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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 16, 1937, Arcadia, California P l Iii i a Elf Arcadia daily Tribune , l i it Miter 16, 1037 Beauty children health surgeon reveals How to treat slight wound in Detroit u p i Mankind can like a lesson from the dog in i matter of successfully treating in Jill .�?T.s. Ai a Ordung to or William d git cd. Dean Rand in f of surgery at lint University of medical school. Cleanliness i the Only real in it mein for wound or Clatch said at a Hospital meeting la in Quot anti vim Ever knew get a do wounds becoming injected he a kid the Indiana a free n esp line i Flint a do carefully and Phi Tiv lick wounds it has received in a bad fight he in d tit it it human beings exercise cd so min Arlt in a rid intelligence instead of ii a antiseptics. They would i better Oft by far. Quot the Thim to do i r an accidental wound he Sebi. Quot i t it Dean e it immediately if 1 Ai Cut \ it Finger hold it tie water faucet and then v rap if in a r in Bandage that i Iii Hine to urn properly and w. is St Al de if the wound a b i clean a1 there will in no further trouble or. Catch said that Imp w a urls Are on the face tin. Should be left open Ile id i d it Mankind would Stop to Quot or t a clo a wound the death rate w uld d Erea e the doctor advised Anta up irs became he the. De to. Id or revitalized to n it. Ary it it Healing a wound bum boat Nan samoans and other native Emit will ply the lagoons of Tim Pacific Basin at the 1939 world s fair on san Francisco my in \ or a i off Luj i up i in stunning silk velour gift boxes at no extra co St Hole proof hosiery Ihen a i ipod this d Tim Ive Box first thing among nor c in Limas gifts. And in icy Tho Iota who put it Tomre. Tor what Auld be at once so Glamos m and o practical As exquisite tie r it t t i be proof doubly certified in d la Wear hem proudly and often. 2 fair Box $1.75 and $1,95 singe pair so a s by Quality doubly certified by goo. Housekeeping and the ii the Quot fabric Teing Bureau Gillette slices e. Huntington drive a read in theat re phone 2661 25c now playing Joan Crawford Franchot tone Robert Young the Bride were red and buddy Rogers Mary Livingston this Way please dded varieties Tribune Magazine Page food fashions Home your Good health i or people to Don t ant i 1 cock los i in re. S .1 Good remedy from or. Chrisman by Claud North Chrisman . Mrs. F. C. N. It Oregon suggests Fiat Many readers would like to know Why some folks skins Tan Anet others of the same complexion have freckles and White spots. Well. Their Are a lot of skin specialists who would like to know Why some persons have too much pigment in one spot and not in another and Why the Albino has no pig a a a a a a ment at All. Freckles usually appear in spots univ of surface exposed to sunlight occasionally they omit on part s not exposed sea air and fog eau e profiles for today or. Chrisman some cases people with Reddish hair and fair skins to Cokie most frequently the most marked cases appear among the Light coloured mulattoes or the admixture of any of the dark skinned races with the blonde races. Microscopical examination of the freckled spots shows no chances in the skin of those areas freckles appear at the age of six or eight and persist till age fade them out. Treatment is needed Only when the disco Dation is excessive. Must remedies contain Spiru form of Mercury in an ointment or lotion. A common ointment is comprised of hydrate Amnion fifty five grains Bismuth Magister grains forty five unguent urn. Glycerine one ounce. This is to by applied every other night. Filiti no faints Story t Rome is i i is Orv unusual injury mrs. E c. J. Of Michigan Fel several months ago and received a very deep Cut several inches above the ankle the Cut did not bleed she did not consult a doctor at the time but about two weeks later the pain and swelling forced Hei to see a physician. She thought she had Cut a deep vessel and the pressure was stopping the circulation. There is a hard Lump below the Cut. Whenever she walks or stands on her feet her entire foot and leg to the knee goes to sleep and becomes numb. An a Ray examination disclosed nothing. She asks if an operation would help. Mrs. J evidently Cut or crushed a blood vessel forming a blood clot a hat impedes circulation i think an operation to remove the clot and disclose the exit nature of the injury would be the Wise thing to do stimulation of circulation by Means of a Pava sex machine a treatment which can be had at any Hospital might help operation is advisable first and then the use of the machine if needed. Dye poisoning miss p. M. Of Pennsylvania worked in a silk Mill several years ago and contracted what she Calls a a silk i prefer to Call it Dye poisoning. She does not deserve her condition Well but i glean that it is a breaking out on her hands and arms which weeps itches and cracks. Worse in Winter than in Slimmer it is increased by the use of soap and Vater now she is employed where she works with paste and glue which aggravates the trouble. Treatment of Dye poisoning of the skin is extremely difficult the trouble starts with one thing a dermatitis is set up which becomes infected or contaminated with other skin troubles and we have a mixed infection. Of course we always try to get rid of the cause. Miss m. Has probably done this but now it May be eczema ring worm or several things. Local doctors should be Best Able to prescribe for her but he does not want to go to a doctor because they have failed to cure her i have found tar preparations very helpful in the cases of this Type but it is Black and disagree a five or ten per cent Point but t there is a tar on tile Market called a sup Ertah which i1 White and does not stain Whitfield ointment for ringworm is often helpful in chronic Dye poisoning by Talbot i Ake i be seen one Man Art shows but a one Man. One painting show is something new jillion Levy astute keen faced sponsor of dab and the in Ca list school of painting in this country s exhibiting Peter Blumes Large Canvas entitled Quot the eternal City in new York the critics have filled columns and the weekly magazines have used nag is boil r Blume worked tire years o the Canvas and a close scrutiny of he painting shows the Effort there in t a Btu h Mark on the entire Canvas the Saint seems to Nave been wished on chowder with detail the picture shows Cul Ira layers of Rome of the Romai Empire the holy roman Empire and the Rome of today the composition being dominated by a papier mache head of Mussolini it is by no Means flattening to fascism. Blume does t look Tike an artist in his Early thirties he s husky has Reddish Gold Wavy hair talk jowly arum softly is she hut ver intense or s married lives quiet n Gaylordsville Conn. Spent i pare tune training r Black Cocker Paniel named Quot Sammy a Quot a Hick was killed in an Accident but Blume has immortalized him in his Quot the eternal City a the Dot can be seen in the lower left hand Corner of the painting sniffing at broken Marble statuary the artist is an american Citi zen but was born in Russia when his parents were visiting that country. H s painting South of won first prize at the International exhibition of painting at tile Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh in 1934 he is represented in the modern museum of Art. The Whitney museum of american Art. The Newark museum and in private collections. In 1932 he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship renewed in 1936. And with this Aid he completed his latest Canvas he thinks its meaning is perfectly Clear and is appalled when people pop questions. Fruit cake last years fruit cake May be moistened by saturating a clean cloth with spiced fruit juice and wrapping it about the cake a Little rum in wine Mav be added to the juiced return the cake to its airtight Container. Red Negligee by to t Titt m. / no Able Mer. T is ointment m o Des and m a n n ors question a Kwh n a fellow takes a girl Home Horn a dote i-1, i he supposed to a. Lit cull you up Soch a or some rut h thing pc Law a answer it would be More tactful for turn to say. Quot i Hope that ill be Able to see you again very soon a the phrase which von suggest. Is a bit condescending it implies that the Young Man is doing the girl a favor a Man does not have to say anything about a future appointment if he does not care to. But whet Lier he Means it or not it is always Oolite to Tell a girl who has spent an evening in one s company that he would like to see Lier again and leave her with a Friendly impression of him. Question a How should a spoon be handled when eating soup to p a answer it should be dipped away from you. The soup taken from tile Side of the spoon. Copy Man us by Fai Hila lipstick red crepe is Usea Tot this Youthful Negligee with contrasting slide is Telic at the ii Xvi and the detail concentrated in the Brief sleeves shirred and puked frocks of lace for dancing or Street modern women Wool lace smart for sports and tailored dresses As Well As afternoon frocks is shown in a flattering matrons Mode at right. This dress is made of a soft finished Wool lace that looks like a Pat term d Wool fabric. Some of these Lares Are Floral in pattern As shown in the charming dance frock below. For the Rumba or Waltz Black net Black lace and cellophane thread embroidery is shown in the gown at the far right. The Low Waistline and stiffened flare Over the hips Are new notes in Winter styles. Deep red carnations Are worn jerkily atop tile hair. Done to lavish luxuries on \ our child la will destroy his sense of values by Marian Mays Martin a very amusing Friend of mine telephoned to a Little while ago to read me a letter from her son who soon will be Home for the holidays. Her Young hopeful had been thinking Over what he wanted Tor Christmas and the letter she received was ail adolescents version of the usual letter to Inta Claus he was none toe a a you a n d your child done to defend child in ills quarrels by Jane Berbert Goward Ronald was the most unpopular boy of the neighbourhood and his Mother the most unpopular Parent. Considered Ronald speaking of style lace is Chic As fabric Iii dance gown mrs Goward dishes for today Christmas cookies revive memories of old customs by Judith Wilson rookies you cannot make too Many of them this season they make the most Welcome of an a11 remembrances at Christmas time and this season Many Home Cream butter and sugar slowly together. Acid the Well beaten egg Yolks and Flavouring. Mix in about l2 of the flour turn onto a breadboard and knead in the rest. Roll lakers Are planning to revive the out about it Inch thick and Cut is custom of using beautifully into santas Christmas Trees stars decorated cookies to trim the and other fancy shapes. Do not Christmas tree re Roll the scraps of dough but pm them into a cookie press and dinner hot Tomato juice corned beef hash patties with poached eggs mashed potatoes whole Kernel Corn Apple turnovers Coffee Cream of celery soup egg and sardine salad fresh fruit cup cookies Tea the idea of edible Christmas tree decorations probably originated in Pioneer Days when gifts were none too plentiful but imagination and the ability to create Lovely things from the materials at hand was abundant. Here Are the recipes for some Christmas cookies that can be made into santas snowmen Reindeer. Stars and wreaths for the tree or the Christmas cookie Jar Spring Erle 1 Teaspoon Salt 4 eggs 2 Rups sugar 6 cups flour Teaspoon each Vanilla and Almond extract squeeze into rings and letter bake in a hot oven about to minutes. Cool and decorate. The Christmas Trees should be spread with a thin White frosting then rolled in Green sugar and tiny bits of candied cherries and pineapple sprinkled Over them for ornaments. Frost santas with red tinted frosting or Sprinkle with red sugar and squeeze White frosting through a Small paper funnel to make the decorations on the suits. White frosting and bits of Angelica and candied cherries on the cookie rings make attractive Christmas wreaths. Almond crescents v i cup shortening 31 cup powdered sugar 3 egg Yolks 34 cup ground almonds 2 4 cups sifted flour vhf Teaspoon Salt Cream the shortening and add the sugar gradually. Add the egg Yolks one at a time and beat Well after each addition add the flour Salt and almonds and mix Well take Small pieces of dough and Roll into Pencil shaped pieces about 2 inches Long and tapering at each end. Arrange on greased Rookie add the Salt to the eggs and beat until thick add the sugar sheets in Crescent shapes. Bake in and beat continuously until the a moderate oven for to minutes. Sugar is dissolved. Add the flavor this makes about 60 Small cres Ings and beat in the flour to make cents. A very stiff dough. Roll into a filled sugar cookies rectangular Sheet about Inch use favorite recipe for thick then use a special springers i rolling pin to stamp designs on Plain sugar cookies Roll the dough the cookies. Cut the cookies apart to a Inch in thickness and Cut place on a greased cookie Sheet with a medium round Cutter a in a moderate oven place y 0f cookies on a 15 to 20 minutes. Cool and store. ,. ,.these cookies can simply be Cut creased baking Sheet and place i into diamonds or fancy shapes Teaspoon filling in the Center of they Are very hard when first each. Top each cookie with an baked but soften when they have 0er 0f equal size and press the been stored in a covered tar. ,. Swedish spritz edges together with Fork bake i cup butter in a hot oven about 20 minutes 34 cup sugar Here Are suggested fillings Apple 3 egg Yolks butter nuts and raisins Apple z\<2 cups flour butter and shredded Coconut curvy Teaspoon Vanilla rant Jelly beaten with chopped nut 4 Teaspoon Almond extract meats. By Eleanor Gunn new York a dance frocks for Holiday galas Are not As you might suppose All in wintry fabrics they Are of lace tulle and Chiffon just the Type of thing to be taken South afterwards. About town during tile daytime one notices Many Black dresses not Only with Gold jewelry or with color accent but with lingerie touches. These Black with White dresses Are the types that women like to Wear when they feel in the mood for a dress that has a More formal look the lingerie of the delicate Type combining lace and embroidery and used in revers Pla Strons inserts Restees collars and cuffs hostess gowns popular As another big item with a growing tendency toward More entertaining and Leisure hours in the Home the soft even frilly hostess gowns Are As important As outdoor wearing apparel. Lace trimmed undies win the ladies vote too. Along around this time the shops abound in undies a not Only All the Staple things that Are and always will be Good like panties and slips and nightgowns and teddies but the Novelty pieces that you done to see so much at other times. First and Foremost Are the bed jackets. Time was when bed jackets were Given Only to old ladies and invalids but nowadays everyone wears them and they Are right useful. For breakfasting in or out of bed for Reading before retiring for any number of things in the morning or evening bed jackets Are Handy Little things. But they must be pretty and the ones that Are All lace or very lazily trimmed Are nicest for gifts. Pleats and tucks pleats and tucks continue to be big in new collections both for resort and town Wear. Allover pleated dresses with Sunburst effects Are important and Cluster pleats Are also registering. There Are Many examples of the dress with Sunburst tucks developing from the hip line. And pleats that Are confined at the hips in a Point giving a pinched look and gradually widening Are recurrent in daytime collections Many dresses have skirts with pleats stitched to a Low hip line the fullness then released to give a wide and animated line below. There Are Many different versions of the pleated dress most of them so Good that one is justified in advising pleated models for resort Wear or for those who take time by the Forelock by assembling their Spring wardrobes immediately after the hoi Days. The Fellows cowardly. H e would not def e n d himself but ran Home crying generally returning with his Mother. Such a Lack 0 f manliness coupled with 1 h e mothers readiness t c fight for her boy. Aroused their disgust it in a d e her their confirmed enemy. Whether Ronald was alone or with her made no difference to the gang. They jeered end whistled insultingly and if she threatened them they grew bolder. This naturally substantiated the mothers belief that these boys were horrid. She was in tin1 hat t of saying that the neighbourhood was unfit for a decent child implying that her Ronald was better than the others. That she would move away tomorrow of it were not the Middle of the school term it is unlikely however that Ronald will get along any better wherever they May live because he is Ronald and she is his Mother a belligerent Mother creates serious obstacles in a child a social development. She stands Between him and his world not As an arbitrator but As a formidable foe who drives away potential Tommy another boy same neighbourhood was for being a cry baby. Mother refused to fight his Battles she realized that by interfering she would destroy any Choice that Tommy might have of Ever timing accepted by the gang with wholehearted enthusiasm she took one of the older boys info her Confidence asking him to Tell her frankly just what was wrong with Tommy As he had no friends. Flattered the boy explained the matter and promised to take Tommy under his Wing before Long he had Tommy ashamed to cry and the boys willingly declared him friends of the disliked but his smart sequins favorite flavor it looks As if cinnamon were fast becoming americans favorite flavor for last year it took eleven and a halt million pounds of this spice to Supply the needs of this country alone. This was a Good million pounds More than was required in the previous year. So it looks As if cinnamon buns and cinnamon cakes and cinnamon desserts were filling the National Sweet tooth. Sweets Are not the Only foods for which cinnamon is an Ideal flavor. It is becoming increasingly popular in beverages especially in hot drinks such As ski Ball hot Tea and spices. Chocolate and after dinner Coffee in All of which a Tai stick of cinnamon serves As a Muddler As Well As an aromatic Flavouring. Modest in his requests Why should he be since lie knew Quot yes would be the answer to everything he joked for much of his list Watts devoted to pin to clothes for holidays a n i e e of it a let. For after t w o w c e in s usage the v then would be Laid Awny of til next ii to Day time Are by t ii e n t la youth would probably ii Ivr grown an in it h or so. Boys will be boys but they will apparently be Young men of the world too in this role they need the necessary clothes and All the elegance that goes wild a a i t v a i Lxii i in s t a limit not that girls Are any different my Dan lifer a said another woman. A not Only wants at least two new frocks for the Christmas and it w year parties but a velvet rape As Well not to mention accessories which include an evening bag and something to Wear in her hair a for this. We have children that they May flatter us by imitation. And that they May carry the social Torch at All costs its All very Fine a said one of the fathers concerned Quot in a game enough to do Alt i ran As Long As i can for the children but suppose things done to go i i by and the demands Are More than can be met then what have we a right r wonder to accustom the to All these luxuries to get them in the habit of having their every wish regarded As a command a there is a lot of truth in what he says. Children who Are brought it to have their every wish gratified do not always make the Hest citizens. What is More important at least to them As individuals. They Are Apt to by made bitterly unhappy by the knowledge that the fathers wealth was a delusion and the Supply of Money limited. Parents often rive the children the idea that there is an abundance and what is done for them does not entail a sacrifice. Facing facts Active on tile premise that they want to spare tile children All worry and give them a Happy Carefree life parents too often unfit their children for facing farts. There is something cruel about bringing up a child with no idea of Money or values or of the Cost of food clothing and education and no suspicion that father really was worked to the breaking Point in order to meet their somewhat ridiculous demands. Granting that parents gladly sacrifice themselves for their children and that nothing seems too much to do for them we must admit that often the pleasure is All on one Side the parents Side children accept sacrifice As a matter of course especially when they have no idea of what sacrifice Means. Youth should have the essentials of life. But it takes a Wise Kotlier and father to determine what Are essentials and what is the Straw that ultimately Breaks the Burden bearers backs without adding much to the happiness of he children a unhappy childhood is a Fate that one Longs to spare children in general and ones own in particular but it docs take or should take very Little to bring happiness to them the simpler a child a life is the greater Chance he has for Contentment in the adult years. Leave him something for the future. In not Rover them with luxuries that will make them sophisticated men and women of the world before they have outlived their teens. Short cuts keep Winter vegetables in Cool dark dry place. Fresh vegetables May be washed wrapped in a clean piece of cloth and Quot kept of ice. When making griddle cakes if the top of the cake stiffens before the under Side it cooked it is a sign that the griddle is not hot enough. Worn out Blanket binding May be removed and replaced by a crocheted Edge. Use Wool yarn in a contrasting Shade. It will brighten up a faded Blanket. Copyright. 1937. By f to Chilli. A Type of evening gown in High favor in sequins lace or velvet. Note the lashes on bodice. A marshmallow sauce for ire Cream and junket is easily made by mixing two Tablespoons Orange juice with one fourth cup marshmallow Topping. Add More marshmallow if too thin and serve greater Arcadia Tribune. More pictures features news subscribe now. 40c per month

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