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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 10, 1938, Arcadia, California J Patridge bound Over to Superior court for alleged bookmaking Here read and enjoy exclusive Tribune features Han Independent newspaper world wide news coverage by International news service and United press vol. Chi no. 21 1 % we ath kit partly Cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Arcadia California saturday. December to 1028 single copy us cd Washington webby go Bounds by a France makes us sick two motorists arrested in Hay rack death a monster eats Drew Pearson and Robert s. Allen City politics to my Phot t Washington. A Federal communication commission officials have uncovered a Trail in their radio monopoly probe hint May bring a score of leading movie stars to the capital for a Public hearing. The acc is interested in the Glamour Queens and Kings who Are starring on National radio programs. The commission has nothing against the movie people. All it wants from them is information the real Quarry is tile National broadcasting company and the Columbia broadcasting system. Investigators have discovered that agencies operated by the radio corporations live a practical monopoly on the placing of movie and opera stars on radio programs. I through their a artists services bureaus Abc and a is act in the dual bound Over to Superior court capacity of representing the stars to answer felony charges of Book and also the advertisers who employ making Sam Patridge Pasadena them. Operator of a shoe Shine parlor on on the one hand the two chains i Huntington drive today was at lib huge flood control project for l. A. County Jpn fir _ t is Wash a shiners hearing to be held december 27 before Pasadena judge Date for Sam Patridge of Pasadena facing felony counts of bookmaking Here to enter plea in Pasadena Superior court was set for dec. 27, it was Learned today. Are supposed to get the Best possible terms the per formers on the other they Are supposed to do the same for the time buyers. Information in the hands of the acc is that through a secret tie up a Vith the metropolitan opera company of new York Abc and lbs Piave an Iron bound monopoly on the placing of concert stars on programs Over their systems. This con Orty on his own recognition following preliminary hearing in Arcadia court yesterday. Arrested october 28 As a violator of the City ordinance prohibiting bookmaking Patridge was charged with the felony count at the initial preliminary hearing when the former charge was dismissed. Main Rolf William Elam former City at tool is not so Complete in tile movie Tomey a i Acadia represented Pat Field but the Chain agencies do most of the business. Acc authorities consider this situation extremely undesirable and directly counter to the spirit if not the letter of the anti Trust Laws. Note among tile stars who May be summoned to Washington Are Bing Crosby Dorothy Lamour Don Ridge in court and indicated by his questioning that City politics would play a major role in tile Pasadena court trial. With chief Loren c. Roosevelt on the stand yesterday Elam asked a did you not ask Patridge if investigator vie Torrance of the police department had placed any bets this map shows the general plan for flood control in los Angeles county which is being rushed by thousands of workers under the supervision of the u. S. Army engineering department. Wiite lilies indicate principal control channels most of which will flow into the los Angeles River. When completed the system will Avert annual inundations caused by rainfall which swells the River to overflowing. Arne he Edgar Bergen Bob Burns i wltl1 111111 and did you not Tell Pat Carole Lombard Adoiphe Menjou and Miriam Hopkins. Ridge that if he admitted it you would let him go a i chief Roosevelt admitted that he i had included the name of Torrance among others when he had asked untold Story in Germany j Patridge who had been on his betting list but did not elaborate further on the Issue. Pipit biggest is that Frau Goebbels wife of the Little club footed propaganda minister and no. 3 nazi Lias left him and is preparing to get. A divorce. Reason for the rift is Goebbels penchant for actresses. Private reports Are that general uphold objective Deputy . Harry Hunt objected when Elam asked i Lief Roosevelt where his parents w Ere Goring is using the affair to unborn and if lie had Ever changed Dermine Goebbels with Hitler. Goe ring and Goebels hate one another never speak except at Public gatherings where they do so Only for appearance s Sake. All it in american when a pins and hit musical satire of the International la continued on Page 2� what noted people Are saying by International news service his name. This objection was upheld by police judge Ardene Boller. The Money assert edly paid Patridge by Chester Holden a a Decoy better and the slip of paper Given Patridge indicating How the Wager was to be placed were admitted As evidence. Arcadia flood work projects need finances new York a Anthony Eden former British foreign secret Ary explaining Why lie does not wish to discuss politics of his Home country while visiting the United states a i do not think you would think much of an american who came to England and said such Washington Alfred p Sloan jr., chairman of the Board of general motors telling a Senate finance subcommittee a we need to supplement the workers income in poor years rather than try to increase it in the Good years. A Little something extra in Good times serves to establish a Standard of living that cannot be new York mayor f. Ii la Guardia addressing a meeting called to denounce racial and religious persecutions a the world today is protesting against a menial disease. And it is a determined not to permit that disease to spread or become i flood control projects in and near Arcadia Are included in a total of $1,755,177 in repairs and reconstruction of flood control works destroyed by the flood of last March As yet a financed it was revealed today in a report to the Board of supervisors. The report was filed by h. E. Hedger chief flood control Engineer in reply to a letter from h. A. Cate chairman of the conservation and Hood control committee of the los Angeles county farm Bureau. Projects remaining a financed and the amounts needed include lists projects Santa Anita Wash 6.000 feet above Arrow Highway $14,000. Santa Anita dam enlarge spillway $20,000 collect and Burn debris $2,000 Purchase and install Needle valve. $7,000. Sierra Madre dam remove sin and debris $5,000. Spi in was at dam Pacoima dam spillway Channel firm present outlet to Canyon floor $75,000 replace Road and Bridges to Bottom of tramway.1 $6,000 Clear and Burn debris $2,000 repair Tramway $1000 grouting abutments. $5000 and g uni Ting abut continued on Page 4 this photo shows the most spectacular phase of the project in the new spilling Basin at \ Verdugo Wash danger Point in the disastrous flood of last Spring. Water from the Wash will spill Down the Concrete and steel stairs in background into the Basin in foreground. A to foot Wall will Cut the Waters Speed before it goes into the riverbed lessening flood hazards. �?o3 Yoor Lodi Vicheka Horoscope by Frances Drake look in Ute Section your birthday comes Iii and find what your Outlook is according to the stars. Copyright 1938, King features Syndicate inc Fok sunday december la March 21 to april 20 Aries a a delightful uplift from two Days. You will find today receptive to your plans and desires favourable for necessary duties spiritual development wholesome entertainment. April 21 to May 20 Taurus a delicacy and tact essential in artistic matters you Bern before May 6 treat All your affairs with the same kindly consideration. Other natives not an action Day but Friendly to companionship and usual sunday activities. Mav 21 to june 21 gemini a cozy agreeable Friend gemini slow Down a bit today and enjoy some of the restful things in life music Reading Friendly gatherings Church affairs Etc. June 22 to july 23 Canter a news travel partnerships and gains through personal connections favored. Aim High and you la expand accordingly. Tone Down restlessness remainder of month encouraging. July 24 to August 22 Leo a one of those wholesome Ambi Tion stirring Days. You la want to help others and in doing so you la better your own status. Evaluate your associates your activities. What Are their standards let them be of the Best Quality and you la achieve. August 23 to september 23 Virgo a whether your plat is Are c i major or minor importance it s a favourable Day for you to reach your goal. Done to hesitate to readjust your methods according to the Day s needs. September 21 to october 23 Libra a personal matters and outside professional pursuits Are not favored but mental projects should prove advantageous for keen brain work is approved. Tact will help. October i to november 22 Scorpio a great Contentment High aspirations should be realized this Fine sunday. Don t give in to one unhappy thought. The Day is yours for personal duties indulging music rest educational or religious services. Happy going november 23 to december 22 Sagittarius a a tightening up of crests. Be important amusement favored. To january 21 no moving for von. Dec Ember Capricorn you la have to a take the Bull by the horns if your schedule is a heavy one. Tackle your Job. You la Boon have it swimming along. January 22 to february 20 aquarius with your naturally pleasant personality and True Charity you can do a lot of Good today. Spread cheer into lonely hearts and Homes give substantial assistance where you can. A like begets february i to March 20 Pisces a benefits. Take Active interest in Church and Community affairs. There is value and advantages to be gamed in associations with Active people. Romance continued on Page 4 i i negligent homicide charge reopens cast Mother of dead Cirl signs paper marking the first time in Pasadena s history that to o motorists have faced charges for negligent homicide on the same death Are Raign ment dates were being programmed today for John a. Sommer and w. C Thom p. On. Both of los Angeles in Pasadena Superior court. Warrants for the arrest of the angeleno Drivers of cars which smashed into a hayride party in Arcadia october 29 last were signed late yesterday afternoon by mrs. Dorothy Maurer South Pasadena Mother of 16-year-old mar Jean Maurer killed in the double crash bail for each was set at $1500. Eye witnesses questioning of witnesses heretofore uncalled on either at the coroners inquest or at the drunk Riri ving trial of John l. Mesh Pasadena Hay rack Driver climaxed an investigation carried on by the District attorney s office and Arcadia police and brought about the arrest warrants of Sommer and Thompson it was disclosed today. Several of the Young people on the Wagon were injured in the crash on Colorado Boulevard near the Santa be station at Santa Anita. Ruth and Robert Lange South Pasadena Are still confined to bed with injuries. At mesh s trial Here scores of the Young people members of the Waller league of the first lutheran Church testified As witnesses for the Driver. In this trial the jury was deadlocked with unofficial reports stating the jurors were voting 11-1 for acquittal the sheriff s office have been Given the warrants for service Deputy . William m. Smith said. Latest world news flashes by United pres and International news service wlm am of me Naples scene of wild demonstrations with one injured by Bayonet boo a despite the a a Frankenstein makeup of the guest of Honor. Boris Karloff the movie scare Man no appetites were spoiled at the Surprise birthday party Given Karloff in Hollywood by friends. Karloff makeup and All cuts the cake. A i this. Ii i silk thin inn la in about in Abo am to w not him Burnie p Beneficent vibrations in your sector indicates some restrictions especially in business or Money in watchful attentive to duties. Matters of entertainment More Eden in ii. S. To listen. Learn viewpoint new York Der. To cub Anthony Eden who resigned As British foreign minister because of its governments policy of Dealin a with dictators disclosed that he was visiting Tim United states to listen and learn the american viewpoint on perils of european democracies. Railroad brakeman found hanging in Cornfield Galesburg in dec to up the body of a Man Clad in woman clothes and a Long dark wig was found hanging by a Chain in a Cornfield today. 13 is to n r 1 i inn the body was Susic club c idea by dog Leash from a Low Branch of a tree. The Knees touched the ground. Police identified Hie victim As Gale Davison 26. A former Railroad brakeman of the Chicago Burlog ton Quincy Railroad. 15 dead. I a too homeless in typhoon Manila. P idec. To uns. Forty five were known dead. 12,000 y Ore h melees and hundreds were injured reports trickling in Toda Lorn the islands of Marinduque and Mindoro Over communication systems still crippled by tile vicious typhoon that swept the Central Philippines thursday indicated. Nark will v table i it ugh sch a i l a can Loci r put i ii re la in a 0 italian students att in demonstrate in front of the French embassy today but were cheeked by police. A what in France do a roared the students. Nail it in Lii Jill sol new York dec. up a the United states attorneys office revealed today that 9 movie stars have been subpoenaed from Hollywood to say whether they had lost Money in the phillipine railway Houri manipulation charged with William p. Bruckner jr., self styled Fiancee of Loretta Young. Hollywood dec. To ins a film celebrities who were is erred la being sought by new York Federal officials As witnesses in an alleged philippine railway Bond fraud expressed bewilderment in Hollywood today such notable. 1 a Ere a Aba by today among to 13 ought profess cd complot ignorance As to Why they should be c died in connection with the recent arrest in new York of William p. Buckner Dapper Stock broker. A a it a preposterous a declared Joseph Shenck chairman of United artists. A a in be never heard of this so called Bond it s Ridd Ulch s Frank Moreau gee ins a firemen and corps of Bersaglieri today Risper a i too italian school i Hota cd a violent anti French tit Monist ration in Naples. On youth was injured when to reef vet a Bayonet thrust in the leg after the soldiers were struck by a Hail of stones. Finally fire hoses were turned a dust the demonstrators but the to is ru-1 a toe firemen Cut the ii so Ani continued to throw Stone order was restored after a Sui / anal i Alk prohibited by Britain London dec. ins a the British and egyptian governments have bluntly informed Italy the proposals for changing regulations concerning operation of the Suez canal on not be discussed during prime mini -1 f r Neville Chamberlain s visit to Rome International news ser be Learned today. Millard fined on guilty plea in court Here promising to observe the City s fire ordinance regarding the piling of Hay on property w. D. Millard of Val Nett Avenue today had paid $25 of in City court after pleading guilty to the charge. Millard was Aire Ted last month Loc violation of the ordinance. Fined $100 or 50 Days. $75 or 37& Day was suspended on condition Millard adhere to the City s regulation the court file disclosed. Meth Shannon a Var yesterday broke into the Jinn for the first time this my what More it was a. With Bob Wicks hangar Many Points As did Tho Colts the wildcats very v sent the visitors Home Bort end of 31 to 15 score i f in an opening league ill fray. I a i won Quot a Bob Wicks a by ringing the Bell for. While ail Covina could one Field score and two minued on Page 4 Sierra a be made a ing of tilt the Reques Hedger of d Mfd of s chief e ache regular i u per visors Engineer h e. He flood control District or Grace Hanneford of Monro to via wife of Tim famed circus Down amt poodles Hanneford today had a do plea of Quot not guilty on file with Tho Arcadia court to charge of a Jay i j the Monrovia woman was taken into cd. Of a a Tor Day morning As so appeared it the police station loud following recuperation from a leg Ling injury received in a Caf pedestrian to a id debt on i hath Don drive lilt month Tim complaint Agama Mia Hanneford was signed by Rua Aei a Pruett Monrovia Driver of tile Caf which struck her. Trial v in set for Friday Pacio
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