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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 15, 1939, Arcadia, California Poffo two Arcadia daily Tribune in. Femi nity a a strange As it seems by John Hix or further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. Arcadia publishing company 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California a. Ii a r o i i n 0 o n president and publisher entered a s second class Mailer. March 14. 1930. At n the Tribune was designated As a newspaper or general circulation by decree or court on the 8tn Day of May 1931. Terse her. The a amp it office at Arcadia. , under Hie act of March 3, 1879. Member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California newspaper publishers association Arcadia West Side association Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association represented in the United states and Canada by j. J. Devine amp associates. Inc. New York City Chicago Detroit. Pittsburgh pa., and Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding markets can be obtained from any of these offices. Subscription Price single copy. 5c 10c per week 40c Pel month. Phone Atwater-7-2131 for All departments. Advertising Rath on application the Arcadia Dally Tribune reserves the right to reject any no Vert in Long copy it May deem objectionable dishonest or against the Public interest. A contracts for advertising in the Arcadia daily Tribune. Arcadia news and the ran Gabriel Valley topics edition of Ute Arcadia Dally Tribune Are not binding until approved in writing by Ute president of the Arcadia publishing company. A. I we i i Lulu i i a a a Lii i a y by j i i u y i by ult i i Quot la j 103&k Natiw Ugbata in orthodox Church Regina can wits amp ii Ili Slih it s f$ack7o7h��tree.r--n t >50 the if Mio it cd. Skater it pm Mico p�riwmxu4 Over Worcester lug Man 28,1881., a word from Sonja miss Sonja Home says it is possible to have your cake and eat it too. This will come As Preat food news to thousands of people. Particularly it will Appeal to the overweight ladies who have fought their Way through a stiff course of dieting Only to find that their net gain is a very Small loss. But i is some miss ii Enie asserts that she actually a stuffs herself with chocolate cake ice Cream sodas malted milks and All such sweets which rigorous dieters look on with horror. Then she proceeds to a skate off All the mind you it Isnit we who say you can have your cake and eat it too ifs miss heme. We believe there Are Many people who could skate till the Blades become Dull without losing weight appreciably. But those who believe Marie Antoinette uttered the right advice when she said under somewhat different circumstances a let Mem eat cake a now have miss Heniot sword for it too that cake is All rights if you la skate for it pick Haughn Vai Boston won m National shut championship at it my using it l6-6f\u6� gun by &r0k6 out of 2,5o Hopp a War Bill we note that the City of Baltimore md., is again asking Congress to her costs of erecting fortifications during the civil War which proves that creditors be they people or places have uncannily Long memories. Eleven times in the past the Senate has voted to the Bill from Baltimore a sum of $171,034. Each time the House has refused. It remains to be seen whether a twelfth attempt to win favourable action on the honest to goodness Bill will be any luckier. The prospects however do not look too hopeful. Judging from the Way Europe has ignored her world War debt to us we should say that the party who puts out the Money foots the Bill. Or in other words in War the Winner loses. Maryland was on the winning Side in 1865. With that Honor she May have to be Content. That after All was the Only Reward America received for services rendered Europe in 1917 and 1918. Your individual Horoscope by Frances Drake copyright 1938, by King features Syndicate inc. For thursday february 16, 1939 March 21 to april 20 Aries a it should be a full productive Day for you with excellent influences from Mercury and the Sun. 0 a Day for solid matters hard work difficult decisions and general business activity april 21 to Ajay 20 Taurus a you bom before May 6 show More unction if you re after a record today. Yours for the Effort capable Taurean other Taurean Are under friendlier personal and progressive Ray May 21 to june 21 gemini your planet Mercury is in favourable aspect. Put yourself in the Way of gain. No tune for nonsense until after working hours new try. Getting reorders ascertaining loopholes for improvement and Stock taking especially sponsored. June 22 to july 23 cancer a you born before july 8 Are advised to stick close to business and double your efforts that you May better enjoy the evening. Tact with the opposite sex other cancer natives More favored for business gain and personal interests. July 24 to August 22 Leo a Beneficent influences from the Sun your planet especially prove those in positions of authority Heads of organizations. Gain through coordinating your energies and talents making new connections Selling trading buying values. August 23 to september 23 Virgo a a fortunate Day for business matters increasing your income paving the Way f in advantageous contacts. You born after september 6 put aside fear. Anxiety worry they Are hindering agencies and should not be encouraged by anyone. September 24 to october 23 Libra a among the does tackling difficult tasks with Faith and enthusiasm attempting that about which you hesitated before if it has Worth of course. Enjoy your family life. Rest. October 24 to november 22 Scorpio Tell yourself this is one of the Best Days imaginable and go i i work a your activities with that belief Vity favourable vibrations you who have the afternoon and evening free be your to t enga Png self november 23 to Dik Ember 22 Sagittarius not auspicious for great headway or Tor putting across new propositions but this should not deter you from trying. Krupp Boring through s easily permit Ember to january ii april run i a a Ula Tine write advertise soil yourself and your proposition stubbornness should by no a f your manner. Of mammon. Amenable. January 22 to i Elk i Ary 20 aquarius very g in Rous into cations for happiness and a i Cement for you born january 22-february 6. Mixed a for in i born february 7-20 met Alert Ness and Obel vat n import Ain february 21 to Marc ii 20 Pisces a per onal a adage my matters. Self express it Ion e under Friendly stars. Down to it Earth problems and Money gain especially favored for you born March 7-20. Tue Young Skeeter a Mere slip of a lad. Is Range i As it seems literally shot the pins i out from under Tho Best skeet shooter in tile United states in 1936. Staging one of he most i Beautiful gun exhibitions of All i time. Dick Shaughnessy of Boston was Only 12 when he first trained the sights of his Shotgun on a Pigeon and. Strange As its seems in the next two years he Rose to the top of the ranks by out shooting All Comers for the National skeet championship. This was during the 1936 meet at Saint Louis in which i k shot against men who had Bren Pigeon busters when he was still in the Cradle. The Young Champion won his laurels shooting with a 16-gauge gun much lighter than the 12�?Ts which his competitors used. Dicks score in this meet was 248 out of a possible 250. Missed one shot in tile first 2,&Quot Anc one in tile last 25. Giving him a run of 230. About face Cill ii ii strange As it seems the rumanian orthodox Church at Regins sask., Canada was built with its Back to the Street because one of the tenets of his religion ordains that All churches must face West and the Church site was on the West Side of the Street Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938, by United press synodical inc. Reproduction in whole or part Turbi Useo. All rights reserved tomorrow horse general. And buggy new York City the principal Point in or. Ickes intemperate screed in Collier s against certain new papers and columnists and especially this writer was that they had opt or the reorganization b la in its original form As leading to a dict gunship and that i had one so a a hysterically with a false implication that such writers As Arthur Krock and Walter Lippman had not done so at All. I Don t Opp in reorganization j the government. I think it is vitally necessary. But i do oppose a common practice of this administration to use a vital necessity such As those raised by the depression. As tile War danger and the need for Federal reorganization to inject a Subtle re Elution of either the political or economic system guaranteed by the Constitution of the United states at least without a Frank posing of the Issue in a constitutional amendment. I supported his administration in 1936 at least As vigorously and of fact Ives Yas d d or. Ukes. Rut neither the country nor i was informer hat it had up its sleeve to be sprung its a a mandate after tilt election any such silent revolution the Captain and the kids t extra fare Iraq a in both those systems As was pro pcs a piece by piece in the Terr Ai Bable series of a a must legislation prepared by the firm of Corot ran and Cohen and sent to Congress to rubber stamp in the first half of 1557. The Bill was Only part of it. You could not look at to iat with the rest of it without seeing that like the Timber of Abraham Lincoln a barn All the pieces cd Ted together to make a pattern. That pattern was not dictatorship in he european sense but it slyly ii preached As near to that As in extreme imagination could be to it set to the american people wih of t a revolt. As a matter of fact it did cause a revolt in our constitutional and democratic sense and it is precisely that revolt about which howling Harold is now pc ening. Those pieces were the judicial reorganization plan which most authorities agree was intended to submit the courts to far greater executive control than they have Ever Al own. Another piece was the origin ii Ware and hours Bdl which with punitive taxation proposed an continued on Page 4 synopsis Jaxie Cameron fair Young newspaper columnist travels West aboard the big chief extra fare train in search of copy for the Star Tribune. Tommy Ackerman staff photographer tees her off taking a flashlight picture As Jaxie Waves Farewell from the observation platform. Inside car 74x. Mose. The Porter has installed those who Are to be fellow travellers in the Swift trip to the coast. Jaxie identifies a Bride and Groom and notices a Beautiful girl who it probably on her Way to Hollywood. Carrie Dade a tired looking Mother with two Small children awakens Jaxie a sympathy she meets Kirby Elliott. Tall Gray eyed and humorous. Mose the Porter pacifier mrs. Sanders a demanding old woman who shares Section 6 with Elliott and explains some travel details to Jake Weatherby gaunt mid Western Farmer unused to luxury trains. An unassuming Little Man in Khaki sits Reading. When the Dade babies grow fretful Jaxie provides a drawing room for their Comfort. Marie Bortin the Bride wishes she and husband Harry had taken one also. Finally All the passengers Are settled for the night but not All of them to sleep. Kirby Elliott in his upper berth remembers Jaxie s Brown eyes Etc. And Clarice Cole recently a waitress in a Chicago restaurant wonders what she will find in Hollywood. Chapter Vii Here she was smart clothes that the Salesgirl Natl declared to he copies of exclusive Paris models shining new Patent leather Brig an i 1 dressing Case monogrammed in goal Leaf lower berth in the car next to i the observation car on an Exla fare train and bound for hoi a Wood. Clarice a first plan had involved a drawing room but a latent spark of caution restrained her so she took an extra fare train instead persisted until she obtained a lower berth in the car next to the observation and let it go at that. All the i Inema stars crossed the cont be at on extra fare trains she would consider nothing less. Besides Only tile Best people travelled on such trains arid this would provide her an added Opportunity to meet and mingle with the right people furthermore. She was on a Hunting trip so it was just As Well not to conceal herself in i private room. That would come afer when she was the one sought by others and not the seeker her Confidence had received a s a a vere Jolt when she had entered the car and looked covertly at her travelling companion across the aisle. Most she had exclaimed aloud in her consternation a Khaki bags and tools and a Little old whiskered Man Well that a Good that is just imagine paying ten dollars to sit across the aisle from that Quot she made a ritual of preparing for the night making no less than 8 dozen trips to and from the dress i Groom. Her next regret a that she had not known which end of the oar would be reserved for women. Much of the effect of her Seal let Satin pyjamas n d in a r i b o u trimmed Robe were lost in her sudden vanishing into the dim corridor whereas a hurried swaying package through the length of the car might have attracted profitable attention still Ever the dim corridor held its possibilities for Chance encounters with people passing through to the club car. Also her waning enthusiasm for extra fare trains had climbed again with the last minute arrival of the occupant of lower 3 who adjusted himself and his possessions with the detached air of the habitual traveler his Alert Gray eyes appraised the other occupants of the car with 8 casual glance hesitated and lighted momentarily As they met Clarice a Blu end interested ones and then he became occupied the inspection of various papers which he took trom the inner pocket of his Correct Tweed coat dance noted the slim Well groomed hands which obviously never had toiled the sleek Black hair that testified to tranquil splendid living the atmosphere of importance which surrounded him and decided that her reservation was Worth the extra ten dollars after All. She also had noted that there was feminine Competition in Section 5, occupied by the attractive girl who had been photographed on the rear platform. Quot she a not so hot a Clarice decided. Quot but i wonder who she is it might to be Nice to Clarice wasted nothing her time her graciousness her interests her affections All were reinvested in Clarice. She figured that no other investment could such attractive dividends in the Long run. As for the handsome gentleman train of which they Rode in the caboose slow tedious uncomfortable Miles. Stops at every station and Junction. Waits. Monotonous switching when they dropped empty cars or took on More loaded often. Jerking to and fro dim Lighta Quick lunches snatched at ablation restaurants. The freight might stand for half a Day on the siding hut when it went it was gone. You had to be there if you wanted to go with it. You wore the same clothes Day and night for a week perhaps. Slept on Bare leather bunks along the aide of the caboose. Finally the Chicago stockyards More tedious delays the handsome gentleman in number 3 remained aloof from his fellow passengers. In number 3, upon whom Clarice a interest had focused he remained aloof from his fellow passengers absorbed in his own affairs which apparently were of considerable importance. His reasons for travelling extra fare were As enigmatic As himself and no one of his companions could have ventured a guess and won with the possible exception of the Debonair Young Man whose six foot length was folded into upper 6. Neither was Kirby Elliott broadcasting his reasons for paying extra fare for an upper berth on a crowded train to save six hours of time. He was just making the Best of it and being very genial about it. But if Jake Weatherby in the lower berth next had known that he was paying ten dollars More to ride on the big chief than it would have Cost him on the Gold coast or the Sunset special his dreams would have resolved into nightmares. A shrewd agent in the Chicago office to whom Jake had appealed for assistance in planning this adventure had advocated the Best accommodations so that he and his wife might travel in the utmost Comfort and Jake had acquiesced meekly paid the total reckoning and departed with a sigh of profound Relief. The confusion of time tables trains that were designated by alluring names and the system of allocating reservations so that everyone belonged where he should be. Jake happily left to the glib Young agent who appeared to know All about it. His previous experience As a traveler had been limited to his annual trips to Chicago with a Carload of Stock. And what a vast difference Between those trips and this one a group of his neighbors usually trav cled with him each of them having a Carload of Stock on the freight bickering with buyers weighing Stock. Jake always had taken the first train Back Home after he had disposed of the Stock and had the Roll of Cash in his pocket. He had been in Chicago at least a dozen times in his life but his knowledge of the City was confined strictly to the stockyards and the Railroad station. He had no use for cities with their evil contraptions which he did not Trust for a minutes with their doors and crimes and temptations. He could not return too quickly to the vast expanses and clean Beauty of his rolling acres where he was Monarch of All he surveyed. With the Roll of Money which would amount to a Fortune to Many people tucked carefully into his trousers pocket and secured there with a Good Stout safety pin which Martha had cautiously provided he returned Home in the red Plush seated Day coach of a local train to him a Palace of luxury compared with the freight caboose. Why he could drop Tho Back of one of those funny seats by Tho turn of a lever and recline on its cushioned length his hat tilted Over his face to Shade Oyes and sleep almost As comfortably As if he were at Home. Of course it was Smoky and noisy but it took Only ten hours to get Home. That kind of travel was Good enough for him. Or for anyone. But the agent in the Chicago office had assured him that there were no such convenient chair cars on the trains to the coast and that he had to sleep in a bed. Ail Tom foolery to his Way of thinking. Three night sleeping in a Plush chair was a snap compared with a week on a caboose Wasny to it to be continued 4k copyright. San Golib a bit a by King Tatur synodical. Ina. Tribune classified ads get results i \ 5 \ mow reap pc Mei o t he. Man by by. _ can Yoy afford to buy my membership in the dowser club ? Here s by Jove i la do it f v bloodshot you Are now a member of the a dowser league. Club Quot i and i m Back on my feet a to to no. I first ave., Arcadi Atwater 7-3131 by Rudolph Dirks Joe Paloska by Ham Fisher f tee Frances Drake 194 North first ave Arcadia. Calif. Arcadia daily Tribune please Send my i divid i Horoscope. To Uson i daily guide and Lucky Calendar for the first six months of 1939. I was born month. Day. Send 5e and self addressed stamped envelope
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