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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - July 2, 1937, Arcadia, California Home edition tribunal twists a no wonder in in our bid 1 in in Royal discomfort a one of Tho Best gags of the week j was pulled off this week by a Resi Eagle Rock a mrs. Ruth and a twas staged on the up an up in All serious devoted to vol. Vul. No. A Rrt Lyl c i Girgoris s and Prosperi o Marc a Dia be terse be Ely on it Dent of Peterson absolute Ness. Son a close Friend of Baldwin whose Gar Uge was badly burned when a Shore in the wiring of one of the cars caused a damaging fire came out to Arcadia to visit. Now. As the Story goes the Ely were not at Home so mrs. Peterson drove up Huntington drive and Pas tile Pony express museum. Parkev Lyon directing the re flooring of his antique fire Hall had his equally antique fire engines out in front of the Hall. Quot its no wonder a mrs. Peterson is reported As saying As she spotted tile vehicles a the garage burned with engines like that in the depart mint. And her husband is a member of j the Eagle Rock Force. Major problem it has Long been the Contention of naval authorities that should the United states be plunged into a War tomorrow our pitifully inadequate merchant Marine would constitute a major problem of National defense. To Correct this condition the president has just committed the government to a $160,000,000 building program which he Hopes will produce 95 new ships before 1940 ills special message to Congress recommended immediate appropriation of $10,000,000 and the further authorization of a $150,000,000 outlay to replace the 85 per cent of our present merchant Marine Fleet i which will be obsolete in five years. J of course the taxpayer contribute sirs subsidy ,1 because he knows our ships cannot pay their on Way. In any Case encouraged by the subsidy action the private ship owners have informed the maritime commission that they contemplate building 28 vessels within the next three years. There is More than just National defense at stake. On the Arcadia California Friday july 2, 1937 know tour America by b Asil e. Lee National shrines famous monuments. Natural wonders and historic landmarks hear Quot know tour America Quot on the air sundays Al i. 2 30 p. In. Single copy pc. Charles Beery inducted president of Arcadia group thursday Deputy Leader installs Mission Santa Barbara standing on a slight Elevation and overlooking the charming City of Santa Barbara is this Structure known As Quot the Queen of the it is the tenth Mission to be founded in California and the building As we see it today was completed in 1820 on Saint barbaras Day. December 4. 1786, the ground on which the structures stands was consecrated by Lasuen spa allotment revealed special committees selected for los Angeles county fair As plans Lan chd for event an important step in the Active j ties h. J. Ryan. Los Angeles r. R preparation for the 16th annual los j Mclean san Diego b. A. Harriman Angeles Riverside and Orange j Imperial d. W. Tubbs Santa Ana county fair at Pomona september j a e. Bolted Riverside John p. Coy 17 to october 3, is announced by san Bernardino a. H. Hall Ven Pacific Japan has Beell fair officials in the selection of Spe turn e. S. Kellogg. Barbara making serious inroads into am Elal committees composed of men 1 Lewis Burtch. Kern Thomas Chal Vilcan shipping on the Atlantic prominent in civic and agricultural1 mers san Luis Obispo o. L. Hemp-1 our Leet must compete with the activities to assist in the presenta Hill Tulare f. P. Roullard Fresno ution in which promises to be a More j l. O. Haupt Kings f. L. Kellogg comprehensive and elaborate display i Santa Cruz and h a. Hunt Mon Quot a a 0. T. Palmer presides Here As officers featured in ceremony at Derby tavern with d in to o t Palmer of Santa Monica serving is installing officer the Arcadia Den of Lions International on thursday at be Derby tavern inducted the officials of the unit for the 1937-38 year. Charles j Beery was installed As president of the organization succeeding Everett Watt. The latter becomes the second past president of the club joining w. Parker Lyon in this capacity. Other officers installed were Harry Nesbitt Secretary or. Bruce p. Sims treasurer Robert e. Sheehan first vice president d. Monroe Green second vice president James g. West third vice president Otto ?. Petersen lion Tamer William a. Murphy Tail twister a. L. Daniels my Cecil l. Lacy directors for two ear terms. In addition to members of the ocal Den and the installing officer he ceremony was witnessed by several members of the Al Monte group leaded by president Joe Crupp and Junior past president j. A. Murphy. Announcement of various committee chairmen and members is a Pecten to be made by president 3eery this week. Swift British French and German carriers. Ifs americans bid to recapture supremacy on the High seas. In shirtsleeves even in these Days when monarchy is on the Wane the Peroga Tives of Royalty still command respect and obedience in Many parts of the world. But Royalty a Little paragraph in the news reveals Hac no standing with the weather a fact which May amuse millions of american travellers to whom air conditioning is a commonplace. In a private car attached to the Simpson Orient express one of the finest trains in Europe the Duke of Windsor and his Bride last month embarked upon their honeymoon. As they passed through Northern Italy the car became so oppressively warm that the Duke was Orlif d to remove his coat and sit in his shirt sleeves to remain comfortable. This remember was the Man who As the Prince of Wales set the masculine fashions for half the Western world. This was the Man who was Edward Chi of England was Titu than Ever before. The advisory Board this year in Terey. A committee having general sup-1 i l program set thorough course underway in Queen City on grounds of both schools Mustachio off fire Crew Roll in new switch eludes Clyde e. Houston president i Al vision Over the huge agricultural of los Angeles county fair Assoc la and Industrial display follows Phil lion chairman governor Frank f. J j. Curran and e. B. Kennedy to Merriam a. B. Miller president at j in Ona h. J. Ryan Ernest Maharg. The state agricultural association g. D. Hussey Charles l. Wilson a. E. Stockburger state director of. Or. G. P. Clements los Angeles finance Roger Jessup Herbert c. J m. B rounds Glendora a. By Mil Legg John a. Ford. Gordon l. My Ier. Fontana Fred Schwartz. Mon Donough and Leland m. Ford los Rovia a. R. Brown and h s. White Angeles county Board of super i j Chino will g. Fields and w a sors h. A. Payne auditor e. W. Johnstone san Dimas r. B. Ken Mattoon counsel Eugene w. Biscailuz sheriff m. B. Rounds agricultural agent All of los Angeles county Byron Hanna president a. G. Atoll Secretary or. George p. Clements. C. P. Bayer and r. D. Gangster of los Angeles chamber of Commerce Frank w. Wright Arthur s. Bent Irving Heilman and Nedy and Burl Martin Whittier a. L. Chandler Redlands e. P Jochimson and Stanley Barnes la Verne j. L. Matthews and Harry Damerel Covina miss Leal v. Ackerman g. E. Tompkins and b. A Davis Claremont r. H. Blee and George Cross Puente c. S. Ranger Al Monte j. M. Campbell Sierra it a Iii official figures of year Are Given by Huntington Library unit today p. H. Ducker Las Angeles w. A. I Madre Frank Rutledge Lancaster Johnstone state civil service com-1 j. A. Armstrong Ontario r. O Mission a. J. Hill and a. J. Tetley Baldwin Long Beach d. G Schul a re a Riverside. J Tiz Baldwin Park Earl Porter and an inter county group designed a. E. Bolted Riverside j. L. S to promote greater interest and a Cook Santa Monica w. M. Dun closer relationship among the Var-1 Kerly Pasadena Nye Wilson Al Lar ruler of a far Flung Empire the ions counties exhibiting is composed i Hambra d. W. Tubbs Santa Ana of c p Sayer los Angeles l. E. J j. P. Coy san Bernardino George sheets and e. B. Kennedy Pomona i Kellogg. Yorba Linda l. R. Brad Man whose Romance with an american woman nearly divided a King Dom and whose subsequent mar and the following agricultural com i Ley. Upland and r. B. Reeves and r Ridge to her had rocked a great Church. This was the Man who sat in his shirt sleeves trying to stay continued on Page two missioners of their respective coun-1 b. Douglass Pomona. Jim Rax a a a How Many Little girls must be sacrificed before our parole boards Are willing to discard maudlin sentiment in favor of sensible reasoning i have it in my heart to defy Law and order and yell for Lynching As i read of the horrible tragedy. And while my anger is still gnaw to i better say that no person should be a o in e a member Jim Carroll of a parole Board r who is not a Par ent. And id gather up All the terrible stories of crimes such As this one and make these sob Sisters who aspire to the Job of parole Board members read Mem. But far better jets Stop paroles until we know what we re doing. Yours. Jim. Sunset features copyright 1937 authorities admit Lack of clues As Inglewood victims buried More than too suspects grilled verdict Given los Angeles july 2 up a i at the inquest today into the deaths of three Little Inglewood girls whose ravished bodies were found monday the coroners jury returned three verdicts one for each body branding that the girls had been strangled with Homicidal intent by Quot a person or persons whose identity has not been i of Angeles. July 2 it up a authorities admitted lacking any real clues to tile murderer of the Quot babes of Inglewood Quot today As the last of three Little ravished and parroted by a degenerate Slayer were buried. With More than too suspects questioned fruitlessly since the children a bodies were discovered in the Hills monday. District attorney Buron Fitts Drew a parallel with the brutal slaying of Little Marian Parker for which Edward Hickman was hanged. It was one of Southern californians most brutal child slayings. It was nearly nine Days after the kidnapping of Marian Parker that we had a tangible clue to work on Quot said Fitts. A nevertheless Hickman was eventually apprehended convicted and hanged. We can and will find the murderer or murderers of these three his statement emphasized a growing theory among investigators that More than one Man was responsible for luring the girls to the Hills attacking them and strangling them with ropes. First of the victims funeral was held yesterday for Jeanette Stephens. 8. And rites for her two chums Melba Everett 9, and Madeline 7. Were scheduled for this afternoon. The coroners inquest also was today. A solemn group of 125 Inglewood residents mostly women and weep san Marinow visitors to the Henry e. Huntington Library and Art gallery numbered Over 165,000 in the year ending june 30. The largest annual total Ever recorded it was announced today. An average of More than 600 persons each visiting Day was received it the san Marino institution almost a fifth More than during the initial Rush ten years ago. The a Rand total of visitors is now approximately 1.250,000. Tourist visitors accounted for ap-1 proximately one half of the year s total. Another important Factor in attendance was the admission of Over 22.000 persons in organized groups averaging thirty members each. Of these More than half were students from Public schools and colleges in California who were brought by their teachers to study particular exhibits. Improved facilities the interesting Stream of visitors not Only indicates widening interest in All parts of the collections artistic literary and botanical but also reflects improved facilities for the admission and reception of Visi a tors according to Robert o. Schad. Administrator of exhibitions. During the past year said or. Schad several special exhibitions were arranged and additional Telephone service was inaugurated making it possible for tourists and local residents to sponsored by the Arcadia City school District a thorough playground program for the youth of the Community is now being held on the playgrounds of both the Holly Ventre and first Avenue schools t was announced today by Jack Coombs playground director. Through the cooperation of the i works Progress administration the schools have a staff of nine workers Coombs stated. These people Are trained in the Field and Are capable of caring for the needs of All children of this District. Holly Avenue is open every Day from la a. In. To 5 p. In. With the sex i caption of saturdays and sundays. I a regular shop class is conducted j five Days a week. On tuesday and j thursday handicraft classes Are j held. All games on the regular re-1 creation Al slate Are offered with hobbies of the children also in courage. A at first Avenue sewing classes Are held tuesday and thursday afternoons with handicraft classes scheduled for monday wednesday and Friday. From la a. In. To 6 p. In. The grounds arc open for play at first j Avenue with night playground a f Tivi ties programmed in the evenings i from 6-9 p. In. According to Coombs. I the night program is proving popular with the attendance averaging about 125 per night. July 5th�?monday�?has been announced As a Holiday for the play grounds with no activity being held either Day or night. I j Monrovia Lodge no 1427. Genevo Lent and protective order of elks on monday night july 5th, due to i the fourth of july Holiday. This announcement was disclosed Ellis Tony , since 1923 a member of the Arcadia fire department yesterday ceased his Fant ions in any capacity with that department a other than night i Juniper As Bruce Moore of Monrovia was added As a new member of the unit in the buildup of the Force. will serve the City in the same manner As City Gardener Chic f John s. Eshelman announced and will also take Over the janitor work at the City Hall j in the past a member of the de apartment was Over at the City Hall j each morning in violation of the a bulletin cards forwarded to rules As set by the National Board a11 members by Secretary George t. Blamer. The top feature of the july Calendar of events for the Lodge the card revealed is the a a Homecoming party planned for the evening of july 12th. Past exalted rulers Renaker Evans and Crandall have invited i All members who were initiated into i the Lodge from 1921 to 1924 to this get together Lodge session which will j be called at 8 p. M. All former Mem j hers who were Active from 1921-24 j Are also requested to attend. A big show is programmed by the committee in charge with a dutch j lunch also billed. Initiation is slated for july 19th the program bulletin stated Crews of men at work on Section comprising sporty 18-Hole Golf links continuation of the transform Tion of Ross Field into a Mammo regional recreational Center was virtually assured this week with the signing of the appropriation Bills a president Roosevelt which allots $1,-325.000.000 to the works Progress administration. Close followers of the construction work at the old balloon school were unanimous in their opinions that the action in the nations Capitol would mean the completion of the playground Here. According to announcement made earlier this week All spa projects were to be inactive yesterday pending the re apportioning of funds for various works the men being allowed extra hours to make up for this forced meanwhile work on the Santa Anita regional recreational Center finds the Crew of men concentrated Home coming event scheduled on the Deve a pent of the Southern c j i to. N. Sector of the Park which will com ror july a to report prise the sporty 18-Hole Golf course. Of officer states j rough grading is completed on one i Side of the course and further Grad the Gold cup of the american Power boat Assn. A America s most famous Motorboat trophy. 8e1esi Ells there will be to meeting of the j in8 is to be emphasized on All holes of the links. When completed the links is expected to rank along with any in the far West. Of fire underwriters. Three More men will eventually be added to the department according to chief Eshelman but appointment will be withheld until completion of the new fire Hall in s. Baldwin Avenue. United Fuess i newsflashes . By conditions Good i Howland Island july 2 up i a perfect flying conditions prevailed i today As Amelia ear Hart on her i round tile world flight neared Here i on her 2550-mile jump from Lac new Guinea. Disability was Good the ceiling unlimited and the sea Calm. Bowlers set Fob second workout members or the Santa Anita Bowling Green club on saturday and sunday Are scheduled to stage the second workout on the new greens in the county Park. Plenty of bowls will be available and All arcadians interested in the sport Are urged to report. Experienced bowlers will be on hand to Tutor the Green hands in the game. Auditing contract awarded to Bontems company the contracting for the auditing of the City books this week was awarded to James w. Bontems company of Las Angeles the concern which has performed this work Here for several years. Bontems started the official audit yesterday. Hunt sentenced j los Angeles july 2 up a John Wurst Hunt self styled Jesus i the c Christ from the father divine cult today was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison in Mann act charges. In contrast to his Carefree Man the children Are Safe and web. ,. I nor during tile trial. Hunt was in a come at the playgrounds and Wea a., a a a a i serious mood As judge Leo k. Yank would like to have the parents i come Over and enjoy them valves wich pronounced sentence. As Well a Coombs said. Ordinance officially naming streets Given Reading arrange visits quickly and on Short notice. The parking space was also enlarged and the number of open sundays was increased. Bible school classes present program at Market first Reading of orc Nance no. 356, officially naming several streets in the City of Arcadia was Given j by City attorney William Elam this week at the regular meeting of the City Council in the City Hall auditor-1 cum. The streets which were officially tabbed in the ordinance Are i Leroy Avenue Al Norte Avenue Al Bur Avenue Alta Vista Avenue and Short Street. Proposal made London july 2 i ply Germany and Italy proposed at a meeting of the non intervention committee today that both factions in Spain be recognized As belligerents. With equal International rights. Card party tournament on Bip for local Church i announcement was made today of a card party tournament to be held i in three successive parties at the woman a clubhouse on s. First ave i Hue under the auspices of the Church of the holy Angels. The dates Tor the series according to Rev Gerald of Keeffe pastor Are wednesday july 14, wednesday. July 21, and wednesday july 28. The tournament play will get underway at 12 30 p. In. With tickets for the series Selling at one Dollar. Arcadia Mechanic promoted to Pasadena Foreman Job a Trade Mark Replete red Quot Federal tax Board slam Jack Benny for the nerve the Man had when h thought he used some commo sense and called make up an expense. When the president co fronts third term quiz he says a dunce asks a question such As that country new knows where its at Tomato Duel set Indio Cal. July 2 i p a Ripe tomatoes at 30 paces will be the. Weird Duel fought by two City councilmen tonight. Councilmen f. A. Purcell and e j. Grace a Wager. Standing inside to foot Chalk d circles the one holding up Best under the barrage for three Ford car for police bids for a new Ford v-8 for the close to too students of the vacation Bible school which closed its 1937 term at the Arcadia Community Church this morning shortly before noon presented a program of songs yells and verse recitations at Arcaba let once department were or-1 my children sat in the funeral the drive in Market Corner of first i dered advertised by the City Council Chapel at Jeanette a services. Avenue at Huntington drive la ,. A a i arte a j Tir it stills in regular session in the approximately 1,000 stood some car n. Milo Fiske pastor of the a distance away on the streets of the a Cal Church has announced that Juty hal1 auditorium suburban Community. Plainclothes this Summers Bible school has been i the new car replace the oar men walked through the crowd on one of the most successful in re purchased last november for the minutes wins. Most of the City will City to advertise for bids for i watch tile Duel part of the inde Bob Headrick head Mechanic at arcadians Ford garage Fortner pfc loud this week received notice of an advancement to shop Foreman at j the main office in Pasadena. Sat a urday will be Bob s last Day with agreed to the Duel to Settle j Fortner amp loud in Arcadia j Bob has been with the Arcadia i Branch since it was opened Here in j j november of 1934. His Many Arcadia i friends wish him much Success in i his new Job. I continued on Page four cent years. Department it was reported. Pendency Day Celebration. Mutiny reported Tokyo july 2 up a a dome news Agency i Patch from Lle Iho Manchukuo. Transmitted As unconfirmed reported today that what apparently was a Mutiny had Brok in out in a russian Garrison along the amur River scene of the latest gravest clash Between russian and japanese mane Yukuan forces. Coolidge didst choose to run. Nor did he explain it none everybody was outsmarted that s How crossword puzzles started. Candid camera shots bring pouting at the democratic Outing ifs unknown what guests there got for each surreptitious shot Krenz e acted As president of High school Board succeeding Monrovia. F yesterday afternoon a president of the Monrovia Duarte High school Board. I the suggestion now is made that each income tax that a paid should be open to the crowd paying nothing talking loud Hal p Eastman of j a d Krenz of Arcadia i de Wynns neigh neigh inflected j hurray Adia i fetched him such imposing pay that the Washington income staff at a Board b. I Krenz As clerk of tin Roberts of Monrovia j claims he fudged it what a laugh. It m Orr
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