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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 20, 1937, Arcadia, California 20, 1037more Nan 200 racers arrive at Santa Anita Park As opening nears world wide news coverage by United press and International news service an Independent daily St n news Pap new a radians this is your newspaper vol. Vii., no 270 coi a Ruhl. 1137. By i Lilied i Ren sir Tell intr inc. Repir Ortii ton in whole or Purl Fulti lilt a. All right Rinc Bvrd 15y ii ii s. Johnson Ney York City recently i wrote about general of a Pershing a a War record. By Many requests this column explains Why this noted go getter of murderous Moro i Jatos did no to bring Mem a he raced Chihuahua Villa and marauding Bones. Smarting until the Aid we gave Carranza to to feat him in Senora and hoping to bring in oui Villa with too Dorado suddenly descended on Columbus new Mexico burning murdering robbing anti ravaging. The weak nod and surprised Garrison finally rallied drove him out. Pursued him into Mexico until their ammunition gave out and then returned. Villa retired Only a clays March and waited for about a week in a defensive position for the Battle that would bring War Pursuit in Force was delayed for nearly two weeks for assembling of troops and supplies and in wrangling with Carranza who later claimed he never did consent to our putative expedition which wa1 finally formed under command of bldg. General a Black Jack posh chg. Was not permitted to use the Roll Road from Elpaso to Colonia tub lakh by which he could have Cut Villa off. Under an old treaty permitting Piir suit of a a barbarians on a hot he had to follow Villa s poly tracks. In the meantime. Villa is disgust assuming there would be no Pursuit started toward his native Durango disbanding slowly As he went and amusing himself by taking pot shots at the Carra Zista garrisons he passed. In this pastime at Guerrero he was wounded by a spent Carranza Bullet. At that very moment Distant horsemen whom he thought were his own stragglers proved to be the Advance guard of Custer s old regiment the 7th cavalry under Dodds. C Duncil to meet members of the Arcadia City Council tomorrow night will meet in regular session in the auditorium of the City Hail. Weather fair tonight and tuesday marriage lads lengthy feud Arcadia California monday december 20, io37 single copy 5c Alt ent feud Entin cof Tui ies of Anglo scottish feud ended when the marquess of Douglas and Ovit a Dale was married in Edinburgh Scotland to lady Elizabeth Ivy Percy us above. The feud began when a Douglas rained Oil the daughter of a Percy and slew her father. This wedding however was one of the Emmer a a Swan Kiest the Bride a one of the Queens aides. Star Meeds Barber s attention look Bob needs a shaved admitting he needed a shave Here is Robert Taylor heart throb screen idol of thousands of girl fans breakfasting in his stateroom on the Queen Mary As the ship arrived in now York. Tile screen actor was returning from England where lie starred in a forthcoming British picture. What noted people Are saying by International news service lit int it in i t inuit i net service new York a the Rev. John Hayes Holmes denounces a the Star spangled banners As probably one of tile most vulgar anti profane of All the worlds patriotic songs a our National Anthem is full of boasting and Pride it be i brakes Way and its horrors it breathes hatred and vengeance upon our new York or. Josef Hoffmann noted pianist says music has helped safeguard morals in the past few years Quot i know of no other Agency of greater value in maintaining the spiritual level of our people during fhe trying years of the Baltimore a Samuel Unter myer noted new York lawyer urges a Boycott against japanese Godso a a our gain would lie priceless in the cause of peace in up building upholding and re establishing the Sanctity of treaties. Our inaction is nothing Short of a crime against Hou. Wood a Helen Vinson stage and screen Star. Takes a dig at Hollywood producers a a if an actress wants to change her Type in Hollywood it is necessary for her to do that new Type in a new York play Aud be phone situation Runoff in Wash causes reaction of Monrovia is seeking annexation to Arcadia arcadians unique Telephone system and Monrovia a hazardous Duarte Road Wash today caused Monrovia is living West of the Wash to consider seriously annexation to Arcadia. Hildren who live on a e West Side of the Duarte Road Wash must Wade through 6 inches of water in order to reach i Santa be school. Whereas if they lived in Arcadia they could i attend first Avenue without wad additional g men arrive for further a cat no a work my. Pm a. Whitlock of 1708 enc no Avenue declares that property owners of his District have applied for Street improvements which have been ignored by the City of Monrovia. With one exception residents of this territory liver annexation to Arcadia and Are ready to raise the necessary $150 annexation fee although they live within the City limits of Monrovia these residents have Arcadia phones the proposed annexation a been by Wing for several years residents say. Administration Lea ers give in Hope on compensation i5> in in in it i Antal new Iet Washington dec 20 administration leaders had virtually abandoned Hope today that unemployment compensation payments will Aid materially in a rating add tin a i Relief appropriations if the Lou siness recession continues or gets worse. It i Iii la 1-11 11 Iii Mil i or Quot a s a ii a san Francisco. Dec. 20�? add amal a men from Western Ollie s of the Federal Bureau of investigation arrived Here by plane today and received explicit instructions from no. I a Man. J. Edgar Hoover to a a crack Quot the growing mystery surrounding the sensational escape from Alcatraz Federal prison of Ralph Roe and Ted Cole. C k i a h o in a Desper a Clors. Since i 30 p. M last thursday when Roe. Serving of years for Bank robberies and code serving 50 years for kidnapping vanished from to e american a devils Island a num Eros fad be clues have sent the f b i. Sleuths on Quot wild Goose chases. The Mast promising tip developed or ii in re a Alcatraz pro Mer Manuel Limas whose Story that Roe and Cole bad plotted their escape in May 193 1 was still under scrub Ity. Of Linn 3ep0t i Indian Broom which Cee in eluded in stables unloaded Steward Here by Eddie read Santa Anitas extensive thoroughbred Community was increased today by Over 200 racers. Seventeen cars from tanforan pulled into the stable area siding this morning and unloaded 185 head representing some of the nation s outstanding racing strings. Among the arrivals were Majo Austin c. Taylor a which Cee and j Indian Broom. The former won i the $10,000 added san Francisco i Handicap at John Marchbank s san Bruno course last saturday. Binglin Stock farms stable was augmented with the arrival yesterday of the three Argentine bred Santa Anita Handicap eligible est Liparoti Olimpo Nad Limpid. Lig Saroti reputed to be one of the Best racers in South America was assumed 123 pounds last week for the Quot Hundred grand special. Trainer w. D. Buck conditioner for hard knocking Gillespie land did pm i in ,5ive<i with la head including the California bred sky Lanty recent Winner 1 of the California Lassie stakes at tanforan. The stable area was a Busy place this morning As the newcomers j proceeded to get their charges set for opening Day on saturday. Many of the big name horses were Given hard workouts in preparation for the Christmas milo�?$5000 dried Fea Titre for tire opener. Racine i Secretary Webb Everett we ill not the nominations until tomorrow. Presiding Steward Christopher j Fitzgerald was an arrival yesterday at Santa Anita and proceeded to work out the multitude of de i tails that Are part of his important j position. Other stables to get in at the track this morning include Iron Mountain stable a. R born Percy m. Pike Paul Kelly m. E. Syufy and others. U. S. Troops warships to remain in China territory n in Amis Ili Quot Amala for chosen Rose Queen >1u lit to k officers instated in ceremonies Friday at clubhouse i colourful night Arcadia masons launched themselves on another year of activity today following colourful and inspiring installation ceremonies Friday night in the new Temple on South Santa Anita Avenue Chester r Endicott was inducted As worshipful master to feature pie installation program with the following serving As installing officers worshipful master Oliver l. Rawson installing of Fiir living a. Murfett w m. Master of ceremonies and Betty Jeanne Endicott installing organist. Tia yrs of the Arcadia Lodge to be install eds Yeti a were Melville d. Hawkins seme Warden e. E. Westerhouse. Junior was Den Watson e. Bristol treasurer Charles b. Faulkner Secretary Herbert w. Bree chaplain Lee f Clark senior Deacon Victor in Gunderson Junior Deacon Milton p. Ward Marshall Thomas h. Slick senior Steward Raymond h. Rishworth Junior Steward James f. Thomson organist Arthur r. Eastwood Tyler. Refreshments were served at the conclusion of the program. Monrovia Council who discuss handball ruling letter Tuy present time not opportune to remove men Secretary of state declared by James r. Young is is of i Norri my Init fit Tokyo dec. 20�?the question of a who fired first Quot was raised by the japanese government today As Nippon a foreign office cancelled its previous denial that the United states gunboat Panay was machine gunned by japanese soldiers before it Sank in the Yangtze River. The Tokyo foreign office also stated that Japan wanted More information regarding assertions by Eye witnesses of the Panay Kitaek that the gunboat fired on the japanese planes which dropped bombs sending it and three american Oil vessels to the Bottom. Miss Cheryl Walker a year old Pasadena Junior College student who o,.,.,., a 49th annual Pasadena tournament of roses will reign As Queen Over to. On new years Day. She is he a Shter of in. Dale Walker of Pasadena and was chosen 1f5100 candidate by the Tournai Quot q roses committee. The princesses a. Or court i e in Reju Etsinger Jean Studley and Jetsy Posthuma of a Adena Anita Edn non a a Tadena. Winfred Gordon of Temple City and Arne a a a. A Ham Bra. I w la in eur an Fitts busts arcadians today were discussing and lauding the stand taken by District attorney Buron Fitts last night in a radio address on labor racketeers seeking to set themselves into operation in Southern California. Such racketeers who under the cloak of labor or otherwise engage in criminal activities to further their selfish interests were denounced soundly by Fitts in his air message. A it is my belief that such gangsters constitute the most dangerous element in our midst a Fitts declared in his weekly discussion of civic conditions. Pledge Given a i pledge myself to suppress the activities of so called a Goon squads a representing As they do Brazen Defiance of Law and order and the re Orting to terrorism in an attempt to supplant the Legal relations established by duly constituted government with the edict of thus fight Fitts said is not the Light of the employer alone. A it is not that of the decent., honest Union labor Leader alone. A it is the fight of All. I solicit the co operation of every police and i continued on Page two councilmen of Monrovia regular meeting tonight Are peeled to discuss and give ther study to the adoption of anti hand ill ordinance for that Community following the Lead taken by tile City of Arcadia ear v this month. City attorney Paul Garber this week has been investigating similar rulings including arcadians As the move to blockade free Dis tribute us and beatification hindrances gained momentum in other sections the san Gabriel Vail y. Recent arrest and guilty plea of a Pasadena circulator in Arcadia it was reported today has Given encouragement to other communities to adopt ordinances Bant ing the / distribution of a throw away sheets. Cwm Mamje world wide news flashes Star in denial Stockholm Dee. 20. I p l a Greta Garbo in Gay mood put at rest today reports of a real life Romance with Leopold Stokowski the recently divorced symphony orchestra conductor As she returned to her native country for Christmas. A a we Are Only she said a and All this gossip i i l i Olsom Bony with Arcadia listed tis one of the Chiel attractions for Winter tourists All previous records in Southern californians tourist business were broken when the All year club revealed today that visitors j during the 1937 travel year number de 1,741,603 and their expenditures while Here $216,713,817. Santa Anita Park Lyons Pony i express museum and other spots were named among the leading attractions of the Southland which j brought visitors Here throughout j the year. The new county Park is 1 expected to be another Magnet during the 1938 tourists season. A these figures tile result of careful All year club surveys represent an increase of 14 7 per cent out r our tourist business in 1936. The former All time stated h. D. Ivey prominent banker and vice president of the Community s non profit tourist promotion organization. By a had these visitors been Here at one time Southern California could have pointed to a tourist City the size of los Angeles. Pasadena and Long Beach combined Quot lie declared continued on Page 3> tree Defeated for Christmas in Library Park decorated under the supervision of Ebia Mussachia City Gardener the giant Christmas tree in Library Park today wore its yuletide dress awaiting the party to be staged on the Park Lawn Friday night. The distribution of gifts and Candy will be made under the auspices of the Glenn Dyer Post no 247 with Santa Claus programmed to drop in on arcadians event during his round the world hop that evening. According to announcement made this afternoon the tree will remain trimmed until after new by to United or Washington. Dec. 20�?Secretary of state Cordell Hull awaiting japanese response to protests Over the destruction of the us. Panay informed senator William h. Smather Cpl a letter today that mental trooper Anil warships will remain in China. He wrote in response to a leter from the senator urging their withdrawal and said Quot the present does not seem an opportune moment for withdrawing trops and warships. These vessels and troops have never had in any sense any Mission of Day. I big Navy program considered by Nitro pres Washington. Dec. 20�?a House appropriations subcommittee today j took under consideration pres. I Roosevelt a new naval program j which runs nearly 50 million Dol Lars ahead of previous appropriations and reflects his determine a Tion of a Navy second to moving swiftly in the face of War threats from abroad the president asks congressional approval of the Bill yesterday. The $576,000,000.00 program Calls for construction of two new super dreadnoughts and 20 smaller Craft. It was approved by the budget Bureau. Deer runs Loose in Arcadia As reports Given police wandering away f haunts a bold Fawn Hil Ben Hur Coffee served at Amateur horse show event hundreds of horse lovers and followers of equestrian sports on saturday witnessed the Amateur show held Here at the Santa Anita Riding Academy. Among the sideline features at the show it was reported today was the serving of Ben Hur Coffee at the refreshment Booth. Earl b Reagan of Arcadia sales representative for Ben Hur on the West coast secured the Coffee for the event. Escape planned san Francisco dec. 20 c pm the escape of comets Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe from Alcatraz was not done recklessly on the Spur of the moment to take advantage of a dense fog but had been planned for months before it was executed. Warden James a. Johnston said today in describing the a inside Story Quot of the break. File in pers Sacramento. Dee. 20 ins or a Gani cd to promote interest in horse racing and Breeding Santa Barbara Downs ire., today filed articles with the Secretary of stale. Capitalized for $7 59,000.00, the Santa Barbara organization is headed by c. M. Smith. J. Harper g. F. Arnold l. B. Brum. I. M. Aldridge and r c land Rev All of los Angeles and v. I. Memahon. Inglewood e s. Brown. Alhambra. And m. Hacker Glendale am its yesterday w Arcadia report on the Loose in on file at the police s cd today. Shortly before noon be the Fawn was reporte Unity of the Quot a Quot in Huntington drive a p 1st making the repair Tion. About 12-hours later the was spotted on West Palm a Tion reveal sturday. I in the vie Ter Section on . Motor at the Sta Anima drive elks to present a fat s on this eve it a no ses tonight Christina Arcadia and pro during All attending a an a a appropriate is a member to Mcmo a Quot night for the Monrovia Lodge. 1427, benevolent Clive order of Elk the course of the a valuing tubers will receive gift. Decision on the demurrer action defendants in the City of Dena s so called a Friendly suite i which challenges rights to water in the Raymond Dike Basin was awaited today As further defense i plans of Arcadia Monrovia and i Sierra Madre and scores of private water land companies were set for i completion i the verdict is expected to be Given tomorrow according to re. Ports released today at the City Hall j meanwhile the three cities named above were scheduled to stage j huddles with their engineers and attorneys to prepare plans for a serie. Of pumping tests designed in i determine whether their water Supply comes from outside the Raymond Dike Basin it a revealed today that results of the test will be used if pos Ible. As a part of the defense i against Pasadena Slegal action for curtailment of water production in the Basin the Contention of the three foothill communities is that the Santa Anita Basin is separate Lorn the Raymond and lies to the North of the Basin under fire. Special program arranged for general welfare club a an bounced to i t. Blamer j exalted ruler preside Over t meeting at 8 of Lay by Secretary Leortha is Kaiser will business a Specif was being Day night Cadis general disclosed this i. Marks pre i yuletide arranged w Telly program today for the thurs session of the a welfare club it was afternoon by Rev j aleut. I children prove Apt As i riders in show one or the most interesting events of pre Christmas Days was the first annual children a Amateur horse show which was held at the Santa Anita Riding Academy saturday. Sixteen events were on the card and 14 were presented. The show was sponsored by a committee headed by mrs Dan Rose. Her associate members were mrs. William o Petersen mrs a e. Muller. Mrs. R f Davis mrs Hattye Douglas mrs. Jane Long pre mrs. W. A. Murphy. Mrs. Albert Angus mrs. M h. Nesbitt mrs. L. A Austin mrs Glenn Moore mrs. Joe Hall. Mrs. Claude Pennington mrs. J e. Haney mrs. Anna West mrs. Maud West mrs Jack Palo mrs. Dorothy Linden. Mrs Elizabeth engraft mrs Marie Chambers mrs Elsie Murfett and mrs Virginia Diggins the prize winners follow in class i tile Winner were Barbara Hunter. Helen Fitzsimmons and Jackie Webster class 2. The winners Caroline Wilson Jane Pedley and Annette Corby. Class 3. The winners e m Shofner our it n Morton Harry Babcock and Margaret. Babcock class 4. The winners. Barbara Lyon Helen English Iris Rodgers my Hodge Crabtree class 5 tile winners Beverly English Ellen Crabtree Warren Morton and Peggy he Mann class 6. The winners Jane Pedley Warren Morton undue Crabtree and Mary Edo my Tun class 7. Open jumping the wire continued on Page i

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