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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 13, 1939, Arcadia, California Arcadia youth exonerated from blame in crash death of City employee -. A a a Quot a a tank n a Vair read and enjoy exclusive Tribune features Independent daily news a p e r world wide news coverage by International news service and United press Intile copy 6c vol. In no. 12 weather fair tonight and tomorrow. Arcadia California Friday january 13, 1039 it merry-601 Ronnhi r a fantastic War rumours sweep Europe mexican unionists stage a sit Down brew Warson w Robert s. Alu Washington a acting comptroller general Richard Elliott got an unexpected careful during a catechism of to a officials on extravagant expenditures. Quot How does it happen Quot he began sternly Quot that your offices in Washington Are equipped with such costly furniture these overstuffed chairs for instance How did you manage to get them a the to a officials looked unbelieving by at Elliott and then at Reed p. Martin his chief clerk. A Why a one of them replied a we got them the Way every other department does. If we want a particularly Nice piece of furniture we order two Ordinary ones. Then the manufacturer who understands such things sends us the expensive piece but Bills us for the two less expensive Elliott was outraged. A that is highly improper a he shouted a it is unethical and a but a expostulated the to a officials a fall government agencies do this. Why even your own does Elliott gasped then turning to Martin he demanded Quot is that True or. Martin a Martin got red stammered finally said Quot yes sir it is. They Are quite right. This is a regular practice. In fact that show we got All that Nice furniture in your own after he got Over the Shock Elliott rushed off a memo to the Justice department asking for a Legal opinion. Screen Star Loretta Young quire Onevai unconfirmed reports reveal Mussolini and Hitler launching War actions j or film Star was called for questioning by Federal investigators probing the so a by. Hnry or a. �?z., being questioned. Acme telephoto alien Survey in county communities Heads Benefit including Arcadia underway Relief Rolls checked by officials spa cuts unless the president can pull a Rabbit out of the hat his $875,000,000 deficiency Relief budget is out of Luck. There is powerful sentiment i both branches of Congress to whittle. The figure most favored by both republicans and democrats is around $600,000,000. Contention is that this sum is sufficient to maintain spa Rolls at their present level if wage Scales Are Cut. The present spa average for the country is $53 a month and congressional Economizer argue that this can be slashed to $45 or $40, thus employing the same number of people. Relief authorities strenuously of continued on Page 2 data concerning the number of aliens on county Relief in Arcadia and other sections of the county was being compiled today by the county charities department in response to a request from the clerk of the Assembly of the 1939 legislature at Sacramento. Telegraphic i request for the information was received last night. I the legislature desires to know the nationality of All aliens on what noted people Are saying by International news service Chicago a rep. Martin Dies chairman of the House committee on in american activities denouncing dictators a phrase makers Are More dangerous than War graduate state takes on racing planned Sacramento cal., Jan. 12. Ins a graduated state a takes Quot on horse racing and which would depend on the size of the track income was j asked in Sacramento today in a Bill j introduced by assemblyman Ernest i Voight los Angeles and Gordon Garland. Woodlake. The measure provides the state s j a a take be made on a basis somewhat similar to graduated income tax. Another Bill pertaining to racing was presented by assemblyman j Thomas j. Doyle los Angeles and provides cities and counties be permitted local option in licensing bookies with License fees going to the individual communities. County Relief Rolls and the Cost for extending them Relief for each month from july i 1937 to december i 1938. Number sought also requested was the number of aliens being taken care of in the county general Hospital and in private rest Homes where the county keeps patients under contract because county facilities Are inadequate. The nationality and the total Cost of caring for these patients also is desired by the Assembly committee on Relief according to the Telegram from the clerk. Rushed North the information is to be in the hands of the Assembly by next wednesday january 18, when members of the Board of supervisors Are to be in the state Capitol to Confer on Relief matters. County i officials Are endeavouring to have the state take Over a greater por a Mon of Hie Cost of Relief and to have the state have the Federal i government to assume More of the i Burden. London Jan. 13. Ins a a wave of alarmist rumours comparable in their effect and fantastic reality to the Martian War scare broadcast in the United states recently swept Over Europe today. Widespread and apparently baseless reports of troop movements and ultimatums that sent stocks plummeting on markets throughout the continent compelled the British and French governments to the unprecedented step of issuing formal statements of reassurance to their jittery Peoples. Mass troops in London the Story was that Adolf Hitler was massing troops or sending troops to the dutch Frontier. In Paris the rumours had Premier Mussolini planning to Send an ultimatum. To France demanding inauguration of direct negotiations on the subject of Tunisia within 48 hours. Both London and Paris heard that a a War by Spring was apparently inevitable. Members of Melfa labor Union t. My a with wives dogs gasoline lanterns and other or Telephone seige Camp on the first floor of t demand 65,000 pesos sir Errman of Reom pan Rabieb they claim he owes them for work on a construction to. Latest world news flashes by United Presa and International news service Washington Jan. 13. Unsin the United states today charged the German government with specify violations of american rights under tile recent series of nazi anti semitic treaty. The alleged transgressions of american rights were presented the German foreign office in a note by Prentiss b. Gilbert the american charge do affaires at Berlin. Jurors she oui bet exonerating the Driver of All blame a coroners jury today determined the car crash death of j Charles gust Harold 64 year old employee of the Street department last wednesday night was accidental. The verdict was Given at the inquest into the death held today at the Glasser and Johns Chapel and mortuary Here. According to police reports Harold a walked into the Side of the car driven South on first Avenue by Howard mount Joy to of South j tenth Avenue. Services saturday funeral services for Harold for i / years employed by the City Street department will be held saturday afternoon at 2 o clock from the Glasser and Johns Chapel with masonic services to be observed at the grave. The aged City worker was born in Boxholm. La., March 3, 1874, and is j survived by his wife and five Sis i ters. Acme telephoto superstitious Folk watched their step today Friday Lith superstitious Folk of Arcadia watched their step today for it was Friday the thirteenth. Reports from the Street indicated that four Leaf clovers and White horses were sought by scores to Ward off the legendary Jinx of the Day. Friday the thirteenth Falls a gain in 1939 in the month of october. Blk us five on rivets break out of Ells in heavy for Barking rifles halt try san Francisco Jan. 13. Ins a two convicts were shot and three confederates captured today when they attempted to escape from Alcatraz Federal prison. The incorrigible a a Rock prisoners participating in the break were. Arthur Barker serving life for Kip Naping Dale Stamphill serving Hie for kidnapping Rufus Mccain serving 99 years for Bank robbery and kidnapping Henri Young serving 20 years for Bank robbery and William Martin negro serving 25 years for a past office robbery. In serious condition Barker was reported in serious condition. He Vas shot in the right 1 Side of the head and left leg. Stamp Hill was shot in both legs. Getting out of their cell Block in an unexplained manner about 4 a. Rn., the desperate quintet made a dash for the Shore but their absence was quickly noted and guards rushed after them. Ignore rifles ignoring the rifles which covered them Barker and Stamphill ran madly on. A Volley of bullets i stopped them. Dogged belief of Alcatraz inmates that two of their number successfully escaped a year ago by swimming to the Mainland despite contrary convictions of authorities led to the attempt today authorities believed. In choosing today the desperadoes ignored the Friday the 13th superstition so venerated by most of their ilk. Shea funeral services to be held on sunday Montpelier . George d. Aiken battling the governments efforts to get flood control lands without consent of the state of Vermont a the Issue is simply and solely the insistence of the Federal government that it can take from us what it chooses without any regard at All for our wishes or our fog nozzle test scheduled for Drill of firemen new York Al Smith urging support for a pre nazi Pavilion at worlds fair a i have never believed and i never will believe that the present government in Germany is in keeping with the heart of the German featuring a test with the recently purchased fog nozzles a fire Drill is slated for the Arcadia fire department regulars Anc volunteers a a tonight at 8 of clock at the Corner of Santa Anita Avenue and Wheeler Street. Announcement of the Drill to which tile Public is invited was made today by fire chief James Nellis. The firemen will Battle flames in a Decoy House. Chief Nellis said. Valley scout units elects Howe As president for the 14th consecutive year Joseph p. Howe of Pasadena has been named president of the Pasa j Dena san Gabriel Valley Council boy scouts of America including Arcadia in its territory. At the annual meeting of the Council last night in Pasadena Howe was elected to succeed himself to the position. Boy scout leaders for Arcadia attended the dinner meeting. Charles j. Of Conor of Monrovia was selected second vice president. All year huh Bureau to be s. F. Fair information office aids refugees a r i n c e s s Paul Chavchavadze who is a Cousin of Marina Duchess of Kent is president of the russian refugee children a welfare society and Hopes to Aid their cause by a perfume fashion show Jan. 17, at cafe Louis Xiv in Rockefeller Center new York. French perfumers will exhibit models gowned to comply with the various scents. Col. Jacob Ruppert owner of n. Y. Yanks passes away new York Jan. 13. . Jacob Ruppert Multi millionaire Brewer and owner of the new i Ork Yankee baseball team died today at his filth Avenue apartment after a lingering illness. He was 71 years of age. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. Rome. Jan. 13. Let a it a Tho United front of great Britain and France is As a Strong As the Berlin Rome Axis a prime minister Neville Chamberlain warned Premier Benito Mussolini a High authority disclosed today. The Stern warning from the peace spokesman for the european democracies was Given to the fascist Premier and indirectly to nazi Leader Adolf Hitler with the further statement that Britain would stand solidly behind France in event of War with Italy. Rome. Jan. 13. Ins a prime minister Neville Chamberlain and Premier Benito Mussolini Are to have another conference this evening it was Learned today. Plans for the new informal talk were closely guarded hut it was believed the suggestion for renewal of the conversations came from the italian Side. Western Union is loser As tip by wire unplayed Pasadena Jan. 13. Inn a i to tip was sent from Harry Inland horse of nor to Nelson Howard also a horse owner and race player staying at hotel Huntington. The horse was a repaint running on a Northern California track. The horse won but Howard did not play swe Palot because Western Union dissent the telegraphed tip. Today the Western Union is i loser. Damages of $500 were awarded against the Telegraph company by Justice of peace j. R. Morton. Evidence showed that Howard could have won $1,070 on the tip. Phoenix girl believed to be kidnapped found Story of cigarettes told to Arcadia Den of Lions London Max Schmelling. Quoted on the recent rumoured escapades of propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels a ifs Lucky for Goebbels that he never tried to play around with Anny my wife. I would have broken his the Story of cigarettes was related yesterday noon to members of the Arcadia Den of Lions International by Harry Marker of the research department of a nationally known cigarette company. Marker was the principal speaker of the regular weekly luncheon session of the Lions club. For the Benefit of Southern californians and visitors alike the All year clubs downtown visitors Bureau will be official Center of Golden Gate International exposition information during 1939. All year club president James r. Page announced today. Each of the Welcome ties on duty at the Bureau. 505 West sixth Street will visit the fair in Advance of opening and full supplies of literature and latest data will be supplied constantly. Kea biscuit scheduled i u take workout today Charles s Howard a America s Champion race horse a this afternoon at Santa Anita was scheduled to perform in a Public workout Between tire second and third races. Announcement of the biscuits trial dash was made this morning by Trainer Tom Smith. Sea biscuit was set to be handled exactly As j though he were going to a real race being saddled in the paddock first and then going to the Post. Hollywood Jan. 13�? up a David o. Selznick today ended a 2-year search for a Searetta o Mara by deciding upon Vivien Leigh Young British actress As the screen heroine of the picture a Lone with the Washington Jan. Is ins a the House rebuffed pres. Roosevelt today on the first Issue to come before it this session when it refused to increase the $725,000,000 spa appropriation Bill to the $875,-000,000 asked by the White House. Phoenix adz., Jan 13 ins found alive and unharmed beneath a House within a Block of her Home two year old Yvonne Lee. Who had been missing Tor 35 hours presented a perplexing problem to Phoenix police today the child disappeared Earls tuesday. And after a several hour search had proved fruitless a kidnapping w k feared late last night. C a. Williams r ported i police thai he heard strange sounds craning from beneath his House. Investigation revealed the child crouched in a Small Hole. Funeral services for William Sylvester Shea 1560 South Santa Anita Avenue who passed away yesterday at his Home will be held sunday afternoon at 2 of clock mom the Glasser and Johns Chapel and mortuary. Mrs. Jessie Bass Christian science Reader will be in charge of the services. Born in St. Louis to. February 5, 1879, Shea for two year had been a resident of Arcadia. He was secret Ary to Mort Shaw of the parimutuel department of the Santa Anita Racetrack. He is survived by one sister Edna r Healy and a Nephew Edward Reakirt both of Arcadia. Arcadian to by featured in concert on Pomona Campus appearing in recital on the Claremont Campus of Pomona College monday night january 16, with tile Pomona College string quartet. Will be Miffy Louise Hobbs of Arcadia. Miss Hobbs a Sophomore this year. Is cellist of the group monday s concert Here is the first Home appearance i the string ensemble Winch was organized this fall by professor Kenneth Fiske head of the department of violin. It is comp sed of leading members of the College orchestra. U. S. Fleet guarded through Panama anal to a games Balboa c. Z., Jan 13. Us the United states Fleet today begs a passing through the Panama canal from the Pacific and headed for the Caribbean sea for the greatest concentration of fighting sea strength in the nation s history. Troops strictly guarded the locks and strategic areas of the canal permitting no one to approach. San Francisco my. 3. It ins it a to a Brief terse official statement Warden James a. Johnston announced Hie attempted break from Alcatraz today of five desperate convicts. A two prisoners were Defeated in their attempt to escape Alcatraz Island. A they got out of cell building about i a. In. And in the fog that enveloped the Island attempted to get to the water but were Defeated in the attempt by i i Kida. Spain Jan. 13 ins a Spanish government defences on he Southern catalan front crumbled today and insurgent armies swept toward the sea capturing Tortosa key City of the Ebro Valley and Only 40 Miles from Tarragona. You be heard of or. Logan Clendening now you can read his great column daily there is no More popular writer on medical subjects for laymen than this distinguished physician who never forgets that a a the human machine is also a Man Aud that the Man has Hopes and dreams As Well As liver and now you can enjoy or. America s family physician Quot every Day a find sound advice and inspiration in a column that is a Well written As it is Well informed. Starts today in

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