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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 30, 1939, Arcadia, California Of Are four Arcadia daily Tribune monday january 80193%. I bar food fashions Home Recuty Whir in health step out and go places when bored to prove How much happier you can be at Home ways to escape boredom Are at your fingertips b by Marian Mays Martin ear Villi my a Little longer while we again discuss the comparatively inexhaustible subject of boredom in and out of marriage. From the woman s viewpoint a bored husband is unpredictable Shes never quite sure to what lengths his boredom with domesticity will drive him what she really fears cd course is that he will be so bored by domesticity that he will Rush Forth to escape it and get caught in a Domestic net not of her particular weaving. It is Good for any couple whether consciously bored or not to step out and go places even it Only to prov c to them ii n w much happier they a rear Home. It s a great temptation i o r men and women w h o Are cont e n t together to remain that Way. To refuse Friendly overtures from their Little world and to make no hospitable gestures in return. Close communion is Sweet and any interruption of it May be resented. For Hie Sake of both parties. However there should be mine hotel Host this time is a woman o mks Mak i in by Talbot Lake be of the larger hotel chains in the United states is Tho Sta Flor group chairman of the braid of this organization is a woman. Mrs. Ellworth m. Statler who has held that position for ten Vears. In 1928. Her husband who founded the Chain which has hotels in new York. Boston. Chicago Cleveland Detroit. St. Louis and Buffalo died and mrs. Stat Lei found herself actively in the hotel business. It happens in real life sometimes. As it does in the movies Foi with mrs Slatier it was a Case of the Secretary marrying tile Boss she had been her husband s Secretary and trouble shooter for la years. They were married in 1927 occasional interludes not Noces ,. I i y t Ai j. X i a it v i t nun i Ivy m Amu i warily amazing but interludes for an Vear Jaer de Clied. Before All that. Taking life in stride that site had worked As Secretary to the editor of life Magazine when it was a humorous publication. I Don t believe husbands concern mrs. Statler is a sleek Well themselves Overly much with any groomed woman and nothing like boredom their wives occasionally Yie Oij _ fashioned inn keeper s May feel it might be better if they wife. Who we ent running around did. But husbands Are funny that rubbing a Finger Over the furniture Way they expect life to be taken t0 find dust it and then ragged the in its stride and. With life. All its hired help. Twice a year she moods and tenses boredom included. Neither do i believe that a wife who complains too often or at All of boredom will get much sympathy from her husband. He probably says. Bored he Well that just too bad. What do to expect a to be entertained every minute a you can fill the rest without any Aid from me. As a matter of tact. In Mon the Side of the Man. Or woman either who would react just that Way. If the Day brings nothing worse than boredom one has to much to complain about. Besides which ifs entirely up to the one who is bored whether or not he succumbs to the fleeting mood or snaps out of it. Readers Are Seldom bored. They have escape at their Elbow. If you Are not aware of this fact walk or run to the nearest exit and escape from boredom or any other mood or situation Between the covers of a Good Book. The world is pleasantly and conveniently filled with circulating libraries. If you do not know what to read there is always someone who will be glad to suggest something for you Lone women and hosts of Ione men find escape at the movies they Are a Boon if Ever there was one to those who have the Opportunity for such a plea ant Means of escape. Many movies provide much More if More could be desired than that. There Are educational films and. In Large cities foreign language films of tremendous interest. To those struggling with a foreign Tongue these films Are of great help if for no other reason than to attune ones ear to inflections that Are different than those of our Mother Tongue. The adult who has time to spare need not suffer boredom if he uses his spare time to pursue some interesting subject. Lectures Mac not be your idea of a breath taking adventure but they Are often interesting and illuminating while one can always go in for personal research in any Field. Makes a tour of inspection of the hotel Chain. She does t get much time off but when she does she likes to travel a to Europe mostly. There she has a Good time a you be guessed it stopping at other hotels and watching other folks run around to make things Nice for the guests. Said she about women in the business a was a woman there Are some aspects of the hotel business that interest me perhaps More than they do the men of the company and i have Given them perhaps a greater share of my attention. A for to amps there is our modern experimental Kitchen where we have installed College trained women As assistants to the chef. A tile last ten years have seen a vast increase in the Public a knowledge of diet and especially in Vitamin consciousness. The Public now wants lighter menus at least for lunch. A we have tried to move with this trend though i done to want a mrs Slatier suddenly smiled broadly a Quot i should t encourage eating to the Point where it yurts the Kitty Carlisle s Golden Soprano voice has won acclaim for her on screen and stage. To add to her laurels she recently was chosen America s Best dressed stage actress. Here she seems to be wearing her Honor Well in a victorian Ermine Tippet. Her fingers sheathed in Long gloves of Blade Chantilly lace add to the wrap s regal splendor. Even though woolly mittens Are enjoying the spotlight in evening fashion at Tho moment Fine gloves such As these still dominate on dress up occasions in complementing Milady s gowns. Use chocolates Appeal to win favor for menus by Judith Wilson wherever we go we find that chocolate is a favorite flavor. Not Only is it used As a drink or in desserts Blit the mexicans use it in Peppery combinations of Chicken and even meat to add Richness and flavor. We prefer it As a Flavouring for creamy Rich beverages cakes pies cookies and other desserts but Here we have hundreds of re a Beauty tips quilted crepe being self sufficient after ail. In t it a sad commentary on your resources when you admit being bored no one can escape an occasional bore but with a Little practice one learns How to get away without permanent injury. In the Days when woman s work was never done women Weie not bored. They never had time to be. Ifs idleness not marriage or any particular set of circumstances that Breeds boredom. When a resourceful person finds himself in a position which Means boredom he should extricate himself with neatness and dispatch. Let him turn to something else or. If tie is chained for the duration of a meal lets say. To a Boring companion. Try even at the Riss of Boring instead of being bored to get the conversation into your own hand. Ifs your own fault if you submit without a show of spirit and resistance to a bore and entirely your own fault when you make no Effort to turn away from something that bores to something that amuses you. To clean is Ede shoes when your suede sit gets become stained let them dry thoroughly and then use a stiff wire Brush and carefully Brush off the dust la stains remain rub them with clothes cleaners and Brush again after several brushing your shoes should look like new. 1939 by Fairchild popular in supper clubs this season is the two piece dinner dress. The above creation combines a quilted and monogrammed crepe jacket with a pleated or gored crepe skirt. Cipes from which to choose. Here Are a few of my favourites chocolate diamonds i cup flour 1 Teaspoon baking pow Der Teaspoon Salt 2/3 cup sugar a a eggs 2 squares melted chocolate 3/8 cup melted butter 1 a it cup chopped nut meats i a it cup raisins Coconut sift flour add baking powder and Salt and re Oft three times. Add sugar gradually to two eggs beating Well Tan add melted chocolate and blend. Add melted Blitter nut in at. And raisins. Add the flour in our a spread i 3 Inch thick on a Bren d shallow pan. Spread car of the Batter with a in , Quot in made from the White of Oil i i my tour Tablespoons Sugal ankle thickly with Coconut. Bake in a moderate oven 15 minutes then open Cie oven door and continue baking 5 minutes Lorr u. When Cool Mark into 1v2 Inch strip and Cut diagonally into Diamond i aped pieces. These Are delicious with Plain ice Cream or custard dessert or As a conf a m Wiki a beverage or for to ool Bak t. Sti Ami i 11 doing 2 ups c Ike flour i a teas an soda 2 in. Ii. King to Clar ii Teaspoon Salt 1/3 up i utter in cup sugar i egg 3 squares chocolate 112 cups milk sit an i i it a. Me flour add soda baking p. U Salt and resist three t Mcc Ani butter and sugar until Fluffy. Arid the egg. Well a Cater and melted chocolate beating until smooth. Add the flour alternately with tire milk a Little at a time. Turn into a greased Mold cover and steam 2 hours. Serve hot with flu Fly chocolate sauce and Garnish with whipped Cream. Chocolate Salce i cup told milk i Square unsweetened chocolate 1 cup sugar 3 Tablespoons flour 2 egg 2 Tablespoons butter h Teaspoon Vanilla / cup Cream acid chocolate Cut into pieces to Cole milk and heat together in dinners egg salad appetizers Lamb chops Chili sauce scalloped potatoes Broccoli with Lemon butter chocolate diamonds Tea or Cocoa with Cream Corn chowder sliced Tongue horseradish Crisp Rolls uttered Spaghetti string bean salad steamed chocolate pudding with whipped Cream Coffee a double boiler. When the chocolate is melted beat with a rotary egg beater until the mixture is smooth and blended. Combine sugar flour and ens slightly beaten. Four some of the chocolate mixture Over the egg Yolk mixture stirring vigorously then return to the double boiler and Cook 15 minutes stirring constantly. Remove from the fire add butter and Vanilla. When completely cold fold in Cream whipped until stiff. This makes 21 a cups of sauce. Choc of ate custard add 2 squares unsweetened chocolate Cut into pieces to i quart cold milk and heat in a double boiler until the chocolate is melted. Beat Writh a beater until blended. Egg and Cho it ring arid 1 t St noon Vanilla. Pour int1 if you give yourself manicures at Home it is a Good idea to have a Small convenient table in your bathroom with a drawer containing All the equipment you la need. A bowl for warm soapy water for soaking the cuticles a paste cuticle softener cuticle Oil. Files Emery boards Scis is. Orange Sticks. Pow hared Dundee for stains or rough spots Nail bleach polish remover and one or two shades of polish Rue among the necessities brilliantine is an excellent emergency measure to give your hair glitter for evening or afternoon before you have had time to get your hair in Good condition with treatments. You should remember however that brilliantine cannot replace the natural Luster. Or jacket and Toque form ensemble with Wool v beaten. Rotary Al Combine cup Sugi Salt add Thi stir slightly 1i Teaspoon slate mixture gradually until the sugar is Diss i Teaspoon Vanilla. Pou Cua and cups place in a pan water and bake in a slow of minutes or until a knife in comes out clean. M odes and a n ners at to priv my. As a matter Oliou As Many Good is at any question a is it proper to to while food is held in one s Fork or spoon a p p a answer food should never tie held in midair while co cremation is carried on. As soon As Foo i t lifted from the plate it should b put into the Mouth. If Small mouthfuls Are taken it is possible to hold a conversation while ceding. One of course never Spca with food in the Mouth. A i on by e urn Omen t t of As a in. Vii one i 3ut the w Inch aeon to a acct it. It Abo for to inner plane of ii la c miss Iii it Good health will provide Lovely lips by Jacqueline Hunt a to be beaut ii til and Youthful it is agreed that a Mouth should show alluring curves and have a skin of Satin like texture. The shape is not so important these Days. Once upon a time a tiny Rosebud Mouth was considered Ideal but now the target Mouth is preferred by artists and beauticians. A generous sized Mouth gives m Ore Opportunity for Bright contrast against a perfect skin. Like the other features a or any part of the body for that matter a the inherent loveliness May be marred by defects. Vav h i c h f o r t u namely May be completely removed or at least improved the natural colouring of the lips is due to the abundance of blood supplied to the second Toyei of the skin and is desirable since it indicates a healthy physical condition. If you have a Rich natural color in your lips do not use lipsticks. I do not believe in using unnecessary cosmetics. Lips require care the skin on tile lips is different from that on the rest of tile body in that the second layer of skin containing the blood vessels is covered by a transparent mucous membrane so very delicate that the slightest abrasion May be distressing. Even Strong toothpastes mouthwashes or spicy foods May irritate the lips so they require the greatest care if they Are to be attractive. A gentle Massage with a Good cold Cream or colourless lip pomade should be Given the lips every Day to soften and refine the texture and to relieve any irritation caused by Strong mouthwashes or exposure. Chapped lips Are usually caused by biting or exposure and should be treated by rubbing them with camphor ice or Olive Oil. Use mild ointments if the Corners of the Mouth become inflamed or ale bothered with cold sores you should be very careful about the use of antiseptics. These defects Are usually caused by some internal disturbance Seldom serious but one that should be corrected at once. Use a mild ointment of nitrate of Silver on the irritated areas. It Dis colors the lips temporarily but it is otherwise harmless. The daily Massage with Cream of pomade also improves the contour of the lips. Massage them very gently with the Middle Finger covered with Salve or Cream from tile outer joiners toward the Middle of the upper he. Giving tile lip a Little Pinch in the Middle to emphasize the Bow and deepen the Little creases running up to the nose. Smiling is excellent for the lips a it relaxes them and gives them alluring curves. Smiling is the most important tiling that Vou have to do. It your Mouth has begun to Droop from age or disillusionment. Watch out for influenza now is its busiest time by Claud North Chrisman . Ii Ith our usual complacency we have come up once More to the months when influenza nourishes. That Means we Are in the midst of the season beginning with november and extending to february when the incidence of a Grippe makes itself noticeable to an extent that starts us once More a mks i. Oward awkward stage is smoothed by Hobby by Jank Herbert Goward Paul regards his Cousin Jar cd As a a a shrimp and a terrible baby for ids age. Jerry dislikes Paul heartily Tor teasing and making him feel inferior. Both boys Are 14, but _ have absolutely nothing in common. Paul and his friends like girls and go in for dates and dancing Jerry and his gang live for team games of b a Skett All. Football baseball and Lead Active lives. B o t ii of these boys Are fort Unate in having friends at their own Levels in physical development. A child who is too big or too Small for his age is bound to have a problem As he cannot always find a comfortable Niche for himself in the social scheme. Paul May feel Superior to Jerry now. But when he suddenly shot up in stature at the age of 12. He was quite miserable for a while. He passed through an awkward transitional period when he no longer enjoyed the companionship of his contemporaries and when the next age group merely tolerated his society once in a while. His Wise Mother understood. Instead of impatiently urging him to play with this one and that one she started him building glider models knowing of his interest in aviation. Through this Hobby he made the acquaintance of an older boy. Gradually As Paul matured physically and his ideas changed he was accepted More and More As an equal and Friend by tile older boy. Play tastes and social interests Are determined by physical development and have nothing to do with a Fellows in Metal develop ment. Rather it is just a question of time when a fellow of in Between size will be Ripe for the next age group growing boys Are extremely sensitive about size and need to be assured that it is perfectly Normal to develop at a different rate of Speed from Otchis if a hard time of social adjustment comes to a child of Odd size parents Shonio study his problem and help him overcome it. One Way already has been suggested in Pauls Case. Help the child find a suitable Hobby. If will absorb his interest Tor the time being and May Lead to new friends Salt chases odor after peeling onions rub celery Salt Over the hands before washing and the odor will disappear. Two frocks for Tea by Eleanor Gunn victorian photographers always posed their fair subjects holding a Muff coquettish by to Chi a it while the Snow fell softly Over the kids a fur Toque. Looks As if it has All come to pass again to or a Are More muffs and As Many fur toques As Ever. Fur hats in the old Days looked terribly Clumsy but they Are much improved although on the heavy Side stiff they Are at least comfortable. Since they Don t smother one s Scalp or hide ones hair. A in a Alliance has been formed Between tile hat and the Glove fit s. It milliners have teamed them so successfully that tiie woman \ o i los for a colourful hat extends the glad hand for the colors Al which it is made. And hats Are colourful but then what in to mum it women Are in of Wea my act. One sees coking Wool occasion for Wool was bread and in one ate miffed it by its not to is Worth emus to ii Toni plan is the a of the Short t feel Rig lit to Frozen below dresses Are just natural of tile Short fur rape or this connection it is Well in a Long sleeve dress too t Short Siet yes Are taboo o fashion standpoint but a Are certainly More comfortable. Cup be ii t Lucy of Fairchild Muni color embroidery sets of the frock at left the colourful trimming applied on pockets of the Bolero and in a wide Belt. The Hudiel is Cartridge pleated la other has a detachable printed panel that snaps on Over a Black crepe dress with shoulder pleats. Wondering what to do about it. It is now about fifty years Stree the first epidemic of influenza swept the United states. It had Long existed in Europe especially in Russia but ii a d received scant attention from us. I Well r a member As a student in College when we began to a Alk about having Quot Spanish i n w e used it As our Stock excuse for n o t being Able to recite in class and it helped out when we Felt the need of being absent without leave. Since those years Many epidemics have swept tile country leaving their toll of Middle ear disease a Neuritic abscess tuberculosis and Many other chronic debilitating diseases even insanity. Or Chrisman now a the time the populace is never entirely free Iron influenza out the present season is its i a Vonte Opportunity Tor attack Witt disastrous effects. The changeable weather has much to do with this. As a it Sil As the tendency we have to meet More frequently in groups in heated air and without propel ventilation. Our systems feel the restriction of the usual Treffi air and Sunshine and we do not take As Muon recreation in tins period As in summer. A a a a i or All these reasons the infe�?T0-Tion much is primarily one of the nose and Throat spreads with alarming rapidity As la borne a tile Viiu. Hie epidemic of Lyid id was world wide involving some 5uu.uuu.tuu persons and leaving a mortality record estimated at . Alter this terrine loss of me students renewed their Chous to find toe source of me trouble and now Best to combat it. Ins instigator is known to do the influenza of Cizius and As inures Are Many and Amanous. The most recent wide invasion shuck almost simultaneously in 1934 35, in Alaska Filna Delphua puerto Rico great Britain and Australia. With identical Laboratory in dogs in ail to i est places. Symptoms vary Only As the Dot Terent parts of the Zoay Are Mort prominently affected. The Onset is usually sudden the aftermath is always weakness and depletion. Indeed whatever the mildness or seventy of tiie attack the resulting prostration is diagnostic of the Type of disease. Study of vaccines and serums has been carried on extensively. When and n of in serum treatment is pursued the results Are Good Tut what Wen person is i Kiev to keep up a course of treatment after lie gets sick it is too late. Yet we Are laced with the fact that some form of preventive therapy is imperative if we would bring this destructive enemy under con tipi i Ain Hie prescribed during the world War. The unhappy source of so Muon research. It was Toui Ici that soldiers woo had been in malarial regions Ana h d been Given quinine did not contract influenza As tile others did. With tins premise the use of jul nine As a prophylactic or protective treatment Lias been promoted extensively in Europe even More than in our own country the practice has grown in schools and hospitals Homes and institutions to give the occupants a steady treatment of two Grams of quinine a Day during the influenza season. The drug is also a specific for the disease in us Active stage but tile dosage Muat be adequate up to at least Twenty grains a Day for a week. Personally i have been in the business so Long and fee so confident it the results that my prescriptions Are generous in to ease can the treatment do any harm an eminent Frenchman. A. Garrigues. Declares that a by Nimoy augmenting the vitality of the organism quinine renders the Field less favourable for the development of infectious germs we know quinine to be an ingredient of most tonic preparations. Short cuts silk stockings give better service if they Are not yanked on but Are turned All the Way Down to the toe end unrolled gently. A a a a Teaspoon of vinegar added to boiled meat while cooking makes the meat tender. A a a to prevent vegetables Macaroni or Rice from boning Over add a Small piece of butter to the water. a Farmr

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