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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 14, 1937, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune be dirty children health 2 pm by Eleanor Roosevelt a Acadia theatre phone 2661 25c now playing Ronald Olmazu Madeleine Carroll a the prisoner of Zend a a and retie Davis Henry i Onda in a that certain woman also Short subjects Tribune Magazine Page food fashions Home cup.1 rile by. I>37, by i mini of Nitura my Filu. Lilt by Eleanor Roose i i i w As Hino ton. Monday four of us drove to Charlottesville Wes Virginia yesterday to see our son. Franklin or. And Eli i in then new Home this is the first time i have seen their House which is very attractive it is wonderful How interested we All Ait in some thing which we create ourselves i think this creative instinct is what really makes int be an for every Young couple to build their own surroundings they both were vein n a engrossed in a new gift a Verv Large and somewhat Gawky Sec. Naanos old great Dane it in Keti i trill thin to me. By they told me to a was because i had not seen Iron his arrival a few Das be torn Elliott and Ruth had sen in m the trip had been a hard one Ai he was certainly banged half starved. He Seemer Howe to be comfortably s new Home and to Lee a re. Ion for his new master Tress. Every time he dropped be Down on the floor everything the room Shook which in realize what a massive creature is. One of my friends who a full grown great Dane said hoped we had created an endow meat for his food As feeding them is More expensive than feeding a human being. We All went up to Monticello in the afternoon. I was interested to see flow Many More things have been acquired for the House. There Are drapes on some of the upstairs windows and put up according to the directions found in some old papers i imagine. They served the purpose of adding to the height of the window and made you forget the windows on the second floor were on a level with the floor and not at the usual height this is necessitated i suppose by the outside architectural affect. These windows Are very cleverly concealed. From the Lawn you can hardly Tell that there is More in the building than the first floor and the dome. The second floor is practically invisible. A committee of five mrs. Emily Newell Blair or. Christopher Morley or. Harry Clemons or. Frederic Melcher and or. Lewis Traver representing authors and publisher who present the White House Library with 200 books every other year gathered in the presidents office a Little before i of clock to make their presentation. I never see a collection of books that i done to at once pick out the books i would like to have Tor myself the president is much the same with the result that both of us looked at these books with envious eyes and picked out what we would like to have for ourselves. Then i suddenly realized How foolish i was since my opportunities for Reading Are so few and far Between nowadays particularly during the social season. Afterwards the committee lunched with me and or. Morley told me firmly that i should take More time to think and spend in time trying to do things which really can never be done and might tie considered wasted Effort. E. R your Good health i they re going sightseeing or. Chrisman says Best time to install false Teeth is soon As Gums can stand plates through the Thinnis g and Sti lightening of the lips. Dentists Tell us that while Fnnnk tissues shrink As a Ace. This amounts to Only about Twenty per cent of the total shrinkage in a year after the t e e i ii Are extracted. How Long after extraction Mac the Ai Uncial t e e t it be i n s t a lied is a highly debatable topic opinion Vari e s All the Way from the sen s i t i v i Pride of s o in e the dentists of ised gum tissue a Row of false to spend weeks it mme dab a eoe dentist trying it ral cavity with Ted and by com p r o f i i e s for today i Sun Ion Rod Micier Stotts at knitters i or. Chrism is who Don flee until s hidden be Teeth to Thi and mgt by is operation i to replenish leave in Abl Neath ise vol incl a Rhth it pvt of Mouth it p Aist dentists eunuch or their efforts to replace the Amaru Teeth with others that a Chin color shape and general sign. Frequently a cast of the on Iii is made before extraction serve As a guide to the conflict Ion of the new equipment. We Haven to vet settled that important question of when was a Little girl in Talbot Lake have Vii it of a n All sorts of profiles about All a Orts of champions. But As la As i know. I Haven t Iii be one on a crocheting a Humph n Well mrs. Franklin Hawain ii Seattle has won the $250 first Price in Tho National Crochet in it St. Mrs. Fir. A Voaid is sixty two. Has three Sou. And due enter and three grandchildren. She is Holt. Plump smiles a a. In Gray hair. And wore a ban k silk crepe dress and a Black Felt hat Beth in cachet t ii when i i to new York to Cheet her prize. Mrs i Lavva a d w n with a Bedspread on which she worked for ten years it i Kin unas a pickup work and consumed ii spools id. She a got a t s in work right children. Cd mrs. Hayward she proudly Dis of no 60 the dozen other a now for her gras the be die u h used. And which played is the Ward s Mothe in be new Denti lost very few of the Teeth i grew up with so i Cam speak from Only professional experience. I May be at ids with most dentists when i say that the Best fitting of Arifi la i plates and the least damage to the dentine proc one mrs. Hay it her when she file has been. Rot dieting Ever since she was a child but when asked if she did any knitting she seemed definitely shocked and said a i do not knitters u e two a Edles. I never use in re than one a a of course we always thought least damage to of Jan u Eye was sarm Hing any lady Ess Are secured in installing the Cou a Induke in in polite society new dentures As soon a tile soreness has left the tissues. You will hear Las leu in issue.-, Xuwu v. 1.1hett r All the arguments a asst a a j could indulge in in polite society and in any parlor but now we mrs. Hayward a spread has won $254 in prizes in the three months she a exhibited it. She used her own de i n. Arid she made it because she a wanted her family to have something said mrs Hayward about Rcv dieting a crocheting is a Good snort. Anybody can learn it and apples for cooking this from the dentist so i will give you Only those in favor of thus hurrying up matters. Adj St in in to necessary nature has a remarkable Way of a bending her Back to the Burden a and when the Gums Are suddenly left Bare and tender to carry on the task of mastication the process will soon demand flattened and toughened surfaces. The gum of general purpose apples Rome Structure will be broken Down Are be t for coking some for eat and the tissues will lose their Jug raw. The firmer Tarter elasticity. What is called a tissue usually Are no Cost satisfactory for tolerance a must be bolstered up cooking. An an pie for baking must by a different sort of Nutriment to be firm enough of hold its shape the jaw formation so that the while codling in a hot oven the Gums will Harden and tighten up Ron e Beauty a Large Apple with a to carry on their natural work. Yellow or greenish skin mottled by the time the shrinking proc with Bright red Anc striped with Ess has taken place there is not Carmine is considered an Ideal enough shape left to hold the baking Apple. Plates in position. We need All the natural ridges and curves we can save to keep the dentures from slipping. Probably there will be additional adjustments required later but they May be needed Iii any Case. Even when additional expense is involved the extra satisfaction compensates. Patience and a Good Deal of common sense Are sometimes required to learn to use artificial Teeth properly. Do not tolerate any Sharp Points or irregularities which will sometimes show up in the Best of workshops. The dentist Only needs to have his attention drawn to them to Correct them. Travel care modes and manners question a i have been doing with a boy for about five months. Would it be Prover of give him a Christmas gift i Uke him very . answer under the circumstances you undoubtedly Are very anxious to buy him something for Christmas. Avoid anything personal and expensive however or tile gift will not be in Good taste. For instance a Carton of cigarettes would be appropriate a Good mystery Book or a year s subscription to his favorite a Azine initiated Linen handkerchiefs a Fountain pen or a Box of stationery. Moo question Quot please describe the proper May to serve a baked . W a answer it is better to prepare baked potatoes in the Kitchen than to Send them to the Tab As they come out of the oven. Cut each potato across the top. Open it slightly by pressing around the opening with the lingers. Insert a Lump of Butler. If a Garnish is deeded chopped Paisley or paprika May be used. A a question 14is it in Good taste for a Vian to near a Bright coloured Siut with a business suit a of. I. Or answer it is Best to save Ach flirts for Wear with tweeds. With business suits the Well dressed Man prefers to Wear an All White Tiai i or one stamped with color. Copyright 7977. By Fairchild. For travel the three piece knitted Cape ensemble is an excellent Choice. This one is in a Gray and Black fro Ted Chenille Tith yellow Blouse and Black lapels on the que. By Claud North Chrisman . Door Teeth and Gums make us change our chewing habits r resulting in a distortion of facial Muscles from Lack of fee loss or Tonicity is the phrase we use to Tell Why the Cheeks become hollow and lines form at Hie Corners of the Mouth. Tile Mouth loses its shape gg&.1 these sightseeing outfits show unusual Charm. The casual coat at the left of Agua Blue imported Angora Woolen is worn Over a flame coloured crepe Linen dress. Tin1 Curt Ruble at the right is Burma Brown with a lightweight Woolen it Amante lined with the same printed silk crepe used for the dress which carries a design in White and Black or the Brown. Dishes for today applesauce cake with Orange a tasty dessert speaking of style spangles Oil party gowns this Winter by Eleanor Ginn new York of course you Are going places now year s eve or if not. You Are probably going to be hostess to a group of friends we All know that this Means something to Wear that will do Honor to the occasion. We Veall heard a men declare that a any old thing Quot would do i m an informal party but we let that sort of remark go in one ear and out the other for we have Learned by Lone experience tint everyone does herself proud for such a clamorous As Well As glamorous occasion this year its spangles which by any other name would Shine As brightly. There will be women seeking to be different who will choose something Dull like heavy crepe with silk fringe or some such thing but most women will want to be Brilliant. If you deride on Black net and spangles you will have lots of company. However there Art plenty of modes from which to choose. Hie bodice in practically All dresses this year has what is called a a Bra drape a this term As you have guessed refers to the brassiere sort of thing which women have decided is attractive enough to Wear on the outside of a dress As Well As underneath there Are Bra bodices in which the Bra part is of Spangle and newer still there Are Bra bodices in which the bust Section is a mass of Flowers a charming idea for the Elution dance frock affected by the Debutante and her friends. Flowers in the coiffure Are a natural with such a costume. Corse let Belt stylish Paquin is the strongest exponent of the actual Corse let Belt such As a wide Black Antelope one ending in two Points at Trout like a Many a Waistcoat albeit diminishing to a narrow strap at Back in several collections the Waist coat Corse let idea is suggested by Coats or dresses with Pastron necklines and underneath the Pastron a single deep Row of buttons or a double breasted crossing slimming the diaphragm. Modern women its 111 no disgrace today for a wife to work fact it May Lead to a i lip pier marriage by Marian Mays Martin thie woman who a simply detests housework Seldom makes a creditable Job of it. When she has a Talent for making Money Why not encourage her to clo the work she likes and is fitted for men Are beginning to see y ii ii a n d your child i eat ii spirit c of to in m Ini by Judith Wilson everyone is counting the Days until Christmas but not All with the same thoughts in mind. Children Aie checking Ort the Days in anticipation of gifts they will receive fathers Are waiting impatiently to see How the new electric trains or mechanical toys for a Junior will work. Mothers Are worrying about last minute shopping and wondering if there will time enough to bake some fruit cakes for the Home table As Well As for friends to whom they will be a treat. Most fruit cokes Are Best when they have had time to age a Little. They taste better if they Are made several weeks before being served. However a spicy Apple sauce cake tastes just As Good As a real fruit cake and you can Cut it the Day after it is baked if you wish. Most Apple sauce cakes Call for nuts and raisins but they Are also delicious when finely sliced Citron candied cherries Orange and Lemon Peel Are added. I like to add grated Orange Rind to my Apple sauce cakes. The Apple sauce cuke is less expensive and easier to make than a real fruit cake. Yankee Christmas k Ake i rup sugar 1 i cup shortening i cup unsweetened Apple sauce i Teaspoon baking pow Dei ii a a cups flour 11 Teaspoon Salt i Teaspoon cinnamon 1 a it Teaspoon cloves 14 Teaspoon each Nutmeg and allspice i cup raisins and nuts mixed Cream the sugar and butter or shortening then Cream in the Salt my spices. Add the Apple sauce my beat Well. Add the nuts to he flour which has been sifted with the baking powder. Mix the ingredients gradually into the a reamed combination. Stir Well. Bake in a loaf pan or in an 8-Inch Square pan heavily lined with creased paper. Use a moderate Avern if the Square pan is used it. Flip cake in half and make a two layer loaf. I like a frosting made by beating melted butter and confectioner´┐Ż?T.1 cup Apple sauce Unco Rind to flaw Holiday Fhi i i patties 1 cup shortening 2/3 cup sugar 2 eggs Well beaten 2 squares melted chocolate i cup sifted flour i Teaspoon baking powder i Tablespoon Orange juice 1 Teaspoon Vanilla i cup chopped nuts 3 Tablespoons candied fruit Cream the shortening add the aural gradually and beat thoroughly. Add the melted chocolate then the eggs. And blend Well. Mix and sift the flour with baking a re a Der and Salt. Add to the Ovll not let is Ter Stew Pilot Rackers Crisp fiery pineapple and red Apple salad cookies Tea Clit desc Melet with Bacon Garnish stewed tomatoes Rolls Coffee milk creamed mixture with the fruit juice and Vanilla. Mix the Glycerine with the nuts and add to the first mixture. Drop by spoonfuls onto an oiled baking Sheet. Bake 15 to 20 minutes Iii a moderate oven. Store in cookie jars until Christmas. These will keep Well and actually Impi eve in flavor. Avoiding mildew that household nuisance a mildew can be avoided if Damp Ai tides Are never placed in clothes hampers. Dry All clothing and household Linen thoroughly done to let it collect in closets or in Sputa that Are Likely to lie Damp. Dried fruit the High sugar Content of dried fruits gives them an immense value As Energy builders. This sugar is in simple form called Monosaccharides which can be assimilated without digestion. Olives with bananas two thirds cop shred Ripe olives one package Cream Choc c one Tab i noon in i Vot mais two Large bananas i lettuce chopped nut kernels Combine olives cheese Rind Mayonnaise. Cut bananas into halves Lengthwise then into quarters. Arrange Cut Side up on lettuce. Cover tops wi111 cheese filling and Sprinkle with chopped nuts. Add a dash of paprika. By Jane Herbert Goward i suppose Aden will rive me another sea i i this Mother remarked dryly. The children grinned. Their Mother never wore a scar yet every Christmas for Veals ail Cen ii a d pre seated her with one a Ivyll v done to you lust hint some t line i hat you a1 r e a d v have several a Pray tidal i ii Nior asked. A it would t ire a i it o e s s ii e forget or w h ii t a Quot t ii e mks of Ord y o Lull g s i r purr lied father put Down his newspaper and chimed Iii a your Mother and Aileen went to school together Long ago. Now they have nothing whatever Iii common but neither one has the courage to suggest a truce from . It has belook1 a duty and a Scarf is an easy out something like lie added slyly. A Mother always Law s Aik la handkerchiefs. L. Iii a people Exchange Chia i Mas gilts from sheer Force of habit. There is no love in such giving and no its Aal As far As i can judge Why it Lioi ild go a Thomas a Mother rein Inland d a you should t talk that Way to tile father Shook his head. A what in be just told them May sound cynical. But it s the truth and they Are old enough to hear it. Bitch giving makes a mockery of Christmas. The Only excuse for i gift i believe is to make someone Happy. To do this you have to know something about the other person what he needs or what lie would Eft a i know what you mean. Junior announced. A if Betty wanted a doll and i gave her a printing set i liked very much. It would not mean anything to a and you might it veil regret having to part with it a Mother supplied with that. He struck Aileen a name from her Christmas shopping list with a flourish. Children Are influenced by what parents think. An idealistic attitude toward Hie spirit of giving is Worth passing on. Easier Dis washing if dishes Are Well scraped and stacked according to size Dis washing is made much easier and More pleasant. Sugar into Viz add grated or Tho Light and the Wisdom of this system the old style Man who Felt humiliated at having his wife work is happily extinct. There is no reason for a Man who is working himself to feel humiliated ii e e a u s e Ilia wife has a lob and its a healthy sign let y t ii e w a y the a Job is ii o w called a Job Quot in not a career. Wives have always been e x p e c t cd t o c o n to r ibo t e something to the Home a it used to be the ability to make soap out of fat or to dip can lies or spin or bake bread How silly it would be for a modern wife to attempt any such achievement. How much More sensible it is for her to do the work she likes and does Well and so earn Hie Money to Liny All this and Many other things beside. Mks. Martin flan before marriage when a Man and girl Are a red even Long before they usually know enough about one another to get their reactions to such a plan. There never was a couple who did not generalize on marriage so it is always possible to know beforehand their attitude on whether a girl should work after marriage or not. A girl who has made up her mind to marry a certain Man is usually gifted with a convincing sales talk and has Little difficulty in Selling her plan to any Man who is interested in pleasing her. Anything As important As whether the Young wife Ivill Continua with her Job or not should be settled Early in the marriage negotiation. The girl who wants to keep her Job had better have that fact thoroughly understood before she marries her Man. For there a Many a modern mail who sees no reason for carrying the whole Load. Be i cadent has established his right to a working wife. It May be that in marriage he sees his income increased rather than shared. Better find this out before rather Hail Al Ter marriage. What a More important better be sure that the Man wants Only a wife who is self supporting not one who will support him in the style to which he is accustomed. There is a vast difference Between working with a Man and working for one. How wives can help the girl who sets out to buy a husband invariably gets a bad bargain. Good husbands cannot be bought. But Good Bien May be helped by wives who Are willing to help them get on in the world. The help May be Only in overcome the Handicap that marriage is to a Young struggling husband. The working wife can give social Security at the beginning instead of the end of life. She speeds up the Day when tile Young concern is a going institution and hastens the Day when she can give up tier Job to enjoy the rewards of their joint endeavours. There is now. Always will be a difference of opinion on Early marriages. That a Young Man struggling to make his Way in the world is seriously handicapped by marriage is obvious unless the marriage brings him a wife who is a helpmate in the literal sense of the word. Loving wives never mean to Handicap their husbands but they frequently do. Some of us May love our burdens but i venture that Many More resent them. In t it better for the girl who is terribly in love and therefore eager to marry to avoid the risk of being a Burden by helping with the Load rather than adding to it the average Young Man is More afraid of marriage than Ever and the girl who Hopes to marry has to show him that she is willing to help in material ways. A great majority of the Young couples marrying today Are planning to live on two salaries instead of one. Those who have already nut this theory into practice seem to be As Happy As newlyweds should be and More Content Titan the old order who got along As Well As they could on the Downland system. The fascinating mrs. Byron c. Fay the former Thelma Chrysler known As one of America s Best dressed women As she was photographed at a dinner p Rig at the Waldorf Astoria Iii new York City. At mrs Fay a left is a Coster schermorhorn of new York. Mrs. Fay who is always the Acme of Chic items stunning White Chiffon embroidered with tiny rhinestone stars. The dress is form fitting yet floaty and has a Long train which she caught in her Bracelet when she danced. Herbs in cooking no French housewife limits her sauce seasonings to Pepper and Salt sire has a perennial seasoning a of with Kitchen herbs garlic onion Leeks chives and shallots rile blending of these ingredients is the secret of Lier sauce making. While All the French herbs Arentt in our Market we have thyme Sweet Bani onions Parsley carrots cloves and a Varity of canned spice flavors such As celery Salt and allspice. A greater Arcadia Tribune of pictures of i avg futures news subscribe now. 40c per month

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