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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 21, 1939, Arcadia, California Phi Fri two Arcadia trii5unr i a line 4faioml�lril5tftfflheshow$ Arcadia publishing company 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California a. Ii a r o is i it n 0 0 n president and publisher strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Entered As second class Matte. March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia. California under the act of March 3. 1879. A a a the Tribune was designated As a newspaper or general circulation by decree or court on the 8tn Day of May 1931, member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented in the United states and Canada by j j. Devine amp associates. Inc. New York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh pa., Ard Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c Pel month. Phone Atwater-7-2131 for All departments. Advertising rattle on application the Arcadia oilily Tribune reserves the right to reject any advertising copy it May deem objectionable dishonest or against the Public interest. All contracts for advertising in the Arcadia daily Tribune. Arcadia news and the Gabriel Valley topics edition of the Arcadia daily Tribune Are not binding until approved in writing by the president of tile Arcadia publishing company. It Bobbie a by fish naval horse via4 it mtg with Admiral honors me r 20 years of service. George Washington All America knows and honors him As a the father his if for no other reason than that he was the first Pilot of a fledgling Republic the name and memory of Washington deserves our homage. And they deserve More than that they Merit our gratitude As Well. Without the firm leadership of Washington there might have been no determined Union of Federated states after the revolutionary War but Only thirteen warring Petty kingdoms. In that phase a the father of his country a which this 1 nation has bestowed up its first Leader there is far More i truth than rhetoric. It was the generalship of Washington i As commander in chief of the Continental army from 1775 to 1783, that kept the flame of Young americans fighting spirit aglow through the arduous years of War and the dark hours of Valley forge. It was the dauntless determination i patience and Energy of Washington which brought the Quai-1 reling factions of the constitutional convention into final i agreement and More than any other Factor secured the i ratification of the Constitution of the Constitution by states a jitterbugs dream would be the that were hostile and suspicious. T of Beld by Barney or if a a Muse to tit ,. I Ament editor for the Nebraska state it was Washington alone that commanded the respect journal and Star in Lincoln of All political parties. As America s first president he his Job demands that he regu gave this Young struggling nation a belief in the indissoluble Larrv cover ail night spots in lir Union for which he had Long prayed and Long fought. And Colne and he takes wife Vada Ai i a ,. Along with him when he Coes to in the eyes of Europe his presidency gave to Young America ,.work. In free and one half Yea i an esteem and prestige no other person could have won for it. Of married life Barney says they. Truly this Man was a the father of his it is with Praise and gratitude that our nation salutes the memory of Washington As general statesman president and great american. Of omit a Lincoln nebr., y Newspaperman took in wife to 529 dances in it years. And never danced Mth Neri he does t dance they Vaw Iso movies to6ether Itrie ame period by Udo we. I us. He can to dance i v Vav one daily Washington merry round to Aoi a map a continued from rage d to have had a papal representative. Further the Church in the United states is the Vatican a chief financial support. Also the Pope was extremely fond of the United states and its people. This grew chiefly from a deep respect for american Freedom of religious worship. Once Pius remarked to an american visitor a you ought to cherish your Liberty of religion. Over Here we Are not so Well again when asked Why he had not sought a Church state concordat with the United states As he had done in so Many other countries he replied a Why sign a treaty to gain rights already enjoyed by Law a pro Roose velt Pope Pius also had a deep admiration for president Roosevelt and spoke most affectionately of him to Cardinal Mundelein and other american prelates. He considered Roosevelt an outstanding ally in the Battle which he and Pope Leo Xiii before him had waged for the underprivileged. To Pius the Roosevelt program was the economic embodiment of the principles which he and Leo had championed m their religious writings. His encyclical on the social order it quadra Gemmo Anno spoke eloquently of this and also gave a Clear indication of the Harmony of views existing Between him and Registe d churchmen who talked with him As commenting on Coughlin a monetary ideas Quot no mechanical solution will solve our twice the Pope intervened vigorously with father Coughlin. The first time was immediately after the 1938 Townsend convention in Cleveland when Coughlin called Roosevelt a Quot liar and a Pius immediately sent word to the radio priests then Superior Bishop Gallagher of Detroit and there was a Sharp crackdown. Then in 1937, Coughlin again assailed Roosevelt personally and added that it was sinful for a Catholic to join a to Union. This time archbishop Mooney of Detroit who had succeeded Gallagher not Only of baked Coughlin but banned him from the air. Meanwhile Cardinal Eugenio a cell i. Papal Secretary of state had hastened to the United states from Rome with a vigorous reprimand from the Pope. Coughlin was told that he must Cut out his disrespectful reference to Roosevelt if he wished to continue his radio oratory. And also that his condemnation of the Cio was a contradiction of Church doctrine defined in the encyclicals of Pius and Leo. Namely that the organization of labor and the rights of Catholic workmen to join unions of their own Choice should be encouraged by the clergy. I have attended 529 dances yet they have never danced together because Barney can t dance. He just never Learned How. Worlds Champion movie seer the Lincoln Newspaperman figures he and his wife have viewed 1300 movies together. In 1936-37 Barney saw every English speaking film on the american market�?944 in All. In 1938, Barney also made 274 radio appearances. Barney is one Man who can make work out of play and play out of work at the same timer even if he does have to of a Wallflower at All the dances. Hugh Johnson says copyright. 1p38, by United press Vudi oath inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved horse that retired for 29 years service in the British Navy. Bobbie a horse was recently retired with ceremonial honors ordinarily Given Only to retiring admirals. As Honor guard presented arms and a sailors band played Quot the boy of the old brigade Quot As Bobble left his stable. Five Hundred seamen and officers were in attendance. Tomorrow the strangest portrait. Kansas City. Are a few mealie Worms in the nations bread Basket. In the great agricultural Empire of which Kansas City is the Center i hear the same rumblings against aaa that i reported a few months ago from the South Eastern Cotton and tobacco country. My native state of Kansas has gone Republican in sentiment at least. After three bad Corn crops it wanted to turn to wheat. When it came to try it the aaa said nay nay nay. Since Kansas had t been raising so much wheat the quotas were Small and Are growing smaller. Kansas was condemned to Corn. Farm i ices Are too Low to live on except for live Stock and there ainu to no live Stork at least not enough to make up for Low prices Enott r crops. Even the High meat prices Don t look permanent. Because Corn for feed is cheap Farmer Are going in for hogs in such a b g Way that next year s pig Geries will by bursting with pork. A glut in cattle for the same reason i farther away but it is pretty Apt to happen. The Quot eve Normal granary Quot does no to work with live Stock once cattle and hogs Are fat and Fin _ shed. You can t keep on feeding a them. They Are too expensive to keep just for pets. A Muddy fat sew Isnit much of a pet anyway. Another circumstance is the extent to which agriculture has gone mechanical. Frank Langham who used to be in the farm implement business with me still manages that same business for this territory in discussing the line of implements. I could hardly recognize it. The horse drawn part of it is reduced to almost nothing. Nearly All tile tools a a tractor tools. That Means that one Man can take care of the same land that it took two or three to till ten years Igo. Farming is being mechanized with the same kind of Rush that Industry took right after the War. A a technological a unemployment hrs already arrived in agriculture. While that makes lower costs of Pio detion it contributes nothing to Contentment in these great open spaces. Apparently but not actually contradicting that is the Farmers complaint that spa has outbid agriculture for such jobs As there Are and they can t get Quot hired men at prices they can afford to . Thirty to forty dollars a month with food and lodging is Mere than sixty apparently the dollars on a spa Job in town. But Lieve it. It synopsis Jaxie Cameron Lovely Young newspaper columnist travels West from Chicago aboard the big chief extra fare train in search of copy for the Star Tribune a Twenty Corner a inside car 74x. Lie recognizes a Bride and Gre in Ait notices a girl who she later Fin is is Clarice Cole sex waitress bound of. Hollywood car. Ieda be. A worn Young Mother with two Small children a oases j Axle s sympathy but the most interesting passenger on the train at Leas to miss Cameron is Kirby Elliott tall and Gray eyed and humorous. As dusk deepens these two remain talking on the pm ser vation platform. Mose the Porter pacifier mrs. Sanders an old demander who shares Section 6 with Elliot and explains travel technique to Jake Weatherby gaunt mid West Farmer unused to luxury trains. An unassuming Little Man in Khaki sits Reading finally All the passengers Are settled for the night. But Kirby Ell at lies awake in upper 6, remembers Jaxie s Brown eyes Bronze hair and husky Sweet voice. Rite next morning Marie Boltin the Bride and Clarice Cole Are thrilled to meet Jaxie a newspaper woman whose name is a household word. Also present Are the misses Yates and Colbin Middle aged school teachers on a Holiday. While the train stops at Kansas City Clarice meets the handsome Man in no. 3 who has remained aloof till then Here too Jake Weatherby a wife Marthy boards the train bringing with her the startling news that half a million in Bonds had been stolen from a Chicago Bank the previous Day. The thief is believed to be on a westbound train part of those stolen Bonds belong to Marthy and Jake More than Ever Jaxie like the trained reporter she is watches everything and everybody around her. Chapter i but this special train of people was an entity out of the whole world of space and time for three Days. The significance of the thought impressed Jaxie deeply. Perhaps too her impressions of her surroundings were affected especially by the manner in which a pair of laughing Blue eyes had met hers in the dim Light of the observation porch on the previous night. She could not efface from her thoughts the memory of those eyes. They looked at her from every place she turned and filled her with a delicious sense of expectation. She wondered How he would Greet her when they met again. It developed that she was the one who did the greeting. On returning to her car she reached her Section just in time to witness a Little drama taking place across the aisle. A glance revealed the situation. Obviously Kirby had breakfasted Early and returned to his Section with the intention of doing some work for which he required a table. The woman in lower 6 who shared the Section had been absent somewhere when he had directed Mose to set up the table and had returned just before Jaxie came in to overhear Kirby a confused apology. A i beg your Pardon Madam. If the table is in your Way Pii have it taken out at once. I thought perhaps you mind my doing a Little work this a Well i do mind and you might have been considerate enough to consult me about it first. I want to sleep now which i can to very Well do if you have a table in Kirby laughed easily. A of course no one could sleep under such conditions. Sorry i he rang for the Porter. Mose came inquiringly. A guess i wont need this table after All a Kirby explained collecting his sorted papers. A take it out will you Porter a a Porter a a girls voice interrupted them from behind a will you set the table up in my Section in a working also this morning. And a Jaxie added kindly meeting Kirby a eyes a if you wish you May sit to of and to to tin to hic Ami a you pm in noun hat e to with 11 Alist f ,1 t tuesday i february 21, 1930 Irujo Zub air of sir still untiring at the mercy of he ? May you be blessed for it a humorous eyes mocked the Alem nit y of his words. Quot How i Quot i know you Ere not it the mercy of tin world a she asked Mardenly a a How t lint a a you nuts be this Bank robber nor to the const he who fills morning but the in in Here it is denied her bus t i is i Tat he laughed shortly and sobered. Mil lit be Al thut. Even so you Littler. A a. Wail it Tacq. A you May be this Bank robber escaping to the coast. And presently the two were seated on either Side of it facing each other with their respective papers strewn Over the table Between them. But it was obvious that neither was seriously concerned about work. A where were you this morning a he asked. A i missed you everywhere even when we stepped at Kansas to a i had a glimpse of you hurrying out of the station then i went in to breakfast As soon As the train started. In be been All this time in the dining a then you Are not on a diet a he guessed. A no a laughed Jaxie a but i was not Gormand izing on food. I was Only devouring the atmosphere eating on a train studying human nature and Reading a newspaper that Wasny to printed in a sounds As if you had an interesting morning. Too bad you can to teach old mrs. Crouch across the aisle How to he glanced across at mrs. Sanders Busy with adjusting her pillows anti window shades. He winked roguish by at Jaxie. A a in la bet she does no to sleep a Wink now that she has the place All to Jaxie laughed. Quot she a Welcome to All the sleep she wants. I done to intend to miss More than i have to that Way. Poor things she probably has made this trip so Many times she would rather miss it All. You should feel sorry for a yeah i imagine the people who Are to be afflicted by her arrival somewhere Are gnashing their Teeth and feeling sorry for themselves about t a shame to you a mocked Jaxie. A you Only want a i not at All. In be had my revenge and it is Sweet. Did no to her irritability give me your company that a almost heaping coals of fire on her head Isnit it anti did you see the Glassy eyed stare she fixed on you when you offered to take me Are Safe enough. Even a Crook would value his Safe arrival at his destination enough to respect his fellow passengers. Have you spotted any other suspicious characters a a not in this car. They All appear to be very respectable and la abiding citizens oddly assorted As thru a a appearances Are often deceiving a he observed casually. A How so i know you Are not the criminals Beautiful assistant taking his loot to the coast by one route while he goes by another a a a rent to you the Clever detective though i suppose you missed your calling in life and became an insurance agent for which the world will always be the loser in unsolved crimes and too Many lapsed insurance a if i were a detective i should consider myself fortunate to be assigned to a Case that would involve meeting you. And whatever my vocation i should like to devote any Leisure time talking with an interesting person like his smile flashed. A which reminds me that you have work to do and so have i. I shall try not to disturb she was adjusting the Lead in a Silver Pencil arid did not look up when he said a i like to be disturbed by anyone so disturbing As you but she was conscious of the flush that Rose from her Throat to her Cheeks and of n consternation that enabled her to reply evenly a if you done to behave you can to work at my her eyes were shining though when she raised them to meet his glance and for a moment he experienced a pleasant sensation As of being lost in a flood of dazzling Light. Quot then ill Promise to be very Good a he declared soberly and proved it by taking up his work without another word. To be continued i i copyright. Kiln Robb Wehner. by Kin feature Syndicate. In a help Quot was told does t Beth Ere has teen More than a to per cent shift in population from farms to towns the Captain and the kids in Kansas during the depression. Continued on Page 4 by Rudolph Dirks reap the savings from the daily Tribune classifieds 104 no. First ave. Arcadia Atwater 7-2131 Roosevelt. In that encyclical Pius declared a every then must receive its due share and the distribution of created goods must of brought into conformity with the demand., of the common Good Ani Octal Justice for every sincere observer is conscious that the vast difference Between the few who hold excessive i Hiti Eft Man of people american churchmen Pius Well will remember deep rooted liberalism ascribe to three things. Who knew him for his which they it sprang simple peasant wealth arid the Many who live in destitution constitutes a grave peril in father col the pontiff s one headache in the United states was father Coughlin. Tile Pope never was enthusiastic about Coughlin even in the beginning when the radio priest was widely popular and an ardent supporter of Roosevelt. Coughlin was consistently hammering on one topic monetary Reform and Pius had misgivings about this. Tile Pope is quoted by american pent his Early year or. U Small farm near Milan. In later years he never lost the human touch. His Reading also gave him a Broad Liberal Outlook. He was a noted archivist Well versed in history and economies. Finally he was Well travelled lived for a Long time in Poland and England where association with the people of those countries broadened his perspective. Pius went to London to study at the British museum but his chief memory Ltd the City had to do with another experience. Quot i am the Only Pope Quot he sometimes boasted a who Ever Rode on the top of a London Joe Paloska say Bergel let him have it give him everything a got them big gloves dont / Hurt. S by Ham Fisher i m Doin me bust. Or Walsh. X never let in i m going really know what to ask him x got. He thinks x can t hit. X could sit my r Down even with the big gloves. Cup hell give an exhibition with you por the seamen s end amp by Good evening i Why May r sit a 3uretglad Hov Down j \ t have i d to use
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