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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 18, 1938, Arcadia, California Four Arcadia daily . January i it 1938 Tribune sports the yellow typhoon and red storm warnings Bill it. Knickerbocker International new service it Orrest Orient Santa Anita net team Blanks san Marino 10-0 Santa Anita Tennis club today held a 10-0 verdict Over the san Marino net squad by virtue of a clean sweep moored on sunday on the Battery of courts in the new county Park. The Complete results follow first mens singles Holmes Defeated Gibbs 6-1. 6-1 second Fonda Defeated Raybold. 6-2. 6-4 third Eagle Defeated Parker 6-1. 7-5 fourth s. Blakeslee Defeated Gilmore. 6-1, 6-2 fifth Perry Defeated Chron sky. 6-2, 7-5. First mensa doubles utter Perry Defeated Chron sky Raybold 6-3. 6-1 second. Utter Eagle Defeated Huffman Klitz. 6-1. 6-0 third e Blakeslee a. Blakeslee Defeated Oil. More Gibbs 6-1, 6-3 fourth Smith Wood Defeated Edwards Doerr 6-3 6-3. Vines Perry prepare for Tennis match overnight horse auction sports review draws crowd at Santa Anita butter and eggs furnished by produce Exchange of los Angeles january 1h in i in it t inn i i ail Coas Vine r playing As far As v and Fred be up Victoria to will Pasadena february Paranee on 2. For in tin wed Lles cd their Only i sector be it it Adio electrical equipment do spendable so ervice los w. Foothill pm. Monrovia 13 a Pacific Bua Worth return to v night Ter aps their opening tour engagement held in los Angeles ism week. The worlds two outstanding Tennis professionals will play in the Pasadena civic auditorium before leaving to play through Southern states. With the pro aces this year Are Berkeley Bell and Walter senior. 1 who will play a singles match be fore vines and Perry take the i courts. As a finale vines will team with senior to oppose Perry and Bell in doubles. Bell is the former intercollegiate Champion while se-1 Nior won the Canadian National singles title last year. Tickets for the Pasadena match by contrast with $6.60 tops in los Angeles will be the lowest for pro i Tennis in local history and Range i from 55c to $2.20. More than 900 Dollar seats will be available. The i Sale will open at the auditorium 1 Box office in Pasadena this tuesday. Clash Between co id out fielder Joe ing Salvo of Ami As Oping in bet s c l Rit Fari Chi new t pectin of lines f Ider Pion York out St. Loui out for Bigg prop wot Alexandrine Jake rapport Dimaggio Seti annual Bicker tween owner and Mem York Yankees. Her a weigh Tommy d to rely on punching it v till former Chaum j. Braddock at new night. Joe Medwick rejected continued from p i went Ruff races a to j. Sherman Riley owner c the Only horse to win the re during the meeting so far. Buy Bedwell took King rom it Rev car offer holding Rise. Amel ii decision Over i feature race at gelding i s a nominee f to Anita Han of the Sale f i Ileal Cara g roil be port. Bitsy i Park. A i won if s by nose it lire Rake at fair Vietor Over East for Complete restaurant service bread Rolls Coffee cakes do nuts baking company Tel. Hudson 5636 1601 Blake ave., los Angeles Cal. Duplicated keys 25c Fairfield spurt shop 231 n. First pats open daily 5 . A i . Breakfast lunches dinner Cor. Colorado and Myrtle Monrovia Stop and see a a Oscar at the three peppers cafe Herb amp Eva Berry prop. Steak dinner Kooler Keg Beer wine sandwiches 2260 e. Foothill blvd. Duarte Grant and Bobby Riggs renew rivalry in Dixie Tennis tour Narn Tut opening today. A Vlen arrest Ross kidnapper at Santa Anita continued from Page i or seven government agents for a flight to Chicago and a Quick Legal accounting for his activities. The agents who picked Anders from a line in front of a parimutuel window where lie was cheerfully betting $40 in Ransom Bills als had a trap for his woman companion but missed her. They said so far As they can ascertain she had not part in Anderst career in crime did not even know she was helping him see the country on Kidnap Ransom Money and funds from looted Banks but they would like to find her just the same and have her verify several Points in Anderst confession. Just where Anders acquired his Lovely companion the officers could not say. But they believed it was probably in Florida a few weeks after the Ransom was paid last october 8�?a Ransom that was combined with Bank loot to provide an expensive car and a wide and Gay Swath at the big time tracks in Miami. New Orleans and Santa Anita. The Federal officers said they recovered $14,402.28 from Anders but would not disclose the disposition of the bodies of Ross and Gray who were shot to death two Days after the kidnapping last september 25. Beyond the fact that they Are in another state than Illinois. The killings took place near Rockford. The French bred \ $ 000. King Kong ski too added Sal Cap. Complete results Low consignor in i Hatch sickle to Earl Beckley for $900 Ariel Cross to c. S. Howard for $4,000. Far to h. Guy Bedwell for $1350 cleanup to Harry Field for $450 nonstick to c. S. Howard for $700 to g. for Earl Beezley for to Earl Beezley for Kandahar $4000. Hassan to $500. Silver Blade $900. Laurel Wreath to l. W Kidd for $150. King Kong to h. Guy Bedwell for $6000. Sweep ouch to Morris Kozinsky for $250. To a mate to Lane Bridgeford $700. Sweep tuft to j. S. Riley for $6400. Consignor Tranquillity farm judge pan to l. W. Kidd for $300. Or. Finn to Howard Hawks for $1600. Continued from Page i cued at Dawn by a Lack of those Earth quaking explosions which Tor nearly three months had shattered Shanghai. We had becomes so accustomed to the detonations that when they ceased everybody went out to see Why i went out on the Balcony of my Roc in on the tenth floor of my hotel and through Field glasses looked from end to end of Chapel i looked at the famous North station. Key to the whole chinese position in Shanghai. It was the same As Ever full of holes blackened and battered. Watch fight just a few Days before i had been on top of it with chinese watching japanese machine gunners Pepper us and crouching when japanese air planes bombed tis this building truly was the most hotly contested of any Point in the whole sino japanese War. The japanese wanted it so badly that for three months they concentrated All their fire on it. They bombed it from the air for hours each Day. They shelled it from naval vessels practically All Day Long counts shells for several weeks i counted the number of shells and bombs which i landed on or near the North stator i Tion. They averaged too a Day. The j chinese entered their elite corps on the defense of Shanghai. That meant defense of Chapel and that meant defense of the North station. Suddenly As i turned my Field glasses Back on that famous by i Lei 33 >1. .32 31�?T butter extras prime firsts .32�?T standards undergrads Large eggs candles clean extras -26 candles Light dirty extras .264 candles clean standards. .25 candles Light dirty standards .24 candles checks .24 medium eggs candles clean extras .24 candles Light dirty extras .23 candles clean standards .23 candles Light dirty Standard .22 candles checks .21 Small eggs candles extras. 20 candles Light dirty extras .20 Case count -24 january 18 no. In hens. Leghorn 2l to 3 s a 14 no. 2�? hens leghorn Over 34 and up to 4 lbs. .14 no. 3�?hens, leghorn Over 4 .16 coloured Tribune classified bring Quick results classified advertising i Cen per word first insertion. One half cent per word on subsequent insertions. No and accepted for less than 30c first insertion and 15e subsequent insertions. You May phone your and to Tribune office Arcadia 2131. Ads accepted Over Telephone minimum 50c. Miscellaneous real estate 31 coloured. To 4 .24 4 lbs i Over a cd and up to .19 i and up .19. 211 .18 Foi for for a Royal guarantee / Royal service for it knitwear is so perfect in every detail that it is possible to Issue a written and unconditional guarantee against shrinking and stretching with each knit garment entrusted to Joyal care., blocking to actual measurements sizing to definite specifications and cleaning by Royal not Only enhance the Beauty of your do to knit creation but in addition a its period of Jfe. Piff it Jena a larges and finest l Idle lad to it. O. Osborne for $350. Do Orla to l w Kidd for $500. Virginia boy to c. It. Fleisch Mann for $1300. Miss Amie to a. H. Boston $325.miss Chase to Oliver Hardy $850. Sister Hae to Bert Williams $2200. Margaret x to l. W. Kidd $275. Night Gail to Earl Beezley $900. Trace of Erin to l. E. Redman for $250. Thirsk to l. E. Redman for $350. Consignor Perry m. Pike Swift Gal to John j. Elmore for $300. Me to h. L. Ulavine for $700. Consignor a. C. T. Stock farm i Speed to g. Adams for $400. Consignor miss Ruth Walker amazing to b. Marz for $550. Consignor m. C. Walker Mary to Oliver Hardy for $550. Rare Ben to Oliver Hardy for $1700. Emir to Anthony pelleted for $1850. Water splash to Anthony pelleted for $6600. Consignor mrs. Vera s. Bragg Bosnia to r. W Pearce Tor $400 Noroton to r. W. Pierce for $425 my Tom to r. W. Pearce for $525. Just War to John j. Elmore for $2100. Cal War to mrs. V. Klinker for $600. Bostonian lady to Walter con Noly for $450. Bos Catoosa to Morris Kozinsky for $400. Boston lad to a. E. Silver for $550. Bardford to h. R. Robertson for $650. Bozinch to a. E. Silver for $750. Total of this Sale $55,000. Average $1,278.90. Ing i saw atop its shattered wireless Mast ranging High on the horizon a japanese Flag a big White Flag with the red Ball of the rising Sun waving brilliantly in the Sunshine. I shivered and looked around the City. On every roof stood hundreds of chinese All looking at that Jap anese Flag i could feel the same for shiver shaking them All. My Chi i room boy sing pod came out for j a the Balcony and asked a master. Is it the end Quot i had to say yes. Top of station c. I you a can always get tender Steak at tar or a cafe 419 s. Myrtle ave. Monrovia Coleman a variety opposite City Hull next Day we went to the top of the North station again this time with the japanese and watched flames consume Chapel in the greatest fire perhaps of All time. J a fortnight later the chinese. 1 crushed by loss of Chapel were torn by the Savage hands of Gen eral Iwane Matsui a troops away 1 from Shanghai. 1 great talk was heard of fighting to the last Man but Only a few weeks later the japanese entered i banking. They drove the chinese before j them almost As fast As the japanese i army could move. Each so called a Hindenburg line was conquered As soon As the japanese reached it. Chinese morale was almost destroyed. Almost but not quite Tor there still remained Madame and unless she has fooled All her friends All who pretend to know human nature she will never surrender. Cannot give up and As Long As she lives her husband cannot surrender. And As Long As he persists even if ifs Only with one or two divisions hiding in the Foothills of the Himalayas there will be a government of China which the Powers Are bound to recognize. J Madame knows Haile selassie�?T.-, i Fate and has taken a Leaf from his j Book of experience. She knows Haile committed a fatal error when he fled abroad to Appeal to the j league of nations. Today the italian Conquest of Abyssinia is recognized de Facto by ail nations and de Jure by one after the other primarily because Haile Selassie left Abyssinia without a government. No mistake Madame is not going to let Chiang Kai Shek make that mistake. Madame intends that Chiang Kai Shek shall hang on until a a something it almost lbs. 4�?hens, lbs. 5�?hens, and up no. 6�?broilers, Over 2�?~i lbs. 7�?broilers, Over to 2 t lbs. 8 fryers leghorn Over and up to 3 lbs. No. 9 fryers coloured 24 and up 31 a lbs. .19 Ion fryers coloured Over 311 and up to 4 lbs. .20 la roasters soil Bone barred rocks Over 4 lbs. And up .23 12�?roasters, than Barret lbs. And up 13�?stags 14 old roosters 15�?ducklings, Pekin Over lbs. And up 16�?ducklings, Pekin 4h lbs. 17�?old ducks. 18�?geese 19�?Young Tom turkeys lbs. And up to 18 lbs. No. 20�?Young Tom turkeys Over 18 lbs. And up .19 no 21�?hen turkeys 9 lbs. And up .21 no. 22�?old Tom turkeys .16 no. 23�?old Hen turkeys .20 no. 25�?squabs, under la lbs. Per dozen .24 no. 26�?squabs, la lbs. Per dozen no. No. No. No. No. No. No no. No. No. No. No. No. No. Oft Bone other rocks Over 4 .23 15 .12 4 >2 .20 under. .17la .19 14 19 up .28 .24 .25 3 4 .13 no. No. La .05 no. 27�?capons, under 7 lbs. No. 28�?capons, 7 lbs. And up no. 32�?rabbits, no. I White to 44 lbs. 32�?rabbits, no. I White 3 2 to 44 lbs. 33�?rabbits, no. I old turkeys by u. S. Department of agriculture prices on no. I prime dressed Loose fancy Young Toms under 17 lbs. .23 and .23 �?~4 fancy a Young Toms 17 lbs. And Over .23 and 23 4 fancy Young hens. .25 and .25 4 a a shop of Home helpfulness Quot Heinlen a handicraft shop specialising in Home maintenance work Ai repairing of every description 304 e Huntington or. Arcadia sewing machines. Pasadena sewing machine treadle $8.00 reconditioned electric 15.00 guaranteed rentals $1.50 month repairs 1.00 Oil is adjust 15 West Colorado Terrace 6333 Monrovia Auto wreckers 813 s. Myrtle Jess Willard have just bought 12 cars for wrecking. Bricks Naches Hups Fords Graham pages Dodges. Am overstocked on Good second hand line so come in. We can Supply you automobile tires any size guaranteed renewed tires $1.95 to $3.45 sex. Guar batteries 13-plate sex. $2.75 Dandy tire co. 18>o e. Colorado 35 w. Union St. Pasadena automobiles for Sale wrecking today 1931 Studebaker Fordson tractor 1929 Chev. Coupe 1929 Chrysler 1929 whippet. 278-t-c Gem City wrecking co. Peck re. And Duarte re. Monrovia pm. 2632 Chrysler amp Plymouth dealer Carey e Hardy sales and service 202 s. Myrtle Monrovia phone Monrovia 1084 Odd lumber build cheap Sash doors screens Mill ends. I visit our Odds and ends shed. Crown City lumber amp Mill co. 240 w. Green St. Co. 3161 7-Lino 1936 Plymouth Coupe. Nice clean car in every respect. Motor smooth and quiet. Good tires. Low mileage. Special Price Only $495.00. Mcdonald amp of Boyle Chevrolet amp Olds Monrovia. 8-12 real estate wanted i if you have desirable improved of vacant real estate for Sale rent or Exchange we would be pleased to have you consult us. We advertise we work we sell. A. N. Multer 2636 Baldwin ave., Cor. Las Tunas phone Arcadia 2770 240 1v, tile contractor a tile Baths Drain boards All kinds of tile work. Reasonable prices a free estimate. Howard w. Miller 619 South first Avenue Arcadia. Phone Arcadia 2336. 246-Tfc Daugherty a relishes at your nearest Market Baske Armstrong the dirty Rug cleaner Quot he cleans rugs clean phone Colo. 3092 2620 e. Foothill blvd., e. Pasadena Daugherty a Peanut butter at your nearest Market Basket c. F. Stalcup viol in shop Complete Stock of Bass Reed and string instruments. Bow Rehal ring and accessories expert repairing. 981 e Colo. Pasadena Ter. 3935 1026 Golden West Arcadia. 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Oak ave., Temple City. 277-22pc take a year to pay modernize your present furniture without placing a Burden on yourself any 2-piece set up amp 4% bolstered including in of Fig All fabrics and labor 0 9 a 90 easy monthly payments on our budget plan phone for samples shown in your Home Eastern upholstering shop 1128 West main St. Alhambra phone at 2-5502 beverage club takes 8-2 decision sunday behind the five hit pitching of j. Decker and Sal Cordova the Pierce beverage company team on sunday in Baldwin Park downed the Swift and company aggregation. 8-2. Holding a 4-1 Lead at the end of the fourth inning the Arcadia sluggers coasted along to the Triumph. Johnny Falcon paced the winners at the plate with three hits a single double and triple. Fessy Wilson poled old a Homer during the fray. Score by innings r. H. E. Swift and co. .255 Pierce beverage 8 to 2 happened when the japanese bombed and machine gunned the British six times in succession. Chinese Hopes soared High again when the japanese sunk the Panay. Anything could happen at any time along the russian Frontier. They know the chinese cannot longer defend China effectively. Their one Hope is that we Britain or Russia shall be to cried into War by japanese provocation. Wood dry Oak $17.50. Walnut $10. Dry eucalyptus 12 in. $18, 2 it. $15, 16 in. $15. Kindling 35c per sack. All slivered prices. W. Wise pm. Azusa 393-36 Cornish games 5 Cockrell 14 pullets for Sale. 2603 s. Santa an. Ita Avenue rear. 35-17 t for rent beautifully furnished 5 room House in Al Monte. 4 Miles from race track piano radio Fringi Daire electric Washer garage. Utilities included. Pm or appointment Call Budlong 869-62. 279-Tfc piano rent $2 to. Apply later in Purchase. C. J Gould. 967 e. Colo. Pasadena for rent private Entrance and Bath single or double quiet and exclusive. 15 minutes from track. 1000 Concha Street Altadena. 16-15 7. Help wanted attractive 3 room duplex completely furnished. Screen porch Nice Yard garage. Attention first Avenue school teachers. 115 California Street. Arcadia. 27-15 Large sunny room Nice for two men. Board i desired. 600 Woodland drive Sierra Madre Canyon. 13-15 a sportsman new cocktail lounge now open to Public popular prices. 1452 Huntington or. Monrovia z cd to at it h Tomm Santa Anita Park., Arcadia first race 1 30 . Rain or Shine Gates open 10 00 . I general admission grandstand Are a and paddock$1.10 tax paid reserved seats on Sale at track and usual agencies j or. K. S. Sweet chiropractor Colon a electro therapy Central building phone Monrovia 240 Kau a a. Free pickup and delivery a with our a amp let automotive service Lindstrand a i Stop United motors service >07 w. Foothill phone 858 i for lease service station and lunch room 34 e foothill arca i Dia. Fine Opportunity for right people. 11-13 i i pianos january clearance Sale Beautiful Steinway grand less than half of original Cost. Also spines and uprights greatly reduc-1 de during this Sale. Over 150 i i Anas to choose from. C. J. Gould j 967 e. Colo. Pasadena. 18 to Days Only new baby grand pianos is Low As i $269.00. C. J. Gould. 967 e. Colo. Pasadena. 19 Small studio piano special $79. C. J. Gould. 967 e Colo., Pasadena. 17 wanted wanted two ambitious boys to j j carry Tribune paper route in West Arcadia apply or. Broderick. Circulation dept., tile Arcadia daily Tribune. 287-tf wanted Good clean rags no buttons. Arcadia Tribune 104 n. I first ave., Arcadia. A tic the Arcadia Tribune can use three Young men of High school age for work in Sierra Madre. Young men with sales ability preferred. Apply mrs. Mason phone 406 Sierra Madre. Wanted two neat appearing men with sales ability. Permanent. Apply circulation dept., the Arcadia daily Tribune. Man and wife to run local Coffee Agency. Earnings up to $240 in a month. New Ford Sedan Given producers As bound. I Send Complete outfit. You done Trist a Penny. Details free. Write Mills 198 tenth St., Oakland. Cal. 29-13 want White girl to help with general housework. Stay nights if possible. Call 770. 28-15 Mac Ella n Seq us f to Sale Domestic sewing machine drop head. $7.00, 217 s. Magnolia Monrovia. 23-13 for Sale by owner Brand new 5 pm. Stucco House All new furnishings. Furnace in basement. Close in. Call at 210 West Beacon Alhambra. 22-1$. Trailer for Sale Fine for Light hauling equipped with new tires. Wood body 4x6. Come make offer. 58 e. Laurel Street Sierra Madre. 30-13 Good used Thor Washer. Late Model $31.50 i year guarantee. Arcadia hardware co. 52 e. Hunt v in ton drive. 32-16 for Sale Model a. �?~29 Ford ads. A. Good top�?16 Inch wheels. Good paint. Bargain. $75.00. 1206 Baldwin ave. 31-16 fainting Mil decor Utts Dewey Holt licensed and insured 319 North Encinitas Monrovia pm. Monrovia 825�?Arcadia 602 273-Tfc lost and found lost. Toy Boston Bull female. Brindle and White. Answers to name lost thursday afternoon Reward 1606 3 fifth phone Arcadia 908. 24-13
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