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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 13, 1939, Arcadia, California F fag four i Arcadia daily Tribune Friday january 13, 1939 tuberculosis control studied by health Anocia Tion Public awareness of the importance of tuberculosis control at its source through to tuberculin skin tests find Chest a rays in our High schools is evidenced by the flood of letters accompanying Christmas Seal contributions urging the enlargement of the preventative program Carle i on in los Angeles county territory according to the report made to the Board of directors of the los Angeles county tuberculosis and health association by mrs. Walter Malone Secretary of the Beard. Mrs. Malone stressed the need of periodic examinations for All High school groups to insure the detection of tuberculosis at its beginning both for the Protection of the individual. The spread of the disease to others and the economic saving of life and i iter More expensive Cost of treatment. Cov it a Jas Farmer a cow killed a Man in Durant okla. David f. Wills. 71-year-old Farmer was found in a Field fatally trampled. Neighbors said he had been leading a cow with a rope and that evidently he fell in front of it. The urge to visit a Down under Quot has become so great that during the past. Year More than $15,000,000 had to be spent in building new hotels and improving others in new South Wales alone in order to accommodate the increasing tourist traffic. Her own child often is woman a severest critic by Jacqueline Hunt one knows just when it happens but inevitably your growing up son or daughter who has tried so earnestly to win your approval through the years of Babyhood and Young manhood or womanhood turns on you and becomes the one to make demands you must win his or her approval. You must work to make that child of Quot. Yours proud of your looks your one of their pet hates is straggly clothes and your personality. Wisps of hair around your neck when your suddenly grown up a new and of Vou Are honest von youngster begins to bring friends will a omit that neglected hair on to your Home Vou and on the youngsters Len t Vou will be quite the same. That lock of hair seen with new that. Drops Down Over the Eye of eyes a critical in your 16 year old daughter is eyes that Over fwd a j she casual and free and Youthful. Your look the sacral s own drooping locks make Vou look flees you have we old. Tired and discouraged made and the Fig of j do something about your hair first of All maybe you cannot have a Chic new coiffure designed for Vou. Or cannot afford the Upkeep of a smart modern hair dress. But Vou can find some arrangement that can be kept tidy at Home. If Vou try a new. High coiffure watch test o w is out for rhe ends that Are Apt t0 in. ? a Quot drop Down on the Back of your you mothers to. P w t0 neck. Learn to keep them in place Stop telling your daughters now to Combs or invisible hair of in and ask their and pins for an up swept hair do do tier a up Psi Quot did do your wends for its Charm on the clean vice on How Vou should do your a a up a l1ne m the Back 0wn�?~ parents look to the condition of your critical of parents Mav Haye lost much youngsters May have passion 0j its Youthful buoyancy especially for neatness in the matter of their of you have died or bleached your own grooming they May neglect hair for a few year. If Vou Are old their clothes and let their hair enough to have sons or daughters blow wild in the wind but they to High school or College the will not forgive a Lack of neatness chances Are your skin and eyes Loving care you have Given your f a in 11 v. Rhey will see Only your outside self. Can Vou pass the about Vou fashions for men by Barclay Swain have lost some of their vivid colouring. Hair that is too Bright or too dark accents the shallowness of your skin and seems to magnify every Little line and enlarged pore. N look to your flair on the continent any Man of the White Collar class and above wears gloves the minute he pops out on the Street. He would As soon appear without them As without his trousers. Such conditions do not prevail Over Here but Glove manufacturers still Hope for such an event. In the meantime they still sell gloves to keep gentlemen a hands warm for one things to improve their appearance for another. Best Selling Glove is still the peccary pigskin. It comes in Cork Gray Black russet Brown and natural the last being the style Leader. Pigskin is popular and will continue to be because it is so practical. It can be washed it wears very Well and is pliable without being Slippery. It Sticks to a wheel and therefore is splendid for driving. Smooth finishes for dress other smooth finishes or Glace leathers in the same class but of lesser Vogue Are Cape skin Goatskin and Kidskin. The last is quite thin and a Dressy Glove. For the Man who dresses More meticulously there Are the suede or rough finish leathers of which the mocha Glove is the leading favorite. They come principally in Gray and the dressier models have Black embroidered backs. Saddle sewing hand sewing and Long run consult an expert Hairdresser Ning stitches Are other embellish and have the color of your hair ments. Changed to a muted tone that does for the Man who really dresses not pretend to be Youthful. Per us and likes to take his Cane for a haps with the Aid of a temporary walk that old standby the Cham hair Dye that can be washed away ois gloves is popular. In a natural with each shampoo Vou can Grad Shade it has a Bright pleasing Yel rally let your hair assume its Nat Low color the bleached Chamois ural colouring even though it is Well Glove of a creamy White is an streaked with Gray. Your offspring obligatory accessory for full dress will like it better and this bit of. Honesty will help you assume a Windsor combines advantages new Charm Anco dignity. The one Button Type Glove worn be just As critical about the con with the Button open is a favorite action 0f your skin and the Way Over the slip on Type with a longer you use your make up. Many older cuff. A new Type called the wind women in their attempts to be Sor which combines the Adan Youthful. Apply too much make up tages of both is now out. It has a and not always the right kind. Three Quarter Inch hem at the cull xmpr0ve the condition of your skin and is just Long enough to meet and you it easier to do a the shirt cuff. There is Button. Skiff i make up lob. But in place a do Gore select your cosmetics carefully leather held together by a hidden an Eye t0 color most older 6 the Norri Itibus bibs on the skins need a slightly Darker pow was this Clove Are novel in Der and a Rouge and lipstick that her the in tend right to the hem Are softer and a Gater in Shade that they extend right to the hem. Than the one they new Uge apply lined gloves Are still being sold a tinted foundation Cream to give but Are not so popular As they used Ypma skin an evenness of texture to be. With the Advent of the a Hen ugg Rouge and powder spar closed car with its efficient Heater Winfriy. The effect is one of natural the need for an extra warm Glove warmth and your Young daughter has disappeared. The Driver s who uses too much Rouge on her Street or dress Glove will do. But own Cheeks will adore your re for those who want extra warmth Strain and judgment there Are Many trim styles in the a a a leathers discussed above and lined More tips for mothers in to with flannel or fur. Morrow a column. A special service distinctive Job printing at Low prices for our readers Telephone Atwater 7-2131 and ask for appointment with our printing Salesman if you wish prices. Layouts Etc. Complete Job printing Plant we Are equipped to print any Job from a business card to a catalogue or newspaper. Layouts and advice on planning jobs Are our specially. Drop in and get acquainted before ordering that next Job. Abates 104 . First Avenue phone Atwater 7-2131 in military plane tested at san Diego this new military training plane is undergoing tests at san Diego. Cal., for the guatemalan air Force which recently took delivery of a Fleet of them. Honduras. Mexico and Nicaragua also Are using this Type of Craft. Lives devoted to health fight four who appear on Stamps hero Zed because of their Battle on tuberculosis try Logan Clendening m. D. I ii Ope stamp collectors bought i whole Sheet of the Christmas seals his year because unless they did hey will miss the four important tamps one at each Corner of the Heet. Unlike the other Stamps on he Sheet these show pictures of he four great heroes of tuberculous in the upper left hand Corner is Fennec who invented the Stethe Cope. Ile was a French physician my the Story is that he had a puzzling Case. He thought his patient and a disease of the Chest but he was lot Able to confirm it. While in this late of mind he went walking in he Parks of Paris and saw some Hildren playing at a see saw. One i id had his ear Down on the Board or. Clendening will answer questions of general interest Only and then Only through his column. My the other was scraping a telegraphic message to him at the other and with a pin. Laennec instantly bought of the possibilities of using i tube to listen to the sounds made in the heart and lungs. He went Jack to the Hospital and found that Ais idea was practical. His description of the Stethoscope was published in 1819. Discovered cause at the upper right hand Corner of the tuberculosis seals is a stamp with a picture of Robert Koch. His claim to Fame in tuberculosis is that he discovered the cause of the disease the tubercle Bacillus. In the lower left hand Corner is a stamp with a picture of e. L. Trudeau who founded the first Sanatorium for tuberculosis in the United states at Saranac Lake. This Sanatorium is still operating and one of the most famous in the world. Trudeau found out that he had tit Bercu Joss when a Young Man. In those Days it was thought that the diagnosis of tuberculosis was a death warrant. Trudeau decided to go out into the great wilderness of the Adirondack. To die but instead of that the Mountain Arn and the open life healed his lung disease and he lived to the age of 67, dying in 1915. His is the inspiring example for any discouraged person who has been told he has tuberculosis. Got stamp idea finally in the lower right hand Corner of the Sheet of tuberculosis seals is the picture of Ejnar Holwell a danish mail clerk who thought of the idea of tuberculosis Stamps. The Story is that he Wras counting and sorting Christmas greeting cards one year and it seemed to him foolish for people to Send so Many cards with Only printed greetings on them. He thought there should be a tax that we Ould support sick and crippled people. He managed to convince King Christian of Denmark of the virtue of his ideas and the first seals were sold in 1904 and netted a profit of $18,000 for the tuberculosis hospitals of Denmark. I am writing this article in january and realize it is too late for the Christmas seals but i feel there is reason Why these Stamps should not be sold All through the year in order to support the great cause of preventing a disease which we have almost conquered. Editors note seven pamphlets by or. Clendenin can now be obtained by sending to cents in Coin for each and c self addressed envelope stamped with a three cent stamp to or. Lof Jsn Clenden int in care of this paper. The pamphlets Are a three weeks reducing diet Quot indigestion and constipation Quot reducing and gaining a a infant feeding Quot instructions for the treatment of diabetes. A feminine Hygiene Quot and Quot the care of the hair and How husbands Are Quot stolen often he is party to theft in this Way Are the amenities preserved Lor who can blame a poor Little helpless boy who is Only six feet High and 45 years old for being kidnapped by a Nassy bad old flapper with big eyes and Golden curls and Long red fingernails who lured him into her Den by singing a song about How handsome and wonderful he was the poor innocent just did to know any better than to follow her. New without doubt the wives Are in the right of it in Many cases for there Are enough authenticated instances of women who have had their husbands Ched from under their very eyes when they happened 13 be Locking another Way for a moment to lend color to the love thief legend. Nor can any Ere deny that Many wives have found that it was just about As sme to leave their husbands alone with their Best friends As it was to leave their Pearl necklaces in an unlocked drawer. For to Many women to see a thing is to want it and the Mere fact that it be Lonyo to some one else does not restrain them from taking it. Sil l and 11, be love thief who rates More than an Amateur standing and who gets beyond a mild flirtation with another woman a husband is comparatively rare. It is Seldom that one has the skill and knowledge of hot. To Jimmy a Way into a Many a heart or carries enough int in her personality to blow up his conscience and his fear of mrs. Grundy and Mak away with him if he puts up any sort of a fight or tries to protect him Elf against Hor. So we Are led to the conclusion that when a husband is stolen it is generally an inside Job and that he was at least lots Oil before the crime. Of a Wiirre. There Are exceptions to this Rule. All of us know staid Domer tic Una Ina lie m Dale aged married men who have been stolen from their Wiver co Rul Larriv a a stick of Candy is taken from a baby. Left alone there min wet id have been faithful husbands and gone contentedly on their Golden wed zing Days believing in the Sanctity of the Home and that their Manas were their hearts desires. Washington in the news a by Raymond Clapper your individual Horoscope by Frances Drake copyright 1938. By King features Syndicate inc. For saturday Jan 14 March 21 to april 20 Aries a activities both of general and private nature under Beneficent rays today. However spectacular gains mid showy achievement not so favored As Are wholesome and progressive matters. Step Abend intelligently reasonably to men of Good will a still holds Sway in All our hearts and if it does a Dull Day now and then perhaps today will be one for you should Only Spur us on to doing kindnesses for others. Washington let new dealers profit by the example of Harry Hopkins their hero and the Ablest of them All. Considering the difficult pos Liton in which he was placed appearing before the largely hostile Senate Commerce committee which was inquiring into his qualifications to be Secretary of Commerce Hopkins handled himself skilfully and effectively. Especially considering april 21 to May 20 Taurus the embarrassing position he was in j with regard to politics and spa. I on that Hopkins executed a strategic Retreat to much stronger ground. Ile said and he has Good reason to mean it that of he had it to do Ever again he would not have made political speeches while head of spa. Ile also said he probably May 21 to june 21 gemini should have fired spa people caught mixing into politics in Kentucky and other states. That statement May have been a disappointment to some of his critics on the committee who were prepared to hang Hopkins Over a Hickory limb at that Point. When they made a i grab for him he Wasny to there. Although it was a neat escape j Hopkins thereby acknowledged the serious mistake which has marred an otherwise notable record of handling some $9,000,000,000 and Dis i Tributino it among some 3.000.000 persons through an administrative j organization numbering 35.000 and worry or borrow trouble. Covering every county in the Conn a Vasht 22 Leo. Comfort. Al groans so often neglect to Lake sufficient rest and diversion for health of mind and body september 24 to october 23 Libra a do you notice unreliable tendencies for new under Kings especially if they ar.1 extensive and carry added responsibilities perhaps but handle your problems with adroitness and moderation and you will prevent errors and keep within Safe Bounds. We Hope that the spirit of peace of c Tobor 24 to november 21 Scorpio a you born before november to be gentle considerate with family life male friends and help maintain Harmony Allaround. You born after november 9 avoid extravagance irritability procrastination. Not very stimulating so ifs up to november 22 to december 22i i Saa. I to at att Al 111 till you Friend to Supply the initiative. The big understanding and whatever else your intelligence tells you is essential to help put Over your Job june 22 to july 23 cancer a yes be sceptical about new propositions and risks. Today especially advises caution and forethought in All matters of importance signing agreements or contracts making promises Etc. Keep Busy with useful activity. Done to try. Hopkins ii As nothing to fear from those critics who object to his sympathy with the unemployed and his aggressive efforts to give them work and food any More than attorney n., general prank Murphy has from August 2.1 to september 21 the people who denounce him be Friendly indications for you particularly in business affairs. Romance or other personal interests take second place. You born aug. 8-22 be More discriminate less Gullible. Virgo a Best for completing unfinished matters attending to that with which you Are familiar and to looking after your health and husbands know they Are easy prey for the w Des of of Omen and do Little about it so it is i p to it ires to be smarter than sirens when a married Man forsakes his Legal spouse for a younger and fairer lady with More mph to her his wife invariably claims that he t s stolen from her. Thus does she save her face and prepare an air tight Alibi for him in Case he discovers that forbidden sweets have become dust and ashes in his Teeth and he desires to return to Home and Mother. Cause he shoot the a letdown striker out of the Detroit automobile plants. When Industry cannot employ people the government must take a care of them balanced budget or nov Oul a i us slugs balanced budget. Hopkins is not to # la be justly criticized if he thinks of Vidt i s these luckless people As human be a Ings and not As statistics in the ii or Stltt budget. _ where Hopkins was vulnerable basketball fans of Arcadia. Mon was in not being tougher on Politt Rota and Vicinity tonight in the cans who wanted to use him and Ivy Avenue school gymnasium in spa and in permitting his Enthus Monrovia will be Treater to a pair Siam for the new Deal to sweep of re Soleri scheduled a Omny by him into political speech making. The annual night league the first Relief is by its very nature easily tilt starting at 7 of clock prostituted to political use. Nearly in the onegin engagement of the every politician wants to use Relief evening the artisans will face the on his Side As the Senate showed yes men quintette. In the second last summer when at the urgent rename. The u. S. Forest service squad quest of senator Barkley then a opposes the Junior chamber of i candidate for reelection the Hatch Commerce. Amendment to prohibit politics in Relief was voted Down. Lw1"�?z? t5 p to Quot re fat i the will of mrs. Emma Schubert real concern exists Over this Dan Blister harpist and Only woman gel of political misuse of Relief member of the Philadelphia Ama Hopkins was so aggressive in his eur orchestra bequeathed $2,000 desire to help the administration to the orchestra the income to be that he could not see the mistrust Quot Quot cd to Purchase concert tickets with which the country viewed his for music student own political utterances. He could not see that it was the worst thing he could do for Relief itself. And when Thomas l. Stokes exposed abuses of Relief in the Kentucky primary disclosures which the Sheppard committee have verified Hopkins made an attempt to deny them. Sagittarius you May encounter some difficulties in business Abd personal attainment. You la have better results of you la permit your naturally charming personality to persuade rather than Force issues. Quiet but effective action will gain. December 23 to january 21 Capricorn much depends upon your reaction to the stimulating but not too favourable rays of today. A Cool head pleasant Demeanour and patience will be your Best aids. January 22 to february 20 aquarius a you born january 23 february 6 sidestep persons and situations that will keep you from attending your duties. Other aquarian same advice obtains for you though you Are More favored by Good vibrations february 21 to March 20 Pisces employment interests finances and heart affairs under restricting vibrations. Your antidote a Middle course of action cheerful Pep Faith in your ability. A child Horn today is a Cap Leorn aquarius Cusp Al born when Hie Sun was leaving Capricorn and entering aquarius. Intellectuality kind hearted Ness outstanding characteristics. Should guard against indulging gloominess. Many skilled scientists Uhd writers were bom in this particular sector. Cheerful surroundings important upholstering facing the Senate committee Hopkins saw that he was on untenable ground and he got off As fast As he could. It would have been infinitely better for the administration if he had done so during the political Campaign. The other stuff played at Hopkins during the Senate hearing was Chicken feed such As the Rumor of something he was alleged to have said in a moment of relaxation at the rare track which led Hopkins to speculate As to How the senators would look if everything they said in moments of relaxation at parties were printed As their considered utterances. The senators got the Point. Phone at. 2�?5502 for free estimate in we recover and re style furniture. We refill old cushions reset Springs make self covers do custom building. An estimator will a ii on request. Including fabrics and labor any 2-piece set samples shown in your own Home easy monthly to rms thirty ears experience g u aka tees satisfaction s. Eastern upholstering shop 1128 West main St. Alhambra Thane at. 2-5502 we asked the colonel and he created is Throat and it Aid that he a liked th4 Fairmont because it had such a marvelous View of san Francisco and the worlds we a Debutante of v and she smiled and said she chose the i airborne Holt aute a a it a Lite gayest place the City. There a so much to do by fac a a a and above All it s smart a / state railways charitable state owned railways Are charitable. Minister of the Interior Mcewen has arranged for free transportation on the australian Commonwealth railways of children and their escorts when travelling for medical examination and treatment. Babies Lent to University live babies instead of Case records will be used hereafter by the household economics class of the University of California. Parents were so anxious to co operate in the course that after 50 Little boys and girls had been selected 70 other applications had to be rejected. I skip a pip1amat and he said Quot Well most of my friends in the service stay Here. Besides the staff seems to know just what i wish before i can name v rates from i per Day to. D. Smith Preu Fml h. A it Ernami to. Ign

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