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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 20, 1947, Arcadia, California Help publish your Hometown paper contribute news of your neighbourhood hmm Call at. 7-2131 with news of your family and friends Ani Arcadia news two sections sixteen pages Arcara California thursday feb. 20, 1947 vol. Xxx Sanita Sage armory this City has an Opportunity of obtaining one of the National guard armoires to be by it in Southern Callao Ilia of it can present a United front. If we done to present a United front we will never get it it is a political Dogma that whenever a Community is divided stay away no Wise committee will get in the Middle of a fight. The easy Way is to find a Community where there la no fight. C Immitti e mayor Ormsby has appointed a committee to suggest a site for the armory and in the matter of selecting a site the most important things is to get together. If we get tangled up in any a Gurment As to where the armory is going to be we wont get it u. S. O. During the time that the Federal government was locating . Buildings in Southern California they ran into several Community lights Over location and bricked away Why should they Wrangle Over Sites and locations in one City when a nearby City was United. Along the South coast there Are now marvelous examples of this policy. ? City has received la be benefits from w . And other alphabet agencies just because they were United. The City next door did no to get any for the simple reason that they were not working together. Lets not let that happen to Arcadia. Location after All the important thing is that we get the building not just where it is located. I in los Angeles armory is Down in the South end at exposition Park. The Long Beach armory out on seventh St. The a Adena one near fair Oaks. It Don t really make too much difference in what part of town it is near which end. This is one time where the word Unity really works. Get together and Quick telephones the Best gag of the week appeared on the front Page of the last Issue of this paper. It was the tag line on the Story about some irate Man who was almost wrecking a Telephone Booth and the line was a the must have been trying to get Monrovia a a new banking firm opens Here april 15 Bank to feature drive in tellers Ernest r. Geddes Here today coordinating Council backs new curfew judge Anderson asks lower age limit meeting devoted largely to the closely related matters of Community recreation and juvenile control by Means of a uniform curfew Law the Community coordinating Council monday listened with interest while City judge Leroy Anderson and City attorney t buy Cornyn offered their differing beliefs regarding the scope i of the ordinance1 which is now being studied by tile cd y Council. As proposed by the c Ordina Ting Council some week ago the new so called curfew ordinance a uld be uniform with one which has been adopted by the county and numerous municipalities. Its provisions forbid Loite. Ing on streets or Iii Public places by persons under 18 years Osage. This ordinance has had its first Reading by the City Council and it was also brought up for i r r despite a recommendation from judge Leroy Anderson to lower the age limit the new curfew ordinance prohibiting loitering on the streets after to . By Perron j under 18 years of age was adopted by the City Council tuesday night. Judge Anderson had asked the Council to consider lowering tile curfew age to 16. Second Reading but was deferred pending study of an objection by judge Anderson to the age limit which he declared should be 16 instead of 18 years. He discussed this objection at monday s luncheon meeting of the coordinating Council prefacing his the Bank plans to erect the most i much a will be Bess f Riley a sub i Tai saying at he was strongly _ i j in found up f a a i a a n h unique and modern banking House 1 Jet tonight at 7 4.5, for the second revelation that Arcadia is shortly to have a Brand new banking firm in business Here came this week with the Appeal and granting by City i Council tuesday night of permission for the citizens Bank ii Monrovia to erect a Tempo Rary Structure on its property i Vuk Llyl j Villi at 140 East Huntington drive y in i a while a permanent Home is being a he fit u6uu6s built on the p Sperty. 1 the Bank which expects to be open for business about april 15, has been operated in Monrovia since 1926 and is a strictly Home owned Bank and is operated under the direction of Robert l. Smith executive vice president. The of directors is composed of c h. Anson retired Paul j f. Garber attorney w. H. Mccune contractor c. Arnholt Smith chair Man of the and Smith. Officers Are c. Arnholt Smith i president Robert l. Smith executive vice president Paul f. Garber vice president Roger Russell i cashier and i. M. Berger assistant cashier. Smith stated that the citizens Bank had decided to enter the i banking Field in Arcadia after a i lengthy Survey of tile banking fun i Ture of this Community. He said he based the decision on arcadians past growth As Well As the anticipated , revealing at tile same time 1 that their judgment also was influx j need by the fact that the Bank already carries nearly a thousand Acadia accounts. He stressed that the Bank will be operated As a strictly local institution. Revealing the latest information on education legislation now Belo e a the state Assembly Ernest r Geddes assemblyman of the 48th District will address teachers of this area at first Avenue school auditorium today. Under the auspices of the Mon Rovia Arcadia Duarte teachers club which includes teachers from the school and the elementary schools of the three cries Geddes talk is scheduled for 3 30 this afternoon according to r. M. Oliver president of the club. Geddes a is expected to discuss education Bills now pending at Sacramento Oliver Caid. Arthur Corey executive Secretary of tile California teachers association will explain the financing of he new minimum salary Law. Bess f. Riley giving . Lecture tonight a parental control How and How in favor of the Aims and most of to be found anywhere in the West j lecture in Holly Avenue civic leaders will discuss taxes tonight organizing to protest incensed county taxes representatives of the Junior chamber of Commerce the realty and other interested groups will meet tonight at 8 . At first Avenue school. A lie Junior chamber has asked All local organizations to Partie a t and has also sent letters to a i her Junior Chambers in the a Unity inviting their assistance Aud support in resisting higher taxes. A committee of e. R. Wingard Heil Sutherland and Ernie Fuerst lets been working on the problem a the Junior chamber. Chi Chaber officials will attend Monrovia meeting president and mrs. Clifford s. Lane of the chamber of Commerce Tov tiler i h Secretary and mrs. William d Libby and or. And mrs. Gould attended the monthly dinner meeting of the associated Chan ber1 of Commerce of san Gabriel Valley held in Pomona monday. Goud is the Arcadia chamber a representative on the of directors of the associated Chambers. Kennedy county counsel a the speaker of the evening and gave an outline of the legislative program of the county of supervisors. Tomorrow night president and mrs. Lance and Secretary and mrs. Libby will attend the annual dinner meeting of the Monrovia chamber of Commerce As guests of the Monrovia chamber. The meeting will be held at the High school with an Industrial exhibit in connection with the meeting. The monthly bulletin of the recreation commission reappointed organization meeting set for next week personnel explains City employee policy statement clarifies stand on wages i taking cognizance of a published editorial in the Tribune. The personnel of the City of Arcadia this week sent a let Ter to All City department Heads in which they explain their action and seek to clarify their position both with regard to the manner of determining City wages and As to the proposed meeting of the i with City employees. The let or reads As follows to All department Heads City of Arcadia gentlemen within the past week local newspaper accounts of activities of the personnel have caused misunderstanding in the minds of our employees and citizens As to the intentions of the and the policies by which it is governed. To Correct such misunderstandings you Are informed i. At its last regular meeting the personnel recommended to the City Council that a temporary movies. John Pasternack and Jack wage increase be Given All City pm Rinehart race track grooms were Plo yees pending a study to deter up by three mexican youths in mine proper wage standards. The a Black convertible at the track has no authority to make parking area just Belpre Midnight Pound holding period of five Days appointed Harry Russell who has been acting As chairman of the recreation commission was this week appointed to a four year term. Police Hunt suspect in armed robbery Church shooting two juveniles were being held by police and a third is being sought in connection with an armed robbery and a gunshot and Beer bottle assault on two motorists Here this week end. On their Way Home from the All live members of the rec Reft to till commission were reappointed tuesday night by the City Council to serve on the newly created body. Harry Russell was named to a four year term Florence san Dona and Albert Baker will serve for three years and Helen. Gard we rus. Ell f the of Day that would by Iller a appoint who a it com in i. I Meetin i e. R. Win 1 for two years d As chairman on said yester of the members id Early next week at which time a chairman and Secretary probably would be chosen. Asking the City to revise its contract with the san Gabriel Valley humane society representatives of he Arcadia Branch of the California Fede action for animal and children Protection tuesday night revealed four Way s in which the Pound service could be improved. A report of the number of Anilla is picked up and those destroyed hould be published regularly according to the federation. A list of lost pets should be posted in Public places and at the schools and the rulings on wages paid to our employees. In the face of the policy recently stated by the Council on the matter of wages the personnel action is solely an expression of opinion of individual members of the . 2. Tile personnel is unanimous in its opinion that a wage study should be undertaken immediately with a View toward deter saturday. The robbers one of whom was armed with a .38. Got an alarm clock and 84 cents in Cash. The following evening Horatio a. Warren Iii. Of san Marino had a Beer bottle thrown through his Windshield As he sat in his car after services at the Arcadia Community Church. Getting out of his car Warren grabbed his attacker and started to shake him up when the chamber will soon be in the mails mining our wage position with like youth pulled a gun and threaten the provisions of the ordinance. Its with such innovations As drive in i current series of file Parent Educa proposed 18 year old ase Hunt How r. Tigers where you can make deposits i Tion lectures. Mrs. Riley a Pioneer Etc created another Law which a a 10 Commerce civic to members. This will include the new officers of the chamber and a list of committees now being lined up by president Lance. A member the ladies give a woman an Inch and she starts reducing politics in this Day and age there Are too Many countries with chips on then shoulders and not on the table. People who sit on Stone benches carry Glass bottles. Love a Many a letter that sounded like a dream when it was written sounded like a Nightmare when tile lawyer read it to the jury. From your car without going into the Bank at All carpeted floors overstuffed furniture and a record player rendering classical music throughout business hours. The Bank will have a Side Entrance for both pedestrian and car traffic and a parking lot at the rear and customers will be invited to make the Bank a meeting place downtown. Smi h will be in charge of the Arcadia Mccullough with Otner p undecided except for Gloria Retzer of 1319 South first Avenue who is now employed in the Monrovia Bank. I he Bank statement As of dec. 31, 1946, showed resources and liabilities of $3,254,584.88, of which $200,000 is capital $50,000 surplus and $2,789,039.00 is individual deposits. In Parent education work in the l. A. City schools As Well As Many suburban Southland communities is noted for her thorough and Concrete treatment of this controversial subject according to mrs. J. E. Hutton Parent education chairman for the Holly Avenue unit. Lectures Are held in the schools auditorium 360 West Duarte Road and All interested parents Are extended a cordial Welcome. At last could not be enforced he said sex committee will attend planning that he had no jurisdiction meeting called by mayor Olms Over juveniles More old. Than 16 years by in connection we Ith the proposed Gnu n will be in charge of the la a my Nadia Bank assisted by William thursdays a pening of the series by Mcullough with other personnel 1 1 Ralph g. Eckert chief of the he is required to Send All such cases to los Angeles to the juvenile courts and he declared that 17 and 18 year Olds b. Ought before him have flouted him with his impotence in their cases he also pointed out that officers will be Lequir cd under the proposed ordinance to spend time and Energy a. Mory to House the National guard unit Here. This meeting is to be held in the Council Chambers tomorrow night. Pm re department to demonstrate new apparatus British Bowling team guests of Santa Anita club today cars from the Santa Anita Bowling Green club will Call at hotel Green in Pasadena today at 10 30 a. In. To pick up a members of the International Lawn Bowling team from the British Isles who Are to be the clubs guests for the Day. President Gordon s. Eberly of the Santa Anita club will Lead the delegation of hosts and sir Ivor Thomas of Wales Captain of the British team and a a president of the International bowl been announced for the British ing , will head the party of teams. Guests. Arrangements for trans skips of the Santa Anita teams state of California an enthusiastic audience of mothers and fathers kept the speaker Busy until a late hour answering questions submitted to him following his talk on Parent child relationships. Mrs. Riley has also generously agreed to answer questions after the presentation of her topic. On succeeding thursday evenings o. R. Walker will speak on a what makes a boy tick Quot or. Esther Bogen Tietz will discuss a your neighbors and V. Smith will conclude the series with a discovering and evaluating the individual nature of your own in on these cases Over which the court Bureau of Parent education for the i As no thu diction when they might arcadians will see the latest be More profitably occupied with 1 see the latest other duties. E apparatus demonstrated tonight a when the City fire department shows our la books Are already crowded a its new Mack engine equipped mrs. Ericsson s funeral services to be held today with Laws which we can to or done to enforce a said the judge. A a let a not add City attorney Cornyn assured continued on Page 7 Porta Tion have been in charge of Ernest Beech. Plans announced by Secretary Richard w. Evans of the Santa Anita club Are that the visitors will first be taken to an Orange Grove where they May pick their own . This feature of the Days entertainment has been arranged by Walter Wilson who will Lead the guests to the great Iron Gates of the Bradbury estate at the dead end of foothill Boulevard in Monrovia where they will assemble before going into the Bissell Grove nearby. The visitors will be Given Large mesh bags so that they May enjoy the Novelty of picking their own . They Are said to be looking Forward to the experience owing to the great Scarcity of in Britain for so Many years. They will take color movies of each other in the Grove. Also tentatively on the schedule is a tour of the Santa Anita race track. Luncheon will be served to the visitors at noon in the masonic Temple by the ladies of the East a n Star. Arrangements for the luncheon have been in charge of Hugh Kelly. After luncheon there will be Bowling on the greens in the county Park. Evans says that the Santa Anita club has made plans for games Between six four Man teams from each Side but no names have As listed by games chairman r. M. I Dickinson Are As follows Gordon s. Eberly Robert Brunion jr., Fred Lewis Walter e. Waite de Berry h. O. Keesling and m d. Phinney. The seventh team is being held in readiness in Case More than six teams of the visitors should be mustered. Play will All be by rinks or four Man teams As requested by i the visitors. The Santa Anita club has ordered Felt insignia for the use of its own members and to be presented to each of the guests As mementos of the Day it is announced by Jackson d. Stanley publicity chairman. I dance game feature alumni Day saturday big names of alumni will cavort on the High school basketball court saturday night when the alumni team meets the present Wildcat varsity. The game will Start off Quot alumni Day which will be highlighted by a dance in the gym. Tickets Are on Sale at Ivanoc go Lett Sroy Long a me shop merry a and the Tribune office. Ivan Browning negro Tenor will present recital tonight Ivan Harold Browning Well known negro Tenor will present a recital tonight at 7 30. In the Church of the Good Shepherd 400 Duarte Road. B owning is Well known in South j pm California and each year makes i a concert tour across the the songs which he will sing Here Are a ale us break bread together a a go Down Moses e g. Beynon mrs. Jim West mrs. ?.t.a. Officials map founders7 Day Observance plans for . Founders Day Observance in Arcadia this Golden Jubilee year Are being mapped a mrs. Chas. Bennett Council president assisted by the two unit dents mrs. Jesse pulse and mrs Eugene Wingard. Holly Avenue and first Avenue .�?Ts will unite for their program which will open at 1 30 on tuesday in the auditorium of first Avenir school with the a Capella choir la pm m a d. High school and will future mrs. A l. A a Mother a Ham ii ton first president of ii. St District of t., As guest of Honor interest will Center about the presentation of five life membership awards in recognition of a outstanding service to the cause of child and youth welfare i he identity of the recipients is a closely guarded secret until the time of the presentation of tin Awa is one by Council two by first Avenue and two by Holly Avenue Purchase Price of the memberships a paid into a state fund administered by the . For teaching scholarships and special subject fellowships. Past recipients of life member ships have been invited to attend the Golden Jubilee founders program As special guests and include mrs. Elsie porn mrs. Helen Scofield mrs. Rose Fink mrs. Man Wheeler mrs. Arthur Brander mrs. R. N. Remaster mrs. Carl Randolph mrs. Nell Shrader mrs. With fog Spray system. Following a meeting of the san Gabriel Valley fireman a Assoc a Tion a Small Frame building at the Corner of Wheeler and double drive i will be set afire and a simulated in will be made i rom the station the a fire Quot will be Complete with the aying of lines and the practical use of fog Spray to lower temperatures 1 lid smother flame. Arrangements Are being made for of members and guests of the Asso nation at the meeting scheduled or 8 p. In. The Public Demontra Lon will Start about 9 p. In. Fire chief Jim Nellis has asked hat citizens attending the Demon j traction stay off the Street. Plenty a former prize fighter called Eddie was reported by an unidentified woman to be fondling a 12-Vear old f space will be provided for Spectra boy in the Ball Park grandstand ors in the lot the chief said. Scouts Here sunday. If explorer Post no. I will help the Case was one of a series of Landle the traffic. I a molesting juveniles a reports. My communities. Upon these findings to kil1 him the Council will be accurately As Warren drove off. The youth guided in taking appropriate action fired two shots one of which struck for wage adjustments. The passing automobile of Floyd 3. I am authorized to state that Auten 7 Al Dorado and lodged in a majority of the City Council is the Windshield. In with the boards Opin one suspect arrested by Arcadia Ion As stated in 2. Poi be monday admitted he Quot was the 4. At its last regular meeting the bottle thrower and implicated a personnel requested the de second youth not yet in custody apartment Heads to Post on their who he said was involved in both bulletin boards an invitation to the crimes. City employees to meet with the personnel at its next regular meeting on March 6, 1947. This is not a a protest Quot meeting. It is not a a mass Quot meeting. It is intended Only that the personnel will meet with employees or their spokesmen for the purpose of discussing per a problems and future person ?j2u if t0fy.a, 2 net policies affecting the employees h Quot or t y of and the Community the meeting is a to of Quot to Quot open on to emcees of the 5, ing will officiate and interment will be at the san Gabriel cemetery with Eastern Star ceremonies at the grave. Born Carrie Eaton in a log Cabin j on a farm near Kellogg Iowa oct. J 12, 1860, she Wras the sixth of a fam a ily of 12 children four of whom i still live the oldest being past 90. On aug. I 1882, she was married j to Gustaf b. Ericsson of Newton Iowa. They moved to Essex. Iowa where their Only child Ralph was born. In 1895 they moved to red Oak Iowa where they lived until moving to California in 1923, and the following year they came to Arcadia. In 1922 mrs. Ericsson a husband died and since that time she had lived we Ith her son and daughter in Law on Arcadia Avenue. She was a life Long member of the methodist Church until joining i the Arcadia Community Church in 1930. Mrs. Ericsson was worthy Matron of her Home chapter of the Eastern Star in red Oak Iowa for three years and an Active member of the past matrons club of the Arcadia chapter. She is survived by three b William Eaton and Arthur of Newton Iowa Harry eater Moines and one sister. Mrs Reynolds of Evanston. 111., Ralph b. Ericsson and her grandchild or. Bernard r. Erie of Arcadia. Of Arcadia. Please inform the members of your department of the contents of this letter. A very truly yours personnel of the City of Arcadia. K. Woolbert chairman George s. Spragins James a. Rose Ernest Boucher sex pug accused of molesting juvenile should be extended. The federation also urged the use of be butyl instead of strychnine for the destruction of strays claiming that strychnine causes death by convulsion. The proposal was referred to the police committee. E. P. Wieman speaking for 25 property owners in the Vicinity of tenth and Camino real questioned the Council on the problem of extra housing on Small properties. Residents of wiemans neighbourhood he said were anxious to protest the inc. Ease of extra buildings on one citizens property. Wieman was advised that the planning commission would take up the problem and that he have a representative of his group at the next meeting of the commission. Notice of intention to Annex property on the West Side of Baldwin Avenue was read before the Council which Lias set March 18 As the time j for pubic hearing on the matter. Bids for water department trucks were referred to Scott Lee water superintendent. Following a Short hearing the petition of Harold Jackson regarding a zone change on portion of lot 68, Santa Anita Colony was approved As recommended by the City planning commission. The first Baptist Church now holding services in the City Hall was granted permission to place a piano in the Council chamber. Referred to the building department was a complaint from Frank c. Crossen who said a garage was being used As a dwelling at 912 Arcadia Avenue. The Council authorized payment of $276 for 5000 chamber of comme be maps of the City. Louis Dubois and Herbert cover were granted temporary License to operate two taxicabs. A communication from the City planning commission regarding the plan presented by l. W. Tripp for a 400-foot Extension of fourth Avenue was filed. Slow curve signs with reflectors at die Milliken gardens curve and a double line on Colorado Between the upper a Yand Eaton a were approved by the Council. A Stop sign has been used on the curve causing confusion among Drivers according to a communication from the police department. Ethers Eaton of Des Alton . Arcadian now managing firm in Monrovia a a Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho Quot Quot open the Gates of the Temple bad losers seven drunks were arrested at the race track saturday. Clyde corp Ron was fined $200 for drunk driving. Henry Grobmeier mrs. A. B. Ellison mrs. Albert Adcock mrs. Milton Lubetkin mrs. Feed Dorsey e. E. Westerhouse w. G. Coombs mrs. Eugene Harpole mrs. Carl Bennett mrs. A. S. Frey and mrs. E. E. Balling. Checking Progress looking Over the Early construction of the South Santa Anita school on double drive near Lemon Avenue Are left to right e. G. Beynon building inspector Paul Kingsbury who designed the school James a. Rose of Harvey and Rose Arcadia contractors who Are doing the building and a. G. Coombs assistant superintendent of City schools. A Tribune bulletin photo. Group to Aid City in search for armory site determined to of til i to a site for the proposed $400,000 National guard Armor Here representatives cd leading civil and service organizations will meet at the City Hall tomorrow night at 7 30. A committee will be funded with a chairman and Secretary to serve in an advisory body in helping the City Council arrive at the Hest possible solution to the problem of furnishing grounds on which a major armary could be built. Operating t settee of Hei who us on a vacation or my e he business brother l two month s. Madelon now going a hapa a Tive Nisi Furni the of nature it Drupe so. Of fabrics in addition ing service. I the a cd will rest and do frees id with no of the selective furl amp any a building at 221 role in Monrovia. Freese who lives at 71 drive has owned the comedic time but has not had part in the operation of mess leafing the Man o or. Will. Mrs will mrs. I it Freese alteration half of the be mad into a re uphold in Whir the other half voted to Maple cd Coin. Lire upholstering shop will a Rudoni built furniture p covers ural a full lint and upholstery Hupp lies upholster

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