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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 18, 1938, Arcadia, California Construction of modern theater scheduled in Arcadia within 30-Days world wide news coverage by untied press and International news service Independent i Aux newspaper j u a radians this is your newspaper vol. Chi no. 14 weather generally unsettled tonight with Iho Weri. Arcacha California i tuesday. January 18, Chi single copy 5c general Hugh Johnson says a men seek woman missed in trap Sph Al which snared Ross Kidnap Slayer Ltd in right. Itt.17, by a nil id i in Khz by nil to cult Lur. I Proitte ton in we Gulf or port Forh Lildon. All right or Norvi a Washington d the president were to to taken at his word and All the holding companies were to by abolished. It would mean the dissolution of practically every great employing unit in the United states the taking apart of 90 per cent of the american business Structure. Of course the president Means no such thing. As much As anybody he is interested in business stability and improvement. He just loves to say things and since he was consorting with wicked business at the time he has had to reassure his Radical friends that although he i sitting with these swabs it is no More than a cat and mouse act. No he did t mean it but you have to guess at that. So what does that add up to make it makes i greater uncertainty timidity and i confusion. This has been going on for a year. First we were going to have an Era of Good feeling and All bus j iness beamed. Then Socko tile administration kicked Confidence in the pants with the court plan i sic Mem beginning in april it i turned or. Betle Tori. Wallace j and several other of its curly wolves Loose to warn that the upturn in business was going too last and to suggest ways to Stop the Advance. The administration practically ordered government employees to stay out of the markets and there began thunders on the left about monopoly and the anti Trust acts and threats to Stop the Advance with confiscatory taxes on a a excess profits it might show two whole months of violent kicking about of business and the incipient Boom. On april 30th�?~ i said in this place a but there is a Way in which j government can reduce prices. It can do it by ruining business. Not such talk As the presidents but j such talk As or. Wallace s and or. I Ezekiel a if accompanied by any confirmatory action could cause a i new tile administration underestimated its influence and the disturbing Al feet on Confidence everywhere of such assaults. Their efforts did not merely halt the Advance. They changed it into the sharpest decline in our history. I think the president again underestimates the effect of such threats As his ill considered or unintended declaration against All holding companies. Troche presented at banquet at Derby tavern reports Given by committees determined to keep Possession of the cell trophy emblematic of the fastest growing unit in the state and at the same time to keep the eyes of the Bowling enthusiasts focused on Arcadia the members of the Santa Anita Bowling Green club today launched themselves on a vigorous membership drive. The cell trophy was displayed last night it the first annual banquet of the club held at be Derby tavern at which Tim the Stanley trophy and the Dunann trophy were officially presented to the 1937 winners Moss Boyle doubles team and w. B. Hayes of Alhambra Handicap singles Champion. Stanley presides president Jackson d. Stanley presided Over the informal get together who n attracted nearly 30 club members. Reports and suggestions from committee chairmen prepared the foundation for the following objectives through 1938 1. Doubling of the present membership of the club. 2. Continuous Competition for bowlers on the rink Here. 3. Participation in the various tournaments in Southern California including the annual midwinter tourney at Arroyo Seco next month. Trophies accepted 4. Accepting of trophies donated to the club by the Arcadia Tribune and r. M. Dickinson to be contested in tournaments to be programmed by the games committee. 5. Maintenance of the clubs sportsmanship and Friendship qualities so Well exhibited during the Short career of the club to Date. Those attending were president Stanley Harvey e. Moss George m. Needham John f. Houlihan r. F. G. Clayton Dee m. Payne or. I. N. Kendall d. Bruce Douglas Robert in. Sheehan r. Dunann w. Ii. Baldwin James n. Bone a Harold noon and Art h. Gierlich of Arcadia William j. Mcfarland w. A Treadwell jr., Harold Shuster Edwin Brink m. J. Boyle t. G. Ashwell and m. D. Phinney of Monrovia George a. Morrison r. F. Mcelheney and w. B. Hayes of Alhambra o. T. Gil Bank of Covina and Dick Millar of Pasadena. The yellow typhoon and red storm warnings by h. R. Knickerbocker a International news service correspondent copyright 1938 by International news service throughout the world. Reproduction in whole or part prohibited Phi officials arrest killer marriage holds International love \ editors note Japan will never let up in her a a punishment of China until it has eliminated mme. Chiang Kai Shek the person chiefly re j Spon sible for China a prolonged resistance ii. R. Knickerbocker noted foreign correspondent of International news service discloses in the second of a series a the yellow typhoon and red storm warnings a Anders Northwest logger reveals the american boated wife of China s general i double murder in Fri iss i Moas the woman who controls the destiny of the world. Knicker 12,500 confession letter Booker Bas just returned to Paris after months in China and a mile trip across Asia and Europe i Nashville tenn., Jan. 18�?<insi�? Paris Jan. 18�? ins a China is Defeated but the War will with their Sli Quot Quot broaded in j. V / i secrecy two a men guarding Pellet be Over until the a amp a amp Nese Knock out the woman who will not Jer Anders confessed kidnapper and let the chinese government capitulate. Slayer of Charles s. Ross of Chi she is really the government although nominally Only the a a a a a a a t a Quot Quot a a ,. V a. Here with their prisoner on a non wife of its Generalissimo Stop flight to Washington d. C., the most powerful woman the modern world has known this afternoon. Since Queen Victoria this uncrowned Empress of 450,000,000 a chinese is playing a desperate game on which depends the destiny of the world. May Ling Soong mme. Chiang Kai Shek proposes to cajole in j would mean a turn in world his noted Southland Jurist to be buried tomorrow funeral services for George f. Talbot. 79, famed Southwest Jurist who passed away sunday at his Home in los Angeles will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 of clock from the Wilson mortuary in Monterey Park it was announced today by his Law associate Charles e. Sharritt. I Talbot who gained National recognition through his counsel on the famous Lake Tahoe water rights Case was District attorney of Elko county Nevada from 1884 spire and compel her vast country to resist Japan even Long after it has become utterly futile to Hope China could win or even get terms by herself. Tile reasons Why the Madame As she is known throughout Asia is so determined upon this policy affect us very nearly. Because she believes that if she can encourage Lier husband to hold out Long enough one of two things Are bound to happen conflict looms first. America Britain or Russia a any one two or three will be drawn into the conflict against Japan. Second Japan will collapse economically and undergo a revolution. Predominant in Madame thinking As expressed to me at banking shortly before the japanese captured her capital is her conviction that Japan is going to use China As a stepping Stone to further Conquest and that therefore the Western Powers Are extremely foolish not to intervene now while Japan is still engaged in fighting China instead of later when Japan s hands will be free to assault with full Force her Western enemies. As Madame outlined her thoughts to me China now holds the key to the destiny of the world. Suppose the chinese government agreed now to surrender to Japan. Then in the fullest meaning of the phrase the whole world would eater a new epoch not in terms of years of centuries but of a thousand years. West imperilled because the ultimate and Complete Conquest of China by Japan tory comparable to such events As the Conquest of Europe by Rome 2,000 years ago or the occupation of America by White westerners 300 years ago. This is the first time the West has been imperilled by the East since 800 years ago when Jenghis Khan s incomparable army swept across Asia and Clear into Poland and Hungary. A generation ago Kaiser Wilhelm popularized the a yellow peril but Only today has Japan Given it real meaning. Japan intends not merely to subjugate China but to make 450,-000,000 chinese into a militant Force first drive All the Whites out of Asia and then conquer nothing less than the world. Madame stands Between Japan and this cosmic ambition stands today in the first line the slim Brilliant smiling Madame. She is first chinese but second she is an american methodist and it is her americanism and methodism that have put Backbone into China a struggle. Without Madame her husband might very Well behave like most chinese generals behaved in the past and accepting the reality of defeat make terms with the victors. He cannot do it with Madame there no matter How Plain defeat comes. Fatal Day we All saw it that fatal Day in Shanghai when Chiango a 88th division was compelled to withdraw from Chapel the chinese City next door to the International settlement. That morning i was Awak continued on Page 4 los Angeles Jan. 18�?�?�� ins a a men set about today to determine whether Peter Anders confessed kidnapper and murderer of Charles s. Ross Illinois millionaire might also have perpetrated the ruthless kidnapping and murder of Charles Mattson Tacoma wash., boy. And to carry out the investigation. A men prepared to Fly the i three children who saw the Mattson 1 boys Abductor in their Home in j Tacoma to Chicago. In Chicago. The youngsters will be brought face j to face with abides it was revealed today. A a peeking charges dropped against a a peekaboo Quartetti hearing continued until tomorrow peeking activities resumed this tej Jesmon a a a pen House scheduled for the Community Cabin on Wheeler Street on saturday afternoon Jan. 29. Last night featured the regular monthly meeting of the Arcadia District committee. Boy scouts of America in the chamber of Commerce offices of the City Hall. Attending the gathering were Milton Lubetkin Aubrey Walton Ai Spranger Sam Hobbs Albret Adcock m. C Cockshott. Emmett Berry a. L. Daniels. T. P roots and Tallman h. Trask the latter representing the Pasadena san Gabriel Valley Council unit. Honor court set the next court of Honor for Arcadia troops will be staged on feb. 3 in the auditorium of the first Avenue school it was announced. Troop ii will be in charge of the program for this event. Plans will be Laun fined immediately for the holding of the Mammoth Camporee May 13-14 in the county Park which will be attended by All scouts in the san Gabriel Valley territory. V following verdict of City attorney William Elam that Arcadia s Quot peeking ordinance was designed primarily to rid the Community of tree House nuisances and did not regulate the so called gathering and forwarding of race news to the press. According to John Holt and Edgar Hervery attorneys for four men Irving Ellingham j. R. Holo Han George Simmons and George 88 District judge from 1888-1902 afternoon at the tall narrow White Justice of the supreme court of House on West Huntington drive Nevada from 1902-1914. And chief Justice on the Bench from 1904-1914. For the past ten years he has been practising Law with f. Paul Holladay and Sharritt. He is survived by a sister mrs. Zach Tiz Ernat of Baldwin Park. Santa Anita selections for wednesday Jan. 19 by Eddie read 1. Don manners Oolite Balkan War. 2. Who a there Jacomet. Silver Sarah. 3. Sweet mystery. Silver sickle Gillie. 4. Honicon. Lum illion Bol Mola. 5. Cue Bau rolling Ball. Sky grenade. 6. Sky wind. High landmark Parma Lee. 7. We Goway Huffy Kandahar. 8. Flag Cadet Almac Pitter Pat. 9. Pompous Genie his Way Young Agnes. Brt bet Don manners in it. By Ralph b. Jordon ins staff correspondent los Angeles Jan. 18�?exploring the lurid Trail of Peter Anders which started with a kidnapping and two murders in Illinois and then zigzagged crazily Aero is the country Between Bank holdups and race tracks Federal Bureau of investigation men today sought a pretty Raven haired woman. The dark eyed Beauty they said was one of the reasons the other was race horses that Anders kidnapped Charles s. Ross wealthy retired Chicago greeting card manufacturer collected $50,000 Ransom j from mrs. Ross then killed his help j less victim and his Confederate a j Man known As James Atwood Gray. Caught Friday Anders was arrested Friday at i Santa Anita track the playground a of Hollywood a Rich and famous according to an announcement Here by chief a Man j. Edgar Hoover confessed in detail and was bundled into a plane late last night with six continued on Page 4 a Iowa world wide news flashes in building 800-seat playhouse programmed As City a first �?T38 major improvement the initial progressive construction step to be taken in Arcadia in 1938 will be the building of a modern. 800-seat theatre. Foreseeing the keen possibilities of arcadians future Bob prowl manager of the Arcadia theatre and John Datz of los Angeles today revealed plans for the playhouse which will be a entirely modern throughout usual and distinctly location not named the location selected for the edifice was not disclosed in Surowi s official announcement today. Present plans of Sprowl however lie said Call for the continuation of the operation of the pre ent theatre on East Huntington j drive. Sprowl has been connected with the Arcadia theatre since i March of last year when he Pur i chased the theatre from s. L. Gillette. Morse auction Bride of georgian Prince a marriage of International interest was that at the greek orthodox Cathedral Iii new York when Lucy Tew social Reg Sterite became the Bride of the a popular Prince Georges Dadiani son of a former Leader of the old mobility in the province of Georgia. They Are shown leaving the Cathedral after a nuptial service centuries old. Permanent forum for continuous study of nations economic problems proposed by Solon by Robert a. Mcgill ins staff Washington. Jan. 18�?a permanent forum for continuous study of cooperative measures Between business Industry the government and other factors bearing on the nations economic life was proposed today by senator Bulkley Ltd it of Chio chairman of the Senate manufacturers committee. Calling for a United Effort on All fronts for a stabilized Economy Bulkley proposed that the program be carried out by a representative group under a National Council. Strong opposition is foreseen Iii i ii Emu a to ill i it i Washington. Jan. 18�?strom the Navy a mid Pacific base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. The first plane was off the a i Ter at 8 38 a. In. Aud the last head i de out to sea 58-minutes later. Allens the Constitution of the unit d states protects free speech and Reedom of the press and Forward i ing racing information to newspapers Falls under this category. The Quartetti arrested saturday afternoon in a Surprise raid still _ face bookmaking changes and will i admit arrests appear Here tomorrow afternoon at Washington Jan. 18 u.1m a i o clock. It was pointed out that i Secretary of state Cordell Hull Lethe men will be he d to exp Ain revealed that the soviet gov scores of telegrams picked up in Etc incl had finally admitted offi the Laid which give instructions Tor Chauv jul a he mysterious Quot or. And flight underway san Diego Jan. 18 us a i opposition to government Purchase thirteen of the worlds most Power i it private Utility properties in the fill air fighting Craft roared away Tennessee Valley area was express from san Diego today on a 2,570 j cd today by leading Federal Power mile non Stop flight to reinforce experts. The sentiment revealed in private by several of president Roosevelt a close advisers on Utility matters is that there will be Little disposition n i j i Lii ii to the placing of huge bets on certain horses at Santa Anita. High school District teachers absolved from All blame in Bonfire rally injuries Monrovia Arcadia Duarte High school teachers and individual members of the faculty today were absolved of All blame in connection with injuries sustained by de Wese Stephens Monrovia student 91 a Bonfire rally staged in october 1935, following a verdict handed Down by judge Dockweiler in los Angeles late yesterday afternoon. Attorneys Barnes and Maroney. Representing the District and the teachers before the noon recess yesterday entered a Pla of non suit with judge Dockweiler temporarily j denying the motion until he could 1 study the plaintiffs complaint Dur j ing the mid Day adjournment. His decision was Given As the j court convened again in the after noon session. Daily Stafford represented the Stephens family. The j complaint charged that a danger i Ous and defective condition existed at the Bonfire and that there was a Quot Lack of proper mrs. Donald w. Robinsons a Are under arrest in soviet Russia. The soviet foreign office in response to repeated formal inquiries from the american embassy in Moscow revealed that a Robin Sony had been taken into custody in the ural mountains. Mrs. Robinson who Lias been i identified As actually mrs. Ruth Marie Rubens of Philadelphia an american citizen was arrested in Moscow. In hush bearing the a Pomeroy county and j. M. Furstman official the City s for the month of made Public today. The Complete re the Council follows communicable d it Lasis. 2 Scarlet few chickenpox. 2 sods Laboratory to made 362 Sanit signatures o health District or. J. De t riot health Lith rep or i member a. Given to u 1 Chan missing j Ber of inspections Hollywood. Jan. 18 ins a a health nursing 3 suspended by his studio for walk diphtheria. 3. Ing off the set Warner Oland i clinics number who brought Charlie Chan chinese Alice. 29 new c ise detective to life on the screen was vital statistics reported Iii seclusion with friends male i Whit today. White male 2 a1 i mini ohs Lade. Tuden mumps senses 3. Are of tests total num-125 Public immunization. He d. Births female. I female i. Attend White deaths a on the part of the administration to Purchase Alabama electric properties operated by the Commonwealth and Southern corporation. Small court May decide Issue by i Nili it in in i is Washington. Jan. 18�?a Strong possibility was seen today that a six Man supreme court May constitutionality of Register Tion provisions of the 1935 Public utilities holding company act. The forecast was based on the theory that two or three members of the court justices Benjamin n Cardoza Hugo l. Black and the yet to be confirmed nominee Stanley Reed May not participate in consideration of the electric Bond 1 and share company test of the act. Scheduled to be argued orally feb i night session for Senate planned Iii i Iii r lien.11 nows Washington. Jail. Sessions of the Senate be Morrow or thursday were tentatively agreed upon by leading supporters of the Wagner Van Guys anti Lynching Bill today in an Effort to smash the filibuster against the measure by Southern senators. Tut f i us head director of All year unit or. Charlesll. Strub vice president and general manager of the los Angeles turf club today was elected As a director of them year it i of Southern California at the annual meeting of the organization in los Angeles. Elected with or. Strub As new directors in addition to stores re elected to directorships were Alfred Harrell of Bakersfield Willard w. Keith i of Angeles Baron Long i of Angeles Don e. Gilman la idly Wood and Arthur g. Beggs los Angeles. By Eddie read m. Walkers Good race Mare water splash. Went under the Hammer to Tony Pelleteri the new Orleans turf wizard for $6600 to top the auction Sale of 43 thoroughbreds held in the paddock at Santa Anita yesterday morning. Pelleteri Charles s. Howard owner of sea biscuit and a. E. Silver the turf Man that has had phenomenal Success with his South american racers engaged in a Lively bidding Battle for water splash. Starting at $2000. The Trio kept taking the signal from auctioneer a Doc Belll but Pelleteri was not to be outdone and too six year old Mare at the top Price. The 43 head brought a total of $55,000 to make it the most successful Vendue Ever held Here. The average per horse was $1,278.90. Hardy buys three rotund film comedian Oliver Hardy entered into the spirit of things and bagged three steeds. I taking a liking to Tranquility farms 3-year-old filly. Miss Chase. Hardy was High bidder at $850. M. Walkers Marv and rare Ben were knocked Down to the comedian at $550 and $1700. Respectively. Although Marv. A former stakes Winner. Looked none to sound Many horsemen were of the opinion that Hardy got a real bargain when he bought the gelding for Only $550. Film actor Walter Connoly purchased bostonian lady a juvenile filly for $450. Sweep staff goes for $6400 h c. Hatches Swee Staif. Winner of an overnight Handicap Here last week brought $6400 on the Block. He continued on Page 4 repo is on f Oso due following Ainsworth Home fire 18 night 1 r ports from insurance adjusters a inning to and investigators Are awaited Here today from san Francisco concerning the loss sustained in a Stubb in fire saturday night at the Ainsworth residence on North Santa Anita Avenue. According to fire chief John s. Eshelman the rambling Home was insured for $30 000 00, including contents. Fire broke out on the second floor from a faulty Iron the official report of the department stated Santa Anita race results first Rac e a Alex the great 20.4# 8.8# 4 0 1 tuna pah Queen to 2.88 dear diary -2# a Field horse. Other held horse were tick Lingo and j in Rogge. Second Rac mischief time 4.8# 3.4# count Robert 4.## 3.8# o buddy off Serati lied a hear Thistle
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