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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 29, 1938, Arcadia, California A % 4a a a a a a a a a a tit a i a Community Church pastor named to City Council in a a vote Marathon world wide news coverage by United press and International news service go an Independent no newspaper daily radians this is your newspaper vol. Chi no. 24 weather unsettled tonight with showers. Arcadia California saturday january 29, 1938 if general Hugh Johnson says t per Leht. 1037. Re initial prom Kyndl cute Lur. L it i it i it it it Lucio ii Iii w latin or Peri . All Rightn Rorr Vii Washington d. C my erstwhile playmate Dona i Richboro is right in his proposals for modifying the anti Trust acts to Tell business what it can As Well As what it cannot do and to set up some adm Nistra live students deliver world peace messages As 300 witness commencement program a a substitute should be found for War a substitute that would still inspire patriotism and develop military spirit was the agreement achieved at last nights peace conference held at the first Avenue school. Over 300 people were present. Eight graduating eighth Mussolini supervises search for bodies mangled in armory blast pc Hsii pm cum m tells time All the time action. He is right in his proposals and right in his supporting argument. He has Given tits subject Judy for Many years As have i. I proposed similar solution in a report of the War industries Board written i in 1918. I advocated it in my sen i ate testimony on n. R. A. In april 1935. And continuously since in this i column on the air and in dozens of speeches. What argument can there be against such a proposal in pro i i biting any contract or Combina Tion in restraint of Trade the antitrust acts attempt to inhibit the inevitable. Every contract and combination is to some extent a in restraint of what we have never had is a Clear definition of what we really intend to prohibit. Graders body to validate i interpreted the countries of the proposed corpor world. The people of the world. Robert Charles Richardson As president of the United states stated. A your United states have never fought for Conquest they will always defend. Her efforts have been and always will be to maintain and promote peace and Well being within her own country and among the other nations of the ate action preserving civil liability in Case of injury by illegal intelligent enlightening were these messages. Superintendent westerhouse explained that he had Given tile students the collateral Reading and they had created their own speeches. Japan a Ideal a to bring together All the races of the world into one Happy Josephine a. Garcia lady Diplomat from Japan has been the Ideal and the National inspiration of of Japan one which will be carried out to the fullest extent if other nations will not shrewdly the Diplomat from notwithstanding the anti Trust England i maintain acts we have be i during their life that the sword is not the key to tile greatest concentrations of economic Power in the history of the world. While some have been oppressive in the main they have enriched and raised All standards of living. They were less the design of any brain than a result of the rapid development of one single National Market of 130.000,000 people. That made mass production and mass distribution both desirable and inevitable. Some of them like general motors and u. S. Steel grew by combination. Others like a. Amp p., the Ford motor company and the Eastman Kodak company were built by individuals. It is silly to Content ourselves with futile Laws condemning what could not be prevented. It would be both destructive and futile now to attempt to break them up into Little pieces. The sensible course in the peace. Ten commandments a if the ten began the representatives of Russia. Miss Phyllis Adelia Wilkerson a were made to apply among nations some of the difficulties would be solved a a thou shall not covet thou shall not steal thou shall not during the graduation program songs of peace were Sung by the class. Reverend n. Milo Fiske gave an interesting address. Telling stories of his travels. Emphasizing the importance of love and understanding. Travelling 3rd class in a chinese train. The Only foreigner. Among Many chinese who investigated his clothes. Returned his smiles. Finally a lady invited him to sit on half of her suitcase. Before Rev. Fiske began his address he introduced himself As a a open House programmed for Community building on Wheeler Street the Community Cabin in its new location on Wheeler Street today was under the Public inspection of parents and friends of the Youthful members of various character building organizations in the City As Well As interested persons who have taken an Active part in the rejuvenation of tile building. Sponsored by the Arcadia District committee boy scouts of America the a open House Quot inspection opened at 2 of clock and was to close three hours later. Displays set displays of the handicraft work and other exhibits of tile boy and girl scout troops campfire girls and Friendly indians of the . A. Were placed on tables and plaques for demonstration purposes to. Day it was announced by Earl Kingston chairman of the Arcadia boy scouts committee. The a open House Quot party is but one of several outstanding events planned for the creating of interest in youths units in Arcadia and Vicinity this year it was revealed. In May the annual Camporee of the Pasadena san Gabriel Valley coun cil will be staged in the new county Park with close to 1.000 scouts at 1 tending. In Duce 1es a timepiece which Hast Cone wrong in 400 years the Sun dial Iii the Fortaleza at san Juan porno Rico which dates from the Days of Diego de Leon son of Ponce de Leon who built i in the 16th Century. Looking at the hat winged Gnomon is miss trill a ahoy a University of puerto Rico student. To we Rescue hundreds killed in explosions to munitions factory countless injured Washington Jan. 29�?on a near War footing the United states today sped a billion Dollar National defense program the largest in peacetime history As a Stern new protest was lodged with Japan Over an attack on an american diplomatic officer in China. Congress prepared immediately to take up. With approval assured. President Roosevelt a recommendation for strengthening the Navy army and air Force on a scale unequalled except during the world War. The president s special defense message was regarded in diplomatic quarters As indirect warning to Japan against further encroachment on american rights in the Orient. Waterfront labor discord looms As fight resumes san Francisco Jan. 29 ii pm West coast waterfront labor discord continued unabated today and the threat of a possible Coastwise shipping tie up still was in the offing. Highlights of developments in the situation precipitated when two Small groups of american federation of labor longshoremen went to court to try to wrest control of hiring Halls from com mite for Industrial organization workers. Was yesterdays san Pedro mass meeting of �?T000 to. Workers. Record warmth ends with More rain seen the yellow typhoon and red storm warnings by h. R. Knickerbocker International news service correspondent copyright 1938 by International news service throughout the world. Reproduction in whole or part prohibited past would have been to encourage ,.j Lepre Sentive to the peace Confer the Good they did for the Public and i h ,. Ilie Nee i am ambassador Taykalo prevent the evil. That would be the sensible course now. That As i understand it is the essence of or. Richberg proposal. What noted people Are saying Fly i it a r int t loin i new Ken ice new York a mrs. Franklin Roosevelt of National isolation a a we shall not keep the peace by drawing away from other _ Philadelphia louts Johnson assistant Secretary of War Speaks on War profits and inflation a had the world War lasted much longer our Home sector might have become Tal Kalot from the world at Large a he said to a laughing audience. Elizabeth Rose Tulli and Lou Strong gave the class prophecy. W. G. Coombs principal of first Avenue presented the class to e. E. Westerhouse who awarded the diplomas. The boys wore dark suits and Blue and White boutonniere. While tile girls wore dark prints and Sweet pea and Bachelor Button corsages. January a record warmth was at an end today and More rain was forecast by the weather Bureau. A North Pacific storm brought rain Snow and Hail to Southern California yesterday. Precipitation i varying from a Mere Trace in Pasaj Dena and Newport Beach to .16 of an Inch in Southgate was reported Snow was reported in the Moun stains at big Pines and big Bear Lake with Hail at Camp Baldy. I storm Clouds hovered Over Lake Arrowhead and Snow was expected. I Little change in temperature was i predicted for los Angeles county. High yesterday was 63 degrees Low 51. Trenton. N. Squy res commander in chief of the veterans of foreign wars also talks about War a the United states is ready to fight if a just cause demands Chicago mayor la Guardia of new York is asked ii lie us ready to run for president a a done to be silly a reports out on log Bult Many recent prosecutions indicate the value of protective features of tile egg standardization Law in its enforcement Over the state according to state department of agriculture reports to Arcadia poultry men. Aided by county agriculture commissioners and their deputies the state men keep a close watch on All establishments where eggs Are packed or offered for salp to ascertain that All provisions of the act Bob Wicks Are being met. The Law sets up certain Quality standards and Grade marking requirements which apply to All Chicken eggs in the Shell offered for Sale for human consumption. Wyvle there has been a general addition of new a a Vire announced at Dysart announcement is made today by Glenn Dysart of Dysart s automotive. Of the addition of a new service for the convenience of his customers. New equipment has been added to enable this modern station and garage to service and repair i any kind of Auto locks also to i make any car key. Business has been exceptionally Good since Dysart opened his new station and recently he has employed another Man. Bob Stevens who was made station attendant. Stevens takes the place of Willard Wayne who is now in charge of the lubrication department. Editor s note the peace of the world depends upon willingness of the Western Powers to reply to Japan s aggression with Superior Force if necessary according to h. R. Knickerbocker the noted foreign Cir respondent of International news service. In the final article of his series a the yellow typhoon and red storm warnings Knickerbocker tells of Japan a chances in a War against soviet Russia the i United state or great Britain. He has just returned to Paris after a 12,500 mile trip across Asia and Europe Paris Jan. 29�? ins a Japan could fight any one of the nations it considers its potential enemies and make it costly for the other to win but the chances Are weighted against Japan. She would soon be Defeated in a War against any two of them and if All three were involved her Empire would be dismembered and her National existence put at the mercy of the conquerors. This is the summary conclusion of for months observation of the japanese army Navy and air Force at War in China and of a trip through the far Eastern War zone for Shanghai Tokio Vladivostok and Irkutsk through moscow7 Back 1 , and of conversations with i the military. Naval and air at i taches of All the Powers concerned. Yards away from the North station. The japanese heavy artillery operated against the North station from less than a mile away. The japanese Navy intermittently firing at the North station from the Whang poo. Was about seven Miles away. Annual Duck dinner of Orange show to be held feb. 4 Miami William Green president if the american federation of Lair gives his version on the rela ship Between Cio and the unit Foj compliance with the egg Standard mine workers \ i action act enforcing officials have Parte Cio in financed kept Sua found it necessary in some in i and fostered by the United i stances to prosecute for repeated v violations. The annual Duck dinner of the National Orange show will be held in the dining room of the Orange show building in san Bernardino Friday evening february 4th. According to the invitations which have been issued by the show pres Dent Everett h. Swing. Prominent civic and state officials leaders in the Citrus Industry newspaper publishers and celebrities of radio and screen will attend the dinner is a prelude to the opening of the Twenty eighth annual Orange show which opens March 17th. Despite the fact it is St. Patrick a Day the oranges will still be oranges. The japanese in All three branches of their fighting services suffer from one Paramount defect. They cannot shoot straight. Their bravery is beyond question As great As that of any nation. But no amount of bravery can make up in modern warfare for the inability to hit what they aim Ai whether with naval guns Field artillery airborne machine guns or rifles. Poor marksmen they proved this defect at Shanghai to the satisfaction of most foreign military and naval observers. There in three months they showered an estimated 9.000 shells and air bombs at the administration building of the North station in Chapel. And scored not More than 90 direct hits. Once in too times they struck. A building about 75 Yards Long 30 Yards wide and six stories High. The japanese naval Landing party had its Headquarters with Artiller 7 constantly firing from the Root just wildcats lose Casaba tilt to Burbank five 30-25 without fear without fear of the absent clip i continued on Page 3 by Frank Gervasi ins corp Ponden Rome. Jan. 29�?europe s armament race took another heavy toll of life today when a violent explosion rocked the huge Segni munitions works near Tivoli with a death list that May run into the hundreds. Reports meager meager report filtering through a government censorship said that at least too mangled bodies w7ere taken from the ruin a Short time after the first explosion. Three Hundred injured were receiving treatment at emergency first Aid stations. When a final Check up has been made the death toll probably will far exceed initial estimates. Two blasts most of the factory which employed 12,000 persons was destroyed. Two separate blasts occurred in the space of half an hour and As the w7alls of the giant building caved in fire broke out amidst the wreckage. Danger of additional explosions seriously handicapped the work of rescuers. King Victor Emmanuel and Premier Mussolini hurried to the scene to supervise the Rescue efforts personally and condole the families of victims. Ii Duce drove to Tivoli at Breakneck Speed immediately after the wedding of his Niece Rosa to Giovanni Ted Orani italian journalist. World wide news flashes Crew resulted single copy 5c mkt to eighth thy City fathers engage in self styled a a horseplay in adjourned session or. N Milo Fiske pastor of the Arcadia Community Church beloved civic worker and Active member of the rotary club today was Arcadia s new councilman pending the acceptance of the appointment voted last night by the Council in and i journey session in the auditorium i of tile City Hall. By a 3-1 vote. Or. Flake was elected to succeed the late Henry a. Seaman after seven secret ballots had resulted in 2-2 deadlocks As the Council sought to stave off the expense of a special election. The deadline for the appointment was to. I Day. Called a a horseplay Quot last nights a a voting Marathon was self styled by councilman Lewis t Mclean As a a horseplay As nomination after nomination ended in a breaking of Mclean Hudson and Hoft Man Griff itts vote Syndicate was achieved on the eighth nomination when Mclean nominated or. Fiske. And the nomination was seconded by Hoffman. Previous nominations of the evening which failed found the following named for balloting Walter Mcfarland. Emil Bolz Roy h Pike. Lester Matthews. Or. T. Howard Smith president of the chamber of Commerce. A. L. Daniels and Leroy Anderson. Or. Fiske. If the appointment is accepted will serve until the next general election in april. A my decision will rest with the session of the or. N. Milo Fiske pastor of the Arcadia Community Church elected by a 3-1 count to succeed the late Henry a. Seaman As a member of the City Council said today when advised of his appointment. A i will try to get the elders together tomorrow afternoon. Or. Fiske said. A their decision will of my decision to either accept or refuse the popular Leader the pastor one of arcadians most popular civic leaders and recognized for his work in the cultural development of the Community revealed that he had never attended a Council meeting in Arcadia and his selection came As a a i have always Felt that my services were needed in the Church above All else and i have never i station Survey of the a a log Sheet been considered driving into politics revealed today. Case of Barking dogs appear on police a a log reports of Barking dogs causing disturbance and nuisances were added to the list on file at the police if the Board of elders see fit that i serve the Short term if for nothing else than to save the taxpayers the expense of a special election then i will accept the appointment he said. The latest Quot cases Given according to the reports were made by mrs. Mary e. Kilburn and from the Corpe residence at 53 Laporte. Both cases were turned Over to humane officer Jerry Jones. Interference with vice scandal probe disclosed As new developments grow in l. A. Case Ruji i inf Miami fla., Jan. 29 up a the ii i la Crew a norwegian freighter i 4 w s Newsome was rescued today fron despite tile fact that Forward Bob Wicks of Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school was High Point Man with 14 Points the Wildcat Basket Baller last night on the Monrovia court dropped a 30-25 decision to the Burbank bulldogs in a san Gabriel Valley league game. Tile half time score favored Burbank. 19-12. For the first time in the intensive St. John s Seminary Campaign launched by archbishop John. Cantwell three weeks ago. The radio will be invoked tomorrow to spread the message of the coming drive for a Seminary fund of $1.-500.000 when tile right reverend John Cawley. P. A. Vicar general of the archdiocese of los Angeles and executive chairman of the Campaign will be interviewed by Don Thomas manager of tile All year club of Southern California Over station k n x at 12 30 . On the Seminary project. Father Gerald m. Q Keeffe pastor of the Church of the holy Angels Heads the Arcadia District. Tomorrow evening at 7 00 o clock the first of a series of radio addresses on the need for the major theological Seminary which archbishop Cantwell plans to erect near Camarillo Early this year will be delivered Over station k f w b. Tile second of that series is scheduled for Friday evening at 7 00 from the same station. The or rom the sinking vessel by tile United food co. Steamer Vera gun. The freighter was abandoned where she is breaking up on the rocks off the nicaraguan coast. To Erec t Bridge Welland out Jan. 29. Up a plans were announced today for construction of a $7,000,000.00 double deck Bridge with eight traffic lanes at Niagara Falls n. A. Near the site where the Falls View a a honeymoon a Bridge collapsed on thurs i Day. Alex Fleming spokesman for the Niagara Falls observation Bridge company announced that financial arrangements have been completed and were Only awaiting the charter from the Federal government. International news service los Angeles. Jan. 29�?charges and counter charges were being hurled so thick and fast and from so Many sources in los Angeles today As tile City a political pot seethed and boiled that it was hard for the average citizen to realize what it was All about. No sooner had the state Assembly Intel in committee opened its sessions to investigate reports of wide Pread vice and corruption in the City than three City police officers one of whom is already under fire in the Raymond bombing probe were involved. Latest developments included i. A request from the committee to suspend two detectives alleged by the committee to have interfered with witnesses called by the committee. Suspension refused 2 refusal of police chief Davis to suspend the men although he advised the committee he would warn them against further a activity which might be construed As hampering or interfering with the vice 3. Denials by detective Earl Kyn Ette under arrest on a charge by District attorney Buren Fitts that 1 he was responsible for the Raymond bombing that he had intimidated a Man and his wife into withdraw and Small son. Due in san Francisco today had been made to Joseph let 1 Fainer appointed to assist in the Raymond bombing probe. Tip off told 6. Appearance of Clifford Clinton wealthy vice crusader be torn the committee who with his aides charged that detective Sidney Sweet Nan had a tipped off a gambling Den which Clinton had planned to raid in the presence of Sweet Nan. 7. Mysterious raids conducted by police officers purportedly seeking evidence in the Raymond bombing. R f club Tulk an were Worful Adia Rota Ria is yesterday noon Given a word picture of col Mexico by an address by w. R. Humphries of this City who recently travelled extensively through the nation. He was a introduced to his fellow clubman by w. O. Lewis program chairman of Tim Day. R my a chief. Amage suit against the Polk lunch club appointment made Salem. Ore., Jan 29 u pm Alfred Evans realities Medford today was appointed to fill the unexpired term of i. S. Senator Rick sterner resigned. Murder 4 a Ryan at Tives the suspends teens vice build up tended t generals 5. Disc political build i p charge by attorney Joseph attorney Tor the two deter a interim committee wishes i. That Assembly commit inquiry is Only a political for speaker in Imp Ign for the attorney in sure by the District at office that Kidnap and threats against his wife visit Ini terrify a a woman .6 and e. J. Sin Howard Parker Verfurth azure Erie a Ralph Bitont w. D. Ria a m attending yes session at the were oar Well ids of Monrovia Pasadena Ralph Henry Hin Skrha. Shoemaker Clare Holland. Fresno Leon utter. Alhambra Murk Pierce los Angeles m. R. Stoke Hury Alhambra. Bill Marion of the ban Gabriel lumber company a a guest of Gordon Eberly and Champ Culver of col Uzial studio we a guest of Herb Mckenzie
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