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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Feb 19 1962, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 19, 1962, Arcadia, California Hillcrest 6-0111 0c a copy 50c a month $6 a year delivered twice weekly Une give it wont Hurt when it comes to the Bloodmobile you done to have to give a til it hurts. In this Case it won t Hurt anyone to give a Little red blood at the american legion Hall today. Ifs Only a Deposit at the blood Bank. Sections Arcadia California monday feb. 19, 1962 xxxv no. Five Story building is offered for site of former Library a Fountain will decorate the Southwest Corner of Huntington drive and Sonta Anita Avenue this summer. This artists version of the Fountain is port of o major improvement program to be launched at county Park by mar. I. The Arcadia rotary club donated $4,000 toward the construction of the Fountain. County works officials said that the Cost of the Terrace surrounding it of Well As landscaping will be made by the county. That Thev proposed to look at a program to improve a Large area in and around the downtown business Section Golisch told the property owners that the planning commission wanted any move to consider the Basic residential concept of the City. Meanwhile planning director William Phelps is now preparing goals which he feels should be recognized before specific planning for the revitalization of the downtown area Are undertaken. Phelps said he believes investors should be made to understand that the City is anxious to do anything constructive to assist. He also believes that All interests. Property owners businessmen the planning commission and members of City coun ii should comes close to an agreement on the policy matters As possible before changes should go to the drafting boards. No surprises by Bill de Mith Tribune staff writer Arcadia will get an offer of a five Story building for the sue of a the old Public Library on first Avenue if a number of if a turn positive. Attorney Harry Mcmahon has i offered to Purchase the Library site for $50,000 if the City would i remove the building. The offer would be boosted if Mcmahon Cam be assured of housing a major tenant. Among the if Are. Mcmahon s efforts to a Over utilize the site. I the City could command a higher Price if the five Story building is i permitted. Under existing zoning Laws Only four store or 45-foot-High structures Are permissible. The attorney a year ago offered to buy the Library building and site for $70,000. He said he had a men and a woman will during world War ii and has re i a hearing on the latest move had already made an agreement Ion by applicant Huntington tenant for the 10.000 i Are feet pm amp pain for the next 60 Days sided Here since 1953. To the american lutheran can he to Anil a a Yea Quot 8 k the a Mil. Lis both members of the an Adiar will its by Cir Public Library site. A this Point. Hearing Mcmahon a developed spare Leas. One new face on a legis her signers As Hazel r. Crawford. Led Cross fund planning com Counci Morrow night As the top City Council decided that if Ariton of Earl l. Kreutte for bus ments through the Southland and lame body As the result of the Ainee and area captains Are a a on the Agenda Lead a should Ever build a civil Ness Perm in operate various a Lull owns them in Baldwin Park. Retirement of Donald s red Cross Council to Rule on site maps fund for Church on Duarte re. Drive plan Council race gets Field of 5 meanwhile Mel Pratt has revived a ear old Effort to get the owners of stores on the North Side of Huntington drive Between Santa Anita and first Avenue to make a uniform change in the buildings facing the parking lot in the interest of business. Pratt who owns buildings in the Middle of the Block Hopes to get a single contractor to work on getting a1 owners to make the changes. The City has already Given approval of Quot such an Effort by changing the saws to allow work on non con forming structures. Water Levels of area Wells gain in rain led toss t Una Clanning worn ounce tomorrow night As the Topi Uty Council of Cileu met a u a n. In c pm litter and arca captains a a a a a a the Agenda Nadia should Ever build a civic Ness permit venous a own is them in Baldwin parti retirement of Dona id v Camp Naz the try for 1 h Briss a Nez has Zitz a taper chairman Arthur ,.,1&Quot a a frontage West from he Library Quot in reap of Mesa. He also has off Cebu id the deadline for filing Nanna Artar. Working closely nub the Quot Tefo ago to to property was selected. A that , s san Manno program and fund chairman a fam Baldwin Avenue. I Ime councl1 adv sed the Church Mac commission proofed he .s.a,d he a la i inn a of wry who had do Sundali have announced area rec Sam u Iam . .zz.,. Cate from Baldwin Avenue. A a a a a a a a a tit a Ning commission a proposed id Sundali have announced area a the efforts of the offi Hal fit obtained the pay Amend Cal to county masterly rectors who Tell off Cate Las of the Hurch gel a do Artells Thal appr0val would plan of highways. Change por it. A to 11, n t Dart pm the Rita i end Linns of do Repp Avenue. Manager Harold k. Schone mrs. Florence Barry who had etch of a budding he has in i Evi Ousby revealed Fher Mem ii Road site that started the City Sven Lions of do r fee Avenue. Mind. It amid Reff lire j t Jagt ears. Was the last to meet ballot Arcadia business District will e in the a protest from Jackson Tillman matters from the City chants but As of a . Lain be headed by postmaster f Estabr lashing a site for i of Magna Vista who objected o manager Adverse for bids. Jya a the Fenter Library the Field is composed of in i. Bailiff who has sue 6-j he Church the Church buying the land which remove of weeds. Staff report to Hun without the former Library is full conducted this Section a the City subsequently acquired Curt and gutters on Al sur ave. I building. It would be necessary r a Conrad up u0�d r the past several years. West has fed. I staff report crosswalk on Santa to waive parking requirements As no Tadia business District will be a while Council will be asked to Anita near Alta Street. Final pay rhe City did in the Case o tie Rondeau indeed by Robert Behrend As wrestle with another request for Blent improvement of Valencia Post office. J Florence Barry. Slant manager of first National m a permit by a door to door solid-1 Way. To a. J. Beischroth. Con the move by Mcmahon to a Ank with assistance from j w. Nohorse Tor City clerk Christine Van tractor. Membership in i Ted quire the Library woes at a time i Cele. President o the Kent Majanen will report that w. L. A when the Central business j be Quot Oral seats held Chevrolet corp. Inc. Live Oak Dis p0.reittan has submitted a written continued on Page 3 hand owners Are Active in making in will be under direct Ken of Toi iceman commendation on the councils improvements to the a amp a plated a Camphouse Dward Simpkins and Al Rancho Kronos Al to Develon a ban on Bell i a representatives of the land ill have Joe r. Graham As feature of National crime a. Of salesmen 0 36106 owners conferred last week with none of a three newcomers Ader prevention week the Arcadia sex., u 1 chairman Ervin Golisch and to the City ballot Hae advanced Industrial bus Ness has Richard change club honoured the late Al it a on Agenda Walli be a zip y member Ralph Norton of the platforms. Turner was enlisted English As director. Advance gifts Arcadia police officer Dudley m. Cipe b he i Al. I us i Ivious planning commission explaining for he Salt Eha Hasa a. Ill again be under the leadership Covelas nearly 30 years of serv band to hold a fund raising Carni i works As Well As lives Here. His r a old i Hughes lice at its regular weekly lunch Val in the parking lot Between r. I petition was sponsored by James a none the Resu lentil districts Eon Ai Henry a Santa Anita res Santa Anita and first Avenue in cuts a Qaqi my Slop Wallins insurance broker. Turner re mrs Edward butterwort four ant last week. Arcadians along Wheeler Street. Has constructed More than Joo u Iii Ian love area f Hie of police Robert scares other Agenda items include the Republican Good govern. Driver is held Homes Here. He came to the area mrs Waite Henry area 5 presented mrs. Ruth n. Covell. Hearing variance plan men l eague thursday discussed. A a a a a the Star of the re. Estate irs a p Collins area 7 mrs. Widow if off cer Lovell with a eng commission Resolution no plans for a grass roots Educa. A a no Dpt inc of and to Anie a rom in k nor Aren q and mrs plaque from the local Exchange. Recomb Nendze approval of tonal program in the interest of As dig he mfg Fly Ari adm la years ago his is Swit Quot area u mrs club officer Covell wore badge Church moderate candidates of the party. By has by t monies throughout t a Mary Gartne rant Ain for number one in the Arad a construction american lutheran More than a score of members a waitress whose tar killed a he san Jab id Alley. Ii lust car has accented lice i car Mienl at i to and 118 West Duarte Road of the newly formed organization Bornean at first averse and Turner Las Icen Active in e r 3 t Aoa in i Vear the meeting also included an protest received from property took part in an open forum held Huntington drive last april faces kiwanis t e e mss in rect Nore workers anti hire in narcotics and Dan Quot a 117 West Magna Val a him Haw sins. Week. A hearing in Monrovia. Teh. 28. Hank program citizen. Whup Rous in hearing Weed removal Emp has. He a a. Ror Chi Fng Mje non a ,1 a a a in the month Long b Oson of d e u a Geleff w d we of of i a in he month Iong drive a a a. Quot. A r a to county sheriffs department of Sundali. For information Call. Tit. R later Headquarters. I 7-2193 e said that newcomers have fund offering service in the pm pain often hastens their a liar stance among new friends. Supermarket manager not guests included William s. Orr assistant police chief and Richard Williams chief of detectives. William r. Kemmling is National crime prevention chairman for the Arcadia Exchange club. This week Bish and refuse. Time for hearing objections. Hearing curb painting application of Harwood Hellen for business permit to allow door to Republican candidates. Raring Merritt 30-Vear-old shrine Arcadia High 12 and a platforms of sound legislative a w9, re Vird her Prter of the Santa Anita shrine director of the Santa Anita shrine club. Or. Rondeau who Nas a prac a. Monrovia waitress was convicted preach to governmental opera manslaughter and t a birr a a felony hit and run. She was Given made. Or. Anhert Hinshaw served Jal sen ence and planed Rice in West Arcadia said he door solicitation for painting As pane Moderator. Rotation for five years. One was approached by local business House numbers on curbs. The Republican Good govern conditions of her Proba and professional leaders to make hearing auction a applies ment league which has i Quot a an i r. Henry Ronde Al a Illiam a men no Ranf Cha Kinu audion a ppm a a a of. Y a Fjon was that she refrain from he race he graduate of chairman for the club and imme Dan of Harry h. Howard for Busi bounced to support of Send it inking alcoholic beverage. The University of Vermont in Haip i president if the san Ness permit to allow an auction Thomas Kuchel. Plans a series of mrs. Jyi Erritts a car struck and �?T951. He served Navy Pilot Abr kit i v id i lev san Inhong ass to be held for the Fenner bar lev conference on organizing a def ,.jlled mrs Florence Hill of �15. Talc in chances elation has announced that John electronics engineering company smite program not Otic of a a Jhu second ave., a while the woman Pollock is chairman r Cik no null. Co Val it Laporte of equipment and primary but also for the general crossing the Street to meet _ of Green executive Secretary f 1 p dec Ion this fall her husband at her trial it was Clifford c. Pollock personnel Stuart b. Henderson. Deco Van Don Glover manager of the the los Angeles county music shop apply the new Arcadia group of the revealed that mrs. Merritt s car officer City of Arcadia was elect Horn jr., Margaret a. Godfrey Typha Beta Market on live Oak commission will address the club hear. P up formed As an outlet for Tro Plinn East on Huntington de chairman governors Indus Ann Jacobi Edward s. And Ruth a in. A a no i Bel eve a at Vanc tuesday noon. A Hen Rev hts drive Tel Quot Quot the Mal safety conference. Govern Beebe Wilkum webs pm Irwin a april of Lurie perform once in us at Ion of a jewelry and loan bust by splinter groups to headed Byl form to Slop and was arrested mental , week in san and lit a. Itam am agora Jan foes county. Ness. Lakai Ion under consider to Herler meter. J. Shor franc sri a. Stearns. Unity of the Market wednesday j being ignored the level of water beneath Arcadia and other san Gabriel Valley cities is already feeling the effects of the heavy rain of the past to Davs. With t h e february rainfall reaching la 85 inches As the re i suit of another Inch and a half of train in the Middle of the week. Water department superintendent John Grivich reported Friday hat the Longden Avenue web water level had risen four feet since november most of which was recorded in the past three week. A i Ongley Well a up iwo feet and in the a we new end of the Raymond Rosin. Wet Mai is trite ated North of the rate track the Waler level had climbed 23 feet t is being fed from both the Sierra Madre and the Santa Anita spreading basins. 11 i the storm is expected to have in a dramatic effect on Wells in the South Side of Arcadia due to the percolation from the Peck read spreading a in. Located next to the Arcadia Par 3 Golf course flood control officials estimate that 100.000.000 Gallons of water sinks into the ground a Day he result it the dreading grounds having captured an estimated 4,000 acre feet of the rainfall in he first major test of the sprawling Santa which has a capacity acre feet had 2, a run off water a he re recent downpours. County flood control officials said the spreading Bavin construction of the Pas. Two year will result in definite increases in the ground water Levels of the ensure san Gabriel Basin. Tom Mcgah weather observer at the arboretum reported saturday that the season s rainfall total had climbed to 20. I inches with More rain predicted for today. Us Utility. I e dam of 35 too re feet of ult of the and finally entered t h e store my asked to see the Sale and Ising him that they were Safe Epa in men. The police were called and while the in e n showed their credentials Glover took no a finances of anyone getting a look a i die inside of his Safe. He Accident Rise continues Drivers called inattentive so Emil i Elf Civitano her outline of smog problem an estimated i 5 million pounds of pollution Are spread into the air of los Angelo count each the growing Accident rate in Dent rate very much a scares chief scares has Saki this is the.,in add pal �?~4the one was to prevent worst offence being committed by ailed the a Pha Beta office and Arcadia is blamed by chief of Aabey ire one fun a i for inn unit inc nth iia Vij i 3. Accidents is to stay out of the motorists Here. Listed Tor Jan Nally was convinced that e p0jce Robert s. Scares on Nalz other Driver s Way and when Varv were 19 tickets written for air were legitimate. Tensive Drivers. result police z fax t0 pay full attention to driving on the wrong Side of the no one else had better round fur a lung a he and k a a now Are Ako he Ifer re Irmene theat Hagewo to a too Many motorists today Are after a disastrous 1961 during age of errant motorists. The doing everything in their cars but which the Accident rate climbed greatest number of offences last 1> driving a the chief said. A we Are to a record High including six month were committed by Drivers analysing every Accident Situa deaths on City streets police re in the 20 to 44 year age bracket Tion that occurs. But we cannot ported 60 casualties during the the report shows that of the prevent them when Drivers fail first month of this year including More than 400 Road offences two to give their full attention to what one fatality. There were 113 a thirds were committed by Visi they Are doing behind the , a 20 per cent increase tors to Arcadia. In org Baker a real irishman so irony of today a Drivers fail Over the same month a year ago. Meanwhile there has been a Dean and raised on the old stall to real re the Power they have in tickets Rise crease due to extra he avg. Ii be guest speaker tomorrow their hands when they Are oper in a new Type of report the tray Ance in burglaries both to rest Lorn the read a chamber rating a Fie division showed a major in Aeneas and Commerce Al to Commerce breakfast meeting. City Polk Arusyag the radar Creast in citations. There Weir the Pike App a be general membership meet equipment to Cheek on speeding. 178 tickets handed out to Speed from their reports the amount will begin a. 7 30 at Bowling Quot but if we gave a Tickel to every Era against 48 last january. To stolen property after i showed Are 1030 s. Baldwin ave. Boh one who violates the traffic Laws lice also apprehended 130 Drivers a Quarter of a million dollars to inner is program director. I doubt if we would Cut the Acci who ignored Boulevard stops propel to. Lon sex to Ihie is. George Baker to speak year re Nutting in one gust problems facing Politan area smog his was one of he members of the arca _ ii at its luncheon thursday at the Flann Kauf Tinann chief Ai it air pollution control of the Blethe met Poteet Given cd to 1 \ Nan meeting on Ngo by Joe it or of the District this pollution comes from innumerable sources. Kaufmann said including automobile exhaust industries and even body perspiration not to mention use j of tobacco. Sagy Only 55 inspectors Are assigned to the District which includes 76 communities he added making control an extremely difficult procedure Republican Headquarters or 1962 a opened last week on first Avenue. It is being manned doily by a group of Republican women. Shown at the opening were from the left meet. Robert Grov Everts Goodrich Robert s Whitmore Jin by n co a Coombs Morgan George Galloway and Edward a hens surrounding Robert Whitmore president of republicans inc. Mrs. Coombs is Headquarters chairman and mrs. Heiss is president it the Arcadia Republican warned s club. A a re Quot Ca Tribune no to issues warning officials of the los a unt Road department hat a number of and Road barriers ii stolen or moved Rev Caie my Sig c t her a in Gele today Tarn have t rom a a

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