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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 7, 1938, Arcadia, California Section two Altai Ifft up i bunt n w5paptp�?o ten pages Beauty children health our own Magazine Page food fashions Home Yam Good health build More tuberculosis hospitals we need them badly urges or. Chrisman Evv by Claud North Chrisman. M d. T he fight against tuberculosis goes on and on. At times we seem to be winning the upper hand. Then some style fad like reducing comes along. More serious yet a depression with its Lack of food worry poor Hygiene overcrowding and All the attending ills soon Breaks Down any advantage we May have gained. Money is scarce not Only a a a profiles for today school Leacher fears for Star Pupil by Talbot Lake when mayor Fiorello h. La Guardia of new York spoke at St. Lawrence University at Canion. N. A a a As a commencement orator recently among the audience was mrs. Stella b. Littlefield the mayors first teacher nearly guide to Charm with the afflicted but among those who would like to help and Money in abundance is necessary in our Lulu against tuberculosis. The essentials for and treatment o f the White plague Are Santoria Many More than we have Good n to r s i n to and food and these All Cost Money. The victim should rest and his family Mote c t a d. And that requires More Money. I pet rather Blue sometimes when i see the vast sums scent in digging ditches a straightening roads building pub fifty Vears ago now seventy nine lie buildings cutting bark curbs to she saw her primary Grade Pupil make it easier for the motorists of that bygone Day receive an Hon and Manv similar projects. All Are ovary degree of doctor of Laws. Well enough in their place and a mrs. Littlefield lives in the Little Good tiling but Thev do not relieve town of Rural Hill Jefferson distress and suffering As would county twelve Miles from jackets Harbor where la Guardia began school in i huh at tile age of six. She still recalls lie Day when the mayor to be first appeared in her class. Hie school a the rec room affair had three teachers Lor the sixty five students. His fat Lier brought or. Chris wan hospitals and sanitarium for tile treatment of sufferers from Many dread diseases. Need rest maybe i am prejudiced. My whole life has been spent in the Uve slut run it. Effort to relieve human suffering him school and in slightly Brok you May say for a Price. Yes i in English stated that a Fiorello is had to make my living that Way a very pack and that she and it is a pleasant enough Way to should whip him every Day. A but make a living when you can a even that won t do much miss Hunt complis your aim. But when i see a Young girl or boy suffering from incipient tuberculosis and know that they need rest quiet fresh air. Good food Good nursing isolation Freedom from worry and general encouragement i begin to wonder How we can accomplish this. If they belong to a Well to do family they can be cared for at Home but someone must give up other work learn How to care for the sick one and How to prevent the father left after mrs. Littlefield assured him that his son would be Well behaved. She made him sit by his older sister. Gemma. After a while her new Pupil Bogan to talk furiously in italian which no one in tile room could understand. It turned out that tile language used was not precisely dignified. It turned out that la guardian fathers predictions were entirely the sick one. And now to it Pim pm was Well behaved others among friends and Fain by d nut to by on of from becoming exposed to the Dis Jap Brit Hapst pupils in the class. Eaf. Furthermore. Mrs. Littlefield never even in such a Case it is a great a Quot a a Strain on the patient and the end Futor it for the tire family. If they Are of a self mrs. Littlefield fears for supporting family it is difficult to mayor. She fears the flangers obtain the fresh air and quiet that which face the Mayot of a g Are so necessary to recovery. If Metropolis and the chances such a they belong to the poorer class Job has for making enemies. She with bad surroundings and a Lack is a afraid something is going o of Many of the Ordinary essentials of life. I know that their chances of recovery Are almost nil. Lack funds to build happen to mayor la what it is. She say. There were other oldsters at the exercises who remembered the mayor when he was a child and lived in i Hose parts. Mrs. Johanna i Call our tuberculosis Hospital j. Franklin one of them. Said. In the Hope of obtaining Entrance a the used to torment my girls by for this patient. I know what will pulling their hair ribbons off and be the answer. A we have a Long other such pranks but he was waiting list. We cannot Promise a honest and truthful and i cant bed under two or three two or Throe months May be too late. The Hospital is willing but helpless. It costs vast sums to build equip remember a single ugly trait in him. After forty years i met him in Rome Ltd. A at an american legion Celebration and the first thing he said to me was a mrs. Jul cuss Ems i Muhs in Uruu r. And support a Hospital for tuber Franklin my Mother s life-1 g . Our county in Ohio has had a Good tuberculosis Hospital a for More than Twenty years. It was tomorrow the cd chaff Large enough at the Start but for cur of sex King Edward. Manv years has been too Small. Slight additions have been made but All Are inadequate. Now the county and the Federal government Are building an addition. Even when this is built there will be scarcely half enough Beds. People have Learned that the sanitarium Means greatly increased chances for recovery. The treatment of Bone. Gland and intestinal tuberculosis is food. Rest rare fresh air and Sunshine and artificial Light. For lung tuberculosis All these except an excess of sunlight. Arp helpful. Tile sanitarium offers the services of trained nurses and doctors All the facilities for the rare of both body and mind. There is Freedom from worry and a vastly lessened danger of transmitting their disease to others. When your county is bidding for Relief Money for local improvements. Use All your influence toward building a tuberculosis Hospital or wards in your county Hospital for the rare and cure of tubercular patients. The other protects Are worthy but this is even More necessary. Short cuts the flavor of spinach is considerably improved if bits of chopped Fried Bacon or Ham Are mixed through it before serving. A in the absence of Lemon. When serving Tea try Orange slices. Cut an Orange in half crosswise and Quarter each half Orange. A a when broiled a Pound of medium sired mushrooms yields four god size portions. Of named. The same Pound of mushrooms May be stretched to serve file or six. A a a Waldorf salad is Clade by combining diced a of do. A Elrre Walnut in als and salad . Steve on Crisp lettuce. Copi rtt 191s. I Fairchild. Here is a Woven Linen skirt with knitted nubby Bren Blouse trimmed and yoked in the Woven limn. Now a time to beautify your legs by Jacqueline Hunt this is the season for showing Riff shapely limbs. Not Only Are skirts Shorter Titan they have been in years but bathing suit time is Here again. American women Are said to have the most Beautiful legs and Ankles in the world but that is no reason for us to fee smug. We should Check up and see if our legs measure up to Standard and. If not. What we can do to make them lovelier. See if they Are As shapely As they would be if we took the time to exercise and Massage them. Sec that they arc Well groomed the skin healthy smooth in texture and free from a fuzz of hair. Be sensible about it if of want to improve your legs. If they arc too fat or too thin. Select exercises for reducing or developing the tissues. As the Case May be. Massage them. But remember that it May be a month or More before you get noticeable results and that in t h e meantime you must do w ii a to you can to in a k e your legs alive a r More shapely. Dark coloured Hose for instance. Make heavy legs look thinner. Avoid Bright suntan and Rainbow shades. Also. Select your shoes with care. A shoe with a narrow strap or an opera pump will be More slender izing to your foot. Clocks help lend slenderness to your Ankles. Thin legs on the other hand appear More shapely when you Wear rather Light Bright shades of stockings. Here a something to keep in mind when you make your Early visits to tile Beach. Deeply Sun tanned legs Are less conspicuous than fair ones. Hence until you have acquired a Good suntan use a grease paint foundation in a suntan Shade. Pale anaemic legs Are Lovely on the Beach at any time but. If they Are slim and nearly perfect in shape let them acquire Only a Pale Gold or bisque Tan to give them a healthier look. There is a definite relationship Between shapely legs Good posture and trim Ankles. Do what you can for those Ankles by carrying yourself properly by wearing Well fitted shoes and by giving them some daily care. Massage and simple food exercises will strengthen the Ankles. After your daily tub or after a special foot Bath apply Cream. Have Cream on your fingers too when you Massage the feet and legs. Starting at the instep grasp the foot tissues pinching twisting and kneading Over the entire foot. Move upward toward the knee working a bit harder Over the calf if it is too Fleshy. The same sort of Massage will reduce Fleshy thighs or help build up thin ones. To keep the skin smooth and Fine textured. And to eliminate the Horny cells that sometimes appear around the Ankles and calves scrub the legs with a foot Brush and soapsuds when you have your evening Bath. Rinse dry and Massage with hand lotion or a Rich Massage Cream. When you go stocking less around your Garden. Be lib to in your application of suntan Cream or Oil. This is excellent Advance preparation for your legs Public appearance. Beauty tips question a i Arn a girl of 20. 1 have freckles and to remove them. I used a special ointment. It really removed them but caused blackheads which Are nearly As an nay in o what can i do i also have a coat of Fine fuzz on my face. Please answer this before june 20.�?alice.�?� freckle removers contain Strong chemicals which cause a Light peeling of the skin. While it to sensitive and tender blemishes May form unless you Are exceptionally careful in your cleansing methods and other Beauty treatments. If your skin is feeling All right again. Try a complexion Brush cleansing twice daily for dislodging the blackheads and use a mild skin tonic or ice water to shrink the pores. As for the hairs if you done to mind a Little pain you can remove them a narrow strip at a time with a Wax Epi Lator. Do not however. Use a depilatory containing a Sulphide. Generally a Fine fuzz is not Worth bothering about and you Are probably the Only one who is aware of it since my columns Are prepared Well in Advance of publication readers requesting information by a certain Date should allow at least 2 weeks for a reply. For prompt service enclose a stamped self addressed envelope for a personal letter. A a a Queen Elizabeth was the first woman to Wear silk stockings. These were hand made and took two months to make. Reefers Point the Way speaking of style strapless is Chic style in new gowns modern women a w Ord of advil done to on summer romances a them to heart by martan Mays Martin a a by y Eleanor Gunn strapless Rke the a daring one. Is is Ion my or t Here this summer. It is the sort one might expect to find it and other expensive Fabri simple Little swisse and Little organza ate without too. If the great expanse. And shoulder bothers vol t a word about libations a but seem to be it go what they s summer being i velvet is. But demure straps. Of neck a take Refuge behind a string or two of pearls. And speaking of pearls it appears that beads of several sorts will soon be worn. This is appropriate enough if we Are to Wear barrettes As Paris says we Are at least those who Are affecting the High coiffure. Back in the Dressy nineties the two went together so at a time when fashion casts a nostalgic backward glance it is fitting that the two should return Togut her. It is my duty to report that one sees More and More High hair fixes. This is important to know because it affects the millinery situation. Particularly the Angle at which hats Are worn what is More with the High coiffure comes an urge to ornament it. So the Outlook for hair ornaments seems Brilliant in More ways than one. If it is your Happy Fate to have a new evening gown dwell on the serviceability As Well As Charm of tulle especially Blae tulle which is a perfect background for either Flowers or jewels. Choose the strapless kind and keep the Waist slim. The skirt wide Anc to the floor y o ii a ii d your child baby knows if Parent Isnit serious rom a if n goes r be ast _ Erin were the _ Quot air actually o Ching on. Is the Tim is get to Pla it of Moonlight Trice called and a Furt a Lete even Hen ones g tricks Beld roses or it Tiv because to be the of the sum by Jane Herbert Goward when baby Cereal Motl upset or too for there was More in since the Art itself v she pretended to be an is bowl of it lightly. Of pot but s naughty by with the Merpi c t u r e and of the Vale son. Tire i what is. Done to take t la 0sp senti mental fides to it Interne Seri 0 us i y give them time to jell. M a y b r your dimmer in is the real the my. But or be it Isnit. Try to re Mem bar Cha t it ran still rightful by de. Even v Ine lasting yarn lbs. Maritn Vern not the Genu tra absent treatment child. Assuming a menacing scowl she scolded Vigoro u s i y. Then tut nine to if you Are blessed with a Light father she touch you wad know without any winked As if pointers from me. How to enjoy a to say. A look summer Romance without taking it to heart. If. However you Are the serious one Man sort you May suffer some heartaches after moments in the Moonlight with a grimly tailored in smooth nary and White pin checked worsted this diminutive lightweight coat a Law Young summer readers is Cut on fashionable Reefer lines with Chic double breast cd front closing. Four flapped pockets and becoming Broad lapels Are distinctive details. A t baby. He thinks i mean but if Mother thought she Man who was merely playing up to fooled t h e the setting. Child she was there a a Type of Man who Al Mas. Coward mistaken. Lit most automatically makes love to tie babies have d a re when the girl and the of a a an uncanny faculty for sensing p i i unit v arrive together. And de. Ignited As suitable for the moods. You cannot hide your True there a a Type of girl who just Naturel Hest Bride is a Chiffon gown feelings from them no matter ural in responds by playing up. In High shades a Peacock grape what you say or How you say it. Who can say whether or not it is deep Rose with the camisole top except for a few words which All very real and very important trimmed with wide bands of Ecru they May have Learned to recon in an off moment when one is lace and a ruffle of lace softening Nize from constant usage words As near being sane As anyone in the straight across line. Til is Sug for the most part Are meaningless love can be. Ask yourself the ques to them. They gather meaning lion a is this love or is it Moon frown the voice itself. Long before Shine a if you cannot answer it to a child understands words he in your own satisfaction wait until Der St ands tones and can Tell from the Moon slides behind a Cloud them when we Are Calm worried and one is no longer blinded by its and if the Light. Gets an evening gown in its general styling. Also in elaborate St vie Are printed Chiffon gowns White grounds with very Gav Flor also with occur unhappy or afraid Dion pleated skirts and draped Parent is n bodices with Bare backs. Dishes for today dinner roast duckling with spiced applesauce buttered wild Rice asparagus with Vinia Grotte Sauee sponge a Ake waffles with sliced strawberries Coffee supper hot stuffed Rolls Tomato salad potato chips fresh Strawberry ice wafers Coffee 1/3 cup Orange juice 1 j cup Grapefruit juice i 1 a Tablespoons Lemon juice cocktail with a Large whole Strawberry and a slice of Orange clipped Over the Edge of the Glass. Strawberry season briefs make most of its delights by Judith Wilson although the Strawberry sea 1 a son has nearly doubled in length during recent years thanks to Hothouse and the rapid transportation systems that bring outdoor crops to our markets As fast As they Are ready in different parts of the country it is still much too Short for those who love these Sweet delicately Flavoured berries and the delicious things that can be made from them. Just now. Strawberries Are plentiful and reasonable in Price. They Are Sun ripened which Means extra flavor and a deeper color. Can them now for the time when the fresh fruit will no longer be available but serve them As often As you can. Your family will not tire of them if you vary your methods of serving them. The following Strawberry delicacies Are unusually tempting Strawberry icebox cake 2 cups strawberries Cut into Small pieces i cup sugar 4 cup cold water i Tablespoon Gelatin 11 cup hot water 1 Tablespoon Lemon juice 1 i Teaspoon Salt i cup Cream w hipped 2 egg Whites strips of sponge cake or lady fingers crush the strawberries with the sugar. Put the cold water in a bowl Sprinkle the Gelatin on top add the hot water and stir until dissolved. Add the berries Salt and Lemon juice. Chill until tile mixture begins to thicken then fold in the whipped Cream and stiffly beaten egg Whites. Pour a layer of the Strawberry mixture into the Bottom of a Mold,.arrange strips of cake or lady fingers around the sides and fill the pan with alternate layers of the Berry mixture and cake. Chill until firm. Untold Garnish with whipped Cream and whole strawberries. Strap Berry tie i quart berries i cup sugar la 2 Tablespoons arrowroot or cornstarch a Rich pastry for 2-Ornst pie line the pan with pie pastry. Mix the sugar and arrowroot or cornstarch and Sprinkle 2 Tablespoons of the mixture Over the Bottom crust. Fill with the fresh berries that have been washed stemmed and Cut in halves. Sprinkle with the rest of the sugar mixture. Lav on the top crust which has been pricked or slashed so that the steam can escape. Pinch the Edees of the crust together and Scallop. Bake in a hot oven 12 minutes then reduce the heat and bake 30 minutes longer. Strap Berry juice cocktails 2 nips Ripe strawberries 2 Tablespoons sugar angry he knows that. Too. Fir a to the a next time a d0wl 0f Cerra washable covers was placed before the baby in this although the Mal Tress ticking Case. He promptly turned it Over needs an occasional a dry washing he Well remembered Mother s per with thick suds that. Will not soak Mormance the last time and was through the surface washable curious to learn whether she would Cotton covers Are excellent tem do it again. But this time Al por Arv Shields against dust and though Mother spoke practically dirt. The fact that these extra the same words As the last time coverings soil so readily is the Best she was genuinely displeased. Baby proof of their value As mattress was frightened and impressed. As protectors. They can be easily in or listened mothers meaning was buttoned or untied for frequent unmistakable. And he would never trips to the tub. Deliberately upset of bowl of a crore _ Maraire if one has to pretend to be serious or upset Over any incident involving a child it cannot really by if at the end of summer or your vacation you imagine yourself to be deeply in love subject yourself to the absent treatment test. If it is love absence will prove it so and if it Isnit absence will prove that. Too. To clean carpets keep a Supply of Corn meal Fuller s Earth Talcum powder of French Chalk at hand for use when any liquid is spilled on a carpet or Rug. Spread some on the spot work it around with a Blunt instrument and then remove it with your vacuum cleaner. If All the stain is not removed repeat the operation until As much As possible has been obliterated. Kohlrabi dish just take it lightly when one thinks one is in love. It is natural to resent any inference that one Isnit. Its nevertheless Rue that self deception is not Gnu Mal. Face to face with infatuation. One always mistakes it for love. There is As it were a Strong family resemblance Between the t of it takes time to distinguish the difference Between them. Tile us so important As to warrant Corr cd Tion or punishment. By Overlook Var coating wears off of a Fatwa ing trifling mishaps and mistakes Tim. Leaving nothing much behind we discourage repetition. So Don t fuss with a child unless you mean it. Hid a Sticky mess. True love is t to the Core. It leaves no lust repair the damage if any. Nasty taste in ones Mouth. No and feel. Aet As unconcerned Why borrow trouble sized Kohlrabi. Wash pare and Cut into slices. Cook uncovered in Large amount of boiling salted Wash Hull and slice the berries. Water about Twenty five minutes. Sprinkle with the sugar and let dram. And serve with butter. Stand l/2 hour. Add the Orange Grapefruit juice Lemon juice and Salt. Mix. And squeeze through a pigskin play shoe utterly comfortable and so easy Cut off leaves from six medium to play in is a perfectly Plain very Low heeled sport shoe of pigskin in pastel shades or dark and natural leathers with contrasting is with cd Arrow tie get rid of them a yearly weeding out of worn cheesecloth. Chill thoroughly and out Kitchen utensils basins dip serve in old fashioned or double pers and Odds and ends will get sized cocktail glasses. Garnish each rid of dust collectors and save extra work and valuable storage . Y. State colleges of agriculture and Home economics remove them. Binding and Nai patterned after the old fashioned american gaiters. Flexible and Good looking too they Are just the slices to Wear with trim flannel Slacks. On for stains a Little Olive Oil rubbed into per As you a or what you May think when under tile spell Only time in really prove whether or not it is love. Changing times have brought about a very considerable difference a the world s attitude toward Youthful romances. Boys and girls Are no longer kept apart or allowed to meet Only under a bar fastening. Race it of chaperones. We assume that they Are intelligent enough to take care of themselves. When a girl finds herself in love for the first time she deluded herself into thinking that she is undergoing a most unique experience. Which of course Isnit so at All. Since it is the common lot of fume stains on a vanity table will mortals to fall in love. All the turban of strawberries a something desserts world loves a Lover because having been through a one Mill it has understanding and sympathy with those afflicted. Nobody but an old Meany would begrudge a girl a summer Romance. But she should go into it with her eyes open so that she wont be disappointed if it turn out to be lust an episode and i thing More. Modes and manners question a please Tell me hero other and sister should Register a hotel. Also How a father and 3righter should Register pm answer when sister Ami Trother 1 i eel it leg Esters if her 1 ways tame w Nan Alf or daughter tether the i directly Helot Gale compan writes and father i or woman the name on. A Man before his Ien registering and a in Rys indicates whether she s miss or mrs. This form is Cor it a emr. John m. Jones. Elyria. it is not necessary to give fhe Street address. I Restic a wipe in heft the Humble Strawberry has always been a favorite with cutin a Rban of strawberries is an unusually delicious Way to use then s whip i pint 40 per cent Cream add i cup powdered sugar and own and freeze. When ready to serve take out of form and Pla it with Strawden Les. Decorate with Raspberry ice. Says Oscar of the Waldorf. A Isis. This dessert Ca a dessert. It s made t Ila to flavor. Put in f a round Platter. Fill a is ave 3 0 do this. 1 qts not a bring Ai i a May a restaurant it the Silver with his a starting to Catt a a of a it is considered Ruda a Fork knife or spoon Pear to be perfectly Lould ask the Walter

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