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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1937, Arcadia, California Flu Arcadia Tribune Arcadia fes ports cd. Tennis league Gasmen swamp standings haberdashers in 23-4 game team Smith electric Hasson Nesbitt Hank of America. Douglas drug no 2. Walton hardware Douglas drug no. I san Gabriel it hey lbs. Drive in Market me shop dark horse Arcadia hardware Arcadia Tribune Gillette a shot1 store Hardy Harris. W. L. Pct. To i 909 9 2 818 9 2 818 9 3 .750 7 4 .636 6 5 .545 6 5 .645 5 6 455 4 7 .364 4 8 .333 j 3 7 300 2 to .167 i 2 9 .182 2 9 .182 change dates of mat show at Pasadena Arena there will be a change in Date of Pasadena Arena s regular wrestling show next week because tile fourth of july in being celebrated on the fifth which is monday the usual Arena night promoter Morrie Cohan will present his mat program on uie Day for this one week he has Riecl up an attraction that he claims will make up for the delay. San Dor Szabo the handsome hungarian is to be thrown to buddy of Brien wrestling a Public enemy no. I. Of Lai Ollil me in Severa 12th round matches t Usa Aiena and All but. Drive in Market is. Dark horse Tore each other limb from limb me shop is. Smith electric. No s much feeling Between Arcadia Tribune is. Douglas drug them and one of the bitterest mat i jvj0 2 combats is in sight for tuesday Asj Bank of America is Arcadia sets Morrie. It will be a three fall hardware match with one hour time limit. J Douglas drug no i is. Gillette Sas a special feature for the hoi Sloe store. Day we 1. Program there will also i san Gabriel Valley lumber Combe another match by women wrest Pany is. Hardy Harris ers. The participants this time Are Hasson Nesbitt is. Walton hard Metty Lee a Canadian who claims Ware. The european title and Marion bion Dell a Clever girl from St. Louis. It is for one fall to a finish. The other three fall bout on the card will bring Back to Pasadena where he once made football history George Wilson the famous Wash-1 team a6 Moet Dick lever,1 Monrovia merchants 0 a co. Re a 1 j Southern counties ga., 4 East. The time limit is 45 minutes. Pierce beverage co also scheduled Are argan Singh i Junior c of c hindu heavyweight a. By. White bloc a a cloth Era Billy Grubbs is. Johnny Del Rio. Arcadia California Friday july 2,193,7 youth prevails As Bankers cop torrid tilt Page three it print ing i i printing Noth k notice is Kok bids hereby Given in one of the most lop sided games of the season the Southern counties company last night on till Ivy Avenue grounds walloped blocks clothiers 23-4, in a nit Ball league tussle. 1 youth prevailed on the Bauta Anita regional recreational Center courts Early this morning As the Bank of America downed the Veteran diet Hasson Harry no Quot Bitt team in a crucial Arcadia merchants tenths tournament tilt. 8-6. 6-8, 6-2. 1 messes. Hasson and Nesbitt after winning nine straight games were forced to Bow to the youth and stamina exhibited by Bobbie Walker and w s Garrett Bank of America representatives it was the first defeat registered against has f the City lied bid up a a a a 6. 1937 a reinforced Carl Midkiff twirled for the son and Nesbitt since Smith elec men and had no trouble while his Trie took the vets into Camp in the team mates piled up a Lead i Ai opening round several weeks ago. The Victory marked the ninth straight for the Bankers who entered the league with two defeats marked against them both of these setbacks had been gained by forfeits against the Fortner and loud outfit the team which the Bankers replaced in the Loop. This mornings contest believe it or not was started at 5 30 of clock wave my hardest in Nite Ball league standings k c. Rovers Southland Ball figure Dies w i. 0 1 2 2 3 2 4 3 4 pct. I too .800 .600 .600 .400 hurry. In a girls game a scheduled san Gabriel Valley league contest jacks vitality girls of Monrovia dropped a 12-5 verdict to the Orange lunettes sponsored by the Lions Den of Orange. J this weeks round of play will close this evening with the k. C. Rovers opposing the san Gabriel dam no. I i Home run hitter needed on Angel aggregation right now the los Angeles Angels would dig deep for a Home run Flitter of the Gene Billard or plunk Demaree Type. If they could get one they would go places in this year s coast league race. That much needed circuit punch \ is greatly desired. Manager Hannah 1thought he had it in Murray Howell i having played every position on the infield since i broke into pro per Day $5.00 6.00 4.00 8.00 7.00 4.00 by Goldie Holt los Angeles Utility infielder i have been playing baseball so Long that it is difficult for me to hit on my hardest play. I never thought there were any soft touches in this game. It has never been a task for me to play. Everything i did seemed easy or does seem that Way. Unless i commit an error. Then it Isnit so Rosy. And Bill Mcwilliams but both disappointed him to the extent he deemed it Wise to dispense with 333 j their services. Monrovia rotary. K. C. Rovers san Gabriel dam no. I 0 last nights results Southern counties co., blocks clothiers 4. Orange Lionette 12 jacks 200 .250 too 23 i tonight a game rovers is. San Gabriel dam los Angeles july 2 it up it Russ Hall said to have known More j a a Gills 5 san Gabriel Valley baseball players umpires and club a Arne owners than any other Man in the world died suddenly last night. J a Hall 65, was Secretary of the As 1 no a Ace tation of professional Ball play a ens of America. He formerly was a Yolk less eggs Are Puzzle player and manager and a scout j Arena wis. Up a George for the Cincinnati reds i southards Hen has the agricultural experts stumped. The Hen a Large Budge wins Crown Rhode Island red lays regularly fess ional baseball in a a bit puzzled what play is the most difficult. I found the shortstop position no bed of loses and it Isnit when you Stop to figure that the shortstop will handle More Fielding plays than any other Man on the infield. And i am inclined to believe that is where i have looked my worst. 1 thing about performing at leading Home run hitters of the Lea. A a. H a , Short it that you cannot be tense. If you Are you Are lost. The Ball Hannah probably better than any one else knows the full value of a Long driving hitter. His experience with the team in the last seven years particularly convinced him of the necessity of having one of the Wimbledon England july 2 up a Donald Budge smashed his Way to the a la England Tennis championships today by overwhelming Gottfried von Cramm in straight sets 6-3. 6-4. 6-2. It was the first american Victory in the menus singles since Ellsworth 1 gals vines captured the title in 1932. But the eggs Are no bigger than a Robins. Also Southard complained they have no Yolks. Erie yields 6-foot fish port Clinton. O. Up a fishermen of the port Clinton fish company a a netted a Lake Erie Sturgeon 6 feet. 6 inches in length. Red fire trucks slipping Bellaire o. Up a City offi advocate painting the City s proposed new fire truck White instead of the conventional red. Other red vehicles Are becoming so numerous officials contend that red no longer stands out As a distinguishing color. Fireworks Large selected assortment on Sale saturday sunday and monday at Junction Colorado and Huntington drive Arcadia just East of Santa Anita race track gue in order to win or to put up a red hot fight for the Pennant. Pennants Are not won without a Star slugger or two. This has been impressed on the Angels in the last seven years. When Lilia re and Demaree were heading the league in Home runs the team was out in front and regarded As one of the Best. In 1933, �?T34 and 35, the years Billard and Demaree were on top in Home run hitting with 43, 45 and 56. The Angels won two flags and last one in a play off. They also were beaten in a play of with Hollywood in 1930 when Wes Schulmerich banged out 28 homers. When the team did not possess Star sluggers of this Type it finished fourth once and out of the first division twice since 1930. Upon the shoulders of Steve Mes i Lier Chunky third Sacker seems to rest the responsibility of filling the i shoes of Billard or Demaree. Al a though he is the youngest member of the team being Only 19 years old. He has ability and Power and is1 now leading his mates with eight tour ply swats to Libs credit. But whether he can continue to carry the team remains to be seen. It was thought Don Hurst a very does so Many crazy things that you have to be Loose and prepared for bad bounces. What i consider my hardest play is to Landle a sharply batted grounder straight at me thai is one that you do not know whether to come in on or play Back. That kind of Bounder generally takes a mean hop and Calls for Quick action. Especially if you have a fast Man going to first. A grounder like that generally throws you off balance making it necessary to Hustle to get the Man. By Glen Russell los Angeles infielder probably i have not been in baseball Long enough to qualify in telling what is my hardest play. Right now they All seem plenty Tough. Trying to win a regular position somewhere on the team to please the manager and the fans is not like sitting Down to a Nice Juicy Steak after a tight game. If a fellow handles the Ball and gets away with the right play everything is swell but if he does no to. It Isnit so Good. I like to play on tile right Side of the infield either first i or second. At second the play that that the City Council Arcadia will receive to 8 00 of clock p m for the construction of Concrete Culvert and 0 tenant work on 1 p Duarte Hoad according to plans and specifications therefor on file in the office of the City clerk All bids to be accompanied by a certified Check or bidders Bond in the sum of ten per cent it to it of the amount of the bid. Notice is hereby Given that under the provisions of chapter 397, statutes of 1931. As upended the City Council of the City of Arcadia has ascertained the general prevailing rate of per diem wages applicable to the work to be done to be As follows title of position Rit it Bla deman carpenters. Rough carpenters helpers Concrete Foreman Concrete finishers Concrete mixer operator Clamshell Crane or dragline operator form builders form setters Foreman construction Foreman working. Labourers roller open Tor shovel operator or steam shovel operator assistant teamsters tractor operators 5.00 1 tractor shovel operator 5.00 truck Driver not lass than 2 tons. 6.00 truck Driver less than 2 tons 4.00 timekeepers 4 00 watchmen 3.20 any classification omitted herein not less than. 4.00 Legal holidays and overtime work straight time. The per diem wages listed above Are based on the customary 8 hour working Day and when less time is worked per Day the amounts paid shall be the pro rata of the amounts listed above. Bidders attention is called to the above mentioned statute which will require them if awarded the contract to pay not less than said general per diem rate of wages Hereinbefore mentioned to All labourers workmen and mechanics employed in the execution of the proposed contract. The City Council reserves the right to reject any and All bids not deemed advantageous to the City of Arcadia. By order of the City Council of the City of Arcadia. June 15. 1937. W. H Nesbitt. City clerk Arcadia California. Publish june 25, july 2, 1937. Notice e for bids notice is hereby Given that sealed f j bids Vin be received by the Arcadia City Council up to 8 00 of clock p a. July 6. 1937. Lot Legal printing and advertising for the fiscal year 1937 38. Per specifications therefor on her appear i file in the r t 1 o ii of 1 office of the City clerk. W h Nesbitt City clerk. Publish june 25. July 2. 1937 Iii or Back Yard by As told to Dale Austin we try newspaper pails on Job /dwawaw.v.v. A Vav 6.0 1 6 no 6.00 8 of 6 no 4 on 6 of 8 of pc today a poultry prices f 111 Yum pin. Yinny what you tank >1 Over Twenty years i Bane read a. Writhe working for papers. Nearly everybody what i know read paper look at pictures funnies apolitical news scandal whose Givin a party get in married or getting divorced a my furnished by los Angeles i adore Exchange july i. 1937 hens leghorn 21 a to 3l lbs., 12c hens leghorn Over 3�?~4 lbs. And up to 4 lbs., 12c hens leghorn Over 4 lbs. 14c hens coloured 31. To 4 lbs. 21c i Ting. And too. I find out my friends hens coloured Over 4 lbs. 21c i do same Ting what i do anyway broilers Over and up to in lbs., my Little Helga not get All her in formation from the ads. Of. She broilers Over in and up to 2u read the paper too. I Bane Sun bs., 18c that cause lots of times she ask fryers leghorn Over 2 it up a it 3 j what certain word mean but h roller skates in the circuit in this company use newspaper ads too but you know funny Ting the skates look lot better in the picture on circular than they do in newspaper and. Little Helga Banc smart Fth a read the Price she know i make be is aes All the news. You charge every month at this place can find Mast everything you might so need to buy from the ads and by Golly you know i read lots of them and go Down town and buy some lbs18c fryers untied. 2 and up to 1w lbs., 23c Fryer coloured Over 14 up to 4 lbs. 24 a a a roaster soft Bon barred rocks on me in a awhile Back find circular in one of my letters the company Send me every month to show How much i owe them. And she find torture of he Tell me to buy so lies and charge them. Course i Tell her that maybe my credit not be Good but she know i Trade there Long time. Then i Tell her Walt. Maybe after awhile when new month Bill come i buy skates. But Helga have too Good memory she remember when i forget when time came she Tell me a Boul my Promise and she even keep the circular to show my what skates were lilt course 1 buy the skates so would von i find out too sometimes circular in raid. What you tank Legal notice gets into my hair is getting Over to powerful slugger would set the Pace second m time to take the Ball for the Angels this year hut he from the turd baseman 0. Shortstop has vol been Able to strike his True and heave the Ball to first for a form. With his slump apparently j double play permanent the task of giving thai experienced second baseman Angels a lot of help with Home runs j a fellow like Jimmy Reese or Carl faces Menei unless Caille or rus 1 Dittmar probably docs not find this 1 so difficult but right now. When i cavorting at second this is my hard est play because i realize it is so in sell jump to the honors. Front to share the swim Cor health Santa Margarita 1718 e. Huntington drive Duarte new circulation and chlorination system installed under supervision of health department insuring an abundance of fresh clean water at All times. Catering to private parties for reservation phone Monrovia 3244. Part reservations include swimming Barbecue Chimney and various games. Reasonable rates. Season and special rate ticket s now available. Music for open air dancing. Mennonites to flee bandits peace bandits Alta. Up a bandits arc forcing 500 mennonite families to abandon their Homes in Mexico and seek new ones in Northern Albert. Fifty families Are expected to begin the 2,500-Rnile trek from Mexico soon. Moderation in life stressed i Toronto. Ont. Up a the Only j recipe for longevity and happiness is a moderation a Russell c. My portent to the team and Pitcher to a a. Complete a double out. I know this cause. To so he property below in most in to Hhd i to said obligations i notice of trustees Sai e whereas default has been made in the payment of the indebtedness secured by. And in the performance of the covenants contained in that be lain Trust deed dated february 26. 1935. Made exe outed and delivered by Keith Branston and Hermione g Beanston. His wife As tru stors to corporation of America. X California corporation As trustee for Bank of America National Trust and savings association. A National banking association beneficiary which Trust deed was recorded on March i 1935 in Book 13331 Page 31. Official records of Las Angeles county California and whereas on March 2. 1937. Bank of America National Trust and savings association the owner and Holder of said deed and the debt secured thereby applied o and i directed said trustee in writing to execute the Trust by said to ust deed created and to make Sale pursuant there of and whereas notice of such breach of the obligations of the tru stors and of the beneficiary selection to j Over 4 lbs 25c roasters soft done. Other than barred rocks Over 4 lbs., 25c Stags. 12c old roasters. 10c ducklings 4 a lbs. And up. 15c ducklings under 4a lbs., Ile old ducks lie geese 10c Young Tom turkeys Over 18 lbs. 19c Young Tom turkeys 15 lbs. And up to 18 lbs., 16c Hen turkeys 9 lbs. And up. 18c old Tom turkeys 16c old Hen turkeys 16c squads under la lbs. Per Doz. 24c squads la lbs. And up per Doz., 26c Capone under 7 lbs., 24c Capone 7 lbs. And up 25c rabbits no. I White 10c rabbits. No. I mixed 8c rabbits no. I old 4c butter extras 33c j prime firsts. 31 a 1 standards 30c i undergrad 28c Large eggs i candles clean extras. 24c candles Light dirty extras 22ac / candles clean standards 21c candles Light dirty standards 21c candles checks. 20c on Sale sat., Sun. Mon., july 3,4,5 firecrackers Gigantic Stock any Cracker a a any size special prices on Large orders phone your orders Early Watt s Barbecue a a 14 e. Huntington or. Pm. Arcadia 360 medium eggs candles clean extras 21�?Tac candles Light dirty extras 20c candles clean standards 19c candles Light dirty standards. Candles checks 17c Small eggs candles extras 16c candles Light dirty extras 15c Case count 21c have you tried is most troublesome to me because find it a bit hard to take the i bran rec fat red As is p of led Tot. Throw Pivot and then make an a i have Quot Quot Hlls nth Nave elapsed since such Recor Dation curate throw to first to retire the Amft of cup Trust be deems i 1 Annei he real property now remaining a a a a a. I subject to the Trust deed As a whole111 Ord i to fulfil the purposes ganglia executive Secretary of the Hereof american osteopathic association now therefore notice is told delegates attending the Ontario hereby Given that on the 9rh Academy of osteopathy convention Day of july 1937. At the hour of la Here. Fireworks As usual largest display in Arcadia 23 West Huntington or. To clock in the Forenoon at the East Entrance to the Hall of Justice situated in the City of los Angeles. Las Angeles county. California corporation of America 1. Trustee under and pursuant to the terms of said lust deed will sell Public auction to Hie highe. Bidder Tor Cash it payable at time of Cai e to Gold Coin or la wet to m it n a y o f the to unite it states All the interest conveyed w said Trust deed in and to the following described real property situated in the City of Arcadia. County of los Angeles. State of California and More particularly described As follows to wit the South one Hundred fifty thee and five tenths 153.5 feet of Block fifty nine <59 of tile Santa Anita tract in the City Iron brew a a non alcoholic drink with its into Dutron in this territory last week Iron brew met with instant approval if you Haven to tried it. Ask for it now at your favorite refreshment parlor a a Pierce beverage co. La s. 3rd ave. Arcadia phone 592 a a keep your eyes Ujkan and Murine soothes and refreshes i fired irritated eyes. Hip \ use of daily. # Moo inc co. 0�l>t. . Chicago. . I a a world of com fat. A for to Thumai on Vouk trips to los Regeles sep Isi at Arcadia in As per map recorded Book 34, pages 41 and 42. Miscellaneous records of said county. Dated at Las Angeles California june 5, 1937. A corporation of America As trustee by a g Maurer vice president by a c. Paterson. Assistant Secretary n-8�01 i i. And july 2 1937 in 18, 25. 1937 you will also and Many other distinct advantages in Riding the big red cars try a few trips at these Low fares and prove for yourself How enjoyable red car travel really line Way Tares Between Arcadia and round trip 35c los Angeles 60c or. If you travel More frequently compare your present travel costs with the savings to be effected by the following red car rates a form of ticket to meet your travel need Cost of approximate Between Arcadia and los Angeles ticket rate per ride monthly Par Good for Calendar month $10.50 weekly pass Good from monday to Sun 2.65 60-ride individual limit to Days n 70 10-ride family or party limit 30 Days 2.50 20c 22c 19 vue 25o Noth monthly pm Ulo a fated on St roundtrip a ret 1�m of u�4 weekly pass is based on it roundtrip Rote less la used ask your p f. Agent Tor complots detail and Aho a copy of Honey sating transportation folder. Pacific Mack Jim electric o. Maehr pm tto a if a traffic my a a Puk Loa aah ii co Moretsky
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