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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 13, 1944, Arcadia, California Tel. Go my wimp. Jan no Arcadia Tribune amp news your Federal income tax f. Harold Roach John la. Mean fan err a Hardwick value Widdows. Publisher managing editor advertising manager i ossified manager published every Ali urday at 215 South first Avenue Arcadia California Telephone Atwater 7-2131 entered a5 second class matter m71193avtthtpos to office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription Price $2.00 per year editor s note in an Effort to Clarty payers the ruminations of the present of articles Are being published. No. I. Oil income tax system your income tax. Including both the regular income tax and the temporary wartime Victory tax is a major part of the Federal governments method of paying for the War and All other governmental costs. These taxes Are figured As a percentage of your income after deducting various exemptions credits. And deductions. They arc based on your taxable income from All sources. Al Ati Klai Al including wages salaries bonuses a 3 la plan Cui ice Neal tile Tribune was designated As a commissions business profits Divi association newspaper of general circulation do ends interest rent and royalties. J la 46by decree of court on May 8. ,831 i Normal tax of 6 per cent and also a a a surtax which begins at 13 per cent and increases by Steps fro i quintly called a a brackets Quot to successively higher percentages for larger amounts of income. The Victory tax is also an income tax but is Only for the duration of the War and somewhat different a a deductions exemptions and credits k l l ,,.when thinks it 1 advertising Are granted than arc allowable for pro Paoly still thinks of it in terms of commercial come Jodi the regular income tax. The Victory ties of suits and dresses of food and travel toothpastes tax is computed at 5 per cent. But and laxatives. The Man who has something to sell runs an 311 Auto Matic credit formerly called and the Man who wants to buy something reads it. When a a postwar credit reduces the tax the two get together and make a Deal advertising has done by one fourth or More depending its duty i on whether you Are married or sin it used to he As simple us Flint in 1. Gle and on How Many dependents in the minds of Allta Inconis to \ Law these Seri s of payments Vire oni it if still Necsary Atte the year. 1943, to file a inter than March 15, determine the amount it approximate r that end of a return a not in order to f the Correct tax. In Cam Nee Ion with this return you will compare the Correct amount of your tax and the actual amount of Jour payments. If your payments were less than the Correct tax. You will pay the difference. If your pay. Ments were More than the Correct tax. You will be entitled to a refund or credit. The Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on May 8, 1931 subscription Price $3.00 per year with the Arcadia bulletin. Published every monday. Advertising rates on application 944 editorial styles in advertising laymen when he thinks of will Ca decided veal 1 we arc still in the Transi a of Quot pay As you go there to be an additional chore ars return when the plan an already owed your 1942 Cheve you of paying both i s in one year Congress a part of one keeping posted with la Ells Prentice Public relations officer inc i i Haim a commander promoted to Nat. S i it again the Arcadia Radca unit has been singled out As a corps with High calibre officer material. Tile commanding officer Cash Noma payers will have to Figue How much ,1 that years tax was not forgiven and make a payment. 1 he 1943 returns Are due not later than March 15, 1944. But taxpayers i will find it in the Best interests of 1 both themselves and their govern i Mont to rile As Early As possible. The return should by filed wish lie collector of internal Revenue in the District in which the individual has Iii. Legal residence or place of business. If you done to know the collector s address inquire at local Post office. Greene has Bern selected by the Radca National Headquarters to serve on their staff As Public relations officer Lor magazines and radio with a raise in rank to commander Junior Grade for the past year commander Greene has served the Arcadia Radca unit efficiently and the work she has accomplished most commendable she Aho was Public relations officer on the staff january h aim a a attend Bond gym Ittel meeting representatives of the ambulance were present at the foul the War loan Bond committee meeting was j yield at the police court last monday evening commander Greene signified that the corps would Pari Ici f commander Euthon Allen for the 17ih area. The excellent work she did in both of these Oft ices soon brought her to the attention of National Headquarters and she was a placed in a position where her capabilities will to used nationally. Her officers and members of the corps Are pleased and wish commander Greene great Success in her new office her leadership in the unit will be sadly missed but this will be somewhat softened by the fact that she plans to remain a will retain her position in the j corps member As senior advisor and of in As head of the wad can a. Under the medical division. A new commanding officer for the Arcadia unit will be selected and sworn into office by the end of riven the privilege of oiling Bonds direct to the buyer. Defense Stamps will also be on Sale for those who wish to fill out tin or books and Exchange them for Bonds at the Santa Anita theater. All citizens Are urged to buy All they can to help fill the $300,000 quota allowed to Arcadia. Arcadia has Given too men to the service by buying $1000 per Serviceman this quota will be attained and we will have fulfilled part of our obligation to these servicemen and our country. I Pate in this coming drive with As much Energy As they gave to the last. La Geraldine Harris will again be chairman for the Radca division under the supervision of commander Greene. Sgt Elsa Wilson was elected by the Bond committee to serve As Secretary a position i which she is very capable of handling All officers and members will do their share in working to make j this drive As successful As the bust rile Radca i will again take Over lir Santa Anita theater to sell Bonds and Stamps for the drive j or. Lusher manager of the theater. Has stated that due to the Success the wad can a scored in the third War loan drive the theater is one of two in this area which has been promotions Apt. Noma Greene promoted to National staff officer with the rank of commander kist sgt. Loan Derry promoted to master sergeant sgt. Mary Beth Roberts raised to the rank of first sergeant these a Ixo a a have duly earned their promotions. Dock Swiss Chard and dandelion greens have Little waste it used promptly or washed and stored cold the heavy Midrib of Chard can be removed and used in place of asparagus. As that. But have you been Vou Sun Nort Reading the ads recently the main objective of advertising. Amp us Van. Of course is still Selling but ads today Are doing double duty. They re still Selling things but they re also Selling ideas. Since the War began for example ads have been Selling America to americans. Millions of americans have bought millions of shares of Stock in american in one War Bond drive after another. That was a Job that have been done without advertising. The War advertising Council in its report for 1943 reported advertising contributed to the promotion of War themes during the year totalled More than $300,000,000. There were ads for was and ads for Waves ads for fats and ads to save. Then when you buy a new car or an electric toaster or a Waffle Iron or some other Gadget your favorite dealer used to sell you ran across an and picturing a tank or a plane or a new radio device your old manufacturer was turning out and you Felt better about it. Yes during �?~42 and 43, advertising went to War in a big Way with results that May shorten the conflict by Many Long months. But watch for a new turn in and copy in the new year 44 for in the midst of War America must prepare Foi peace and a return to peace time production and employment. Smart manufacturers who Haven to had much to sell for some time now except to Uncle Sam will their names Back before their old patrons talking about their Post War models even if they re still in blueprints. And private business knowing the big Job it has to these Are the taxes for which an annual income tax Quot return must be filed on or before March 15, 1944. The requirement for filing these returns has not been altered by the a pay As you go collection system which was installed last year. Under the pay As you go system part or All of an individuals income taxes both regular income and Victory taxes was withheld from his wages during 1943 and turned Over to the Treasury by employers. In the Case of individuals who were not kept substantially paid up by the wage withholding additional payments were required on the basis of a a declarations of estimated tax. However since both of these types of ret of l most tax political Parade by Clem Whitaker president Roosevelt a re election or defeat assuming that he seeks a fourth term May hinge More on his handling of major Domestic issues particularly the gathering labor crisis than on the conduct of patrons building Goodwill the War or on our military position and Confidence in tomorrows America. Advertising has a at election time. New Job to do do to reconvert its plants and help America Over the Hump of Post War reconstruction will be talking through ads to its stockholders and workers and decide was tripe Grade Labelling comes to literature a now As com to this that tile Bright Young men and the party Hacks in Washington having invaded every other Field from the baby s formula to the number of coughs in each Brand of cigarettes Are to decide in their great Wisdom what constitutes a a literature and a a arts b c that at any rate is the dire picture conjured up by the strikes and action of postmaster general Frank Walker in ruling that the writings in Esquire Magazine Are not literature and that its pictures Alen t crts and that therefore it Isnit entitled to the same postal rates enjoyed by other popular magazines. For or. Walker who also happens to he the democratic party chief of staff did t ban Esquire on the ground that its copy offended Public morals but on he amazing ground that what it printed lacked literary Merit. There May be Many who will agree with or. Walker that Esquire is lacking in literary distinction but heretofore of course the american people have been free to what was literature and what Wasny to. And what for some proved Good entertainment for others. We have had no a command performances in Washington no Board of literature to Tell us what was Good and what was bad or what was indifferent. We decided that for ourselves. But now if postmaster walkers dictum May be taken As a criterion Grade Labelling has come to literature. And May the gods preserve us from what seems to be in store for us. Prohibition again a a wets and a a Drys Are Manning their guns again and jaded Washington always in search of new excitement is in a greater dither Over congressional hearings on a Bill to bring Back prohibition. There Are the usual arguments Over monday morning hangovers in War plants versus personal liberties it Cetera and heated exchanges Between spokesmen for the liquor Industry and the anti Saloon league. We will not venture to guess what will come out of it. Other than congressional oratory but we would risk this prediction that if we get War time prohibition again the profiteers and buccaneers in the liquor Industry will be responsible for it rather than the crusading dry Law organizations. Gyp joints peddling watered drinks and Black Market operators Selling $2 whisky at from $6 to $10 a bottle have probably done More to agitate the country than monday morning absenteeism in War plants. We dont think the a a Drys Are Strong enough to bring Hack prohibition but we re not so sure about the a a wets taxes after the War i he problem of postwar business taxation cannot longer be ignored a f in. It involves the jobs Standard of living even the Freedom of the people. That it has been almost wholly ignored to Date is attributed to the common Assumption clearly stated by Harley l. Lutz professor of finance. Of Princeton i University. A that business can and will continue to Supply the goods and services upon which All schemes for the Good life depend regardless of the drag and Drain of excessive such an Assumption has been encouraged by the ability to Industry to produce during the War notwithstanding a confiscatory tax Load. People Are prone to forget that the businessman is first and Foremost a Patriot. For the duration the incentive of patriotism has in most cases replaced be incentive of profit As a production stimulant. After the &, businessmen cannot be expected to act any differently than other groups. The nations productive Talent will work i est if it sees a Hope of fair Reward. \ ice president Wallace fully realized this when he was moved to remark recently that a your whole tax Structure including individual income capital gains and corporate taxes will need revamping to stimulate lion and employment a maximum product this admittedly runs counter to i the current views of both democratic and Republic strategists but there Are explosive factors in the National situation which Are Likely to upset the Best Laid plans of party High commands. It is no longer Correct for example. To refer to the epidemic of work stoppages now sweeping the country As labor management disputes. In most instances they Are actually labor gov eminent disputes with labor leaders locked in bitter conflict with their one time friends and allies in the Roosevelt administration thus far while there has been off the record criticism of the president most of the labor chieftains in their Public statements have aimed their barbs at sub Ordi i Nate new Deal officials rather than or. Roosevelt. The president in turn when government agencies have locked horns with the unions has usually escaped a showdown by taking Over and granting substantially All that labor demanded. There is growing Public Discon \ tent however sharply magnified by the resentment of men and women j in the armed forces Over this policy i of labor App ascent and an increasing tendency on the part of the voters to blame government even More than they blame labor for such occurrences As the Coal strike and the threatened nation 1 wide rail tie up. And there is every likelihood that the president must soon take his stand and take it firmly and publicly. If he demands that the unions Retreat from their present militant position that they forego inflationary wage increases and that they abide by their a no strike pledge or. Roosevelt May win a new measure of Public Confidence but he will undoubtedly come to the parting of the ways with Many of the labor i leaders who have been his staunch est allies in past campaigns. On the other hand if he yields to labors demands for sweeping pay j i hikes and gives tile rail unions h r example All that they asked at the 1 time of their strike threat the president must kick overboard All or tense of maintaining his hold i the line program and will doubtless precipitate a new Avalanche it wage demand.-, All Over the country with the result that he will suffer a serious loss of Public Confidence faced with similar problems in i the past or. Roosevelt has either j found a Way out by Compromise 1 or has openly taken his stand with labor confident that labor support would pull him through. But this time there is every indication that the situation has drifted too Long to permit 02 Compromise and there is the added Factor that the general Public May be so unsympathetic with labor s demands and so irritated by work stoppages that the president would lose More than he would gain by a policy of labor App casement one of our largest and most collections of. Complete to i but done to Del a a in placing your order s it a Aza s. U a pc a n a i the a a a it or St act this year because of the trend to Plant for food there will be a tremendous demand for fruit tree s. In anticipation of this demand we have provided More amply than Ever before. The Trees Are already in our Nursery labelled graded and ready for you to Plant. We do advise you however to place your order now. And Here s something else to remember. 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