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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 15, 1937, Arcadia, California Page six. Arcadia California thursday jul y 15,1937 123 j in him Market Basket in i it i Ltd a n lit san Gabriel Valley stores first and Huntington drive in drive in Market Arcadia Monrovia 706 s. ave Al Monte 425 w. Main St. The Arcadia Tribune la until to . Tvs w j 23 s stores in i be a re in san Uhruh Valley Market Basket of dolt ski cos same Al All molls sales tax included vegetables a Bak v and Friio 1 is Kame As Adekk Tifi ukr in first and Huntington drive in drive in Market Arcadia Monrovia 706 s. Myrtle ave Al Monte 425 w. Main St. Up. As advertiser below &Quot.villi. In n. Noiin a. I he Market Basket is open 15 hours every Day of the week for the convenience of the Public operating two shifts a Day i All is i a a. J i i toilet tissue Ivory or tinted 3 Rolls lie i inv tidy no. 2 Iii peas to. 2 can 13c de luxe asparagus sly in no. Can string less Beans 15c Banner milk tall. 6c i Esli i in no or iodized Salt 2-lb. Pkg 7c goodwins Aminia of. 12 it. 21c goodwins bluing9c Challenge first Quality butter la. 39c Colorado Colp first Quality butter la. 38c Dairy maid 25-oz. Can baking powder. 9c one granulated paper hag i g sugar to lbs. Sic j Glass. A 17c c amp ii Cane cloth bag sugar in pest food bread and butter 15-oz. Jar All employees except executives work 8 hours a Day and 6 Days a week. Lins operation has been in effect Ever since lire j. S. Government inaugurated Llic 48 hour work under the n. R. A. Format 1-lb. Can 19c 3-lb. Can 50c Penthouse Chicken noodles sugar to lbs. 53c Best food bread and butter 15-oz. Jar Pickle 15-oz. Jar 13c j i Rby no. I can tamales.14c Fin ll1--oz. An Spaghetti. 2 for 15c Heinz 17-oz. Can Spaghetti he Kino of a i Eon zippered snacks., in Crystal White Reg bar cd. Bar soap. 3 for to in Queen ii grape Sabella juice it. 13c it. 25c Heinz Ketchup so. Bot lie age. Bot 16c White King granulated soap Large pkg 29c Hills Bros. Red can a Coffee 1-lb. Can 27ic 2-lbs. 52c Tillamook cheese Apple sauce White House a no. 2 can 3 for 25c Jelly assorted flavor 3 pkg. 14c Spry shortening a 1-lb. Can 21c 3 lbs. 59c by Oyen baked Beans Large can 15c a a sliced no. 2�?Tj can sea Island pineapple. 15c plus Quot natural no. 2 can Grapefruit juice. 3 for 25c Peets granulated soap inc. Pkg. 2c salad dressing Miracle whip it. 23c it. 37c Certo. 8-oz. Bottle 19c Ritz crackers Canada dry Ginger ale. Sparkling water and Lemon Lime masterpiece no. 2 a can red Beans 3 for 25c Ideal medium 2-b. Pkg. 3 for 25c i prunes 2 for 25c be Bot. Chg i m9 a v Quot we 28-oz. A a a. A Ach a St Csc Bot. Chg m. J. Ii. Coffee l in. Ran 2-lb. Ran 3-lb. Can 27c 52c 76c a Sun View Dalto no. I tall can dog food. 7c Fern Oleo 2 for 29c fib. Carton r amp m age. Can Brown bread. 14c or. Ross tall can dog food 7c Camay crackers sodas or Graham 1-lb. Pkg lie Del Monte pears sliced Maiola salad Oil it can 20c it 39c 2gal. 63c no. 2 ican. 15c Sani flush 22-oz. Can 2 for 34c i re one 10-oz. Can with above Purchase toilet soap. 2 bars lie med. Bar age. Ivory soap 2 for lie 9c Palm Olive soap. A a. A bars 21c Martini pkg crackers. Pkg. 14c fair play with Tomato sauce no. 2 i pork and bean 3 for 25c Iris gut no. 2 can string Beans 2 for 27c Al Molino natural cure olives. It can lie Ivory flakes age. 20c i Childs bakery a it f. V u to. A w in u. S. Covern mkt inspected meats Miji cottage cheese la is sliced liver phone Arcadia 2614 special thursday 25c White or wheat butter crust bread Hormel Bacon i/2-ib pkg. 19c d a v so ground beef Pound 15c Kraft american stated loaf cheese la Lueb s sliced minced Han la. 22c ground Roland la. 25 steer beef pot de ast Spring. Pound 19c Lamb Lamb in ii e7.i�?Tl. 15c Amrinder to astir it 19c Sun foe Cream a i or Sun Burns i \ r a it i i i alarm clocks pocket watches to i aka i i i i wrist watches Squibbs aspirin to i 11 e of 200loaf lie butter Rolls. Doz. 15c special Friday All kinds assorted cake donuts Doz. 21c Apple pies each 20c special saturday Pini Ippel and Berry Coffee Rolls. Doz. 15c sesame and poppy seed Rob dozen 12c assorted donuts 5 for 10c cinnamon Roll Doz 18c assorted cakes each 27c Large a White Rose potatoes to lbs. 15c apples Large Gravenstein lbs19c Large a Utah Type celery 2. Stalks 9c grapes Thompson seedless full pods Green peas 3 lbs. 14c Ripe a Arrady to eat Timbs size Honey Dews each 15c plums fancy a Santa Rosa 4lbs. 10c solid cabbage 2, Heads 5c 23c Sun Tan Oil prevents san born 98c $1.00 $3.95 69c Sun glasses goggles White shoe playing cards 29c Colgate soaps 2 for lie bathing Fountain syringes. 49c Epsom salts 5 lbs Juc ant powder 19c 59c Cyril Kloety manager we Ste shoe cleaner baby Brownie cameras films a All sizes it a it Reserve the Rishi to limit quantities Williams double size Antiseptic solution pts. 29c having cream39c Mineral Oil. 89c citrates and carbonates pts. 29c styptic pencils.10c 59c Beer in tins. 10c

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