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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 30, 1939, Arcadia, California St Ilano e As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply Reg. U. S. Tat. i the colonial Large and none too Olcan lobby North had ample of a a or Unity to discover i yellow chit in he letter Box of room number 722 so without interrupting his i easy gait he sought the stairs in preference to scrutiny by the lift boy Olio could t be too careful about details. In the seventh floor Landing he paused and screened by some jaundiced pot i cd bamboos placidly consumed a cigarette while awaiting lit it arrival of inspector Chao Kun. Ile presently arrived puffing and pct Spring. Whin ther came no Revenue to Captain North a tentative Knock at the door of room 722, he stooped and Glan cd through the Keyhole but on seeing nothing he gingerly tried Tho door and was puzzled to have it yield at his first pressure. A stand by a North a Only precaution was to cast Loose the buttons of Bis sack coat before stepping quickly inside. A moment later ban Kun followed him and closed the door. Neither Man spoke although the air in 722 was heavy with the distinctive Musty Sweet odor of blood and everywhere were signs of a violent struggle. They discovered the eurasian s body lying behind a thoroughly rummaged desk its Long face of ghastly yellow Bronze and its dressing gown of Scarlet no More Brilliant than the Pool which had formed beneath the head and shoulders. Someone it appeared had plunged a Large sailors clasp knife far in beneath or. A hens left Arm jut. A neat stabbing Job a North commented a and in the Hest Spanish manner. Urn looks like he a been dead quite a a six or eight hours at least closely watched by his chinese colleague the Man from g-2 dropped onto one knee fleeced intently at the knifes handle an instant then pulled out a wooden match and several times Slid it along that Slot in which the Blade normally would rest. Without comment he dropped the match into a clean envelope from the desk and got to his feet. A Finger prints to Jeu Quot a hardly expected any. We re up against the Cream of the crop to turned to the eurasian a coat. A maybe wed better take a look see. Ifs hard finding Chen like this but maybe we can learn something a shall i examine contents of late lamented a suitcase a i supreme subtlety might Caus alarm to be Given a Quot one does no to have to ask a was North a Brief comment a. He Drew Forth a Sheet of Bright yellow note paper already folded in the unique fashion of a Shanghai chit. On it he had already written it Hen f name. A please Tell the fit k clerk this is for or Chen but that its not Worth waking him for. Then come Light out inspector Chao Kun hurried Oft leaving North seemingly fascinated by a pair of Stone to dogs grinning ferociously outside the Gate of a Rich merchant s court Yard i he inspection lasted but a Brief while for feet tramping up from behind prompted the Man from 0 2 to look about. He experienced a Small twinge of excitement. A Chi. Al see you re an Early Bird colonel Dave Spurry a scarred face was quite espresso n less a and after such a restless a kind of you to take such an in Terest in me a a you re an interesting Feller Cap and you see with both a thanks. But i m not fond of a too bad Cap a the others hard eyes narrowed. A i happen to like your style of doing things. Now lied stripes Down the fellow s breeches shone Bright in the new sunlight As Spurr stepped closer. A find Adams for me and its Worth half a million mex to a sorry colonel in a not a a done to be a fool a snapped the Soldier of Fortune. A a you re sticking your neck out further than you think and you might As Well get paid for it a a sorry i done to see it that Way. Jot a match a Ile in the Gaudy Green uniform nodded fumbled in his tunic pockets and presently produced a Box of Wax. A hate to bother you a a a hang onto Mem. In be got another then be went on. A did you sic that Shadow onto me a a Shadow Why no. Where is he a a a you la Spurry a Grin was not amiable. A keep your eyes Jie eled for that Guy Kurt. I think he Means business also remember i aim to get hold of Adams and you and nobody else is going to Stop me a a you amaze me a do i Well so Long can. An i thanks for the Shadow looks like it might got hot later so saying marshal Wang a chief of artillery tramped off along the sidewalk Spur chains clinking and gild ornamented shoulder straps faintly agleam. Fifty Yards Down the Street a very ragged hot water vender spat on his hands lifted his Load and raising a thin cry of a thai to hat you staggered along after the martial figure in Green and red. A whose baby Are you a North hummed when the Vendor passed. A looks like Kilgour a sticking to his theory or is it Yamanaka a neither he nor Chao Kun spoke when the latter reappeared to shuffle off up to the Avenue Eugene Bard As if Bent on nothing More important than an Early morning stroll. During a leisurely saunter across chapter Xiii Dankoff Quot blankly he regard i the Little t chinese a file is a White russian Baron Chao Kun replied looking von annoyed about something a with ii try Merit of courage. This uninspired person is very unhappy to has not Learned of Baron s arrival this statement North noted with interest. Among the Chih tsuris of tile batsmen a Guild the Barrow coolies the Railroad porters and Rickshaw men eyes saw an i o it served for the Benefit of this fat Little Man at his Elbow the s m p detective probably knew More about the three cities of Shanghai than any thousand other Mon. A so Dankoff is in Shanghai so amazing i have not heard i must address chiding words to his haunt. Unpleasant Baron Well up on list of persons always to be Chao Kun sighed Quot and this incredibly stupid person supposed no one could gain City without suf feeling observation. So much for a never mind Chao it May have been an extra Good urn so a russian emigre known to Maryas Friend Kurt had come to Shanghai and had. In room 1315. Parroted Louis larousse and the recently deciphered message Indi rated that he had conducted major Adams to some a agreed a now what id like especially to North remarked to a particularly hideous Devil screen doing duty at the foot of his bed a is How Baron Dankoff Learned about Adams projected trip to Shanghai a a hot blooded colonel probably not Tell a nor Maryas Friend Kurt and i doubt if major Adams bickered with him. So by process of elimination we reach a Rya. Looks As if she thought of doing a Little trading on her own a it is not impossible. Toi tin is shrewd As Fox woman of ancient legend. Hence her terror of miscreants Kurt and a what about the word a Coloni ale a North queried while stepping out of his dinner coat trousers. A an hotel of not spotless reputation located in French Concession. You plan interview with mysterious or. Chen a a your words Are of Golden merits my dear Chao Kun. Yes. I m very anxious for a Chat with Dan Koife a Friend or. published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Wmk min nw1s of mud raped mks jugs president and publisher entered a s second class the Tribune was designs to Ter March 14. 1930. At hated As a newspaper or the Post office at Arcadia general circulation by de Coli Kornhi. Under the act 4 Cree or Rourl on the 8tn of March 3, 1879. Day of May 1931. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California news diaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association huk Crk Mev Apa was once Thuc count seat of Mono co., California j q86h4 represented in the United states and Canada by j. J. Devine amp associates inc., new York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh pa., and Atlanta. A. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c Pel month. Phone at\vater-7-2131 for All departments. Advertising rat Fig on application the array la Dally Trillin Reserve the night to reject any advertising copy it May deem objectionable dishonest or us Alnet the Public interest. All cont rat to far advertising in the Dally Tribune Arcadia news and the san Gabriel Valley topics edition of the Arcadia Dally Tribune Are not binding until approved in writing by Tho president of the Arcadia publishing company. Chinese o Tuz soybean just recently recognized in this country p6 in important to amp be food a seen used is such Guthe chinese for tre past 5000 ears Gold in the Snow travel bureaus report that the phenomenal Vogue for Winter sports which in three years has skyrocketed sales of skis snowshoes and toboggans 200 percent and doubled the output of skates is reflected this Winter in a flood tide of Winter tourist travel to California. The army of ski and skate enthusiasts flashing across the continent in streamlined a Snow trains a is nearly 20 per cent larger than that of last Winter Eastern traffic experts credit the amazing new interest in our Snofa sports meccas As Well As the transcontinental travel increase to the same source development of luxurious Comfort and higher speeds in train service. Air conditioning enables the shivering easterner to step from a blizzard into a scientifically created California climate at his Hometown railway station. And at tourist excursion rates he enjoys the refinements which a millionaire could not have commanded a few Short years ago. Here again is demonstrated californians vast Independence to up to the minute Progress in railroading a and made graphic californians interest in the current Railroad struggle for Relief from discriminating Laws that have brought them to the Brink of financial ruin. So far service has kept Pace with transportation needs but Only at the perilous Cost of operating at such losses that already one of californians major lines is bankrupt and the others near to that plight. California cannot afford a general rail collapse and it is to be hoped As Well As expected that our legislature will follow the Lead of president Roosevelt and Congress in avoiding any new experiments that might prevent the lines from recovering solvency and from sharing reasonably in the properly they Are creating for other business. The generous spending of Winter tourists benefits All California a hotels restaurants department and clothing stores food retailing farming and innumerable other consumer goods industries As Well As the Mountain resorts and the sports equipment makers. The a Iron horse has shown the East that there is pleasure and the West that there is Gold in the glistening Snow of our Winter playgrounds Ralph Boeckman get Cloud minn., 4ank 2 Hoff can one on his birthday feb cd. 9fh h successive founds my Rawi Mcnaught synodical inf. Food of the ancients rapidly reaching its stride in modern commercial life the soybean known throughout the Orient As a a the Little honorable Plant Quot has a useful history dating Back five millenniums. In the year 2838 b. C., emperor Shen Nung father of chinese agriculture listed some 300 medicinal 1 properties to be found in the soybean. In Manchukuo today where i two thirds of the worlds annual 6,000,000-ton crop is raised it is a Staple food. Soybeans furnished orientals the proteins lacking in a diet of Rice they con Tam 12 times the fat of Ordinary Beans Little sugar Content and no starch. Although introduced to the United states in 1804 by a Yankee ship master. The soybean was considered nothing but a Plant oddity until 1890. When its commercial and food possibilities were recognized by the department of agriculture. The soybean is now an important economic commodity. From its Oil and meal Are manufactured glue paints paper size explosives rubber substitutes and automobile plastics. Because North and his companion paused at the Central station to spread a net for Baron Dankoff a Pale Sun was already Gilling the Whang poo and fun carts bearing away the settlements offal were clattering through the streets Ere they entered the French Concession outside the colonial Captain North paused ostensibly to Light a cigarette. A since chinese done to stay at the colonial our Friend or. Chen must be a half caste and therefore very wary a especially this a you contemplate unannounced Call on or. Chen a a Pardon incredible stupidity but or. Chen a room number is not known and to inquire even Villi an interval of search produced from beneath he murdered eurasian a desk blotter a radio form which was dated three Days earlier and addressed to Chon himself. It read land thursday Stop will Rhone on arrival Stop Brino your Friend Astor Stop must work fast anticipate Kurt Stop Daisy a a a Daisy a Chao Kun scratched a nearly hairless head when North broke into a Broad Grin. To Ile continued copyright by r Van Wyck Muon Dent Riboud by King feature synodical. In. Tubac a vap regime to nation was the control of insurance companies by a Small group of insiders. Cont r a pm from Page i restricted will soon become a menace to the the Sec will submit the following Chart to show that despite Hughes grave warning issued 33 years ago the companies have been allowed to increase in size Many times Over. Metropolitan 1905 $176,423,017 1938 $4,720,000,000. Mutual 11905 $495,864,650 <1938 $1,349,000,000. Equitable 1905 .$428,048,337 1938 $2,106,000,000. New York life 1905 $474,567,673 1933 $2,250,009,000. As a limitation on unsound growth Hughes proposed that a maximum of $150,000.00 a year be fixed for the writing of new insurance. The Sec will report wholesale disregard of this recommendation with these spectacular figures in 1929 alone the four companies wrote a total of Over 7 billion dollars in new policies. Since 1907, metropolitan has written in excess of $35,000,000,000 equitable More than 19 billion new York life Over 15 billion and the Mutual in excess of 9 billion. While each of the above four and theoretically controlled by their millions of policyholders actually he declared the latter have nothing to say about management. This is what Hughes charged a notwithstanding their theoretical rights policyholders have had Little or no voice in the management. Entrenched behind proxies easily collected by subservient agents and running for Long periods the officers of these companies have occupied unassailable positions and have been Able to exercise despotic pc War. Quot the Fertile source of evils i in administration has been irresponsibility of official however much this May be expected i in the Case of absolute Stock control in that of a Mutual company it proceeds from a flagrant Disre-1 Gard of the Law of its being.1 the president directors of Mutual insurance companies in this state have been elected without the actual participation in their election of any considerable number of the Sec will disclose that this As As True today As it was in Hughes time with these facts by state town Aurora. Nevada was originally built so close to the Nevada Cali fornia line that its citizens were Uncertain As to which state they lived in. Two sets of county officers were elected one for Mono county California the other for Esmeralda county Nevada. In 1863 a Survey of the state showed Aurora to be in Nevada so the Mono county records were driven to Bodle and the old courthouse became a Saloon. By Logan Clendening m. I. Ever since the practice of using one cigarette As a filter in a cigarette Holder has been going on i have been asked to pass an opinion on it. Up to the present i have had no dependable information but there have been several studies of late which allow us to answer these questions. I would have been inclined to say As a matter of opinion that the use of another cigarette As a filter increased rather than decreased the amount of nicotine which is obtained by the smoker. Certainly when you see one of those Limp things taken out of a cigarette Holder it looks pretty fiendish. However careful chemical analysis indicates that in some types of holders a Little More than half of the nicotine is removed and in other types about one third is removed. The filters made of chemicals Cotton wads or rolled paper remove from one third to one fourth of the nicotine. When two cigarettes instead of one Are used. Nearly 80 per cent of the nicotine is removed. Harmful substances these harmful substances which Are in cigarette smoke include car Bon monoxide. Which is present from i l/2 to i per cent in a cigarette. There is Over i per cent in the smoke from a pipe and from 6 to 8 per cent in the smoke from a Cigar. Strangely Stith tonal effect. It has been abundantly proved that it is the nicotine that produces the general reaction from smoking. It is a virulent Poison but it is combusted in the consumption of the cigarette and so rapidly blown out that there is not enough absorption to cause the serious poisoning which theoretically should occur. Effect on heart in studying the effect of cigarette filters on the heart or. Segal of Rochester a y., has shown that smoking half a cigarette produces a definite effect on the heart of those subjects under the age of 50. There is an increase in the pulse rate and a change in the electric graphic record of the heart. Those Over 50 responded to a much lesser degree to cigarette smoking. This is possibly due to the fact that tobacco is an irritant to the heart and older hearts do not respond As Well. In spite of the fact that the filters remove a Large portion of the nicotine the effect on the heart is just the same with a filter As without. Reap the savings from the daily Tribune classifieds 104 Noy first ave., Arcadia Atwater 7-2131 self perpetuating officers another major Hughes condom the Captain and the kids by Rudolph Dirks tomorrow what famous rebellion in one state caused the death of Only one Man in another state e3ama has been taking lessons from the kids new Tutor tit today she spelled cat with a def Tooter said t got to sit a Quot a a. Here por t who Urs uned Kniep saying i am a Bao girl Quot t Ank you for Ber r a of to lunch ref q i Don t mention it mum your wish is my i Ham at your service mum r r or Ham a bad v vat re f it he am a bad girl /. Flights from treasure Island in san Francisco Bay out Over the Pacific Ocean to the Farallo islands 25 Miles off Shore and return will be a feature trip offered visitors at the 1939 Golden Gate International exposition. Emde r r two hours f t questions an i ans frs \3h?toughihi>\ copy list of t sited Fluor a in Dow it to Boa v a off a All a la he r�a�rve4 Joe Paloska by Ham fishes or. Clendening answer questions of general interest Only and then Only through his column. Yak la keep v yer Mouth shut a r it amp blundering sap a c you re a stupid Boob Walsh if you think / you can get away with a Story to like that j Don t Ever try that on 7 Mev again i la sue them Fer attacking lbs a Guy can t slug a Down from behind enough this Carbon Rno oxide does no harm As it is freely diluted with air in the Mouth and the amount of Carbon monoxide that is absorbed is negligible. Pipe and Cie a smokers Seldom inhale smoke into the lungs so they have Little to fear from this amount of Carbon monoxide. Other possible harmful substances in tobacco smoke Are ammonia Gas and pyridine or pyridine derivatives. Their effect is mostly local and they cause irritation of the mucous surfaces of the Mouth and Throat producing a morning cough rawness of the Throat and conjunctivitis. This leaves nicotine As the Only other substance besides Carbon monoxide which could have a Cou i would like to know if in a boy six years r Pale denotes any night sweating Oid who is Rathi thing serious a answer it c examination. Ii it May be a Cli As tuberculosis. Or mainly Calls for an May be nothing or onic infection such in 3 i i it % 4 i i it f \ 4 % % if v i i Arcadia daily Tribune monday january to. Ii

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