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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 18, 1938, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday january 18, to newspaper a a j. La. To flu published daily except saturday sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company a. Harold noon president and pub Slier entered As second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3. 1879. The Tribune v. Nests noted As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the 8th Day of May. Into strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped Antelope for reply. Sos the. Plit. Git member Arcadia chamber of Commerce Arcadia business menus a Socrati n California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side soc Tatien represented nationally by Fenger tem i co. Ltd. Ran Francisco. Jos Angeles. Seattle. Chicago r v York Boston copies of tile daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets May be obtained in by of these offices. Subscription Prier single cop it it. 10c per woe toe per month. Photic 2131 for All depart intents advertising rates on application taps from Tercel of when taps Poi and this week Over the american grave Edward j. Ned associated press correspondent killed in the Spanish War a Finis Quot w la be written to just such a career As every Newspaperman Hopes to live the sort of career that makes him proud of hts Craft. With the comforts of a Spanish fireside and a Spanish to Toga easy to obtain Ned might have spent his Days in re typing press handouts�?4iis nights in those pursuits which distinguish the exploits of the fictional gentlemen of the press. Instead he chose to Brave the snows if the Hills and the splash of enemy bombs in Winter soil. With Bis Eye cocked lie covered the gory Teruel flout that the world might know the truth through his eyes. Acutely aware that censorship would certainly Rase the Glare of his honest reports until they equated the handouts he could have possessed so easily he yet chose 10 do his task leaving the failure to others. The men of the newspaper world Salute you Holward j. Ineil your Pride in your task makes them proud to share the duties you left behind. Lyman in by y&4hleen Toms Julius Cadawas 3 times warned do h5 impending 0path a by Catt Burnla i s wipe a a a Pur Una up strip thu say a a Ano Eva Maze Tablet Mew h a month amp Ppdro. In As fat Sli etim in map roman a Senate. Chander March in a firs i fro the titi male talk v / a fir a of top s a those a related in god y a in Froller skirt prom Ioc Loai i Piv Sci cd to Ugo Mes of if f hours h a him a a to. Sierra Madre news Caesars death warnings a beware the ides of March a so spake the soothsayer Surinna ves tritus in Shakespeare a recant i of the death of Julius Calesa or yarn ing him of his in Pend of assassination in the r Man Senate this warning fact was but on of experts Tell process of color photography one of the most interesting in the series of sunday evening talks being Given after Tho supper hour at Wistaria Vine Garden took place last night when Ernest Wil i hams of Pasadena. Or. Cumming i and Martin Allen the latter two from tile general color photographic corporation described new developments in the Field of color i photography. A a the occasion was a a forerunner v infest for Amateur photo Grapher of los Angeles county which will be held at the annual Wistaria fete. At that time prizes of $15 and $5 will be awarded to the Best pictures submitted of the Vine or gardens. Specimens showed specimens of Beautiful photographic work were displayed last evening by Many amateurs include ing members of camera club and by Dale Langley Dick Mcgraw. Mrs. Alice sed email. Nureddin Addis Joe Honoris Francis p. Con j Ard. R. C. Lewis. Cecil Price Dick Stanton and e. Schnecberger. Or. Williams shoved a number of Beautiful Flower studies in color. As Well As a group of exquisite pictures of the English Countryside. He pointed out the fact that amateurs interested in color photog Raphy should remember that the three primary color.-, used Are red. Green and Blue and urged beginner to learn something of color Hai it Mony and form when they Start making pictures. Or. Cummings described the new process whereby color work to be used in Magazine advertising May now be produced More cheaply and with infinitely better results than work of this Type done in the past. Ile described the various types of cameras now used in color photog rap by. And added to the information Given by showing latent cameras and also a group of color photographs produced in the laboratories of general color Cor Pratin. Steps described or Allen took up the supject by describing the various step to be taken in order to Transfer a color photograph to the Page of a Magazine. A Large group of photographers and others interested in the Art were present and followed the talk with keen interest Roy j. A is Worth formerly of of East Montecito who has Beer. P member of the Sierra Madre Volunteer fire department for the Ramsey 312 East grand View. Will build a House to Cost $3,000 and m t. Gardner. 401 North Santa Anita Avenue a House costing $8.-500. Strange a an histories three we Jeff Sac s ears w time Wilt incidental radios bes bet 4 to 5 p. In. Keil rackets 4 p. Lorner 4 15 news 4 30 Dick Tracy 4 45. Knox a Fletcher Wiley 4 Helen Mencken 4 30. Instal Mem 33 when lie Hung up tile Telephone Tamara was standing looking at him with a rather lightened Taco a who was that a a Miller Tho sergeant that was at the desk. He says i knocked Mallory out and they be got him in a a i lick for him. Tamara said relieved a now they won t be Able to take him to prison a if he 1 been knocked Down a few Ernes George said a the would t talk so much. I wish id pinched his Teeth in Miller was laughing about it. He said what be t you so hot or. Davis i told him you heard me that he was ragging me about throwing him Down and not defending him in this last George ame Over to , whose soft hair was loosened in a Cloud about her face and whose Small figure was lost in stiff new i chinese silk pyjamas. A a you re so Beautiful a he said. A i would like to be the Mast Beautiful woman in the world for Tamara said a and i would like to be the smartest and the sweetest and the Wisest. And i would j like to be the most famous and the i i richest and have a Lovely Home 1 a with lawns and Little boys running j All Over it a. A you Are everything a a George said holding her slender and sweetness with hands loosely locked about her i shoulders a you a Quot everything j Lovely and Good and Wise and Sweet t and that any Man Ever adored i you la have your Home and your lawns some Day and that jail to night and that bloated Pale Man i talking will All seem like a dream Kim nows 4 Stoke Orch., 4 15 i in the Black co i darkness of or. Reynolds 4 30 radio Campus i the Early morning Tamara joyous 4 45. J by took her place on the front seat. I doors slammed the ear moved out 5 to 6 p. In. I through the big garage doorway we love. 5 Helen anc1 turned South through the sleeping downtown laughing like two children As the were tool Sheds and a co Bane worked. Tile november Day that had Garden languishing Iii pickets streets. Sullen sit firemen vote to form Thor a Trio of cities however will avenged by terrible occurrence in were j Cornelius Barbus a Friend of cae supernal Sar it attested to the authenticity of this fact. The warning was thought Little of by the great roman emperor. However As was the prophecy of Vestri Ikirt the soothsayer Given i had pm Iglus i cd their in it consequent e j during uie course of a religious his death 1 a a on cae j soon thereafter be h i a Short period of i or not they planned or Tural is a mystery but they stand today As historical truths. Only a few months before Caesars death colonists of Capua who Knox a big town Ning 5 30 orphan Annie 5 45. J Kim fave Orch 5 symphony j 5 30. I j to 7 p. In. Kit Leidt Orch., Mardi gras 6 30. Knox a Jack Oakie. 6 30. Kim Jack Armstrong 6, 6 Holly Wood at amp it of the Julian Laws unearthed num. Crous pre historic Graves. In a i Monument that served As a Tomb i i or capes. Founder of Capua they discovered a Bronze Tablet bearing City i a greek inscription translated to Friday evening Jan. 14. The i mean when once the House of Tierra Madre Volunteer fire de-1 capes Are brought to Light then a apartment voted to join with Mon Branch of the House of julus will Rovia and Arcadia in an Organiza j be slain by the hand of one of his which will form Mal regular meting at Eon a fire fight ing Trio when the need for augment i de Acton becomes essential. The three cities had such an or i sanitation some Little time ago. But 1 dissolved the arrangement when it became known that compensation would not be paid firemen working outside their own City limits. A recent act of the state legislature has done away with this condition and now the three local cities again work As a unit. The plan of action now is in event of a fire in Monrovia which is beyond control of the local Force the Arcadia Volunteer fire deportment would lie called on for assistance and the Sierra Madre firemen would be in temporary charge of Arcadia and their own City. In other words the nearer City answers the Call for Aid. And the third City acts for two localities. O Long As the emergence a a leu Section group to meet tomorrow the Beetle Sierra Madre take place w the Osgood to at 10 30 a. In. Mrs Pearson. Child welfare one of the of the club will Peak of done for children in the la of a. In. Or Cecily read a play luncheon will be at in with members bringing sandwiches and Hoe club Hollomand feted on wedding anniversary Quot the Celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary was glorious a a a colonel Hollomon. Owner of the Home furniture co. Of Monrovia declared today. A it was the Crown ing glory of 40 years of married a colonel Quot and mrs. W. F. H it Llo Mon were married 4 decades ago in Buffalo i soul i and sunday their children and grandchildren helped i hem celebrate this event during a dinner came a Lone distance Telephone Call from their daughter in Denver who come. Tire a a colonel was thrilled. Quot i talked to my daughter and Ilion to my 8 year Cid grandson then my wife talked to her. That was a might Nice Sui on the fateful ides 15th of mar h. 44 b. C. Caesar was tearfully be seethed by his wife Cal Purina to stay Home As she had dreamed she saw Caesar stabbed Many times. Caesar in Shakespeare says a she dreamt tonight she saw my statue which. Eke a Fountain with a Hundred spouts did run pure perhaps these recurring warnings did have a monetary effect upon Caesar for he is said to have complained of illness and of a desire j to postpone his appearance before 1 the Senate. Yet. Strange As it seems Caesar did go to the Senate chamber and j to his death. At the foot of the statue of Pompey his bitter political enemy. Caesar was stabbed to it death on the ides of March fill. Tilling thereby three prophecies i which might have saved his life. Had he observed them. Original gossips. A a gossip is derived from the mid. I die English a a god a meaning a those related in god Quot or godparents. A Ftp those we love 5 Colley 5 30 motor Dom 5 45 Knox Man i ver and Black was streaking across the Eastern sky beyond the Hills i of the far coast ranges but the air was heavy and chill and Tamara shuddered with Delight As the Miles Besan to slip by and they still had i the Winter world to themselves. A George we can to really buy that old woman s place Over her head Don t you remember that she said she had to talk to her son who lived in Dallas Quot a yes but remember that she said she d rent it that s our George said Quot Well picnic there for two Day. And walk on Tho Beach and have fires a Tamara said More than once in the course of the two hours drive a this was simply an mrs. Miretti was feeding her chickens when her tenants arrived and seemed in her somewhat inarticulate Way pleased to see them. She told them they could sleep in Fidder 7 30 Dale 7 to 8 p. In. K Ftp Jimmie Carnegie 7 45. Knox a Bennie Goodman 7. Kim hour of Romance 7. 8 to 9 p. In. Of in Amos n Andy 8. Knox a i s. Weather report 8. Al Jolson 8 30. Kim Kelsey Orch started with Bright Sunshine Cloud cd Over cold fog came in from to a sea but Tamara s Cheeks glowed Pink and perspiration stood on Lier Forhead and George abandoned i sweater and work in his White shirt. The cracked Little stove in the Cabin glowed Scarlet the odor of Young chickens bubbling in a Broth of onions and carrots peppers and tomatoes and celery and Rice floated upon the Cool Salty air Anc tomatoes and celery and Rice floated upon the Cool Salty air an i Tamara salted and peppered and tasted to her hearts Content. A George Why Doc anyone Ever live any other Way than this ii we had a Hundred dollars a month and a dog. And after a while a Bai baby what More could we have there s the Pacific right in our front Yard the Morettin turned their House the other Way but we could build a new doorway and a Terrace and put in some eucalyptus a a Shell sell too a George said a fifteen Hundred Down and fifty a month does the trick. And in seven years its your Quot a a refusal a a George said. Laughing we re the Only people who Ever even thought of buying it she thinks we came in answer to her prayers to St. Joseph or a St. Joseph is the Patron of a Happy Home a Tamara said reflectively As he paused. Quot but More Likely it was St. Anthony who finds things. A probably they re friends and worked it together. Quot you better get solid with them too if you really want the place. Tam a Geo. Said. Quot Well have a Good look at it today that is if we Ever have anything to eat we will and next sunday Well come Down and make her a proposition a a done a Tamara exulted after an exploratory piercing of the Chicken with a Green handled Fork St la labelled with a modest �?�10c.�?� and immediately they sat Down in the warm clean Little White washed room that still smelled faintly and pleasantly of soap and Amonia. And strongly of Chicken Stew and Vood smoke and fell upon their feast. Afterwards there was reaction and Tam said sleepily that she could not walk a step All she could do was Wash the dishes and sleep. And sleep she did until George awakened her with the bad news that there was but one More hour of Daylight and it must t be wasted. A recovering from the alternate stiff and protestant and yawning j tenseness and apathy that gripped Tamara Tore herself from the wide him during the first two Days of bed and pulled on heavy clothing., the sensational trial he was again new Flint Trees for the rest there were Artichoke Fields already lipreading pointed Green acanthus Finger against the dark Earth and roads pitted into Black pools by Tho feet of rattle Tamara and George went int in he Bant. Caught the pleasant farm j odor of Hie quite cattle the cows twisted curious Heads to look at them Over lean manure plaster flanks Tony the boy dug his Black head into the White cow s aide As the milk hissed softly into the pail. Far up in the dim lofts there were drifts of Hay the wet Sci apart floor was perilous walking the sweetness of the Hay was everywhere. To be continued fire brings death to priest 3oys in Canada my i Nih to in rid St Hyacinthe que., Jan. 18 fire today destroyed the sacred heart College buildings Here killing several persons most of them boy students. The body of father Jean Baptiste 64, an instructor was the Only one immediately identified. Five others of boys from to to 15 years old. Twenty others were missing and 30 were taken to a Hospital in serious condition. The fire had made considerable headway when discovered in the East Wing of the building shortly after 2 a. In. Students and priests in that Section were trapped. Panic among the occupants hampered Rescue work. White flame killer takes interest in proceedings la it International new Bervie los Angeles Jan. 18�?for the inst time since his trial started Paul a. Wright accused a White flame Quot Slayer of his wife and a Best today began taking an Active interest in what was going on. With a jury to be completed Wright has begun to Aid his attorneys in selection of the twelve people who will decide his Fate. To to p. In. A Ftp death Valley Days. 9. Knox a Al i Earce 9. Khz Janews a a. To toll p. In a Ftp news to Jimmy Grier 10 30. Knox a news 10 45. Kim Pearl orchestra to. But the moment they were out of doors the Sweet soft afternoon airs seized them and she was laughing and shouting like a child As they scrambled Down the Cliff and went the Alert minded Man of business faced with the necessity of making decisions. The House if they like it was a More j along the Rocky Borders of the to Phil Harris la to 12 p. In. Or in Whiteman Ardo. 11 30. Orch., ii warm than the cottage but the Davies preferred the Plain Little one room whitewashed shed and worked with what was to her a completely mysterious enthusiasm and Energy at making it habitable i for the rest of the Day. I they drove Back to the Village for soaps and rags and a Broom i and a Rake and groceries and meat Ric they returned to put on clothing i just purchased at the outfitting Ocean watching the solemn wave.-, i come Riding in to break into Milky j Franges Over the rocks and the j Gray gulls circling and the Gray i Day dying in the streaks of Vermilion and Dove color in the West. They climbed up to the Cliff Levels again investigated the Moi Etti property thoroughly made j their Way through old fences guard ing nothing and past old Chicken j houses where a few fowls fluffed 3,000 loyalist soldiers killed in Surprise attack of Iii i de pm Knox a fio Rito Orch., la Young company a big store and for hours sleepily on perches. An old spot-Orch., 11 30. I afterwards their Landlady could see to dog was lying by the pump kh.? Orch la Nichols them sweeping raking packing in Mallow Bushes bitten by Orch 11 30. J Wood cooking and could hear them crowded against a Windmill Zaragoza Spain Jan. 18�?at least 3.000 loyalist soldiers have been killed in a Surprise nationalist offensive against the loyalist held City of Teruel nationalist general Headquarters estimated today. The new assault has been under Way 24 hours and during that time the nationalists have scored a Ebril Frost Bant successes Quot insurgent officers there said. Tie Captain and the kids by Rudolph Dirks meeting woman s club so a in of fee. At i 15 p. Section will in eel Stanley Mason in Aion on a great e on Friday Jan Section will n. It at under the Lead Cash non de i a lieu. Init i a it a to p. In. Weir own supplying in literary mrs. A a discus and their Joe Paloska by Ham Fisher Insu tip me i mean x won t l stamp for it Quot a How pare be shut up it Mise allure you re a pain in the neck in the French he club hoist of mine. A grit urn absent but married Jerome Ida. Jan. 18 . A past 12 years has moved to Pasa i Austin Bond Clayton a first Intima Riena. At the recent meeting of the lion that he was married was when j fire department or. Walworth he received at Lima. Peru a Tele a was made a life Long honorary Gram consisting of a single word i member in recognition of his Faith a married a he was wed by proxy j f us and devoted service. To miss Elva Anderson of this City j building inspector w. R. Lees through a Power of attorney Quot i has issued permits Lor two new granted to the Rev. W. P wills to j Home during the past week. J. C.1 stand up for the missing Groom. J very Well try and finish the picture. I m walking out i Don t Haff to stand for this
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