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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 14, 1938, Arcadia, California A us Ahia daily ski ii Unm thursday july l a 1938 strange As Jianu Diett atm published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 y i irs Avenue Arcadia c Alifornia Arcadia publishing company a. Ii a la it i i n o 0 n president and publish r entered a s second class matter. March 14. 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under Hie act of March 3, 1879. Are a a Iii 0 was design 1 As a newspaper of ral circulation by de of court on Hie 8th of May. 1931. The Tribune gone Nee Lay member Arcadia chamber of Obi be rec Arcadia business men s Assoc Matiun California newspaper publishers so it nation Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising ame Pica n newspaper publishers association Letca ten in s f o o a a a d of o cd a i 6 0 o n 6 o a o cd i s p o 4 la 3 o a o p a o a it author inc seems by John hex sing a a a camped envelope for reply. R t. Oft. To i Thyl we rt6h<i-0lm�lrt /u?yffa7ntfct tvm0nflurea i s it curb for Toothache m to i j represented in the United states and Canada 0 a by j. J. Devine St associates. Inc. New York City Chicago 0 a Detroit Pittsburgh. A. And Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia c Bijj daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding ? markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy. 5c 10c per week 40c per o j month. Polione 2131 for All departments. J i advertising rates on application 3<>0<kh3<k�<k�lb< chkkh5-Ooociooo ooch Jockl 000000000000 of 0 Ach last flight a year a to this and 103 Navy week a world waited eagerly while ton bombers scouted the Waters of the South Pacific anxiously searching for ii Trace of Amelia Earhart and her co Pilot Frederick j. Noonan. July 18 the spectacular sixteen Days after the Arhart had sent out her fir in the line 0210 kilo cycles. Posit Ion we Are but no Rood word came. On far Flung search was called off. Faltering anxious voice of miss i last terse message a a Khaow calling Itasca. We 157-337. Will repeat this message running North and there the Story of this audacious tousle haired aviatrix ends. Virtually within her grasp was the successful completion of the most difficult flight of her career the 2,556 mile hop from lae new Guinea to tiny Howland Island. How she missed this Island in the sunlit july morning Why she failed to acknowledge messages from the coast guard Cutter Itasca or to see its billowing smoke signals or How close she came to Howland will probably never be known. The inscrutable Ocean guards its secrets Well this it was reported was to be her last flight. And this proved to be in a Way More grimly True than she had planned or anyone had foreseen. But even her tragic failure taught significant lessons to future navigators of the Distant Ocean wastes just As her previous successes constituted remarkable examples of High ambition fired by boldness and unquenchable courage. She did not live or die in vain a amp a american inventor4, Hoxer we void birth ppm ppr re4h3msi&16 foil to of tract Oce an a Oino the first ferry Fame rep if first hip a propeller off first american to locomotive off first american pro or i Roh Cpd a ship preceded the Monitor / a he pioneered in list Freue hindu mob of find Rufii up Unes no eve Popeo the / . Patent office Deer in a 5in 3l-l a can orow Sone Chews Methyl Sci More Tia their entre Skeleton r. Pue a to. Ahl i Tito Soo too Miles a to Pini a Clr we y Mcnaught by Nan Sierra Madre news i by Laura Sierra Madre Council in Busy session Anita desp in i. G because of damage to East grand View Avenue during the building of the metropolitan water Aqueduct the City of Sierra Madre will receive $750 in full payment and satisfaction of claims and demand arising out of work performed by the United Concrete pipe corporation. This sum is in addition to a previous amount of $2,000 paid the City for the damaged Street. A Resolution passed by City Council at tuesday night s meeting agrees to the above settlement. Resolutions adopted another Resolution created a fund designated As a a tax moneys refund or motor vehicle License fee fund which provides that moneys in such fund shall be expended by the City exclusively for Law enforcement regulation and control and for fire Protection of Highway traffic. Boulevard stops the intersection of Santa and grand View avenues w. Ignited by Resolution As a is Ter Section and police chief Mcmillan was authorized to Post signs As specified by the vehicle code of California. Woodland and Sturtevant drive s were also designated for Stop intersection and like signs were authorized for the three entrances. A search by the title a and Trust company As recommended by City attorney Walter Dunn will determine whether the Sierra Madre Public Library corporation property can be deeded to the Cit or must continue to be leased. Balance books Transfer of $27,000 to the general fund from tile water Revenue fund was authorized to balance the Cit s books demands were allowed in the amount of $11,680.96 and Hun. Lange was appointed a special police officer to serve without a application of the Tan land company Foi permits an to build a $1,700 filling station on i ots it and 18 of Oak Knoll tract at the Northwest Corner of Luna St re t and Sierra Maut Boulevard for occupancy of the Seaside 0.1 Compaq was granted. The request of mrs. E. C. Wilcox for a permit to operate a place Al business on the lower acre of her property at 580 Wilcox Road to sell food products was held Over until i add pm Fin of the master zoning plan. A Lefter from Elmer m Weese. Declaring dissatisfaction with the paving of Canyon drive because of poor drainage at his property was referred to the Street committee of Council and the Street super in ten e. Cadmus Dent for report at the next meeting. Protest was made by Robert Munzlinger of 214 North Adams Street against dust on Laurel Avenue. He asked Protection from the condition during the heavy travel of baseball season. The matter was referred to the Street department. Permission was denied mrs. Ada Thompson to remove a Pepper tree at 525 West grand View Avenue upon recommendation of City planners the request of mrs. A. M. Whitmore for use of the City Park grounds and picnic space for a mass meeting of the Sierra Madre Pasadena and Altadena Townsend clubs a for july 22 was granted and chairs will be provided by the Street department and the health contract presented by the county health de pavement for health services for 1938-39 was referred to the City at Torney for report at the next meeting. A we the big Apple Trot and other novel dances featured the Bob b swing club party tuesday night at the women s clubhouse with 43 couples dancing to music of Ollie Jackson a band. Special decorations created a Sunburst effect by use of Gay streamers and Golden banners extending from the stage into the auditorium. Boxes of sweets were offered As door prizes. A barn dance is announced for july 26 by Robert Ward director of the club. A we warnings to c campers John s i evens inventor the history of transportation in America might be a vastly different Story if it had not been Tor the inventive Genius of colonel John Stevens Early american inventor. Stevens was nearly 40 when he turned to the study of steam engines and their adaptation to water Craft in 1788 he built the first Ernult tubular boiler on record for use in Iris Marine engines. In a desire to protect this invention Stevens petitioned Congress for a Patent Law. By profession a lawyer in new York Stevens was Able to draw up a successful outline for a Patent system which was passed by Congress As tile Patent Law of 1790, the foundation of the present Patent office. Stevens was the first Man to apply the principle of screw propulsion to navigation building in 1804 a Steamboat with two underwater propellers of the screw Type in the Stern. Stevens then directed his efforts toward the invention and development of High pressure steam engines and boilers. In 1807 he built with Aid from his son Rob-1 Ert the Side wheel Steamboat Phoenix. Launching it Only a few Days after Fulton s Cleremont took to the water. While Fulton s engine Waim a ported from England Steven s was homemade. Fulton however beat Stevens to a franchise to operate a Steamboat line in the so the latter boldly Sailer the Atlantic Ocean to the River first Ocean pc steam pow it red Craft Stevens established the ular scheduled steam Boa the Delaware and Cut it nne it ors and Iii 1811 started team powered ferry for Hudson i through Delaw Are age of a Little stories by Ella s. White it was late Twilight of a warm june evening and Mary Lawrence sat near an open window the Magazine Abe had been Reading lying in her Lap. Her thoughts went Back to another evening when she had waited anxiously for her boy to come Home but tonight no lines of worry marred her face. Jimmy had been invited to have dinner with his old Friend. Nick Louden to help celebrate his Homecoming after Many Long weeks in the Hospital. Nick s left Arm was missing but the doctors had managed to save both his legs of badly crushed when he crashed against a tree after the party that night. He lad wanted Jimmie to go with them and have a drink remember but Jimmie had kept his Promise to lib Mother. His girl companion had helped him too dear Little Horice Ray who did not believe in drinking. How often mrs. Lawrence had thought of her and wished All girls could realize their great influence for Good or evil. \ Quick step and jimmies cheery voice. A fall in the a k. Mother a a i guess it ii w Ere Quot no. I was wide awake but i was dreaming anyway Bright dreams Ward i sat by his cd Aud we talked awhile. Hell always be lame and of course it la be hard to get along without one Arm but he says he a Lucky to have his right one left he manages real a it Iii sets him Back in College Quot remarked mrs. Lawrence. A file thinks he can make it up if he a Well by fall As he Hopes to be. No Lik is very a yes i remember he was head of his class in High school delivered the valedictory and How w Ell he a you know. Mother Nicks not unhappy now. As he was for so Long. Says he s done a lot of thinking and he realizes he s got a lot to be thankful for. The Accident was no ones fault but his own yet his parents have been grand. All the terrible worry and the they could not afford but never a word of reproach. All his friends have been so Good he repay them if he cd Quot people Don t usually things for pay Jimmie a Mother softly. A no i guess they shewed me a letter he from an old sunday he Hadnot seen it r says he can never lives to be a a Hun Zuur Futi but Tell me about Reg line on for Riv Tho first in Hob it in til up a neb pretty w be Ai through i. But they i p at tile Tab can it Atter it sit a Balat Ter do kind said his Don t. Nick got yesterday school teacher three or four years. She moved away from Here a Long time ego. But happened to hear about his Accident and wrote him the nicest letter. It Wasny to preachy or anything like that it was just Well just Nier. He a going to write her real a one of the things Nick is so thankful for is that no one except himself was much Hurt that Niolu the Captain and the kids Quot contraband d by Dennis Wheatley synopsis when Gregory Sallust first saw the girl in the Casino at Deauville it was near Midnight on the last Day of the Young englishman a leisurely tour through Normandy. Sallust a former intelligence officer is now confidential investigator for a great British commercial corporation. The girl tall and Beautiful came into the gaming room accompanied by a strange Little Man not a Dwarf yet curiously ill proportioned whom Gregory recognized As a sinister figure in International affairs. Wen at Midnight the girl left the Casino alone Sallust followed her. She meets a Man in aviators togs and the two Are trailed by Gregory to a room above a cheap cafe where the Man is attacked by three hoodlums. Gregory helps him escape. Gregory then takes the girl Sabine to his hotel to save her from police questioning. There he asks her the meaning of the coded Telegram he found in a Black note Case on the floor of the cafe room after the fight. While they Are talking her Odd Little companion Calls Sabine on the Telephone telling her the coast is Clear for her to return to him. Gregory tries to get Sabine to admit that the thugs who attacked the Man a Scotland Yard officer were in her friends employ. She warns him that it is sometimes dangerous to know too much. Chapter in a a threat he come that a ungenerous since you a be in the. Deauville police station at this moment if i Hadnot got you out of that cafe. More its rank ingratitude when i propose to keep you Here All night to save you from arrest. Remember the Man who your friends thugs tried to do in was an officer from Scotland Yard. When our special Branch men operate on the continent they always keep in touch with the local police so if he has escaped he will have made his report by now Given your description and the authorities will be wanting you pretty for a moment she was silent then with a Little sigh she sat Down on the Arm of a Low chair. A i am so she murmured passing her hand across her eyes. A a perhaps you Are right Monsieur but it is a Gallant that you should take advantage of my he smiled one of those rare warm smiles which could at times make his grim face so attractive and Laid a hand on her shoulder. A a done to worry please a he said softly. A i Hope we Are going to see quite a lot of each other in the future so the last thing i want is to make you think me a bore. I Only want to help you. In a sure its Best for you to stay Here the night though. You can have my bed and ill shake Down with some cushions and the eiderdown in the bathroom. Well talk things Over in the she nodded slowly not doubting for an instant that he meant exactly what he said. Gregory made a practice of never being called and usually slept late in the morning. But at half past eight the bathroom door opened and Sabine put her dark head round the Corner. As his eyes opened he stared at her in bewilderment then the events of the few hours before flooded Back to him and he sat up. A i am so sorry if i disturb you a she said a but i have been awake a Long time and i am hungry also i would like a Battum a a rights give me ten minutes please and ill see what we can do about some breakfast. Feeling better this morning a a a lot. Think she smiled and shut the door. He shaved his lean face with Quick sure strokes brushed his tumbled hair slipped on his dressing gown and then joined her in the bed room. Her evening dress and stockings he says if anybody had been killed or crippled As he is he just could not have lived through it. Quot he told me what he plans to do. Were still lying Over a chair and she sat perched on the Edge of the bed muffled up in Hor big fur coat. A a in be turned on the hath a he told her a so in you go and done to come out before i Call you. In the meantime ill order breakfast. What would you like just Coffee and Rolls or something More sustaining a a May i have some Melon also an Omelette i a you Little Glutton a he laughed a of course you May but Well have to eat it off one set of plates or else they la Tumble to it that in be got a visitor. Run along now and when you hear the waiter come in mind you Stop As she left him carrying away her clothes he gave Tho order by Sabine joined him a few moments later Clad now in her evening dress and looking Beautiful but slightly incongruous in the Bright morning Sunshine which was now streaming through the window. Breakfast proved a Gay and pleasant meal. They had to drink from the single cup and shared the Melon and Omelette with the Happy laugh Tor that Springs from Quick Mutual attraction. All the distrust she had shown of him the previous night had disappeared. When the meal was Over he waved a hand towards the trunk saying nothing of the note which had come with it. A you had better change now i think into Day clothes while i have a Bath and get <1 fessed my a if you wish to you Are free to walk out of this room now Telephone and a Quarter of an hour later the floor waiter appeared with the dishes and Coffee upon a tray. He was accompanied by a Porter carrying a Cabin trunk which he set Down carefully As he said a this has just arrived Monsieur. I was ordered to bring it up to you at when the men had gone Gregory examined the trunk. It was addressed to him and he found it unlocked. On opening it he saw a note inside. It read dear or. Sallust i Trust that you have taken care of my Little Friend Sabine. Some people in my position might find grounds for serious annoyance in her desertion of me but at my age i can afford to be tolerant towards the escapades of Young people. I Only Hope ski was not disappointed in Yon. Now that this Little frolic is Over however she will naturally wish to return to my Core a1 the earliest possible moment. To facilitate that end i Send under your Nome a Complete outfit of her Day clothes. Should she foil to rejoin my by noon i shall consider you Larking in appreciation of the Courtesy i Hare extended to Yon and proc Ltd to teach you a Sharp lesson n Good manners. I do not sign this As Sabine will know from whom it comes. Glo to ask sub ii had c it not it. A the Render threat Quot As one. Tree gory grinned. He did not need in from whom the letter d knowing something of he Felt that the veiled i by no Means an empty i he had no intention of vet Ding self. But what shall we do afterwards How would you like to spend the Day a she became grave at once. A i must get Back and rejoin my Friend. Otherwise he will be angry and when he is angry it is not Gregory leaned Forward eagerly and took her hands. A if you wish to do so you Are perfectly free to walk out of this room now. From the beginning in be never had the least intention of turning you Over to the police in a sure you know that but if you go now i May never see you again. All in masking is for another hour or two with you. This is the last Day of my Holiday. In a returning to England this evening by the five of clock boat. Wont you he very Sweet and kind risk a spot of trouble with the old Man and spare me a few hours today just Long enough to drive somewhere and lunch together in the Sunshine. Ill have you Back in Deauville and Safe at Home by four of clock. I promise.�?T1 a you have been kind and she hesitated a second. A but this May be most dangerous for a danger has never stopped me doing anything i wanted to yet nor you my dear. We re two of a kind and thrive on it be honest now Aren t we a a pc a Cost Era a she said softly. A fall right then i will do As you wish but the consequences they must be upon your own to be continued copyright Ilia by King features Syndicate log. Fit him a f for a is and we i Tvr Bur. Of thing go a just to Ling what happened to Saber arid writer a Nee and every him would make lesson a said thoughtfully. A i great a Good Temperance mrs. Lawrence believe lie can do by Rudolph Dirks k n. J. The issues tre tire Santa a warn Anita a he Ann ram a i per ires c r station err during r for Carey users of a service f securing locutions should be new York City. Stevens then turned to railroading in 1815 blaming Tho first Railroad charter in America from the it la wan to the Raritan Rivers. He built the first locomotive with a Ernult tubular boiler and ran it in the first railway track Iii this country. Ile built an ironclad ship in 1813 for the r s. Government and and a coated the year before a double track Railroad to no from Alban to Lake Erie to replace the slower Erie Barge canal. Tomorrow Public Park. The world smallest a. Of Utah Wes h to. F Rule of the in Nee h. H Ork of will Forest a ussary greatly service trouble Joe Paloska 4a. We a by Ham Fisher Hall recently san Gabriel o heed Regis g. G rut Lithe proper to appear be each John a. Yes a take me to the Furron legion Headquarters f f or. Ai r mrs. Kreb id m Oner hem s. 333 or Monroe i a mile fro a a ired Jame tests tues data Isaacs an Sturtevant d of Saire first you wan see Nateel Bazaar an craftsmen zen ton Ite t Tak you to hot dog Hokay swell Nateel cafe my word Lissen wanta go to the Furron legion a or d a want a sock in the Kisser. I Pierres on Huntington drive. Sunday guests were mrs. Lac Nephew Charles Taylor an i i. Josephine Mason of Hollywood

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