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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 24, 1937, Arcadia, California Fag four Arcadia daily Tribune Friday. Or camber 24, 1937 Beauty children health Tribune Magazine Page food fashions Home Ford prepares for second a sunday Ball game cancelled Jor agent argument with Corpe death la. I lilt i ii l�?Tp�4� Detroit dec. 24 Benn Ford prepared for his second a Vijoli lipid k i cancel re because of tilt with an Agency of the Feagiai co Ern ment today As Union leaders backed by a sharply worded National labor relations Board ruling requested a conference with Ford motor Compaq of fit a promote a Industrial peace Quot sundays scheduled baseball game at the City Park Diamond second Avenue at Huntington drive today death c. Corpe business Man a of Hie Home team. The 3ue n Cit nine will swing to into action again on january 2, it 1 was reported. The daily Tribune a business and professional directory Leroy Anderton Frank l. Kostlan attorneys at Law 51 e hug or. Pm. Arcadia 2785 510 w sixth St. I of Angeles pm. Trinity 8221 or Tucker 1378 i. N. Kendall m. D. Surgery. Gynaecology obstetrics office hours to to 12 2 to 5 evenings 7-8, except wednesday phone 2141 ii n. First ave. Loans notary insurance Dee m. Payne real estate 58 e. Huntington Arcadia phone Arcadia 2294 Job printing Arcadia daily Tribune t04 n. 1st Avo. The. 2131 i till. Ginther chiropractor Mon first ave. In. 2"13 next door to Post office Arcadia disposal co. 56 e. Huntington or. Phone 2294 collections mondays and thursdays 50c a month Carl f. Bass optometrist or. T. H. Smith dentist hours 9 to 6 a phone 2630 evenings by appointment 671 i. Duarte Road Arcadia i or. Grace Cullen chiropractor Telephone 2504 hours 9 a. In. To 5 p. In. Evenings by appointment 225 s. First Avenue Arcadia John f. Houlihan draperies a venetian blinds upholstering 124 e. Huntington drive phone 517 or 798 office 2891 a phone a res. 2191. Or. Bruce f. Sims physician surgeon Osteopath j office hours 10-12, 2-5 evenings 7-9. Mon. Amp Fri. No. 7 Arcade bldg. Arcadia George h. Stevens watchmaker watches clocks and diamonds watch clock and jewelry repairing 678 w. Quarte Arcadia j hours 9 to 5 phone 483 evenings by appointment or. E. W. Bellinger dentist no. 7 Laflamme Arcade bldg. 8 e. Huntington Arcadia Flowers for every possible occasion. Delivered anywhere 24-hour service Fords House of Flowers 515 w. Huntington Monrovia phone 215 systems tax service Fred Donkin Public accountant part time boo keep be service includes All social Security sales tax and income Lav reports. Phone til Arcadia ii ii so. I first ave. Lea Versi Iii tree and driveway improvements 0 _ general contractor 231 s. Second Avenue phone Arcadia Jakc Ywe fit feet 502 s. Myrtle ave. J for shoes styles Monrovia Calif. Graduate Ortho Peist a x Ray shoe fitting we fan order any make of shoe to fun your foot prompt and economical financing on Home Loans greater Arcadia bu1lding-loan association is East Huntington or tolf Phov 4k9 men and ladies tailor cleaning and alterations at Cash and carry prices g. W Strauser 148 e. Huntington or phone 022 s. V. Schermerhorn Agency general insurance a real estate a notary 146 East i n Kington or phone 547 Sunshine it a a cleaners Ive Lead in Quality and Sere _ _ _ tailoring alterations relining repair Low Ash and carry prices Jug pm. 2262 ice s Arcadia d. And d. Body work Auto fainting body and fender Repa Cor. Duarte Road and Baldwin ave., Acadia s ring phone arc. 439 continued from Page one to do it by treaty once Belgium was invaded. She would have entered anyway. Grey of Falloon s a Twenty five years a says in every crisis since 1905, Germany had been told that if War came we would Beden in into it on the Side of France. The warning was Given again to Bethmann Hollweg. More than tin could no be said then comes tile most significant line in this most significant of memoirs Bluff even if it could be stooped to in such grave moments would by useless the germans would have known hat the Border line Between truth and Bluff was m c radio store phone 2298 in rep or All m Akes of sets is North first Avenue Arcadia Edward Grey then proceeds to make it. Clear that when the red hot moment came to consider he last saving proposal that England would pledge neutrality if both Germany and France kept out of Belgium. A the Cabinet was. Unable to give any pledge to anybody. And in that it reflected the state of feeling and opinion in parliament and the Conn phone 585 hours 9 to 5examination by appointment i 59 a e. Huntington Arcadia it is just bunk that All honest criticism of a policy that seems to Lead to War my be stilled in the interests of patriotism As Viscount Grey said you can to Bluff in these situations. If we make a threat to strike Japan we must mean it. We must be both prepared and deter a mined to make Good hat threat. There is nothing yet to show that it is necessary to strike Japan. We Are not prepare d or determined to strike Hor if there were. This is not to criticise anything yet done. The Case had been magnificently handled but this country is not going to War for anything be done i and not for any form of words. War or peace depends on what maybe done by Japan in the future. A wrong step Here May Precipio i Tate another 1914 All across the world. Is ours to be he hand that pulls that trigger at a new Sarajevo not if our people have any say in the matter. Hugh s Johnson. Chop suey dinners to take out 139 e. Foothill Monrovia phone Monrovia 4452 k a Adio electrical est equipment d so ervice 119 a. Foothill Pii. 137 Monrovia try the new drive in liquor store Corner Santa Anita and Huntington drive for your Holiday liquors wines Beer orders delivered pm. Are. 360 Monrovia starting Friday Jeanette Mac Donald ii the firefly a with Allan Jones Warren Wiliam a also a Navy Blue and Gold a with Robert Young James Stewart Lionel Barrymore up Ciai Midnight show new years eve tickets on Sale now a no Advance in prices speaking of style modern women suit jackets mis Martin doubts if wed he happier if pc longer say Paris stylists lived Iii a woman a world t by Eleanor ii in by Marian Mays Martin a Man s world what nonsense and Here a Why according to mrs. Charles a. Beard authoress and Champion of women w to startled her audience at a luncheon of the Oberlin women s club by stating that styles this season Are smarter in women s Udud of stating mat there is nothing in the than Ever say tile stylists who. Theory that women have been subjected through the a because of that theory to have been Given an inferiority Complex. According to Anthropol Back from the Paris openings Are intent on translating these French ideas into wearable clothes for the woman who is wintering in the warm Sunshine the tunic Silhouette is one of the most impressive from All accounts. One importer likens it aptly enough to the sweater and skirt Silhouette although in the Case of Mai Bocher who seems to be sponsoring it the tunics Are longer than sweater length. In opposition to this Silhouette is the very Brief and Jaunty jacket line which was launched by Schiaparelli its Young and Spring like enough to insure its popularity in resort and in Spring wardrobes. Tailored suits in Paris Are being shown a Little longer in the jacket goes one report. The contrast theme is a favorite in dressmaker types of suits As the form fitting dress topped by a Bolero and of ers the outstanding new suit Type for Spring. Among Novelty colors for a Spring which promises to be full of color features is Mustard yellow effective in contrast with Smoky colors. Continued emphasis on body lines is commented on by All. The new fitted tunics Are examples of this folded line. This slim Ness of line is also manifested in skirts and there is definite approval of striped fabrics both printed and Woven. Softly tailored suits that have a very feminine Quality and Are developed in mannish striped fabrics Are noteworthy. Mai Bocher and Maggy rout Are both advocates of this Type of costume. Often these suits Are worn with Redin Gote Coats in the same striped medium. Sheer dresses Are done in Gypsy colors in stripes with tulle a favorite medium. Chiffon Jersey is another fabric that is played up for evening. You and your child self pity a habit you can overcome by Jane Herbert Goward Edwin had a woebegone look on his face. A a what a the matter with him a father whispered to Mother. A the s feeling sorry for himself again. Done to pay any attention to him if you do it will Cost von a q u a r a a Quarter a father asked with Puzzle a out. A what mrs. Goward glamorous Virginia Bruce selects it Black Seguin evening gown for her wardrobe. It Moulds to the figure and has net Odets around the Bottom of the skirt. She wears one american Beauty Rose at the Low Cut neckline. Her hive Fox wrap to of an interesting length and features a stand up Collar. White House guests the first lady was recently asked How Many guests she entertained during the last twelve months. A record kept by the White House shows that she and the president were hosts to 4,346 guests at regular meals that is for breakfast luncheon or dinner Tea was served to 22,353 people. 16.850 attended receptions and an est inn Tai total of about 653,000 sightseer inspected the ground floor apartments of the executive mansion. That does not count the callers who Rome in and have no refreshments Given them. Dishes for today creamed sea food served at Christmas eve supper unusual stuffing by Judith Wilson two of the most important meals of the Holiday season receive the least attention. At last Christmas has come the children Are tired out with the excitement of helping Mother with the decorations. Wrapping their own Little packages and dreaming of Santa too often the dinner hour arrives in Christmas eve before Mother Las had time to give it so much As i thought. Then there is breakfast in the Corning to be considered. The Hildren will probably be too exited with new playthings to eat Inch and getting them to the Able will be something of a task less you prepare something hat is unusually tempting. Weli and Cook Over hot water stirring constantly until thick about 12 minutes. Flake the cooked Haddock and add to the sauce with the shrimp paprika Cayenne Anc diced hard cooked eggs. Heat thoroughly and serve in Large soft Rolls that have been hollowed out and toasted lightly. Spanish Rice makes an unusual stuffing for pheasant Duck or Chicken. You Brown one fourth of a cup of chopped onions and chopped Green peppers in one fourth of a cup of Bacon. When the combination is Well browned add two cups of cooked Rice and one cup of Tomato juice let simmer until thick. Add a teaspoonful of poultry seasoning and a Little chopped Parsley and stuff the fowl. Kit he wants a chinese junk i believe he said it was. It costs a father nodded his head knowingly. A i see a he said. A Edwin wanted tile Quarter right away and you said he could not have a yes. I said a your father works hard for his Money. You cannot have it for the asking. Quarters do not grow on so he started whining a i never get anything you never let me have anything a and has been feeling Blue Ever since. Done to notice Hun. A a Edwin indulges in self pity quite a bit these Days a father observed. A sunday i said no to some unreasonable request of his and he was miserable for father called the boy. A Edwin you done to seem very Happy the boys Chin quivered a a in be heard the Story and your attitude Isnit right. You know that you could soon save up a Quarter out of your allowance if you made up your mind to save. Most boys of ten done to get half the allowance you do. Id like to remind you. Also. I hat you Are luckier in Many other ways that i could name. So if i were you i waste my grief Over nonsense. Id save it for real trouble. You know we have your happiness at heart done to you now let me see you Edwin grinned sheepishly wanted to say. A in a sorry a could not find his Tongue. Orgy the first Sharp distinction by tween animals and the human race was made by woman when she started industries and agriculture during the Cave mrs. Beard in a i n t a ined that a documentary perusal of the historic past would convince oven the most sceptical that women have Bren More than Mere appendages to Many a estate. She called upon women to become More fully aware of their own role and not consider themselves As the subjected sex what is More she charged the colleges of the country with doing nothing to make women aware of for a a a there a i10jr place in history and Remini a shipbuilding re her listeners that from the Verv beginning of time women have shared wit ii men the Honor of making world history. Mrs. Martin women in history he but cheese in pie spread grated cheese Over apples to be used in pie. Members of the family w to insist on cheese with their Apple pie will be delighted. Bead stringing in stringing beads with very Small holes first twist the Cord tightly. Then dip the end into household Cement or glue. When the Cord is dry it will pass through the holes easily. Slice thin use a very Sharp knife to Cut fruit cake into thin slices. Dip the knife into warm water frequently. Doing so will help prevent crumbling. Men play the game roast Turkey for your Holiday table in Christmas eve supper creamed seafood in toasted Rolls or Steak Sandwich Barbecue assorted pickles celery jellied Plum pudding Coffee breakfast Orange juice peaches Benedict on toasted English muffins scrambled eggs Coffee Cocoa for children Here is a seafood recipe for the supper menu that is next to no trouble to prepare yet is packed full of taste and Appeal. It ran be prepared Early in the morning and reheated when appetites begin clamouring for food. Creamed seafood 4 Tablespoons butter or Margarine 4 Tablespoons flour it Teaspoon Salt 1 a cup Cream 14 cups milk Viz Teaspoon Worcestershire f Tuce j4 Teaspoon grated onion 2 cups cooked flaked Haddock 2 cups cooked or canned shrimp 2 hard cooked eggs paprika a dash Cayenne heat the butter or shortening in a Saucepan and add the flour and seasonings. Add the Cream milk and Worcestershire sauce. Mix in ism most men Are willing to play the game according to rules and to pay the penalty if it is just women on the contrary Nevet seem to be prepared to pay the penalty. What a More they invariably feel discriminated against when they Are made to make amends for their misdeeds. Little boys Are taught from their Cradle Days to give the by St of everything to Little sister. She must have the biggest piece of cake the longest stick of Candy and the better of every argument Little sister gets the Breaks and As the Bov grows older it has be Home a habit with him to yield to the woman a wishes. Naturally the me Are some head Strong selfish ones who done to but they Are. After All. The exception. All this sets me wondering whether it would be pleasant after All to live in a woman world. Short cuts chopped meat for hamburger Steak May be stretched by adding one cup of dried bread crumbs or cold cooked Rice to the mixture before it is shaped into cakes. Left Over Cereal May be combined with cheese shaped into cakes and baked in the oven or browned in a greased w pan. It takes turnips from forty to fifty minutes to Cook tender. Peel and slice for cooking. Mash with butter Salt and Pepper when done. Here is a 15-Pound Turkey for your Holiday table. Roast for three hours two and a half hours in a covered roasting pan. With the last half hour the cover of the pan removed dedicated to the turning of the Bird to a luscious crispy brow Ness. The recipe for the simple dressing follows two pounds of bread soaked in water for a few minutes and then squeezed fairly dry i finely chopped onion i Pound of pork sausage meat Pinch of Sage Pinch of thyme i teaspoonful of Salt Pinch of Pepper a Tablespoon of chopped Parsley 2 whole eggs a Small Glass Ful of Cream. Mix All ingredients thoroughly and stuff the Bird. In toe Bottom of the roaster chef Louis Cintrat of Park and til Ford drops two Small oni ofis one Carrot Cut in pieces a stalk of chopped celery a bit of butter. A stiff Brush will remove All particles from the top of a Range burners. For the inside of the Burner a Small Long wire handled Brush May to used to get at hidden dust dirt. A we find women always addin something creatively to human life women sat Side by Side with men in Tho schools of greek philosophy and the thought of Greece which is our background was built up by lie joint thought of men and unfortunately she resumed much of the past history has been lost and now schools and College portray every significant development from Many a Point of View women she commented sad a have become a a sex lost to mrs beards last observation i a open to debate. There Are women in history and women who Are making history in spite of mrs Bead s pessimism. A whether a creative mind i lodged in a woman a head or in a Many a does to after All make much difference. What is important is that one should be a four a Leht person and a credit to the human family. Women Are capable of real achieve Mont and today Are More than holding their own in almost every Field of Endeavor. But i foil to sep just How this alters the fact deplorable though it seems to mrs. Be re. That it is still a my no a world. What a More. I am not at All sure that that does no to make things better instead of worse for women since the average Man is willing to give a woman the Best of it or a the Breaks a if you prefer the term. Whether women worm be As generous with men or with each other i am not prepared to say there Are women who play fair under All circumstances but they Are greater Arcadia Tribune More. Subscribe now. 40c per month

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