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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 15, 1943, Arcadia, California We Rathe Arcadia Tribune and Arcadia news thursday july 15, 1013 line and Arcadia news hints and Roach f. Harold Roach Mildred Smith Gertrude Scott Emery e. Hardwick tiny Nestler of tiers and publishers mat uiting editor news editor c classified manager advertising manager circulation tanager published every thursday at 215 s. First Avenue Arcadia California Telephone Atwater i-2131 National Vitoria re Tribune was designated As a association newspaper of general circulation Gay decree of court 011 May 8�?T 1931 entered of second class matter Mardi 4. 1930. At the exist office Al Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription Price $2.00 per year advertising Kati s on Applice Mion tie people s business by Jerry Voorhis member House of representatives twelfth District tattle olb Calla d Ofui Achaea by Stan Blakeslee it is easier to get the acclaim of a City than of a Small town it is easier to get the respect of a Small town than of a City. I suggest that you do not disagree with that until it i Analysed. Acclaim is Ballyhoo pm. A Little emotionalism sways and fires a mob. The bigger the congestion of people the More they Are mob ruled. The cheapest quack on the Market can get the acclaim of a Cit. And the bigger the City the easier to get the acclaim people have the inclination to become More and More mob minded As they become congested. To accomplish the acclaim of a mob is to Wear a tinsel Crown. It is almost impossible to gain the respect of a big City because respect is individual and in a big City Only the most powerful individual ties can escape being absorbed by a greater or lesser extent by the mob mind. Thus in a City is individuality submerged and dissipated. In a mall town there is no such sintering to crowd the arms of individuality. And refuse them swing in for Community Church 724 so. First Avenue. Rev. Moses Breeze do. Term minister. 9 30 Bible school class ail Ages sunday morning Quot a comforting Evi Ning a what is in your House Quot monday 7 30-a great midweek service is being held every week and real live topics Are being discussed. American lutheran Church 1424 Baldwin Avenue Rev. A hints pastor. . 32 Owen Avenue. Tel. A to a Ter 7-4554. Sunday Early morning service 8 30 sunday school. 9 30 a. In. Morning Church service la. No evening services during the summer months. Chat Rah of the holy Angels Huntington drive at Holly ave 1 father Gerald m o Keeffe j. C. In. Pastor father Thomas o Carroll asst i pastor. Residence 1104 s Baldwin. J sunday masses 6 30 a. In. 8 a. Rn., to a. In. And 12 noon confessions saturday after noon. 4 to 6 p. In. Evenings i 7 30 to 9 p. In. Little Church of peace 148 e. Huntington drive minister in John l. My Nib services sunday morning 11 00. Sunday evening 7 30 wednesday night. 7 30 saturday night 7 30. Serious thoughts of an Idle fellow nothing new nothing original. Picked Here and there and passed on to you for what they Are Worth done to add soda to Green vegetables to keep them Green soda destroys vitamins by and c. By left of \ prayer for nurses and Doc tors Quot god of our fathers known of old lord of our far-1 lung Battu line beneath whose awful hand we hold Dominion Over Palm and Pine lord god at hosts be with yet lest we forget lest we forget Quot Anita masonic Congress is about ready to recess and will in All probability have done so before this column is printed. Just As soon As i can wind some necessary work that i have to do Here i will be on my own Way Home. In my opinion it will be i mgr space. The groups an Small Assembly of god a very Good thing for the members of compress to be at Home in their districts for a period. It will give them Opportunity Church of Christ 506 s. Santa Temple it. L. Cd Bustard minister. Bible classes�?10 00 a. In. Worship service�?11 00 a. In. Communion la 45 a. In. Young Peoples class 6 45 evening service 7 30 p in. To get first hand the Points cd View of the american people a thing which is absolutely necessary ii representative government is to function successfully. For Many years i have believed it would be a very Good thing to change the practice of the Congress somewhat along the following lines have it understood that Congress would sit 24c a 66, question la do you favor a Law limiting the amount cd initiation Lees a labor Union can charge 91 9�?~ i no question it do you favor a Law requiring regular secret ballot elections Lur labor Union officers and regular financial reports by enough to seek the individual and not heavy enough to drag the individual. Perhaps it is All a mutter of mass and mass attraction. An individual if allowed room can keep his balance. Crowded he will Sway with those pressing about him. Only the most Strong will push a clearance spate about them when the crowding becomes Ai Ute. The individual is a Small con i Corner Ivy and Colorado. Monrovia California. James k Mcconchie minister Church school 9 45 a. In. Worship in 45 a. In. Christ a ambassadors 6 30 a. Evangelistic hour 7 30 p. In. 1 prayer and Bibb study wednesday 7 30 p. M. In continuous session throughout labor Union officials to their Mem cent ration and consolidation of the Vear but at the end of even nine weeks of work in Washington have a three weeks recess during which time every member would be required to spend the time in his own District. In this manner legislative a jams Quot just before an adjournment would be avoided and at the same time close Contact Between the member and his District would be assured. Be ship 93 to a 7 a no question 13�?do you believe local rationing boards should have More Power or less Power to make decisions about individual cases than they have now 71 # a More 29# a less question 14�?do you favor rationing 96#�? 4�?T i have been greatly gratified at life a infinite flux having achieved a pattern an individual can never lose his identity in the whole pattern. He has established himself in the infinite scheme of life beyond any possible erasing even should he become temporarily discouraged and wish with Only that Small discouraged part of himself i to be Back into the molding plasma of life he will Only realize a temporary Blank space he cannot blot question 16�?in cases where a j himself out. Not one person in the results of the questionnaire j commodity is rationed do you a 200 million can even get a fleeting which was sent out from my office Vor the removal of Price ceilings so glimpse of what that blotting out several weeks ago to people in our a a a that commodity is co would mean. And getting that Ter District. More than 3100 answers corned ? i j Ible glimpse they would go mad to these questionnaires have been 14#�? 86 a no i if they could hold it for As much received and tabulated though this question 17�?do you believe that As two seconds of our Earth time was a considerable Job indeed for it is too Early for the Congress and yet they need not be too greatly our office. The people of the country generally concerned. Having established i am giving Here in this column a to consider and work out a program themselves in life they Are bound summary of the results As to All for meeting the problems which we to life in and with the pattern they the questions which could be an shall face within our own country have created. They cannot escape swered by or no. As to each and also the problem of establish an infinite Progress even when a question there was a Small num ing a permanent peace throughout i Small sickness sidetracks them for Ber of people who declined to an the world when the War has been a slight period. Life is so virile ser and the percentages Given in won and Strong in its expression that it 18 a 82# refuses denial of its apprentices. Question 18�?do you Laver the no Man can put his linger 011 the formation of a National commis beginning of life and god refuses Sion for this purpose now 84#�? 16#�? no question 20�?do you avar Amer a Lea participating with other nations in some sort of International organization or International policy Force which would be effective in first Baptist Church Monrovia Palm and Encinitas avenues. Rev. Paul v. Goodwin pastor. Church school 9 30 a. In. Morning worship la a. In. A Tadia Christian reformed Church Baldwin ave. A Lemon ave. Rev Frank Dejong. Pastor. Cor. Baldwin and Lemon f. Dejong pastor. Radio service station Pas a Hio pc every sunday 4-4.30 p. In. Gospel Hapel 27# w. Huntington or. Rev. Vav h Ralph. Sunday 10.30 a. In. And 7 30 p. M. Week nights monday wednesday and Friday 7 30. Sunday school 9 45 sunday a m Church services 7 30 sunday evening. Bible 7 to thursday evening. Food preservation class begins today at Church at the social Hall of the com what would not for one moment forget the glory and Honor that belong to our boys and girls in the Active armed forces they who Are giving so much and a enticing so greatly for our Sake and we would not forget those on the Home front who Are doing their splendid duty in their quiet ways and neither shall we nor the rest of the world forget those slackers and Chi Selers and others who have rocked and who have tried to Rock the boat. Nor shall we Ever forget i those members of the red Cross and other Kindred organisations j which have done so much to help in this great conflict nor will we j Ever forget the lathers and mothers at Home who have suffered such great losses but today we have the privilege to ask of Liee lord god of hosts to Grant thy special love and care to those who ameliorate and smooth out the mental and physical pain of our wounded. We especially ask in All humility that you be with our nurses and doctors and their aides on the Muddy Fields of conflict Iii the Jungles and the Snow in the hospitals in the first Aid stations on the ships in the Shadow of the broken torn buildings and in the dim outs and wheresoever the broken torn bodies of men and women. Anderso lines will always be remembered i let each of them know and particularly Quot those who have Given the i last measure of their i that Freedom among men shall live i and finally we ask thee lord of i our far Flung Battelline that you i stand by and guard those who Are thus Healing others and give them courage to go on and keep each of them free from loneliness and pain support and guide them with thy help and strength and watchful care permit them to see the fruits of their labor and let them know that they have the Heartfelt thanks of a grateful people and let them really be Content that they have your full favor and that their work and their profession is the noblest of All in this weary world. For want add in a Ker All Atwater 7-2131 preferred Lac funeral chspok1 Turner a Steven 95 North my re Nee pm tin Turner a Steven East Pasadena mortuary 17 South Sierra Madre Tai Paia Dana Turner Stevens a Eggleston ire Noel at Al Centro South Pasadena Turner Steven a Turner 150 eat Mala Alhambra Naar a e Helf Century a neighbourly strafe when Long distance lines a extra Busy Iii Seyour help Quot Young Peoples Union 6 30 . Greets of Arcadia Clistis Bein it a he u6e? evening service 7 30 n m i. Acadia. A is being help. And where these. Thy special evening service 7.30 p. in the Home preservation of servants. Are administering to foods today and tomorrow. July 15 them. In this Day of our world <16 ,.,. Wide agony a we ask that you make detailed information will be give them to feel they have our hum in by the instructor miss Florence by thanks and thy overriding Matheny of the Home service or protecting Grace. First Baptist Woodruff and Kauffman avenues Temple City. George f. Walker jr., pastor. Atlantic 4-1157. 9 45 sunday school. 11 h a morning worship. Morning subject Quot god s by Rev. Paul v. Goodwin. Evening subject Quot from the bean pot to the smudge pot Quot by Rev. Carlton Goodwin. Thy. _ ,. L _ let them Leel As pal mein of the Southern counties they must that their chief remuneration and Praise is in the sure Gas company on methods of preservation for Victory Garden surpluses. Legal notices notice i a St. Luke a episcopal Church dictate the percentage of those who did answer who said and the percentage who said no. Question 2.�?do you favor the formation of an Atlantic War Council composed of representatives of Britain America and rus Sia to develop Over All strategy for the european theatre of the War 89#�? la a no question 3.�?do you favor the formation of a Pacific War Council composed of America Britain and China to develop Over All strategy for pressing the War in the Pacific 92#�? 8# question 4.�?do you believe material Aid in China should be sharply increased and greater emphasis to creditors no. 215305 estate of Lucina Helen Kellogg deceased. Notice is hereby Given California Avenue near foot by Tulp undersigned administer matrix Hill Boulevard Monrovia estate of Lucina Helen Kel the Rev. George West bar Sfa to the creditors of and All persons having claims against the said deceased to present them with the necessary Vou Chers within six months after the knowledge that they Are really thy hands and feet doing the things that thou would wish them to do. Let them have further the sure knowledge that their errands of mercy on these far Flung Battle to put his Finger on the ending it is possible that even god could not do that. Eliminating life and growth and Progress is the one and Only thing that is impossible. Have you observed the Birds and preventing future aggression from he other wild things they Are getting started and for the main Huck Lull of Lite but they have tenancy of peace after this War has no achieved Wisdom. Even the Reft Rector. 8 a. �?holy communion. 10 30 a. �?Church school. 10 30 a. prayer first publication of this notice to and Sermon. Holy commute sail administer matrix at the of upon first sunday in the a Boller a Boller. 6 North month. First Avenue City of Arcadia thursday holy communion Caw Oona a a in in Calunia which said office the a j undersigned selects As a place of saturday a Bishop Stevens business in All matters connected Speaks at Kmic at 5 45 p. In. With said estate or to file the with the necessary vouchers within Arcana Church so months after the first Public a 206 s. Rosemead. Temple cite h.01?, a notice in lha office services sunday ii a. In to use of is less Quot a a Urt Edith Sexton lecturer for the county of los angeles.8 science of mind dated May 21, 1943. Been won.? 93#�? 7f a no question 22�?do you favor an Extension of the legislation necessary to make reciprocal Trade agree placed on the War against Jauan ments negotiable by the state de-96�? 4# i payment of the United states question 5.�?do you favor a 13# preme War Council to include of ii question ?3�?do you favor an sex Cial representatives of All the pension of the school lunch and United nations and to plan War Penny milk programs for american strategy children 87#�? 13# a 13# question 6-a�?in order to in question 24�?do you favor instincts that naturalists Hail Are i for them a trap. Have you seen the blackbirds swooping Down and j pecking at the dogs that could not possibly climb the Trees to the nests that instinct inspires the i Birds to protect have you seen those same blackbirds screaming j i Down at men and boys to whom j their foolish activity advertises a nest that the men and boys could j easily locate and ravage guided by 1 their silly turmoil nature is never Wise but if contains the food of mrs teacher. Divine Healing. Swedenborgian philosophy. Mrs. Lorenson pianist. Or. Gary violinist. Spiritual greetings. Crease food production do you favor Broad expansion of the social Seu pm m mud Al Vav in exemption of agricultural workers purity program from the draft 84# a 16#�? no question 6-b�?in order to increase food production do you favor higher prices to Farmers for some of their crops 67# 33#�? no question 6-c�?in order to increase food production do you favor 79#�? 21 # a no question 25 do you favor enact men t of a general National old age pension Law 89#�? la a no 63wanted it to go into effect now�?37# wanted it to go into effect after the War. Question 26�?do you favor gov eat of it and be nourished thereby. To those who gain the beginnings of understanding life can hold Only the very slightest of momentary discouragements and sidetracks life is infinitely splendid a and infinite. Institute of religious science san Gabriel chapter 359 a Camino real. Mrs. Ethel Barnhart teacher and practitioner. Open class in religious science principles and their application to practical living. Love offering. Ethyl Kellogg Boller administer matrix of the estate of said deceased. Boller amp Boller 6 North first Avenue Arcadia California 56825 natures own treatment for or Liritis sinus prostatitis kidney trouble colitis and High blood pressure and Many other ailments. Colonic irrigation lost doctors agree that nearly ill ailments can be traced to constipation. A Ray Colon therapy elect Ric therapy consultation flee or. J. R. Griffins d. C. Big Lexington ave. Al Monte next door to Al Monte Post office phone old Long 8-1186 hex a Street or a Road is crowded you can see it. But you can i see when the Long distance lines Are crowded. So the operator will Tell you when the circuit you want is extra Busy. Then she will ask you to limit your Long distance Call to not More than 5 minutes. I hat will help others to gel their Calls through Loo. Of course there won t be congestion every time you Call but when there is we know you slim glad to co operate. Thanks for All your help so far. W a needs the wires More and More every Day. For Victory buy United states War Bonds Southern California Telephone company Lyric theatre Monrovia Colorado at Huntington at. 7-2195 first lutheran Church 319 West Olive ave., Monrovia. Rev. E. H. Kreidt pastor. Residence 639 w Palm ave. Telephone 2102. To educational Grants to men in the at Teillon t0 the splendid Grace of declaration from proverbs is int in armed forces to enable them to has walk wel1, 1 happen t0 know Golden text in the sunday lesson Complete control by the food and eminent Purchase of the capital ministration Over farm prices farm Stock of the 12 Central Federal re machinery production and Dis Tribu serve Banks Tion recruitment and transport 75#�? 25# lion of farm workers and All other question 27�?do you favor enact matters affecting food production ment of a Law which would provide 90#�? Ion a no question 6-d�? in order to t Rea amp Eood production do you a continue their education after the Vor formation of a Victory land Wai army of Volunteer workers to be 89#�? la a no enlisted for six months or a year question 28�?do you favor Pas and to be moved about the country Sage of the Pace Bill which would into areas of agricultural labor provide for including the Cost of shortage it farm Tabor m determining parity 9# prices for farm crops question 6-e�?in order to in 80#�? 20 a no a Rease food production do you la question 29�?do you favor re first Church of Christ scientist 812 West Duarte Road. Sunday school 9 30 a. In. Sunday service 11 00 a. In. Wednesday 8 00 p. In. At wednesday meetings testimony of Christian science healings is Given. A understanding is a wellspring is a very keen observer called my of life unto him that Bath it Quot l ins thurs. Thru Mon. July 15-19 Alan Ladd in a a ii i n a Quot also Ray Milland Roulette Goddard Quot Crystal Ball Quot have you noticed Al the mail Carrier swinging through town with his cheery greeting and his never failing smile of friendliness he is a tonic and an inspiration to All those who would like to be fit and Well. A Friend of mine who that Al goes for Long walks when he is off duty and runs two Miles regularly. He is the epitome of physical health and Well Beina. Even women could walk gracefully if they would discard their silly High heels. Right Over left Sermon on a life Quot in All branches of the Mother chinch the first Church of Christ scientist in bos ton. Quot in by father House Are Many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you Quot says Jesus in a lesson Sermon passage from the gospel of John. A Thomas Saith unto Nim lord we know not whither Thoi Monrovia theatre Tel. 194 thurs. Thru sat. July 15-17 Robert Taylor in a a Bataan also a Good morning. Judge Sun thru tues. Quot ravished Earth also a red head from m what i an thurs. I. Sat. Abbott a costello a in a it ainu to Hay Cert Gordon a laugh his blues away Quot fat show sat. To a. Al Charlie Mccarthy a look who a laughing Sun. Mon. Lues. A the human comedy with Mickey Rooney Frank Morgan news cartoon 14 North first ave. Atwater 7-2101 if you Are having budget trouble. Take a tip from business a Teti Ujiie theatre Las Tunas amp Rosemead Temple City thurs. Tri. Sat. Rita Hayworth Douglas Fairbanks or. A in a Angels from Broadways Kathryn Hepburn Cary Grant a in a a Holiday Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Abbott amp costello Quot it ainu to Hay Ann Sheridan Errol Flynn a Edge of a Vickness Quot act 40#�? guest and How can we know that ,. 11 would seem that instead of Way Jesus Saith unto Nim i an. 0,1 80 conservation striations on the use of liquor Dur flying by the Quot seat of his pants a tie wa51 be truth and the life do ing wartime today a pilots flying ability de Man comets unto the father. Due 60# 73#�? 27#_no pends on whether he a right or by me a an 1 a sus a lifted no question 7�?do you believe the question 31-do you believe it is left handed. According to a med to it ? Beav?11�?T a cd 6am Falbie government should Stop letting. Important to put tax payments on Leal Survey conducted by tire Royal also Malmo nil Viz is on a Cost plus i Ted fee. Pay As you go basis Canadian air Force left handed stat Thev a Quot Iris a grrr v 91#-�? 9 a no applicants Are washed out of Ini know thee the Only True god. Inc f s 29# no j question 32�?do you favor a Tim training schools twice As fast Jesus Christ whom thou has question a do you favor a Gen comply thing this by excusing All As right handed men although in Send Quot taxpayers of the total amount of Tore advanced classes the former sconce and health with be the taxes on their 1942 incomes fail at Only half the rate made by i?,.,/11� 1fcnpla,.es Mary baked 3ir/ a a right Hanrow. In Kiy the Way is straight 31 69#-no j right handers. An j narrow Whlon lea0g la those with All right or left ten Derst Audma thai goo is the oni it if a hot water faucet leaks 90 denies have better chances than life a a a a a this is Ute eternal say drops a minute it will waste 310 those with a combination. Jesus to it not Shalt be and then. Raj draft of manpower 62# a 38# question 10�?if your answer to question 9 is a a a do you believe if could be justified to draft manpower unless the plants and factories in likewise eliminated. Aiu Iube Willi a Comdr nation a a a a a a a a u., Auu men which people work Are j Gallons of water in a month and the Survey was designed in an be Deal pcs everlasting Lite As a drafted and All profit the Gas needed to heat that much Effort to eliminate men who could Bre ent knowledge of his father water. Koki �?Th0 could Anil of himself a the Knon Euge 01 probably never become flyers. Love truth Aud attention Home owners we Are quitting the contracting business and we Are passing to the Public for the first time formula and process for permanent painting of Cement and bricks. I sed for 1.1 years in Beverly Hills guaranteed. T Ost of handling and mailing formula and process to you $1.00, Casteel staining co. I. O. Box 1402, Beverly Hills c Alif. Bank checks Are such a vital part of our american Economy that they Are used in More than 90 per cent of business transactions. With a Bank of America ten plan checking account you can set your personal financial affairs on a systematic business basis. Your cancelled checks show you How and when you spent your Money. Information most helpful to you when you prepare a budget for next month s expenditures. Ten plan offers other advantages also a cancelled Check is your receipt. No danger of being forced to pay a Bdl twice. Ten plan gives you the prestige of an account with California s Only statewide Bank yet it is economical. Get your Book of to checks today for Only a Dollar at any Branch. No Large sum of Money is required to open an account. You need keep Only enough Money Ort Deposit to cover the checks you write. A Bank of America i National ii Quot association m pm blk Federal Deposit insurance corporation member r de e r a i Reserve system

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