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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Arcadia, California Page Fostir Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday february i 1939 Beauty children health recent outbreaks of infantile paralysis warning to parents disease Many children get a polio without sign of paralysis by a land North Chrisman m i. Rumblings Are again heard in the newspapers and Mudica journals of the outbreak of infantile paralysis in various parts in the country the Mere mention of this dread disease strikes Lear to the hearts it parents. This fear is justifiable As Many More children have the disease without anyone knowing it. Than those who suffer a a maugham give Young authors a few l is from the Only positive proof of its presence paralysis. Infantile a Ravl Sis is far More common in ii Winter this seems Odd. Summer than when we know that it is earned by the d i s e h a r res from the nose our Only exp i a n Adon of this is that Only comparatively few who Are exposed d e v e i of disease a n d a number of e x p o s u r is seems to result in immunity paralysis develops Only when a Large amount of the virus is inhaled w. Or Chrisman not Well chosen for Many adults contract it. The proper name is and we shorten that to it is an in Iain mation of the Gray part it the spinal Cord. Only occasional does it cause Complete paralysis More often it results Only in weakening of som. Of the Muscles of a limb but a serious Case May occur at any time during a mild epidemic. Less severe in cities polio is less severe in cities than in the Rural districts. Probably because the children in the cities become immune from frequent exposure to mild infections. The first definitely known victim of the disease was sir Walter Scott who suffered from it about the time die United states gained its Independence. The first definite epidemic occurred in Louisiana in 1841 since then epidemics have become More frequent. Polio sons who Are not suffering from the disease but Are harbouring the virus in their nasal passages. For this reason it becomes much More difficult to control Only a Small percentage of per he was graduated from medical school in his native England but with the famous a of human bondage under his Belt he never Jymy a. Anion did count pulse beats and gape sons who have been exposed con Crown reddened throats. He says tract it. We Seldom see More the a studied human nature Ever than one Case in a family. Onh once have i seen two cases in the same family and they were both stricken at the same time. Intensive efforts have been made to discover the cause and cure. Fortunately certain types of u1u wimp i14a monkeys Are very susceptible to pretty awful the disease and the behaviour of the disease with them is quite prevents boiling Over similar to that in humans. The do a Tablespoon of cooking Oil virus has been found though it f0 to be water and Spaghetti or Mac is a Filterable virus and not easy Arona will not boil Over. To isolate since his student Days of 1892. He admits to taking his characters from real life. Says that writers who claim they create fictitious characters Are Plain liars about the movies and tile Job they did with his works he thinks ifs virus inflames spine experiments on monkeys have proven that the virus is carried nto the nose and through the leaves of the nose to those of the Arain and spinal Cord where it jets up an inflammation. It is a treacherous disease with distinct symptoms. The usual course is some fever vomiting constipation drowsiness and irritability with stiffness and pain in the joints. Headache if accompanied with stiffness or soreness in the Back of the neck is very suspicious. Paralysis or weakness of the Muscles does not appear for a week or ten Days. When the disease is prevalent in any neighbourhood. Children showing some of these symptoms should be put to bed and kept quiet. Undue fatigue or Strain has a bad effect the treatment consists mostly of efforts to relieve pain. Serums made from convalescent have proven helpful. During the inflammatory stage All movement and Massage should be avoided splints and braces Mav be required to prevent deformity. When the degree of paralysis is established gentle movement and Massage under water slowly improves the muscle tone since the disease is contracted through the nose efforts to prevent the disease of spraying the upper part of the nose with a one per cent solution of Zinc sulfite in Normal Salt solution have proven effective. It should be done by a specialist. Used once a Day for three Days and then once or twice a week for a time. It is a armband has proven effective a Hen used on monkeys Ai d some c ii plaid Tweed Short cuts the flesh of bsh will remain White and firm in boiling ii a Ables Poun of vinegar is added o the water. # a a o not use abrasives in clean refrigerator Cise mild soap Arn run water a solution of Biva Riate of soda in warm Vatt wit it Eten the atmosphere inside the Alt Ryth 19 by tut Tchou a hold effect let achieved to very Large very Bright plaid to red and Blue and White combi on the Bright Green ground it shallowness of Yoke Width or to it kid Bell and dare of skirt Sci Alt give the coat a Youthful til unction silk snits for play in the South by Talbot Lake Somerset Maughan enjoys a if we can use thai word the distinction of having been a great author during his own lifetime this englishman career is Peculiar in that one of his earliest books a of human bondage made him famous. Perhaps he now regrets he wrote so great a Book for critics have praised his Slickly written book1 and plays but All of them say perhaps under their breaths Quot bul it s no a of human bondage a ,. Maugham is in this country now the name infantile paralysis is conferring with his publisher menu Arn c ak0u the publication of his forthcoming Book Quot Christmas Holiday he s 64 and a Chain smoker. Foi four years now he Hasni to written any plays lie swore off them. He thinks the three Best american writers Are Theodore Dreiser Ernest Hemingway and Sinclair Lewis. About writing he had this to say a Don t ask maugham to read your we done to blame him it is a plague Well known authors suffer at the hands of fledglings and would be a. It wastes both people s time and does no Good far better it is to Send the is to an agent or prospective buyer. Their refusal or acceptance is your Best criticism. Maugham advises authors not to wait for material to come to them but to go to it. He writes in longhand first easily and then rewrites painfully with sweat and toil. He says he will retire when he reaches 72. A maugham and Many people do is probably carried More by per not know this it is an my wh0 ,, hmm Laid the a Taipei f0r the pen. Over design. Note the wimple Sun hat the girl at right is wearing easy meals Best if Kitchen is tiny by Judith Wilson How unfortunate it is that apartments and kitchenettes so often deny Young couples the fun and satisfaction of entertaining then friends at Home. Taking their guests a out even to the Best place they can afford is hardly a suitable return of hospitality. If you want to entertain at Nome it is possible to clo so even though you have a three room Kitchenette apartment with Only a two Burner Gas stove and an oven Ette. Your menus will need to be carefully planned. Roasts and steaks Are out of the question and so Ore most baked foods still there Are dozens of Nice things that will make easily cooked and attractive menus. This week s menus Are practical for Small apartment dwellers. Sunday breakfast peaches and raspberries with Cream French Toast Maple syrup Bacon Coffee dinner baked Macaroni and cheese Chicken mousse Mayonnaise tomatoes stuffed with diced celery. Radishes pineapple icebox cake Coffee monday breakfast fresh pears Crisp Cereal flakes toasted English muffins marmalade Coffee dinner Rice ring with glorified Lamb Anc Gravy buttered Green peas Crisp Rolls radishes and scallions fresh fruit cup teed Tea wafers dinner Tomato juice breaded veal cutlets baked stuffed potatoes fresh vegetable salad Lemon icebox pies Coffee wednesday breakfast Cantaloupe grape nuts with hot milk soft cooked eggs Toast Coffee dinner Chicken and Noodle soup assorted cold meats potato salad soft Rolls prune Marlow Coffee tuesday breakfast Orange juice scrambled eggs with whole wheat Toast Bacon Jam frocks grandma wore As a girl set fashion for Milady today s can since Youn is on in ing Paris have by Eleanor new York a what Are your chances of looking cute maybe it is not oui idea at All. But i feel it my duty to warn you that everything is a Little Gill and just too cute of cunning for words to hear tile fashion authorities Tell it. I know it sounds pretty dreadful but that s fashion for Vou. Not Content with tie Little Gal motion. Stylists insist that Milady oust be a Little girl from the Long gang ago. The Elsie Dinsmore pc Little women. Alice in won Rland and a v o u n g person lined soph a familial to oui undo other Are the models. Frankl. I Haven to tracked Sophie to Hei Lair nor have most of Iii colleagues but everyone is hot on her Trail. There s a Rumor that she is a French child. That will make her clothes All the More interesting. Anc All i can do is Hope that she did Wear starched pan of course All this Little a stuff important As it is. Must not be taken too seriously or too much to heart. If Vou belong to the rather Large majority who no can do a just skip it. The Kotlier Rind daughter theme and its sue a Ess probably had a great Deal to i with giving the Little girl idea Forward push then Many of c Cottons and other fabrics and a persistence in the round i dish neckline fashions Haw d a great Deal to do with ii Long As it is a mad mad world Way Why not dress in Lamb like tics so Long As it amuses Vou Ginn a and it will undoubtedly amuse your f friends Don t say i did t warn Vou. In an Case seriously Many of those kid Ter fashions Are charming. You judge for yourself about it Many of tile candid camera Friday breakfast Crisp Cereal with sliced peaches poached eggs on Toast Coffee dinner Salmon croquettes mashed potatoes creamed whole Kernel Corn diced cucumbers banana Orange Ambrosia iced Coffee shots made Way Down South show a a and old affecting some Verot them. Tho meantime in be been hear ail about How very elegant dresses and How crinoline gone Over in a big Way and coiffure Hay become most formal under All the pomp and circumstance of these Cleg ant Grande Dame costumes. Saturday breakfast chilled prune juice corned beef patties with coddled eggs hot Rolls Tea dinner avocados with mexican stuffing Chili con Carne with Rice Almond cakes Coffee tips toward your Beauty Quot my hands Are my feature i have rough ragged is and my Knuckles arc dry scaly. My hands also Chap unless i Wear gloves every i go out Al doors i must Ham a hands in Waler a great Ava but i use hand lotion three or Tom times a la s Quot lops the nand lotion you Ait does t agree with your skin to irritate it rather thai. I suggest von try a Dii Ferent Brand you should also user nip of your face Cream of a Goon lubricant such As pet oleum in ii on your hands and Knuckles at night Bessie to work some around question bad Cutie and badly time pet using my tends soften in your verve can be key to Success where the one Iii sri a breakfast pineapple juice creamed dried beef on Toast Points Cocoa dinner Fried Ham with salted bananas buttered carrots and peas potato chips French bread Strawberry Shortcake in n r by Jacqueline Iii it the impression you make on people whom you meet for the first time depends to a treat extent on your personal appearance. While neatness and taste Are the first considerations in selecting a girl for a position. They do not mean that she always will be successful the girl with ability and with personality Are concerned the one with personality wins. This is Only fair from an employer s Point of View. He n e e d s the stimulation of a Bright personality just As much As lie needs to have Bis work done promptly and efficiently. If you Are fortunate enough to have both an attractive appearance and a charming personality your Success in both your social world and your business world is assured. Personality is not always a gift. It can be acquired if you really try. Attitude guides personality your personality depends largely on your Point of View. If you Are merely interested in getting your w Ork done As quickly As possible. You will become so wrapped up in your own Little problems that you will think of nothing else. On the other hand if you Are unselfish enough to be interested in the Point of View of others their Joys and troubles if you can see something Fine and worthwhile in their lives the Subtle thing in you called personality begins to show itself. Not a Chatterbox you need not chatter continually or pry into the affairs of those you meet. A a snooping is unpleasant. But you should try to work up an inner sympathy with those you meet. Every person likes to feel that someone is interested in himself and his work and by making the interests of others thrilling to yourself you Are building up a secure position for yourself you will need ability too. But that need not be paraded. If you can feel that Vou Are a worthwhile person and give others that impression you have a Selling Point that will withstand much Competition. Saving clothes is Hobby that will Benefit posterity by Marian Mays Martin considering the reverence with which heirlooms Are regarded it seems strange that More thought is not Given to the preservation of heirlooms of tin future. Posterity will thing away instead it storing it child prefers punishment to talk by mrs. Gow Aki vacuum attachments learn to use the attachments of your electric vacuum Csc anti whenever possible to save you Long tedious cleaning hours. Draperies and upholster ies stay fresher if gone Over frequently. The right attachments Are invaluable to draw dust from Radiator coils cd Springs and mattresses and will clean up a Dusty shelf of books in almost no time. Jane Herbert Goward Mother called All the children together to find out who broke the butter dish. After a Long pause George confessed to i in crime Alt Hough he had not done it. Ann. The guilty one. I debated w i t to herself a Long Tim by fore she could i a i s e courage to face Mother Vav i t ii the truth. Oil s c i o u s is Ricki n and in t e a r s s ii e anally related exactly Vav ii a t had happened Adelite. A a y o u were any by a n d i Vav a s afraid to say i did Mother forgave Ann and sent her on her Way. She was deeply concerned about George. He was innocent and had Boon punished. Although feeling sorry about this she found Consolation in the thought that she was not altogether to blame for taking the boy at his word. But what made him confess was it chivalrous gestures. A hardly Kotlier thought for she knew George belter. When he came in she called him a ale for questioning. Squirming uncomfortably lie explained a i said i did it because no one else would. I wanted to go out and play and knew you a keep us in and talk and talk until you found out who did it. And in the end maybe wed All get punished if no one Mother said. Quot i see a As if she were dismissing til Quot matter. But she thought about it Long afterwards. George open d Lier eyes to something which she never before eve n suspected concerning Bel self. It was no compliment that her child would rather suffer punishment for something which he did not do than to have to hear her talk about it. Many parents talk too much when anything goes wrong. They consider conversation Ideal for getting at the Root of matters or putting across a Point to a child. But any child old enough to reason things out and having the courage of his convictions will Tell you that he prefers action to words. Any Quick form of punishment. Even a Licking is generally better ban a lecture or Cross examination because it does not Limer in the mind and work on the emotions indefinitely. Mhz. Martin your nails and cuticles or use spec la i cuticle Oil or Cream. Soa your hands in warm Olive Oil Omer twice and then slip on a pair o Loose Cotton gloves without remove my Hie excess Oil. This will Bel miraculously in keeping your hand White and soft in spite of the Voi they must do. A it your nose and forehead be me Cliv soon after applying you usual make up a pay a liquid powder lotion then before it r quite dry press powder Over these areas remove the excels powder with clean Cotton or a blending Brush. Not fare Well at the hands of a generation that throws every in the attic. The chair or the hat you buy today the dress Vou were married in Only yesterday or the costume jewelry you own May represent the age you live in and May Well qualify As the heirlooms of tomorrow. You grand Mother is amused s h e is either deeply touched or mildly scornful of y our preference for the decor or c o s t u in is of her Day. You Are grateful to her for having stored these t measures away or resentful if she did t. What then. About those who come after us it you ask me. They Are sure to be cheated out of their heritage. Since it Isnit our habit to preserve tilings for posterity. Many Lack space to Hoard even such things As we dislike discarding. Others have the space but Lack the imagination necessary to assemble any sort of picture of our contemporary life. Discovers interesting Hobby these thoughts Are the result of something i be just been Reading. Because the idea seemed such an interesting one. I am passing it on. A Hobby which has developed to a state where a dramatic and comprehensive Cross Section of women a costumes Over a period of the past Hundred years has been assembled is that of mrs. Katherine Peck Witherell of Long Island. Mrs. Witherell now owns neatly too gowns and accessories All authentic and Many of them worn at important social events during the past Century. What a to prevent you from doing this very thing beginning As Lur Back As you can. And if that a just yesterday beginning right this minute to Start a Hobby which seems to me a particularly appealing one to women. One does not have to be a very profound student of fashion or Home decoration to know that fashion moves in amies and that once every so often a fashion is revived. A every seven our grandmothers used to say but i m not so sure but that every Quarter of a Century seems nearer the truth. But to get Back to Hie collection which serves As the inspiration for this Story. Its owner has assembled a group of Young women among her friends who Model the garments Complete with appropriate coiffure for each with Many of the Correct accessories of the different periods. They were invited to show it before a vat group of interested merchants recently obviously such a collection is not easy to acquire. In fact Many difficulties surround the gathering o its contents since not Only do families dislike to part who family heirlooms but also in earlier Days women made their costumes Over and Over. Mrs. Witherell discusses the various gowns As they Are shown highlighting style features such As the beginning and development of the hoop the Hustle and other Silhouette characteristics As Well As the various fabrics of which the gowns and costumes wore made. Opens fascia lit Field can t you see what a fascinate my subject this opens up and even How much fun there is to by had in embarking in some such voyage of discovery think of this feature being announced for your next club meeting. Can to yen. It being shown to packed h is a possibly because it is such an obvious Hobby that so few have Aiken it up. There Are All sorts of ramifications. One might cohort photographs of the costumes if not the actual costumes or one collect som one nil i god of rile Complete Metwa. Fascinating collections of i i recently ome to us tit. H or ornaments Combs. Pin to i a is veil us snuff Bovey. A. R a a Cava pod vanities offer limitless ies. I leave the thought you in the Hope mat von Ign a Salvage something fee got airy. I poll Ka-1 dots i for i evening the simple flowing lines of flus in a Drin red Wool evening coat. Worn Over a red and White polka Dot dinner Pov a Are new for Southern and cruise Wear. This ensemble. As modelled recently at the new York Ritz. Isle of pearls nearly 2.000 years ago Pliny Tho a Ider wrote a fifty Rule Distant rom the arabian Shore is the is and of typos bahraini it has a own of the same name Mai is for the vast number of it this is As True today a u Vas 2,000 years ago. For the chief native Industry of this Island to he persian quit is Hie Pear fish nos. Tile vast majority of the Oriental natural pearls of in world come from the Waters of the Gulf. And 75.000 natives Accord my to recent authoritative statistics depend on the Industry. A

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