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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 16, 1937, Arcadia, California Pacie tour Arcadia California Friday december 17, 1937 tuesday december 14, 1937 poultry and rabbits old Grad visits student 5? Lubbock Lex Trot Lim or Ogden at Texas tech Noli opening year Ami first graduating cd term to visit his 51 i iou a business a it Dent at the col lege a up King. Gie Al i a men Glo by Reshman in Rall stand Laud. On a at p c 3 0 0 0 a tuneful in in Ember Ainoi in it nou i i Iii inn. N till in i v i Ion i it i poultry men s co operative asm cd 071 of Southern California Brant ii 318 n. It it a c a i slut it 2 it a to firehouse. Int 11 i i v n d Iii t latin i i visit the ranch Market everything in poultry 434 e. Huntington at tie Budge acc Mil \ just opened order Chicks / ply. Leghorn Childers amp Hatch 1223 2 s. Santa Anita phone Arcadia 2868 Good news for the Rabbit breeder the Ambler milling company takes pleasure announcing amblers certified Rabbit pellets a new ingredient i Odin better health Ambler milling company san Gabriel phone Allan tic 2-4168 the i s ii Xiii i i i i is fed co that Mill h be plete for now men. Is we claim Stone chicle used rec Nee by every a Ned jul the original. Feed for All major like com age it s. Turk. By Over time not Frier and ducks 8,000 poultry a by largest and laying hatcheries plaints. The no of lilo Sis Seei Wien led to it Normal Chicks under Normal conditions. With a record of Over to years the same formula. Raises More Chicks heavier friars More profit Atee layers cuts labor losses saves be to 7c a Lien monthly on feed. Our offer $500.00 for a better cheaper longer proven Complete feed make a 90 Day fee i test let results Uidl you. Sold by your dealer. Fed co company 1840 Valle it blvd. Rosemead arcadians win awards at Winter event Pride and Joy of poultry pen i a we shit Ira and poultry unit Mold meeting in Arcadia m be Ona. We 1 Al i he Eter done and w 0 1 pro know n be some of ments in Chicken cackles by Helen Raitt at top record of egg a first prize s. Cd. Rhode Island red Pullet with an below cockerel a prize Winner at an Oakland show. 24 councilman Lewis t. Mclean wife bring honors to Arcadia poultry Exchange with splendid poultry Stock Amu need Nel a for ten in m w r january7 Chicks of Leeper s Hery 535 n oak1 City "northern1 can be had right j it used washing j Biras for 6 years. Iwo to five years i a is now Quot it dark Cornish 9 month Ltd for Sale Quot say or. John 370 Norman Avenue. A owing r present orders few the improvement in go Supply we can now Prat Ica la v All Var a f i it baby Chicks says or. De v Jennings of Jennings hatchery it 1022 e Valley Boulevard. Rosemead. Quot we a of have Good husky Ai red Chicks get yours now for he a Trade. They will make you Noney. Heres news. 5000 chickens wanted very top prices paid by Fisher. A Art of harpers feed store 814 East \ Valley san Gabriel or 102 East Duarte Arcadia. At 102 East Duarte in Arcadia the orders should be left in the Box at tilt Southeast Side Gate door n first Avenue. Last v. Tor Al Doc told suits be d Elk or. J c. Jensen add in our Exchange column used Nelson Chick Battery r. Tin week or. Sam Owens s he had one for Sale. Re from the excl Iange column a. Live poultry Market opens in Queen City e wont let me Tell jokes. Politics and i m just in poultry Man. I be nothing to say said Lewis t Mclean the other night Iii an after dinner speech. An Amateur is the last word to be applied to councilman Mclean who possesses an International reputation in the poultry world. Shipments of Breeding Stock from his ranch at 1308 South first Avenue have been sent to the Philippines South America Mexico China. And Many other parts of the Globe. His winnings in show Competition have brought Fame to the City of Arcadia. Before coming Here in 1025 or Mclean was one of new Yorkus leading poultry men having established a poultry farm at Onawa farms in new York state which became famous for the number of High record prize winning Birds produced. In 1917 during the world War he was sent by the United states government to develop the poultry Industry in Panama. Resigning in 1920 he came to California and the mcleans settled Down in Arcadia in 1925 on their two acre ranch on first Avenue where they live at tile present time. Assisting or. Mclean at All times is mrs Mclean whose chief interest is poultry. When asked when she began to work with chickens mrs. Mclean replied Quot in a government strike at one time Down in Panama there was no one left to help or Mclean with the care of the chickens so i had to do it and i be been at it Ever ideas on Breeding or. Mclean has always been a close student of poultry culture and has been striving for a combination of those qualities most closely resembling the Standard of perfection and at that same time possesses those qualities of strength and j stamina so essential to a prolonged1 intensive laying of eggs of uniform size color and Hatch ability. He has been Able to mate Breed and develop a Strain of heavy hens in his Rhode Island reds that can ii med in ranch in wha a 434 Huntington drive poultry Market is been act engaged in the squad business a or three year.-, at 629 w. H n Quot ton. Is manager of the new Temprise. He plans to sell everything in demand. Squads chickens turkeys ducks geese lots of Good rabbits All the time and always fresh eggs. Is a re Market. Or a Nten ent get h put egg show Tonsi and win a i farm Bureau at Pomona. A too Many i Mclean Quot forget ways has and a Beautiful As w Many breeders ii Rifield beaut. Eggs and every most important airing Quail tie record in the lying contest says i useful. Last Ive an article by or. Mclean in the poultry craftsman Best explains his ideas on Breeding. He writes a in the beginning of my poultry Breeding work. I started with Standard bred Birds As egg production can More easily be bred into Standard Birds than Standard qualities could be bred into Mongrel egg laying strains. In selecting the first foundation Stock for my Breeding work i kept the a Lucky seven Points in mind Viz vigor non Brood Ness Large eggs of Good color and Shell texture rapid feathering. Livability Hatch ability of eggs and longevity. A from this beginning i have line bred consistently As Linebreeding places within the reach of a breeder the Power to fix and intensify outstanding qualities which May be found in individual Birds. Line Breeding should be reserved for individual and Small matings where individual Birds can be Given individual attention. Systematic Breeding requires systematic recording of blood lines in each generation. It is Only possible when dealing with individual matings and when the trap nests Are used consistently. Many records As evidence of or. Mclean a Success in carrying out his theories is the record breaking pen of his reds at the Southern California farm Bureau egg laying contest which shows How he has consistently bed for better egg production. Equalling this record is the Long line of cups he has won in poultry show rooms for Twenty five years beginning with the Quot Dodge cup Quot won for the Best display of s c. I White leghorn ill Massachusetts 1 in 1910 and ending for the moment with the Arcadia Tribune trophy won in the recent san Gabriel Val i Ley poultry show. I he has won any number of awards a at Pomona county fairs and los i i Angeles midwinter shows on both his White leghorn and Rhode Island rids quoting an article on or. Mclean Quot it is said that records will prove that the mcleans have won More prizes on these two popular Breeds for by it the High egg production and Standard Quality than any breeder in the United states. Winter sports to be taught Lubbock Tex up a Winter sports Camp for women students at the Texas technological College on the Wai be Spon h by Eleanor Roosevelt i copy right. 1937, by sgt lid irate. United inc i Quot that false by Eleanor Roosevelt Washington. Dec. 16�? up a last night and this morning we had some really Beautiful music in the White House. Last night or. Richard Tauber could have gone on for Many hours and held his audience spell bound. The Young american violinist miss Ruth Posselt was not Only a Joy to look at but a great pleasure to listen to As Well. Tile two were a perfect combination. At the end As people said goodnight. One Friend remarked Quot you can to live up to this concert for the rest of the one very musical Friend insisted she was going Back into the supper room where the artists have something to eat after the concert to Tell them How much she had enjoyed the music. I am always glad when people who Are often phlegmatic show they really enjoy a concert. It must be a real gratification to the artists when they get a warm response so often you feel an audience is applauding in a perfunctory Way out of politeness and yet i imagine that is due often to shyness and uncertainty for As a nation we do not let ourselves go very easily in showing our enthusiasm and Many people Are not sure of their musical taste. When i drove along the bridle path this morning it seemed like an entirely different place. Everything was Gray and misty. It had rained and Frozen. On the Way across tile Bridge i saw one reckless gentleman put on his brakes suddenly and spin in West Texas Plains will completely around. Luckily no one wed during the Christmas was near enough to him to do him lays at Santa be. N m Les i any harm or to be harmed by him in skiing Toborg Annig and ice but it served As a Good warning to skating win be Given. J and $25,000 was stolen from him talking to poultry men this week Lias been most interesting with All the hatcheries preparing to go full blast in january. L earned that George Richardson of Temple City has about 85.000 baby Chicks on order for the coming months Down at or r m Leeper a we saw some pullets having a Sun Bath or. Leaper explained that his Chick have a Sun Bath every morning from the time they Are three weeks old until they go out to the pens tile Sun Bath is Given in clean wire screen cages of or. Leeper s own invention. We be Bren collecting reminiscences on what happened last Winter during the cold wave mrs i a Strawn told us that the ups of the Combs on their chickens were Frozen but their electric Sunshine Battery Brooder kept the Little Chicks warm. Or s l. Cli use of 1225 s. Second Avenue Sowul us his Bure necks his week we discovered that or Chase has entered one Black cock. One a Lack Heil one red cock and Ane red Hen ail bar necks in the mid Winter poultry show at los Angeles he stated that this big show was very much Worth s ring. The Large show no matter How interesting Uulu never completely replace the smaller shows we feel. Each has to value to the poultry Man. We re listing poultry men from various states. A regular Kansas hangout is or. F l. Bedell s feed store with or Otis Lambert also from the Sun Flower state. Or w Harlan Reeves however hails from Michigan. He says that he a been Here so Long he s practically a native. Over at Giles Cash feed the other Day we Learned that or. R. B. Gilkerson is ill at his Home. When we want information we have a real Friend in or d m. Mat be soil at Santa be feed store who seems to know the answers read a report of the hawaiian poultry shows and noticed that Tho Junior exhibit of Standard bred poultry was unusually Large at the county fair show on the Island of Maui. Perhaps we can have a Junior exhibit Here some Day. The poultry show at Maui however is part of a county fair which is a real Opportunity for All the people of the Island to get together and celebrate. If one has never seen a fair or Holiday in Hawaii he will never j forget the picture. One sees a Complete intermingling of races filipinos hawaiians hapa holes. Half Whites Chines japanese. Koreans and others. Free table for your typewriter with Purchase of every typewriter and adding machine foothill typewriter service ii Monrovia Myrtle pm. Ugh jaws i delicious Home made and attractively wrapped 60c a Box robbers victim five men armed with machine guns held in a mail truck in Lockport ut., shot a mail clerk kidnapped the police chief and stole $25,000 in currency intended Tor an Oil re Fin y payroll. Above is the clerk John West who was transferring the Money from the truck lie was shot in olm leg. Note lie Hole made Tith Quot Windshield by machine gun the Railroad rates should be raised As measure of business recovery testimony in hearing discloses 312 my >1 1 do in numerous shippers Large and mall and representatives Iii local and state wide commercial and nude organizations joined officer a companies and livings telling the interstate commission this week Bali be Railroad if a suran Banks in Commerce that they a humid be increased As a of business recovery us Mony was an unusual ii measure a ii t Quot still i lire Oil the second week of a hearing which is called Tonj most important Railroad Case in american history the shippers and flu a it presen natives of commercial bodies who testified Laid stress on the importance to their communities and industries of Railroad purchases and Railroad payrolls now depleted because of inability to match increased prices of materials wages and taxes with declining average revenues. The officers of colleges savings Banks and insurance companies pointed out the importance of adequate Railroad earning Power to maintain the value of the securities they hold for the Benefit of policy holders and depositor. All of them agreed benefits to All lines of bus-1 iness would far outweigh the Small additional cast of restoring freight rates to approximately the level of 1930 and passenger fares to the 1933 level. Only $43 would be added to the Cost of a $5000 House by the proposed increase in rates said e p Palmer representing the associated general contractors of America such an increase less than one pct cent of the Cost of the dwelling he said is a negligible when compared with other conditions affecting construction and will have Little or no volume a will in increased Revenue for railroads would investments in the future Quot and make for Prosperity. C. E Widell of Nashville Tenn. Representing a company which ships 25,000 carloads of freight a year declared that this company did not make Large sales to railroads direct but that when Railroad buying had to be severely curtailed in the summer of 1937. They soon Felt the decrease in purchases by others Quot the railroads provide a backlog of about 20 percent in the Basic buying Power of the nation Quot he said their tax contributions he added Are a Felt in every school Doorn a besides numerous shipper and investor witnesses Chester g. Moore representing the american truck for his merry Christmas for years to come Schick electric Shaver Monrovia hardware 410 s. Myrtle pm. 40 Monrovia my associations told the interstate Commerce commission that costs at motor truck operation had increased until on tin average Mon than 992 cents of every Dollar re calved is paid out in operating expenses an increase in truck in rules is imperative or Moore said because of the fact said shippers there is Small likelihood that Iii creased Railroad rates would divert substantial tonnage to other mean it transportation. A 3,000,000 gallon Reservoir to Supply the 1939 Golden Gate International exposition on san Francisco Bay is nearing completion. For $1.50 per week we rent you an instrument and give you a private lesson. Liberal credit on later purchase1. Berry amp Grassmueck 645 e. Colorado St. Pasadena n n largest Stock in Southern Calif. B i a d m i n t o n wheel goods guaranteed John s bicycle shop Vav Ake Field 4767 42 n. Fair Oaks Pasadena 1453 n. Lake for a merry Christmas shop at Gorton a Pasadena a Bright new shop it 378 East Colorado Street will solve your gift problems and at Gorton a Well known Low prices. Here you will find a Gifty suggestions for tiny tots and for boys to 8 years of age and girls to 14 years of age. Ingerie departments featuring regular Liger sizes Are Replete with suggestions for Martba Hie c Onset and and sister or sweetheart. In it a. In i or t a s 3 7 8 was Pasadena

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