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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 20, 1937, Arcadia, California Arc Ahia daily Tribune Tribune sports Budge May join Perry vines Tennis troupe Santa Claras 1937 Grid record hailed Champion will defend title by new Perry at i Road it Nis. Are Nual s fat. America that the in neither b. Writer in i. That the w series fully t next time v. Undoubted i it of us Gene other. There is a understand tween Budge fact it is that kept j Davi in Quot York i find. Ii Pany it j. Walsh in Khz Hor i 11 Ainee d by amal Don my in in my it id ii. Town abject the and n is or accept the $ i. Sept was fear of Public opinion. In Point of fur Tho fact the shoulder Iii i y Oil ii Ito Mobil a Ca probably 1 1 pressed Budr it with a 1 a How e phonic a1 is i int Aid h y fleeting the Fine. N a a its Posable Van to t i a. Your Luck. Cemetery s fest spot Eugene. Or no on it the safest places to r ape a a Mobile accidents according to a map prepared Bay police the the cemetery. No buttons asks divorce Cleveland u p. Cecil w Angelbert r fid a i r a divorce because his wife. Glady a Ald sew buttons on my clothes when they came Oft today a. Sport Parade by 111 ski Milf ii Ork i i staff correspondent wion by i1knki a la Moke i lift a a to ill Quot ii of i of Rte so in pm f i of a Ngel is dec 20 for at least thirty minutes in the Rose bowl n n w year s Day Alabama s Crimson tie t he in 11 team will be pitted against the strongest eleven in country and one of the naw Ever produced on the Paia tic coast d iring hut firs 30 minutes of Tho Pasadena extravaganza the California bears arc almost a certainty to Riddle tile Alabama line with a series or Savage thrusts and twice across the payoff Stripe for touchdowns to win the southerners must come prepared to score touchdowns one them defeat and two a get them any better than a in s not my opinion it is the in i of two men who know As Lei it football As anyone von a Are o name Howard Jones Southern California and v do ii on time All Amarin Iowa and now a scout Jones Between them the a i Devine have seen he bears in action five times this Vasoti and therefore speak know of tile outfit that Alabama Santa Ciara Calif. Famed As one of the oldest and most famous educational institutions in the tinted states Tho University of Santa Clara sends its Bronco football team to new Orleans to play in the sugar bowl on january i. As the Only undefeated and untied major eleven on the Pacific coast. The Broncos played eight games Ami won them by piling up a total of 158 Points to 9 Points for their opponents. In lev opened the season against i Stanford winning 13 to 7. The Stanford a scored on a pass and san Jose state College scored a Salty the result of a blocked Kirk la the Bruneau defeat Louisiana state in the sugar bowl on new year s Day they will enjoy the distinction of being the Only foot j Ball team in history of Santa Clara j finish us season undefeated and untied i j ast year the Broncos played nine games losing Only to Texas Christian invited to the sugar bowl they met and Defeated Loutsi Jana state 21 to 14 since Lawrence t a a Buck a Shaw was named head cos h at Santa Clara last year the Broncos have won 16 out of 17 games played a record unequalled in the Golden West. Monday Dice Mirr 20, 1037 Bank president in disclosure ast thwart to keep intact the sri i a w Intel sports champions will entertain mileage champions january i t when parti pants in the nationally famous Gilmore Yosemite Economy run attend the ice Carrr a1 at Yosemite National Park pictured above is miss Mary i Aylor Brilliant figure skating Champion who will defend Lier Crown in the competitions. American automobile Assoc Ator c on test Board and Gilmore Oil company officials have completed plans or what is expected to be the largest and most successful a stingy run in the history or America s Stock car classic. / a amp Tak dlr rvs Ito and to haul a to amp i of coca-6ax owing. We wow s Mot Upu Qaq Avoca. Arced ans Down broilers on City Diamond let Colburn brokers of los Angeles was railed to the siring of Arabia merchant victims today. Yesterday afternoon on the City pick Diamond. Guy Corpes 11 Ca Cha aggregation upped a j-3 in is ii from the invading oui tit to keep in Wintling stride. Lefty Grimes. And i Ltd dint cd shared the twirling Dukes for the Iio i a in Ards. Letter writer offers tip san Francisco a miss utile e. Hower. Business in Ter exp it for the american Institute of a formulated the most important Rule for writing business Titer As follows if you re or a me Good Neas. Put it in the first paragraph Ifju a a bad. Bury tin blow deep Down m lie letter and Lead up to it i of Etc to d Bol Ftp Nee Mig a of All Rose Bow records i to ii know if i have Ever Eon Ner starting lineup than Call Trina has this year. Jones told me a we walked along a Fairway of the Golf club a few Days to Quot the eleven men who get the first Call comprise a team that has no Superior in this country and i Don t except Pittsburgh it has no real weakness and much greatness the Backfield has Speed. Power Fine kicking sure passing. Anti All the boys Block. Ltd front it is much the same thing Schwartz i an especially Fine offensive and and his partner on the other Wing. Is tremendously effective defensive player. The tackles while not spec s. A Are adequate the guards Are standouts. Both Evans and Stockton have a., the requirements n a re and of course her a Vig is a notable Center Quot no c fornia weak the u s. C. Coo explained is a Lack of b Armstrong on Benefit ring card monday Henry Armstrong world Champion featherweight Boxer is Kerning i Ain lit Buck where he started from next m and in night. He is to be seen at past Dena Arena. Morn Cohan a Pavilion in which he had his first id it his opponent will be Tino de Hima. Pasadena s Golden Glove Champion. This gesture on the part of Armstrong is to help the newsboys and other needy of the Crown City and Vicinity and his appearance will be the big feature of Cohan s eleventh annual Christmas Benefit show Par of the proceeds of which Are to go for a number of Fine charities. Newsboys of Pasadena. Morris announces will get a Christmas in net at Hancock s in Pasadena and a Bunch of toys. Out of the proceed5 of the show some More of the Gate will go. As is a regular Cus Aiu nip c it bin it former sensational Pasadena fighter who has been Blind for evral years and also another of a lion win a a Dona to on my soc to germans get Gas Mak wild turkeys evade West Virginia Hunters continued from Page 3 the whip hand until a girl yielded j after that she it ver quite owned her straight Young body her voter and her eyes her mind and soil again and men knew that Birls i would yield. I writhing with the soldering insistent presence of it Tam would lie awake in the night hour Atter j hour who hated men. All men hated the inexorable Law of life that Dei i of that there should la no going Back no going Back t that wet afternoon with the rail streaming Down and a Happy Flat to Chi perfumed Tam joyously exploring Maine Beautiful rooms laughing through the dramatically Perfec. T ii tie meal with the Mal the loved sitting opposite her and watching he. With the appreciative look she knew so Well in his narrowed eyes. Insanity that had been a Little time of in Sanjiu so terribly Short and to be paid h r by of Many o these etude s insufferable hours and Why Why Why what had she thought to gain by it Why had t some saving moment of courage of Wisdom saved her but what s the Chi Ferrence no one knows we mtg a the difference Quot she would mutter twisting and turning on the hard untidy bid Coral might stir impatiently. A for i Eaven s Sake get to sleep Tam a a the older sister would groan in her sleep. There was a difference. Life Bolero tins had been an adventure hard sometimes but always exciting Little Tamara Todhunter fresh from the Convent had found it All fun the meeting of queer persons and doing queer things herself Remote from the sordid Ness and wrongness Strong against weakness straight against what was co ked now everything was changed. She could not be philosophical and amused and ambitious any More her own life was not going to emerge out of this shadowy mess into the Clear Sunshine of Honor and service and achievement. No it had caught her instead the laxness and a Virti i Ness and weakness had found her just a. Easy prey As any poor Little i glib like Lita Ever had been Lita to had never known decent influences Fine women Fine codes. And the smarting insufferable Iown of it a1 was to realize that my re had escaped free into the a a a a til was working f a in lard i coing deep an it i a a a other girls were smiling i a Mayo fluttered when he smiles a k exit i my when he suggested 1 cup of Coffee and a Sandwich i at the three pigs. J she wrote Hir at the Prospect of tract calmed him flattering he had to tie called of i one like this. When the this new Conli was pretty said to Tam. Job for another darn fool of a be Ston Ber Radi Fine fast solid coach tourist Sleeper train to electrical equipment d service dependable i i i of i Hill pm. Monroy i \ 131 Sunrise cubs in 4-1 Victory Over Pierce men a Santo be doily train of rare ease Economy excellence Speed. Skillful and Friendly staff to make the journey woolly successful. Rid enjoyable. V co gifts for Christmas Hamilton and Elgin watches Diamond Kings bracelets turf jewelry i up ill St a until a. Airlift i Mcgraw h or. J five biggies i of its blow. J to push Over the contest. Shortstop i Day for the chances during toe an error. The running Sunrise cubs a he its Pierce beverage base hits ten a Winn Medwick Leader in National league honors once in the two 1 a after to my parted she heard on. Rum twice but Iii neither or e a one word of i a a i irk with hunger 1 in i a a a d herself because a a Odd a when she a Lar handwriting and to. In Wood postmark but Shee opened the let-1 the Ort of thing he h did not uprise her Oriel mention of health pm i. Sal general in Rhar a to her to no to forget or a an opening a a i going to wire r r Oover. A Culver City. Cie of. Ted she Hardtop int since that heavy a a Sacramento when i a a Quot o in Wirt Umbac k in the movie to if a he it a.? of or. Instantly the change Ltd Quot Ara moods had a Aly frightened her in his Oer had become confirmed o of a Ard Mallory a a of a i confident a t in com Ible of it least Quot not been Able to reach Public had Beni crazy about you for years anyway and ought to be fed up. Ii Merman really sends for you May be. Why should t i go Down and have a look a Quot ii hell no he had swered easily. Quot that would throw the Monkey wrench into everything this part i m to play is i sort of mime a Man fixing everyone up decent you know. I take a woman i have time old Sam would get onto everything like a humiliated beyond anything she had Ever dreamed of humiliation Lam had been silent. But she was Only Twenty and it spite of herself Hope would Rise in her heart Over and Over again. Something would straighten it All out and make him love her in that trembling exquisite breath taking Way again somehow she would get Back to the old Happy feeling of Confidence in him and herself and life. In Sacramento with warm sunless skies untimely Over the strange City and the cast of five Bons angry and ashamed Over an unsuccessful tour Cut salaries empty houses cancelled dates May be a Lone had been exultant Berman had wired him he had to get out right away. He would take the late train meanwhile he and Tam had had a last walk and a last Long talk and a wretched dinner together. Quot you look like a Little ghost Tam a he said during the walk. Quot i feel horribly about your go ing j a ooh Well lord 111 be Back. Look at the fruit blossoms in february will you Over in that Yard a a i know but not for Ever so Long a a a it la go fast. You la have to get another Job now. And get Busy. I Don t think Feeney a going to a mount to much As a manager i mean. Here Stile thing about Feeney and i like Frank Feeney too a Quot Quot Mayne is making talk a Tamara s thoughts had run. What was Feeney to them or what were they to fee Nev she had tramped along in silence listening her face not brightening. A will miss you so horribly Mayne a j slip had said thickly keeping her voice Down. Quot i feel i feel so badly about Quot Why that a not like you. Tam a Mayne had reproached her kindly As she had stopped unable to go on. A a let a just be glad that we had this Happy time and before we know it Well be having another Quot Quot i can t see it just like How like a crying miserable girl the words had sounded walking with your Beau on sunday afternoon and crying horrible Dull streets with dirty sidewalks and people inking bloated and breathless in the Sticky heat and one More girl trying to keep up with the Long Steps of her Man and crying. It to lie continued president l. M Giannini announced that the Board of direct ors at the Bank of America nation i a1 Trust and savings association has authorized a special Christmas distribution of additional com pen cat Ion amounting to $400,000 to be participated in by Over 6,000 eth i loves this distribution is in Fri lotion to salary increases grantee during the year amounting to an annual outlay of $1,100,000. Or Diann in stated that the Banks payroll had exp glanced a total increase of Over $2,100,000 during tip period. Also he announced that the regular Bonus policy by by which the Bank contributes More than $500,000 annually to the employees pension and insurance funds will continue. Santa be car loadings jump for week of dec. La 27,016 same compar week in Santa be system car loadings for the week ending dec la were 22,-008 compared to 22,119 for the same week last year. Received from connections 5 008 compared to 6.164 for the same Wix k last year. Total cars moved cd to 28,383 for the 1936. Santa be handled a total of 27,-913 in the preceding week this year. Firemen play a London Bridges Ballston spa n. Y up a Ballston firemen played a London Bridge is flailing Down with motorists delayed by fire Hose Strung across a Street. To the tune of Tho song they lifted a heavy Hose above the tops of the automobile and the singing motorists parsed under. Baser Meta lures Gold Miner Tralio Australia up a with the present world armaments race on Tho demand for Wolfram a Metal extensively used in munitions manufacturing miners Here have found it More profitable to abandon their Gold mines and turn to Wolfram mining. Large deposits of the latter Metal exist in this District. Roy Wilson 1918 s. Baldwin Buick rep. For Arcadia res. Pm. 8021 of., Monrovia 1122 Canadian woman 104 Mitchel a ont. . A Mary Avery of Mitchell has celebrated her 104th birthday anniversary. The centenarian recalled that v Hen she came to Canada in 1855 from Devonshire England in a cling ship it took eight weeks to Cross the Ocean. A Acadia theatre phone 2661 25c now playing Eddie Cantor june Lang a nah Baba goes to town and Boris Karloff Beverly Roberts a West of Shanghai Novelty a puppet love news events of the Day 000 010 001 Ooi Cai. A Quot St Stock in Southern Calif. For the new stainless steel coaches Cunio mum Comfort and supplied with every Psoter the Broad windows the lighting and h meals in diner Complete at 90c per a it. Or a la i Irv. A i j of Menre Artrai tis e a Hie Jumi Ign i Alert attractive a it Tunnel for \ liable a elderly to women Ai those who Max be ill. Information of the his the ult. Sis to ii sistan it e to i children e n n in through Whit and torte ten ii a the. Or Jarl Orv i Adios in Tat lounge cars All cars air Condi Inoru 5 b a d m i n t o n men the Cit Irini pred a so w or by if fsr of f a. F i of p y o k a Quot if i to Rig at. J m a Quot /. A mag i n f p. Tier it is j j i a i s ii of o d or it it h-7. York giants it Orth a a it p avg in f i t i l a it in is better t it 14 ave Inch if i o f the de i in. I the american 1 e Iglus is Lac Best Dofi in Sive a a i t h i Fielding aver a his bating Mal k a Ower than the tune n by h urn. By 41. In 1924 Dei it j on to w fining hour of a n in i n Sticky. A i m a rare to see Nev had had abbreviated or i failing them trait horrible Sun on her mid it ii e empty the he qty she and before and did a gain May Rte and a quarrel about i a Genie it Mayne for the last two Faylor s cafe mrs. Robert c. Jenkins mgr. Our special Tyr Good food merchants plate lunch 30c evening dinners 50c 65c 85c Complete Fountain service 419 private banquet room special attention Given to parties and banquets for reservations phone Monrovia 1104 s. Myrtle Avenue Monrovia rt37 and Feeney had re re v who he out or 50 Santa be ticket office and travel Bureal Telephone 503, Aik in i la in i i grilling i la .,1,1 his a v fair wheel goods guaranteed Johns bicycle shop Wake find 4767 Oaks Pys Iden 1453 n i Nike it Field .9883 pain of r in i championship he led ii i inf other departments a at Bat 633 scored to mom base hits. 237 i bases. 405 most Doub led Mel of of the Home runs with 31. Medwick s sparkling brought his life time from 333 to 34 and enabled him to join the charmed Circle of Quot thou and hitters by bringing i. Ill urn1 total hits to i ii. Per for mane scented it. F pc Hurt in Elf a movies l Ough now coming out with your i signed Little Picayune company a Abe had shouted in the course Oti a e Igi Cement now Berman its me arid in a damned Lucky he does and you can go sit on a tack a he had been flushed and angry a i and Tam had started out for a walk Lait quickly his gratification the follow tights runs Iii most total a a a 56. And giants Force Pei Formant average up try the new drive in la fat it a store Corner Santa Anita and Huntington drive for your Holiday Liq ors wines Beer orders delivered pm. Re. 360 a just opened i motor court 3 minutes from Santa Anita race track distinction without extravagance Beauty rest Beds tile showers cloned garages u. S. Highway 66 741 e. Huntington or. Monrovia

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