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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 11, 1938, Arcadia, California News Pape r 4 published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia California Arcadia publishing company. Harold noon president and publisher 90 too 110 120 no to Best bets i tonight 6 00�?knx, Hollywood hotel Anna May Wong Nail Patrick a Akins Tarn or off in a a dangerous know. His Keva Howard marahallhp4 menial or , Coolidge concert Idu siring quartet Library y cl�4 Cress Washington i. 7oo Kei first Nighter Kei a Wisconsin founders Day William Green Clarence Dykstr x George Slaight. Speakers 7 10 Al i Jimmie i flier 7 4.v�? Kei. I Lorothy Thompson Knox Ernest Weir Quot National in4 come 11 15�? Knox i Carter a 3ft�?knx, Paul Whiteman s shut sports 8 Jef Kem basketball u. 8. C. Stanford pan Pac Lilc auditorium 10 00�?kl Mil Knox Hollywood eights Johnnie drown is. Pablo Llano shortwave 7 00�?kan news a program for English five p. M. Kwh la ii Jimmy Saddle Paia. I or. Kei Helen ool Ley a con versa Tiki us k mix Jean waste a Sid Pepple. Or Kellk Stuart Hamblen a gang. I or Khz Iii int Tivi in contrasts cd 1j or. Kwh musical pro. No details to Knox hammers teen s Hull cd i or. Hixie ild Tiew in the Newa 40 min Kea Christian science program inca d Fin Tim cd Tahr 5 1.5 Ket Virginia Lohri Soprano Organ Kew la the Story town a Prem Kafai a i Tok Nim of recordings 5 30 Ket Ria a your schools speaker Kiu Hullo ski old drama it a or Kwh Muai Oal pro. It no detail.-. It Knox under the Hon dra us ser Lyrl keoxi5 40 a talk and music it Keaon the Quot whoa by i Quot club. U or. Kocay Eddie Sworthout s orc i in 5 45 Kei mov g stories of life claimant Kewha tire talking Drums serial ult Knox Duus tar Pisan Annie be. A1 Al a Fox window so Opp a comments Abc a mews reports six p. H. Mtr ratio newsreel Hud Ernst Keil i aim at Abner comedy sketch k blk n it we report Khz Jack Arn Stronk dra Etc a Flat Kwh not a Knox Hollyw d hotel to y o i or. Knox news Kwh 6 10, vocal a fact news 6 10, Bert Butterworth Abc a Nota Day. Contralto Orch it Ltd 6 15 mtr pictorial Parade comment y Kei Cowboy revue vocal a music Kehe cavalcade of sports com a Khz tile phantom Pilot dra in sure a Kwh Sesoi t reporter John Colbert keox<6 25 Holly Wood gossip be act aunt sue children a stories Keca Howard Marshall speaker c 6 30 mtr a of Elf. Pension plan t is or Keil John Teel baritone Orch in Remer musical pro. No details ii Khz a sport comment Frank Bull Row by musical pro. No details t Knox Hal nichols1 had pennies. U or a fact Broadway Bill racing news Recap Roth string quartet c . 6 45 a fit your government s service c Kehe the magic Island sort in i Khz news reports John b Hughes Kew by pictures you missed seeing a fact Westward to orchestra seven p. M. Pm try Corr lore Del aria Tal t it a la Quot. A fit first Nighter drama c i or. Kehe Clifford e. Clinton. Speaker Khz a 20 years ago amp Toda it in or. A feb St Johns Seminary program Knox a son shop i variety 1 Ici 4 or. A Fox Kilt be Zeb Rural sketch to a fact adventures of Jimmy Allen t Recap i. Founder s Day cd to or. Nia Lyle Willis by j Stone 60/ / u va., j wild Over 50 diff Ren r Joss. Vur Tot. Quot Sai Ore so nos Quot hmm your it g toe. Tomorrow morning 8 00�?knx, n. V children s a Hilmar Mollie orchestra 8 30�?kh, m ii sic a american Loutfi it his Al i. Cd Isles music series. It 3< a Keca National farm a Home hour left 55�?Keca, metropolitan 0�ra present a Othello Quot starring Giovanni mailman a Lawrence Tibbott 11 00�?kiu, Henry Venuta sri vue afternoon 1 00�?kiu, International House Knox Ted Malone 2 00�?knx, Story of Industry 3 00�? Knox choral quest it incl Nna conservatory chorus 4 00�?knx, saturday swing session specials 11 00�?Kei, Columbia alumni Hay a Nicholas m. Huller Shaker Knox us Ham Lincoln s bar Tofta Day by Kerub Llumi party leaders 12 30�?knx, Abraham Lincoln my mortal from Lincoln ill Norm Lindsay a oilers speaker 3 45�?knx, mrs. F. I itch Sevelt a Ami for Rural youth sports 11 45�?knx, Dartmouth Winter carnival also at 1 15 let. M. 2 15�?kfwb, Rugby game from san Fra Civco 4 45�?kill. National Golf tournament san Francisco shortwave 4 45�?jzj la to. Tokyo National program one. Limb of an Apple. Tree. Sold for. 46,000. By Lewis ill cod orc Glass b Oro Concrete. Tee pet Marks the. Graue. Of l Chipeta Farr of s Indian Youaw / it / i Ovin us it Colo. Rain of fish. Frogs fish tadpoles and whatnot continue to Tail Here and Thoro. Often from Clear skies. The most plausible explanation is that whatever happens to fall is carried into the Clouds by winds but although hundreds Ai reliable person have seen the fall none Ever witnessed them going up. When distances have practically disproved that winds Cai l red the live creatures Many have Migg ested that the winds picked up Only the eggs and the fish or frogs were hatched in the skier tile fact remains that these strange a living Rains a never been fully explained. One of the must min. Ual of Rains occurred at fan a Isabel Mexico in 1925. When Salt water fish fell from the Clouds although the nearest Salt water was 250 mile. Away. Strangely coloured rams Nave been reported As tailing at various Loca tons on different continents. At Caslee Ommon. Ireland citizens were amazed on april 30. 1807, to see a Shower of Ink Black rain fall in Wheeling Oregon Green rain fell in 1932 and citizen of Belgrade Yugoslavia reported a sail of yellow rain the year before. Several months previously in nearby Bekes Csaba. Hungary Black Snow fell. Nature outdid herself in Russia on june 14. 1880, when. All at once a thundershowers passed Over the Countryside scattering hailstones led. Blue and Grey belief find ample room for their religious passion in India s sacred Rock . The pilgrims neither walk nor ride for their idea seems lob e to hamper their Progress As much As possible. One of the most common forms of reaching the Rock is that of rolling Over and Over on the Earth. Up ii i. Down Dale and through Village streets they Roll and everywhere or if Fie Givs Way. Once the sacred Rock is reached the devotee does not Stop until he has rolled himself Balaund it another six and a Hall Miles. Scott studios recital planned Friday evening Kehew strolling Tom dramatic skit Kew by Salvatore Santaella a Orch. A Fox burning question a answers Kopac Ernest Hall amp hawaiians 7 36 pm try editor of the air. V2 or. A fit movie news Jimmie Feldler c Kehe musical pro i no detail t Khz a Lone Ranger drama cd a or. Kew by Day at Santa Anita it Tahr. Knox Santa Anita a feb it ii or a fact a. A playground department Kecan Paul Martins band cd . 7 45 a fit Dorothy Thomson Cam Tor c Kehew news reports Knox a Ernest Weir. Speaker to a fact Gino seven s orchestra eight p. M. Mtr air news Maurice Shannon a fit Amos in Andy comedy Kilt e Kehew music by Claude sweeten Khz a american composers 1 or. Kew by cent a labor Council up Ker Knox Frost warnings Wen the r Bur u a Fox musical pro no details t a fact to. S. C is Stanford. I hrs. Recap the i and of the whatsit t 8 15 pm try sport preview Bill Kelso a fit Uncle Ezra s radio station c Kehe the mix family drastic ser a Kew by boy scouts of America pro. Knox a news reports beak Carter c a Fox boy scouts week a feb Reca hum a no Abner com y skit c 8 30 mtr Balalaika russian Orch or. A fit True stories Alexander in Kehew musical program it 1 2 or. Khz a the news presents drama Kew by let s go Hollywood to or. Knox Paul Whiteman a show Chr a Fox go Hollywood a feb to or. Kecan vocal Valenles no detail. I t 8 15 Khz a melodic musings orchestra Rexhaj Horace Heldt s dance by. C nine p. M. Mtr program of r cording a fit the circus variety Lei is or. Kehew Phil Harris dance by. Or. Khz news reports by Glenn Hardy Kew by Public opinion up i ii or Knox Arthur Godfrey x orchestra c a Fox musical programs try by. Kecan Nick Harris detective stories 9 1.4 pm try Maxle Rosen Bloom s varieties Khz room service in As ans t Knox Tommy Dorsey a dance by. Cut Recap March of Progress up kers to 9 3 1 mtr a Chato Mon Oyass band c2 by kit Jimmy Vandiveer int is fhe Lee Parker s dance by Kra Nav Kvasys dance by. It v2 or a feb new. Reports Knox a Senate Brood up ides Ltd rial to Al xxx new a feb 9 0 Quot in to the regular bimonthly recital of students from the school studios will be played Friday evening of this week at the Wiggins music company starting at 8 of clock. This program will contain solos on the Elal met. Violin Iola. Cello saxophone. Trombone and piano a piano duet a quartet of three violins an i Pla Ted by i and mrs scoot i met and Richard Scott and the violin choir. Among the participants Are torn Ogelsby. Bobby Lumpkin Leslie Kirchner. Mary Kirschner Eldora Coleman. Jean Henderson. Thane b others. Hugh Bert Ehrhard. Dorothy Rehkopf. Helen Lauvaine mar Raymond. Evelyn Jacobson Florence gallic. Connie Urbam Richard Scott. Harriet Scott. Alberta Rodgers Eddie Elias Alberta Duryea. Maylnn Foote Jack Walsh Ronald Wilson Walter Scheetz Betty Ann Lumpkin mrs. Lumpkin Stanley Mcclintie John Gelts. La Verne Bickel or. And mrs. Scott. Fac Jack Dunn a dance Byl or. Reca ran Wilder Dice by. To 9 45 kit to hum humorous readings mpg news reports. V4 or. A feb Edgar Allan vocalist Organ Knox mile Leal pro no details Knox Neal Jann Lnla a dance band ten p. Of. Mtr program of recordings v or. Fri Knox fac news reports Kehe Tommy Tucker a band. Log by. Kiu Lawrence Welkus dance by. C a feb Hollyw d legion fights 34 or. Fox legion fight a feb or. Reca program of recordings i or 10 15 Fri Gene and Glenn songs Patter Kmic the Green Diamond . Khz Ozle Nelsons dance band Knox on the air pud Buskin. A in. Fac Hites dance band 10 30 mtr Balalaika russian Orch. Is or Fri i swing Meredith wll Laon of of dream time Organ music i Kra news reports Fra a pro or a in recordings All note 10 45 Fri Del Courtney dance band c Kerf Max Cochrane dance band Khz Boti can it s dance band c a feb Frank sort Lnda a band. V2 by. Knox Phil Harris dance band Fox Frank sort i no a feb >,i2 or. Eleven p. M. Mtr Maxle Rosenbloom s varieties kit f Lilii Duchins dance by2 or. Kehe mews reports Khz red in Cho dance. By. Ai or Knox Jay wild Den a dance by Reca Organ concert off 12-7 a in 11 11 mtr Balalaika russian Orch Kehe George Redmanis band . A feb Aniwa boys Hawarny 2 or Knox hawaiians it k pub 11 30 Fri univ Mozet off 12 to 7 a in Khile Nelsons dance by. Or. Knox Joe by under dance by. A it or. 11 4.1 mtr program of recordings Kehe Max Cochrane off 12-6 a in a feb new reports Fox new a feb off 12-5 a in Midnight pm Quot in re Ime off 12 06-5 a ankh �?��#�?z.,re in it f recordings off 1-6 a feb musical program off 1-6 30 Knox new 12 15 music of 1-0� Valentine party to take place at club tonight tackle fells purse snatcher Cleveland. Feb. 8 up a Joe Baber used a flying tackle to bring Down a purse snatch who was feeling Down a main Street after taking a pocketbook from an elderly woman. Baber formerly was a Star Lac Al on the East tech High school football team. Cowboys to be imported Sydney. Feb 7 <u.p. A Australia is going to find out just How Tough american Bronco busters really Are. Upon tire invitation of a coins a team of three australian Rodeo i id ors will go to the United states to compete will american teams. The University of Wisconsin celebrates its 88th anniversary with a founders Day program. The half hour affair will be picked up Fiona tile Palmer House in Chicago and bring William Green president of the american federation of labor to the microphone with the subject Quot the science of Industrial some time during the broadcast a switch will be made to the University a Campus for music by the school band and a Brief talk by c. A. Dykstra president. Keca 7 copy ugh i 1938 Homer Canfield Frederic a. Heaton hic death of Frederic a. Heaton i a forme resident of Sierra Madre took place at his Home in Long a Beach monday night s or. Heaton was 78 when he died. And had lived in California for the past 14 years. He was a native of i Elmwood Illinois. Stress recreational literacy new Orleans. . A a recreational illiteracy Quot is More dangerous than intellectual illiteracy John Zimmerman director of the spa recreational division for Louisiana. Said in a talk Here. Spa clients Are taught to dance As Well As to paint sing Aud participate m athletics. The Hof v roller. Many hindus believe that to attorn salvation they must remain stationary in one spot for hours weeks and even years. Others be Lieve they must keep on the go night and Day. Adit rents to Hie latter two explorers will describe search for poles local girl Bhide saturday miss june Madeline Lacey of Sierra Madre and Douglas Haig Eastwood of Pasadena Wil be married at Bethany Church on saturday evening. Feb. 12, at 8 30 of clock the Rev. S. R sheriff officiating. Mrs. Warwick Eastwood will be mat on of Honor and Warwick Eastwood brother of the Groom will be Best Man. Both the Young people Are graduates of Muir technical College Pasadena. The women of the concretion Al Church had their innings wednesday evening when the men of the congregation prepared and served an appetizing dinner following Whie a Lincoln program was Given under the direction of Lewis d. Johnson of Pasadena. Musical numbers were arranged and directed by George b Morgridge. Quot Hie women will Ive their Complete some time during March and then it will be up to a committee to decide whether men of women Are the Best Cooks. By Rudolph Dirks Del been i working / Odt to Usu Fackt / happened \ is Der boy drug in v3 v like oot ? i or pm Tei i thousand a dollars from South a a your troubles iss cons Yeh the Capan me Ejust Plew in from South America mows by tricks ? in vell Vel i vell or. George p. Rikeman of Rikeman a store was awarded fourth place in v 11 National Tuin petition for window display of Christmas greeting cards conducted i by the rust Craft company inst 1 year or. Rikeman won four Money prizes three honorable mention and one double honorable mention Tor his Christmas window Han Fisher Joe Paloska id an rep Rodney popular heavyweight co temper from Seattle a a a / Stob Paloska who i amp donating if entire purse. To Charity j p . An Gen to a it gives me Tae greatest a pleasure to Quot introduce the it heavyweight champs ten of j the to amp up a x wish he had t j me shunt Yass a. Sierra Madre woman s club Friday feb. La. S of p. In. Reservations mrs. Sedgman phone 2523 ii program comes to to k pub ringside of the to up Paloska rep Rodney fight at Wigby s Seattle fight club pm Mcnaught Syndicate inc Page two Arcadia daily Tribune frid�?T5 11 a 1038
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