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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1973, Page 1

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 16, 1973, Arcadia, CaliforniaHoliday concert tuning up for the annual Christmas concert presented by the Arcadia High school music department Are Susan Brown and Sara Kaplan members of the symphony orchestra. The choir will also be featured in the program at the san Gabriel civic auditorium tuesday dec. 20, at 8 . The Arcadia High school music department will present its annual Holiday concert on dec. 20, at 8 ., in the san Gabriel civic auditorium. 320 s. Mission drive in san Gabriel. The concert will feature the High school symphony orchestra in a program of varied selections including music by Bach. I Prokofieff Debussy and Victor Herbert followed by a presentation of selections from Handel s great oratorio with soloists choir and orchestra. The Messiah portion of the program will feature three student soloists Soprano. Deborah Amato Alto. Deborah Donnelly and baritone. Robert Henderson. In the orchestra portion of the program the group will perform Mozart s dream of Scipione Over Prokofieff s wedding of lieutenant Kije with Solo portions played by Steve Marcussen. Trumpet and David Matirn. Trombone. The Beautiful Clair de Lune by Debussy features harpist Sarah Cassal. And violinists. Brian reshore and Amanda lies. The High school choir of 80 members is under the direction of James cum Cisler and the orchestra of 69 instrumentalists is conducted by Wayne Reinecke. These two groups have traditionally joined for this Holiday concert and have performed Vivaldi s the Messiah and other com positions suited to the Christmas season. The program thursday will be conducted by Reinecke. Tickets May be obtained from members of the choir and orchestra or at the Box office on the night of the concert. The Public is cordially invited to at tend. Holiday concert a foothill inter City newspaper Une member verified audit circulation inc 20 pages 2 sections sunday december 16, 1973 vol 43, no. 100 Community redevelopment what it s All about this u the fir it Ofa forming on the. In Fairfa it tvs of Community redevelopment. Although them u much agitation new if the topic Litile it for Nairn finont it by the general Public. Thit Narici will seek to Cut Light on the sometimes Complex is tie explain the Overall concept and Point out its . By Bob Beck pressing issues of the coming year Are sure to include the often explosive subject of Community redevelopment agencies. Cra their Power and constitutionality. In nearly every foothill City Large and Small March and april Council Campaign Are being organized around a single Issue. As much As Many local politicians have denied it and publicly denounced it. Cra raises its head As the strongest contender for the Campaign limelight. City councils in Arcadia Duarte Monrovia and Temple City have been under attack by citizen s groups and organized Anli Cra pressure groups which Are vehement in Mieir opposition to what they see As a threat to free Enterprise. But what is it All hese folks Are so agitated about what Are the Powers and goals of a Cra what Impact on the Community will the Cra have Many of us perhaps most of us Don t have much understanding of How a Cra works or what it does. In every City it May come As a Shock to Many Cra opponents to know that Cras exist in every City in California. I so if you Are fighting to Block formation of a Cra in your town forget it. To already exists. 1 while California Law health and safety code in 1 sections 33.000 and beyond forms the Cra in Law the City is not required to activate the Agency. Many agencies have been dormant since 1961 when the Law first took effect. Activation of Cra requires an act of the City Council. The City fathers must pass a Resolution declaring a need for the Agency in uie City and pick a five member Board to oversee the activity of uie Agency. Charter cities May. Be charter limit or change the Cra Structure within the City or May. Be charter choose not to activate the Cra. Many cities with Active Cras have councilmen wearing two hats As Community redevelopment agents and councilmen. Some say there is a conflict of interest Here but the practice continues and is Seldom challenged. Not complicated slate Law authorizing Cra activity is not really complicated. Fundamentally it enables a Community to conduct a redevelopment or Urban renewal program it provides for a Legal Agency with certain defined Powers limited to certain criteria and conduct and it provides alternative financing for the projects. Hidden within that apparently simple description of Cra Are unseen considerations which Are caused for the heaviest philosophical argumentation. Things As american As property rights free Enterprise and general welfare Bave become the Center of late night argument in Council Chambers. Points of specific Contention focus on the ability of Chas to choose outline and redevelop areas in the City. The area must meet the criteria of being blighted which is defined As a piece of property whose ability to produce lax Revenue is inadequate for the Cost of Public services condemnation a Cra May condemn such land not Only for the purpose of Public use but for the use of commercial developers who will probably profit from the use of the condemned land. While controversy rages Over that Point the financing of Cras. As spelled out in the Law. Raises other questions particularly from opponents. Agencies Are allowed to Lake All income from increased property tax realized by the increased value of the land after development. Following redevelopment land generally is a tremendous asset Louie Cra Treasury. Opponents claim the Community will be denied the use of the funds and charge the Cra hogs Money from schools and municipal facilities. Cra supporters counter that criticism saying uie Cra presents no new Burden to the tax roles and after redevelopment is paid off the property taxes no longer go into Cra. But to the general fund. In the Long run the town is better off economically they say. Agents in setting up an Active Cra. Most councils appoint themselves As agents. After the Resolution by the Council and appointment of agents the Cra will be required to fulfil certain requirements of the state. The City must establish a planning commis Sion if it does t have one and adopt a general or master plan of Community development. Depending on the size of the City a professionally prepared general plan will Cost anywhere from to million. Despite the considerable Cost and time up to five years in drawing up a general plan cities Are nol required to stick to it. The general plan can be and usually is. Constantly amended to meet the needs of the situation As seen by the Council and planning commissions. Before redevelopment May begin a specific redevelopment plan Musl be formulated by Cra and approved by the Council. The plan must specifically spell out the area involved and outline provisions for relocation financing for any residents affected by the redevelopment. The latter makes for even More controversy of course. U is not always an easy task to sell Community redevelopment to a City even those cities most in need of it Many san Gabriel Valley cities Are finding this out the hard Way. A lengthy process is involved in formulating an Active and efficient Cra and opposition is sure to be Mel at every Lurn of bureaucracy drive. The next instalment of his series will Deal with methods of implementation and opposition used by proponent and adversaries of Cra stall a born Christmas gifts hand made gifts from the Art class at Dana Junior High school. Arcadia Are sure to bring pleasure to youngsters at the City of Hope. Admiring the toys and puppet show Only a few of the items which will be taken to the Hospital Are Darin students Pauline tout Janine Schultz and Scott Lahmann. Proposed Tennis club stirs controversy by Taylor Morton staff writer a proposal to create a private Tennis club on the borderline of Arcadia and Sierra Madre is causing mounting juror among some residents in both communities. Caught somewhere in the Middle is an environmental Impact report air which tends to support the opponents of the project. The air. Which has been completed by the Sierra Madre planning department says in its conclusion. The project will have a substantial Adverse effect on the environment Asil currently exists. Development in this area always increases potential surrounding development and further encroachment in the the air continues. Development in the Foothills of Sierra Madre is the report further notes. In addition the report Points out that traffic and noise in the area will increase. The proposed site is a 4.39 acre tract immediately East of the intersection of Arno drive and Santa Anita Avenue. The rear Border of the proposed facility is Arcadia s Vista Avenue. If and when completed the club which will Cost Between and will feature 10-15 Tennis courts a parking lot for 60 cars a picnic and play Yard a child care Center two storage buildings a Pool full lighting from one hour before dusk until 10 . Daily a pro shop and an encircling 12-foot High Fence. Surrounding land use in the area is re or residential. The proposed Tennis club requires a conditional use permit cup from the City because in is a proposed recreational facility. The project is being sponsored by Sierra mad reans Kolie Howard a Long time United states Tennis association Usta Tennis instructor in that City and Warren Mcelwain businessman. Russell Summers of 2051 Vista ave. Arcadia has sent a letter to the Arcadia City Council protesting the creation of the facility on a number of Points including fire danger drainage Commer Cial implications and aspects of the pro shop elimination of valuable watershed devaluation of surrounding property and the unsuitability of increased traffic and the inconsistency of lighting to 10 . On a daily basis in Light of the crunch put on by the Energy crisis Sierra Madre City sources while conceding the elimination of watershed Point out that assessed valuation at least in their City will increase and that a City ordinance exempts the pro shop from a franchise tax Board permit because the shop is considered an accessory to the Tennis club. In addition the same courses also indicate the air shows that fire danger will be reduced because of increased safely precautions if the club is sanctioned. Opponents to the project include a Community group the Highlands properly owners association to fight the proposal. The wilderness area up Here is said mrs. Kenneth Wilkerson of via Granate we All realize that Tennis is the going thing these Days All we re saying is that there Musl he another place More suited for decision on Cra possible while there Are a number of interesting items on the Arcadia City Council for tuesday night Community redevelopment will probably have top Bill ing in Public interest. There will be no Public hearing but the Council which has Laken All preliminary Steps May be expected to act on ordinance 1490. Approving and adopting the redevelopment plan or the Central redevelopment project. Councilmen almost reached this final Point in their deliberations in november but bowed to the argument of councilman de Buller world. Who said he had not had Lime to study the ordinance carefully it was the first presented to the Council in August. If the ordinance is adopted prior to Jan. 1. It will permit payment of any eligible tax increment funds a year earlier than if adopted after Jan. I. According to Lew Pollard assistant City manager for economic coordination adoption of the pin before or after Jan 1 has no effect on the tax base but if it is adopted before Jan. I. The first tax increment payments would be paid to the Agency in december of 1974. If the plan is adopted in 1974. Us increment would not be paid until dec. Of 1975. The boundaries As approved in previous Council Agency action have contracted mightily from those first discussed which included fashion Park and a Large residential area extending South from Huntington drive to Duarte Road East of Santa Anita Avenue. Tie project area As presently constituted includes the downtown commercial strip and the Industrial area North of Huntington drive. Other Agenda items include the following from the recreation com Mission for construction of Tennis courts on a por Tion of the Baldwin Avenue Reservoir a report from City manager Lyman Cozad on a municipal transportation system report on a tree planting project for Santa Anita Wash hiding and hiking Trail. A request for approval to reinstate a resigned police officer. Screening committee to meet arcadians for Arcadia a group recently formed for the purpose of screening City Council candidates will hold an organization meeting monday at . In he auditorium of the methodist Hospital. Spokesman for the group say they will propose that an evaluation committee be selected which will be fully representative of All interests in the City. Primary task of this committee will be to deter mine the qualifications and philosophies of All candidates and report their findings to the total membership. The members will be polled to deter mine which candidates Are deserving of support. Letters were sent to approximately 75 residents who Are being asked to invite others except Likely candidates who share an interest in the group s objectives to attend the meeting monday night. The original committee includes Lyle Cunningham George Forman. Kermit Hartzler. Vern Hubbard. Dan Jones. Ray Jones. Roy Long. William Marmion. William Mccrary. Harold Roach and Edward Sullivan. Those who have already signified their interest include Frank Ackerman. Wesley Anderson. William Beckwith. D. B. Bertone. Jeffry Bowen. Or. And mrs. Ralph Boyes. Earl Butler. William Callery. Thomas Clark. James Clarke. Robert con siding. Tom Delahooke and Gerald Driscoll others Are Joe Earll or. June fee. Nancy Fleury. Or. And mrs. Stephen frohling. Or. And mrs. Ernest Fuchsl. Helen gains Raymond Godfrey. William Groen. Carleton Green. Or and mrs. Claude Hoard. William Kuyper. Paul mailing. Mrs. Ernest Mortenson. Charles Numberg and Russell Newell. Still others Are or. And mrs. Robert Paradise. Donald Pellegrino. Frank Regan. Russell Schar Man. Phil mrs. Harold Shepherd. William Vogel. Or. And mrs Daniel Willis and William Zeutzius. Today around town classified nosegay people sports Utility spokesmen speak out on Energy crisis by Helen 0. Schrader Fily editor Southern California users of electricity will face an Energy crisis within a few months with rolling brownouts on the horizon. Users of Gas will not be hit for two or three years and with Luck not at All. The problem is thai Southern californians Are dependent on both sources of Energy and they arc inter related. This is the Gisl of iwo talks last week. Roy Bergeson area City manager for Edison co., Laid it on the line for members of the Arcadia Exchange club Sweeney Community programs representative for the Southern California Gas co. Told members of the Temple cily chamber of Commerce what is happening in his Field. The Gas company Sweeney said has enough natural Gas available for the next few years to Supply its firm those Are the ones including Home owners who Are year round users of natural Gas. customers Are those like Edison co. Which depend partly on natural Gas and partly on Fossil fuel Oil and to generate their Power. The Gas company can continue to Supply the electric company with the amount of fuel now being provided but no More. However Edison com Pany s sources of Fossil fuel Oil Are gone and that s where the crunch comes in the face of Ever increasing needs. Edison has always built facilities ahead of need. Bergeson said citing the big Creek Waler Genera Tion of Power As larger in scope than the Panama canal. The company uses either natural Gas or Oil to generate electricity and has been pushing for several years for nuclear fission As a , source of Energy. He cited the san Onofre Plant near san Clemente As a Model of nuclear Power with innumerable safeguards. However future units planned for the site were recently turned Down by the coastline committee because it meant destroying Man made Bluffs and possibly some fish. Bergeson said 160 nuclear plants would he needed in the United states by the year 2.000. There Are currently 29 such plants Wilh 61 under construction or projected All requiring hearings and permits from innumerable agencies when fuel Oil used by Edison co. Gels Down to the million barrel level big users will be warned to shut Down. When the level reaches 7w million barrels three to four hour rolling blackouts will go into effect. At the 6 i barrel level All areas will in turn be blacked out for up to 15 hours a week. There Wil be no Way to notify most users. Bergeson said because circuits within an area do not necessarily coincide with City boundaries. Rolling blackouts Are not predicted in this area until summer and we Hope to solve it by Bergeson said. Sweeney old the Temple Cit ians that by saving electricity they save an Energy source. Firm customers he said use Only natural Gas for Healing and cooking and they arc priority customers. Interrupt table users Are Industrial firms dependent on natural Gas for individual projects bul which can switch to alternate fuel such As fuel Oil producers of electricity Are customers but the Low Sulphur fuel Oil they nor Mally depend on is a Short Supply. The Gas company Sweeney said uses both California and out of state sources for natural Gas the local sources arc diminishing and present out of state suppliers besides sending More Gas than usual to the East and Midwest can t find additional supplies. Without new supplies he said the company will be in trouble by 1979. However the company does t intend to reach he crisis stage and is now seeking new natural synthetic and substitute supplies of Gas in Alaska. Canada. The Arctic islands Indonesia and Australia and to a certain extent in South America. Transportation of natural Gas from the far reaches of the Earth by ship Means that it must be liquified at Low temperature a process of condensation and then reconvened to a gaseous slate. The simple necessity of transportation will increase the Cost but probably no More than prices for other products

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