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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 9, 1937, Arcadia, California Thursday of smiler q. 197 grandstand to be ready for Rose tourney re a erection of the Corr Nellita civic Arnn Batand. N huge review stand at Colorado and Orange drove Avenue in Pasadena for the famous tournament of roses Par Ade in expected to de completed this week and Public Sale of tickets will open immediate according to an announcement made today Public spirited citizens organized a non profit association to build and operate the stand and by the association s charter All of the protts Are to of applied to the bonded indebted be gardens the title the Pasadena Art a sturdy and viewing stand directly opposite judges stand the nearest to Arcadia dai1.y Tribune pug term is of Carmelita to which is in inst Louie comfortable re the the Rose howl and with ample parking space provided the Armenia Structure is considered at an Emin or entry desirable location. A capacity audience of 4520 is expected t o i ill the stand this new years Day. Tickets Are at prices of $2.00, $2.50 and $2 00 tax exempt and Are now on Sale at the grandstand in Pasadena Telephone Wakefield 218ft, and at the Mitchell ticket offices throughout Southern Calif it was also announced that mail orders addressed to Carmelita civic grandstand association Pasadena will he Given prompt attention. The first ii. Gloria Cavalieri a representation of spirit and body a about Hoo it of it a i it Cert i to be the or St Ora tort Quot Christian science broadcast programmed for sunday a radio cast program of Christian science will be Given Over a feb 9f 0kchollywood on sunday december 12 i rom 4 20 to it p. In. Under direction of tin Christian 8 loner committee on publication for Southern California in co operation with the federation of protestant churches of Iros Angeles. I in broadcast will be conducted by Arthur i Nelson first Reader of first Church of Christ scientist of Pasadena assisted by Madame Marguerite Baldwin soloist and Christopher Stephen Childe organist of the Church. Dinner meeting scheduled for poultry club the poultry service club december meeting will he held Al the Elk s club building. 610 e main Street Alhambra California thursday december 16 at 6 20 o clock reports or. Ii. L. Dunks Secretary of the organization. Ii. W Amelung. General manager of the Poult ramen s cooperative association is the speaker for the evening and will give a Complete outline of the egg situation for the coming year c v Castle. County farm advisor for los Angeles county will also speak on the Quot general Outlook Lur the poultry reservations for the evening May be made with or. H l. Danks at 822 n Olive Street. Alhambra or by calling Atlantic 1-2726 tickets for the dinner will be 65c. Brooding topic for poultry club meeting a round table discussion on a brooding Quot was the main i attire of the meeting of the san Gabriel Valley poultry association last night Al lie masonic Hall in tem j pie City. A Mart Ial report was also Given by or a n Hartwell treasurer of the organization the meeting i was presided Over by or i a sir a in. A Short Board meeting was held j following the to Ling at which j names of new members were pre-1 seated. Wild dogs on Loose Kingston n y up sheriff s deputies reported sighting a band of wild dogs near Here. The dogs have caused in estimated shoot damage to livestock authorities report cd. Prehistoric relies found Lehman caves National Monument Nev u p first evidences of human occupancy of Lehman caves the Scenic underground wonderland in White Pine county in an unknown prehistoric age have been discovered by rangers of the National Park system. Carmel n. Y games were played and refreshments served at a party Given by or and mrs. Alexander Saunders in Honor of their Cocker Spaniel Little Mac. Guests included All prominent members of carmelo a do Dom social circles. Your Good health sodium perforate is pest remedy for i Tench Mouth j apply paste to Gums other sore spots foundation Stock cockerel Breeding males lauded a ii left Cockrel of the original foundation Stock of the Pike Krentz ranch right. White leghorn Breeding males who have been sires grandsire of Many p k Chicks. Cleanliness impresses visitor of Pike Krenz hatchery on South Baldwin Avenue an immaculate poultry ranch this is the first impression the visitor gains upon stopping at the Pike Krenz hatchery at 1804 Baldwin Avenue. Even the exterior approach with its neat Well kept Lawn and Low White buildings gives an air of distinction which is impressive. Quot we believe that a clean Well kept Plant and Good care and Man agent add much to the general j health and production of the states or. Pike. Quot the houses Are cleaned and sprayed regularly and 1 tile Brooder House is Well ventilated and has wire floors and outside Cement a tile Loose Down that comes off Chicks if allowed to accumulate causes doors and Breeds disease Quot said or Pike Quot so that a thorough cleaning is carried out after each such a strict sanitation program makes it easy to understand tile Success or. R. H. Pike and or. F. D. Krenz have achieved in their eleven years operation of their Plant of 75,000 egg capacity. They furnish Chicks to leghorn ranches in this Vicinity and also ship some out of Hie state a lot of Chicks go to Texas. The pm White leghorn Chicks for which they Are famous Are the result of a carefully planned Breeding program that has been carried on for years at the ranch. The foundation Stock has been Hill it up by years of careful selection Aud by the addition of Stock from some the Best breeders in flit United specializing in White leghorn also keeps Rhode Island reds and barred Plymouth rocks. Visitors Are Welcome on the ranch any Day but sunday and a trip there is a Worth while expert once for anyone. Chicken cackles by Helen Raitt poultry Exchange or. J. C. Jensen who raises new Hampshire Chicks said he was looking for a used Nelson Chick Battery Brooder. Let him know if you have one for Salt. 652 Duarte Road Arcadia 426. Or. R. L. Godwin 510 s. 2nd Avenue is a poultry service Man who has Rhode Island red Chicks from Blue ribbon Stock for Sale at 510 s. 2nd Avenue Arcadia 579. R the of cd or. Pike went on to explain How carefully the hens in the White leghorn flocks were selected and blood tested and were in their second laying year or older bet Ore rated with the males. Noticing the flock of White leg Lorns at the hatchery we were impressed with their ruggedness and size. These Birds seemed much Aiger than tile average leghorn. Not Only Are they larger but the hens ire bred for the laying Quality. Eight pens of these White leghorn were entered in the los Angeles county fair last year. Or. Erenz stated and the hens exhibited came from very High producing Stock. A what about disease we asked my to learn that All Breeding Stock is blood tested with the state Laboratory doing the Laboratory work another precaution taken is one which allows no custom hatching As one Small Batch of infected Chicks May spread the disease to the rest of the Chicks in the incubator. The Pike Krenz hatchery through one of the High lights of the poultry show just concluded was the winning of a cup by Nelda Mac Dormandy of Inglewood for her Black Cochin Trio. Miss Dormandy is an la year old girl who has been showing bantams for the past two years. She has won in North Holly Wood Pomona and Norco shows an i enterprising Young miss who owns about 49 bantams. A a he we were equally impressed by mrs.1 c. F. Cummings Rhode Island reds. A woman who can carry off. Four trophies at one show must be an old hand. On interview King j mrs. Cummings we were surprised to discover that she has been exhibiting just during the last two years. She modestly gives All the j credit to her husband who does the Breeding of the Stock. The Cummings. Now of la Canada formerly of Oakland Are making history in i the poultry show world. A a 4 j people travelled from far and near to see the show and All prize winners must have returned Home with a secret feeling of satisfaction. Credits must go to the committee who worked so until singly in plan Ning the event and carrying out the project. It was no Little task and on monday Many of these j workers were quite Eady for rest and breathing spell j heading the show was the Young j affable and efficient or. D. A Strawn ably assisted by his wife. Mrs. Strawn. Or. And mrs. A. N. Hartwell were Secretary and trea j surer. Others assisting were r w Jones publicity j d Hope cooking. Mrs. R w Jones reception and decoration or. R. L. Godwin feeding and care. Mrs r l Godwin table. Or. J. N. Hamill show stationary i a what we liked about the poultry i show was the Good natured kidding that was everywhere evident. Prize sport was or. Lewis Mclean who could take it As Well As hand it out i also enjoyed watching Fritz j Thott. Who has been actively connected with poultry shows for 60 years judge a Bantam. Talked to or. William Godwin about his Blue j ribbon and Learned that he had i Metal laying nests tone takes care for 125 chickens which Are Good As new for Sale at less than half Price at or. Lew Smiths at 1420 a second Avenue. Arcadia 2483. Or. John record at 370 Norman Avenue Lias two dark Cornish 9 month old cockerel to sell. A Trio of dark Cornish bantams and two 50 egg capacity incubators. Or. R w. Jones of 321 no. Bartlett Avenue san Gabriel will Swap for anything of value. He says its Good stuff but he needs the space. Incubators and bantams also for Sale. New Hampshire Breeding cockerel from tile Hubbard Strain for Sale now says or. D. A Strawn 1133 s. First Avenue Arcadia 488. Won the same Blue ribbon last year on the same Bird. A i got a lot of Little babies Cornin on Quot said or. J. B Roe of Altadena referring to his chickens. Notice that this week up at the american legion club House on december to there will by a program open to the Public which will Appeal to e. M. Dickenson state Veter a Arian will give and illustrated talk on poultry disease control. Or w Ray Ewing of the National Oil products company a Well known poultry nutritional is will give some of the latest developments in poultry feeding this last talk will be fully illustrated. Visit Ideal Pigeon and poultry Plant 618 Huntington drive Arcadia just opened by Clam North air a j Vav of Louisiana want that disease Winch causes Throat to become swollen and h Vincent a angina or Trench till it became epidemic among War. Since hic War it has spread throughout the civilized Wor d it is an a Fieri Ion of the ton1 diary Itta and the Pharynx tile floor of the Mouth and tin gum about the h some do it prism a n areas appear in in o it h. Which become Gray. Slou divine patches. These ulcerated and Aie c o v e r e d with a Yellowish membrane this membrane car. Be remove d easily leaving a Sli idly bleeding surface below but the spot is soon covered again the breath is bad and the saliva has a bad taste. Rating becomes a bugbear because of the Phi of hewing and swallowing. Mav affect lungs the glands of the Throat and neck Are enlarged and painful but Here is not much fever or general distress. Occasionally the disease extends Down into the wind pipe and the upper bronchial tubes and serious consequences follow due to lung complications and infection1 from other disease germs. Neglected cases have resulted in extensive ulceration of the Mouth and germs. The disease is aused by a spirit turn which is easily found on examination of smears from the ulcerated areas it Eldom is fatal but if neglected the odor and general disagreeable features Render the patient unfit or any association with others. It is carried by the general us of common drinking cups latin Quot it Priis. Knives Forks and and the spread can Only be overcome by strict cleanliness and by Bourne 11 eating equipment. The disease does not affect the Teeth and glands unless other bacteria enter the raw surfaces and cause destruction of the deeper tissues. R ,. Treatment is successful if vigorously applied and persisted in and us perforate should be used a thick paste should be made or the pure Salt in water and tins an lied with clean fingers to the gems and All other affected tissues this May Hurt so Only a Small arca should to treated at first till the degree of irritation is determined. A physician or trained nurse should do this in severe cases. This paste is allowed to remain for about five minutes. The Mouth May foam due to the liberation of oxygen. This is washed away with a Mouth Wash of warm water. This can be done once or twice a Day for several Days. Chrisman m in. To know about Vronch month All glands of the Mouth and Rny Der. Mouth was not widely known the armies during the world profiles for today i in bungled but Jot a new moxie idea by Talbot Lake the Man behind the March of time is thirty eight year old producer Louis de Rochemont probably the least publicized of motion picture producers. Mid Rochemont for nearly three years has been too Busy creating a new motion picture form to to ii about kudos. De Rochemont was born in Boston. Mass., and spent the greater part of his South in new England when hi1 was a High school student in Portland. Maine fourteen year old de Roch e in o n t was already a camera fiend. Made a Home made camera spent a Good part of his after school time. And some teachers thought too much of his school time taking pictures of news events for a Boston paper once during the Early Days of the world War. Weiner Horn was arrested for blowing up the International Bridge at Vanceboro and was brought to Portland. De Rochemont had been assigned to cover the arrest missed it in Vanceboro but. Finally with great earnestness persuaded the u s marshal who had Horn in charge to re enact the arrest. The newsreel company to whom Young de Rochemont sold the film warily rejected it As faked but company officials were finally persuaded that the re enactment was genuine. This incident of Twenty and More years ago became the germ idea of his film technique. During the War and after he was a line officer in the u. S. Navy and stayed with the service until 1923. He continued his work with the camera whenever he got the Chance. Then he persuaded his Superior the present Admiral Leahy to assign him to duty in the near East where his skill in motion pictures proved useful. For seven years he Globe trotted around the world and his camera recorded his impressions of strange lands and strange things important men and the significant crowds. During 1937, de Rochemont a work As a producer was honoured with the special award of the Academy of motion picture arts and sciences Given for Quot significance to motion pictures and for having revolutionized c in of the Industry a most important branches the a significant recognition in october 1937, was also the Clement Cleveland award for the film. Quot conquering cancer a which or. Do Rochemont produced. Or. R. B. Von Kleinsmid above president of it. S. And Chancellor of the 15th Institute of world affairs to be held at the Beverly Hills hotel front december 12 to 17, will sponsor representatives rom seventeen universities of the West and outstanding International authorities in did re so Iong of current world problems. Among the to delegates Are or. Brooks Emeny left director of the foreign affairs Council of Cleveland or. Harles e. Martin. University of Washington and director of the Institute and or. His Meng of new York who is director of the China Institute in America. P. C. A. 3,000 successful members and non members attest to the Quality of p. C. A. Feeds now is the time to join the association poultry men a co operative association of Southern California Branch warehouse 318 s. San Gabriel blvd. Che in Hes of Christ. Y scientist Tho preserver of Man Quot w the subject or the let s son Sermon on sunday in All branches of Tho Mother rim it la the first Church of Christ scientist in Boston Massachusetts. The Golden text is from patties second epistle to Timothy a a the lord shall deliver to from every evil work and will preserve no unto i heavenly kingdom to whom ii Quot glory for Ever and Tim lesson sern on includes Tho words of the Palmi t a Liny wandered in tile w my. Mess Iii a solitary Way tin found not it it by to dwell in. Hungry and thirsty Muir Hon i fainted in me in then i hey cried unto Tho lord in tin in trouble and he in ii it i a a it i them out of their distress a it s. And he led them Forth he Iii Quot rigid Way hat the Quot a might go to a Lily of ii this Amii the. Sevis Quot a from i la Quot prov re i Quot also i it i Quot enter Quot to a t in the lord with All thine heart an Iii not unto thine own tend. I Landing. In All thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy Pami a among the correlative Pas Ages from Quot science and with key to the by Mary Baker Eddy Are the words Quot when a. Wait patiently on god and Ltd truth righteously lie directs our path. Love inspires illumines designate and leads the modes and manners question Quot con von Tell vie where the Hope Chest idea orig incited a a. answer in Days gone by. When it was customary for tile Bride to have a dowry the Hope Chest filled with linens and other House furnishings was considered a necessary part of the dowry. I lie custom is still followed in some countries where girls sometimes Start a Hope Chest Long a Quot fore they Are even engaged. A a a question Quot is it Correct to Wear diamonds to a for Mal daytime affair a mrs. Of. Of a answer no. The correctly dressed Man or woman wears them Only in the evening and then Only when the occasion is a ceremonious one. Hipp Potami i Jon Nairobi up a Hon and 0 Hippopotamus fought to the death i a Muddy Pool in the Delta of Thiv. R Rutigl. Tanganyika the hip a Tami Oral the lion Many in. With to great tusks inflict buy yourself shoes for Christmas Gillette a shoes 41 e. Huntington drive at Antic 2-5253 san Gabriel Baldwin path american legion Turkey shoot amp Conn thu store is Headquarters for everything the band or orchestra player needs. Be our Btu Stock of instruments and accessories. J instruments and accessories Berry amp Grassmuck 1010 e. Colorado St. Pasadena Arrow Highway Bonita and Chintz Street sunday dec. 12 All Day Baldwin Park legion bldg. Corp announcement i wish to announce to the Public that i have purchased the Santa Anita ring Academy located in the rear of 27 West Huntington drive Arcadia from f. J. Harris and will continue to conduct a general Riding Academy business renting horses for Riding purposes conducting individual and classes in horse Back Riding by an expert equestrian. Special attention Given to children. W. P. Osterhout prop. Children a Amateur horse show saturday dec. La a All Day 16 classes 16 Silver trophies starts to 10 00 a. M. Adults a 40c children a 25c just arrived a Carload of Lively pintos. Wonderfully schooled marvelous trick and show horses for Sale and rent ask about them. Horses for rent English or Western Trail or Corral horses boarded and stabled breaking and training Santa Anita Riding Academy w. P. Osterhout prop. 27i/2 w. Huntington drive Arcadia phone Arcadia 2920 i t

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