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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Arcadia, California Old Arcadia City Hall pointing by mrs. Edna Lens is just one among a Hundred paint Ings of Arcadia historical landmarks that will be shown this thursday at a meeting of the Arcadia historical society. The paintings soon to become part of the Arcadia Public Library s collection were done by mrs. Justine Wishek and society president mrs. Lenz. Emma Hainer Long time Arcadia resident and former City treasurer holds a painting of the building in which her office was located. The meeting will feature a social Coffee hour and will begin at 7 30 in the main lecture Hall of the los an Geles state and county arboretum. The meeting has been designated As charter member night and All charter members and new members Are urged to attend. Inter City newspapers photo education needed in override drive a subcommittee composed of citizens who have had previous experience in school election told about 35 representatives of Arcadia organizations that it will be a a matter of education to win approval at the polls february 7 of the school districts request for a new tax ceiling of $3.75. Ai Coke speaking thursday before the gathering of representatives of civic groups pointed out that the problem of winning approval of a five year tax override is different from Bond issues. A it is a simple Case of he said in speaking for the group which will present the Case of the school District before a score of groups during the next four years. Coke pointed out that few people know a what we Are talking about and added that it will be Best that All speakers make their remarks As simple As possible. Rather than to get into specifics As to what will happen to the Arcadia school program if a tax override proposal does not gain 51 percent of the votes cast next month Coke suggested that it will be a matter of economics in which the District will have to Cut Back by about $1,250,000. General fund ceiling the Board of education is asking voter approval to raise the general fund taxing Powers by $1.55. For the past five years the voter approved has been $1.05 above the state instituted maximum of $2.20 created several decades ago. It was emphasized thursday that if the voters turn Down the higher override that the District will have to gear its program to what the $2.20 level will generate in funds. If the override loses the school District can seek to overturn the decision through another election. Or. Robert i. Boyd who sits on the newly organized Pasadena City College Board As Well As the Arcadia Board told the meeting called to map citizen leadership strategy to win approval at the polls that the need for greater tax Powers has been caused by inflation. He pointed out that the increases required in salaries As Well As supplies has created annual budget pressures. Coke told the audience that the theme of the Campaign should be that the tax override is necessary simply to keep the Arcadia school system at the existing level. It was pointed out that the taxing ceiling which comes under the voters scrutiny deals Only with the Day to Day operations of schools. Fixed charges w hich Are governed by Law raise funds for retirement Community services Bond debts and similar expenses. Fact sheets superintendent Burtis e. Taylor distributed three pieces of Campaign material. One is a fact Sheet which Coke pointed out should answer the average persons questions. A More detailed fact Sheet Points out the total tax rate for schools for the fiscal year and Breaks it Down into a dozen components including the general fund rate. The Arcadia Board for this fiscal year increased the $100 assessed valuation rate by 12 cents to within a Penny of the taxing limit of $3.25, a level which expires june 1968. Or. A. W. Nisson president of the school Board explained that the District is staging a tax override almost a year and a half before the expiration of the present ceiling inasmuch As it is possible that a new majority of the Board May be elected in april. Three seats will be open in the Spring. Although neither Nisson Boyd or Harold c. Lietz have indicated they will step Down All three Are Long time members of the Board and they Felt their experience behind an override plea would provide greater chances for Success. Teenagers in turmoil 1a i Lack of standards i adds to insecurity be editors note a this is the second in a four part series on a a teenagers in turmoil written by Merton t. Kelsey Rector of St. Luke a episcopal Church in Monrovia and noted marriage family and child Counselor. The series which proceeds from statement and exploration of problems confronting teenagers their parents and the Community to conclusions and suggestions is appearing exclusively in inter City newspapers. There is also a sociological society has a set of mores. When source of confusion for our Young people which is not often appreciated by those outside of the sociological Field until it is pointed up to them. Most of us Are governed far More by our mores our customary unconscious unquestioned values than we realize. Every established these Are Strong there is Little confusion among teenagers or adults and there Are few real infractions of the Law. It is the unquestioned values of a people their mores which really keep a people in line not the Legal Structure. Most Legal continued on Page 2 6-0111 2nd class postage paid at Arcadia Calif. Delivered thursday and sunday i cd a copy 50c a month $6 a year 909 s. Santa Anita ave. Zip no. 91008 City attorney gets charter group snub Hillings gets county seat Nicklin left waiting in office butterwort Quot a no need now7 Pat Hillings whose friends projected him As a write in candidate in november in opposition to senator h. L. Bill Richardson was seated last week As a member of the county Republican Central committee. A move had been made by Homer Bell Monrovia attorney to prevent the former Arcadia congressman from taking his seat a position he earned at the polls in the 1966 primary. Paul Jenkins a Long Beach attorney who had been asked to study the Bell move reported that there was nothing in the bylaws which prevented Hillings from sitting on the committee for the next two years in View of the manner in which his name was presented As a write in candidate. Hillings not Only is a member of the Central committee of which he was chairman four years ago but also took his place As a member of the 54th Assembly District committee. Kermit Hartzler of Arcadia who spearheaded the write in drive was certified As Hillings alternate. Jenkins has advised the Arcadia Tribune that the full statement of the ruling on Hillings will be made available for thursday edition. A move by two supporters of Richardson at the end of the county committee meeting to win approval of a Resolution to censure Hillings failed to get off the ground. Bell who had been 54th Assembly committee chairman was named chairman of the 24th congressional District committee. He also will serve As a member of the county executive committee. Carl Newton an attorney was elected to succeed Bell As head of the 54th. The newly created 19th state senatorial District will have Walter Walters a Monrovia attorney As Secretary. He formerly headed the Monrovia Republican club. Refrigerated weather chills inter City area baby its cold outside is More than just a song title for the inter City area particularly near the Foothills. The Mercury Hasni to gotten out of the 30�?Ts during the first week of dawns this year. New years Day sent the year off to a cold cold Sunrise and it Hasni to warmed up since. Despite the afternoon Balmy Mercury of 76 on wednesday there Hasni to been enough atmospheric heat around the area to warm up a pack of eskimos. The a old timers a those who have been Here for three years will remember when january began with what was then considered a Cool morning. The temperature readings were in the 40�?Ts and most of the first month of 1964 was something resembling be old sunny California weather with the Mercury in the 70�?Ts and 80�?Ts during the Day. But the last six Days has seen More top Coats than in South Dakota. The High thursday was 59 and Friday 61 which pointed to a freezing saturday. Storms have been pushing through the san Gabriel Valley leaving no moisture but pouring plenty of cold air this Way. By Bill Wilson staff writer like a jilted bridegroom left waiting in the wings City attorney James Nicklin sat hopefully in his City Hall office wednesday night waiting for an invitation to join the meeting of the City charter revision committee the invitation never came. The omission sparked the first conflict within the citizens advisory group. Most Likely it will not be the last. Called for and formed by councilman Edward butterwort immediately after he took office last Spring the committee is expected to touch on the most sensitive and controversial problem areas of the City government among them the autonomy of the Library Board and the positions of the City treasurer City clerk and City attorney. Nicklin was named an sex offi Cio member of the group at the first organizational session. Since then he has not been directly notified of committee meetings. Conflict at the committee session moved in two parts both involving Nicklin. Not invited the first erupted when committee member and former mayor Dale Turner notified butter Worth that Nicklin was in the building and asked if he Nicklin be invited to attend. Butterworth said he saw no need for Nicklin attending As no important business would be taken up. Turner replied that As an sex offi Cio member Nickling a presence was As necessary As any other member. Butterworth countered by saying a a sex offi Cio member is a member of the staff and should be called Only when a a it a my understanding that sex offi Cio Means by virtue of office and he belongs Here with the rest of us. The minutes of our first meeting show that he was appointed to this committee and i can to understand Why he be included a Turner replied. Butterworth defended his stand by saying that a the appointment Wasny to meant that Way and if the minutes show that then they Are in the debate went on for several minutes before being dropped with Nicklin still sitting in his office. Nicklin said thursday that he had gone to his office in Hopes that he would be asked to attend the meeting. A i was appointed to the committee and have been asked for my opinions on the present charter. I feel that i know As much about the City charter As anyone in Arcadia. If they done to want my opinions that a Fine but i feel that until in a told that i am not needed that i should attend the meetings like any other member a Nickin said. Nicklin had earlier been asked by committee member Dale Turner Why he did not attend the meetings. A i told him it was because i had not been he said. Turner later again challenged Butterworth in asking if he could see the list of recommendations that Butterworth had obtained from Nicklin. Butterworth at first said a the recommendations i have gotten from or. Nicklin have for the most part been in the form of Oral suggestions and nothing Concrete has been drawn Turner replied that he had talked with Nicklin and had been told that a list was Given to Butterworth on june 20 of last year. Butterworth replied that a i did receive a four Page letter with certain recommendations but it was addressed to me personally and i did no to think it was meant for the contacted later Nickin said a of course it was addressed to him. He was acting chairman at the time. How else would you direct a letter to a committee a Turner made his feelings known following the meeting in saying a there is no one better qualified to sit on this committee and Point out weaknesses in our charter than Jim a the charter we have now is a Good one and we should Start from the Point of picking out the parts we done to like and revising them rather than trying to write a whole new charter. I done to think the people of Arcadia will accept a completely new no dissension when contacted thursday Butterworth said a i have no comment on the matter. I Wasny to aware that there was any dissension on the subject of or. Nicklin being present. When the time comes he will be asked to attend and will i feel be a very valuable Aid in helping us adopt a Good Butterworth said Nickling a letter would be copied and that copies would be made available to All committee members before the next meeting. Further controversy is expected to be raised when the letter is made Public. One of Nickling a suggestions is that the City treasurers office should be consolidated with the City controller in order to eliminate duplication and conflicts in Power. Autonomy of the Library Board is also questioned by Nickin. This subject has already been brought up by the committee and will be studied. The present City charter was drawn up in continued on Page 2 sixteen Page Arcadia California sunday january 8, 1967 vol. Ali no. 3 Tim Fistler in first for $100.00 Tribune carriers win Cash a foothill inter City newspaper Tim Fistler ninth grader at first Avenue Junior High school finished at the top of Tribune carriers in the annual subscription contest. Tim who sports a smile that matches his $100 first place award is the son of or. And mrs. M. L. Fistler 305 san Miguel. Second place honors Worth $50 were earned by Rick Pesota son of or. And mrs. Walt Pesota 419 Leroy Avenue. Third place and a $25 Cash award went to Bob ver Burg son of or. And mrs. Joseph ver Burg 322 Joyce Avenue and Kent Weigel a Carrier with the Tribune for Only four months stormed into fourth place with a whirlwind finish to win a savings Bond. Kent is the son of or. And mrs. William Weigel 1861 Alta Oaks. Winners in the annual contest were named on a Point basis with carriers scoring on both new and renewal subscriptions. First place Winner Tim is a Young Man with a Busy life. He is a member of the band and of the Letterman club in football at school he is treasurer of his Church group and he is a scout with the honoured a order of the enthusiastic about his work As a Carrier he said last week that it has been of great value to him in learning How to handle Money properly and also that when people say a a not he can take it without becoming angry or upset. Tim who has been with the Tribune since 1965, plans to Bank half his winnings and use the other half to attend scout Camp. Rick second place Winner is a senior at Arcadia High school. Listing his hobbies As a Beagling and baseball a he plans to use half his earnings to further his interest in Breeding beagles Bank the rest for College. Bob ver Burg is a ninth grader at first continued on Page 2 very important people gathered at the Arcadia Tribune last week with the pairs at left and right on hand to receive some very important envelopes from publisher f. Harold Roach. The boys from left Are Tim Fistler Bob ver Burg Rick Pesota and Kent Weigel. The envelopes hold their awards As top winners in the subscription contest held among Tribune carriers. Inter City newspapers photo i it

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