now become the National Standard frequency. Although the rest los the United at 50 e tends to the Ani in a Kenkim Quot Atte plated differ i for tile Era lug rent is rent a in let the u u i 60-Cyi meat said. Let manager changeover Iron Abl will your electric current. Its. The Lent it tile world generally is standardized Tea now expense and nuisance of a Cycle changing Quot your equipment. In Short you will have the the same has become the i a arrangements with the contract said is com notice no a1 service a Ost oof. Cycle cur Evyleen a a1 Iven a a i u to faithful u Arou w my 6t Bervie e g of til a a a Wile am i take Lur i Impi i Vaut go-rie.11 que veld tin i up you j vices which May be manufactured i Only for 60-Cycle current during the postwar period. You will find repair party and service More readily available. You will be Able to move from one location to another without the your urea will i our frequency c and you May be operation in tin. Appreciated. The advantage of using ctr Cal frequency that Ion a i Standard have been made no firm of Bechtel dept your equip be operation. A Call on you soon piment my deter nce or devices Arr much of your but will operate 60-Cycle current it but where we aits Are or Ersary a for you at our nation including actual Cut Over in sent to you by auge department ure that your co program will be

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