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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 6, 1937, Arcadia, California Ivicic Iii Bei it he Aik Adi \ Dama i Moum social Cluj local climb activities re a is slip Rev s Genevieve Nutter new restaurant simple wedding unites Ellen will have Vav Mem my. In. W v a. M Quot i i wet Quot la grand opening i Rol .4t-l aul Wortendyke juniors to sew tomorrow night announce patrons for concerts Araut san Marino new t i Pierre a which a Bien ii Micier run Striction for the Paft Tew we is s in Pic wedding Hie pc tied e reception follows my to r of or e 124 s jut n s Wei i end Vic wort Endyke a nue t \ i Vsiak of Fiji i imm. s ram the graduation exer Saint brides Tamara i of to comes from a family is returning to Lier Home Francisco for the1 first time a years. Her schooling at the tit was made possible through Nero pity of an aunt Tamara lend a Well known actress teas killed a year previous in or Accident. At the ferry boat Camara is met by her brother an unreliable Young Man escorts her to the Valhalla Hents in in unattractive Sec of the City where the Tod is live. At tin elevator door Nous Twenty dollars from Bis Ami leaves. Filtering tile nent alone Tantra is shocked the rooms in terrible Dis she is greeted casually by other Willette Todhunter in Orless 110ml a a script garment. Awhile Tamara on the verge is ruefully recalls that Moth licence at Saint brides bad or you have to make your happiness. I rom Ber sister who for a Brief spell acted i movies she learns they Are months behind in the rent. Tamara s father died her f married Jesse Straut who elsewhere and is not coling Money regularly. I hat a Willette after borrowing from Tamara goes out with Ray and Coral goes on a Lith Houston Hickey. Presence arrives intoxicated. Tax and never before seen a Man the influence of liquor. Ils amazed sister that nobody i family including himself could at leg1 give reverend Kotlier a pretty Good idea of the situation and thin perhaps Kotlier Laurence would Send for her let her he assistant German instruct Ress perhaps. Sister Ludmilla was getting old and she had asked for Tamara but there had been a pretty gentle Postulat named Mille hummed who had quite naturally fallen heir to this Chance when the service was Over Tamara walked Home oddly comforted Odd v inclined to be philosophical the Little Kitchen a not too disagreeable when she reached it. Anti there was a tiny bottle of Lush or am waiting and a Long Crisp Ina i in deliriously sour French bread after the Sal less restless article it it i the Canadian Convent this last was a treat Anil to sit sipping r Coffee and going through i he ii a paper with lied there would throughout the Day lilt in. Jai wretch tied a general Sens be no hurry no lessons no conviction of wa.1 instalment 7 morning came in with in no to of fog. And Tamara ageing Lay staring about her Cau ugly a move might Rouse either a Mother or her sister she a Deus not to disturb them an in went by they both slept on kindly. Atter a while her Eye my a clock that said Twenty Lutes to eight and then she did Gerly extricate herself from the ers that her sister had shared h her and was presently out be in the morning Street asking de faced policeman the nearest y to a Church. Well what a the matter with St. Nilace so he asked. Nothing. Except that i done Taw where it is a in pointed and Tamara saw the peat Church hotel roots away. She went a big dim place enc Spires of a up Between in a few blocks Yard it. Entered was peaceful in the Early filing under a High vaulted roof Between tall faded windows. Ere was no music there was a Delight and the first shafts the Early summer Sunshine fell try from far overhead and lost i selves in diffused in Aly Light Long the High Arches. To use trying to Pray this Mon. Her heart and soul were in Complete a confusion for prayer. It she could Kneel there vaguely King about her vaguely staring at altar vaguely wondering How in this strange new phase of her would last and How and when might somehow escape it. The thy crowded cheap apartment Mother soft and shapeless with dyed head and the Redd lied so Coral selfish and superficial noisy and poor Lane poor ipod self satisfied uneducated Nee. Who had never had a Chance College or decent friends or Hon ideals. In her thoughts Tamara was iting it All to Mother Laurence. It a to Lunk in be forgotten Clar do Arefi reverend Mother All at you told me about the realest Ity being the nearest one and influence of one Bingle Fine life int like a lighted lamp but when ones family is older entirely in their diff rent ways quite defied with vulgarity and cheat and dirtiness and laziness and son r. She could not quite Sty that. Cit it Uve. Site must soften tin Story Ime How for sheer Pride but she t. I Lime flying and work undone undeniably comfortable at ten she Lance who seemed to have completely forgot i ii the events of the evening be i ire and who merely observed that he was late As hell for his appointment with Markisohn. A the old Man likes us to Rome Over and have breakfast with Hun a he said Quot is he important Lance a Tamara asked Quot Vav. La yes. He a sorter retired a Lance said gathering a disreputable dressing gown about him for do parture to the bathroom Quot but everyone who want to cast anything goes to him a then you done to want any break last a a she called after him she heard his muffled negative through the door Healing the voices Tamara s Mother came cult and was glad to sip hot Coffee and gossip with her daughter strange downtown Sunshine was in the Kitchen the Day would be hot. A tic Tamara Drew the Shade and sat opposite her Mother at the Little table in the breakfast Niche busily shelling peas. Quot i had to throw out two boxes of strawberries. They were All in a Mush Quot Willette listened indifferently. A what a fool i am to eat the Way i did last night a she muttered. Quot it was Jim Clutes birthday and they were at the next table and we Alii got together and went up to Leona a. Leona Mason so she a the woman who made the big hit in Barbershop chord she played it for three years a is she playing now Kotlier a a she Hasni to had a part for two Venus a Willette said shaking her head. A but How do they live in Between parts a mrs. Tod Hunters somewhat Haggard eyes moved thoughtfully to her daughters lace. A How does who a a How do they live actresses i mean when there not working a a ooh they Willette said vaguely. A now for she added Quot i Only pay a Hundred and ten Here. Ifs tint a a Hundred and ten dollars a month but really you could live on that Quot Tamara offered gently they they simply had no idea of Money family. I could manage All right if Jesse Wasny to such a Swine Quot Willette answered mildly. A where is he now a Quot in Hollywood i gave him the two Best years of my life i was playing in the Circle Whin i met him. I Haven to had a decent part since anti that was eight years ago. That s the Way it Tamara looked at her respectfully. Any actress inspired a girl with Awe even if that actress was o ices own Rouge dyed shapeless Mother. Ii was amazing to think a hat this woman opposite her actually had played parts had heard the Callboy paging a miss Todhunter Quot had Gore Forth to footlights and applause Tamara finished the peas carried them to the sink. And floated them in cold water a a a i he trouble Willett volunteered. Apparently somewhat re Perry studios dast Cir Aud its Allied arts of 9691 a pisses rider the supervision of Maestro St Fox Masc Agnos Ballet Rafael Cansino Spanish dancing Mich to Ito interpretive Virg in i \ of Aiono aerobatic Ken Gatewood tap and musical comedy ship a Sii from Ati Van Ballet Peggy Vanney juvenile department All phases of dancing taught by world recognized teachers Pasadena 24 i. Colorado St. I Vert by the nothing lash in of or younger daughter Aud the hot drink Quot the trouble is that there Are lift in actors my actresses Tor every part. The agencies Are full of they sax they patrol up and Down Broadway like an army. Young girl get the Good parts because play for nothing anyone with sex Jeri Telce wants real Money and you done to have to have experience to make a hit in these Days thousand of them get of the trains in Hollywood and All they a k c to be on the lots Coral was Dawn the re she. Ays Maude Adams or Sarah Bernhardt get a lob in the film today a Quot ii seem rather discouraging Quot a Coral thinks she s go a Nart in a thing they re oing to open Tor a a it vivid Quot mrs Todhunter said yawning and laying her Al univ head on the Tab ii Quot a hat i n t Cli v n is it sue wanted to be called at level ? Iii spite of herself Tantra a absorbed in the new atmosphere and preen try she began to enjoy ii there was nothing wrong she told her Convent trained conscience in disorder and irregularity and if one had absolutely nothing to do there was no reason for one s jumping out of bed for a cold plunge and exercise every morning at seven. The theatrical lesser lights made use of the House and she enjoyed Contact with it. Too chorus girls j indigent old actresses ambitious youngsters looking for their first parts All came and went easily in the crowded Little rooms and Tamara listened to them All and watched them All Iii fascination. Dolores Quinn came downstairs one Day. Dolores was unquestionably As established and successful As these others were vague and unplaced. Just Why the actress should he Ose to live in the Valhalla in rooms like their own Tamara could not understand but evidently Dol ores was w la pleased with her apartment on the ninth floor she talked of a lamp she wanted and of having the Kitchen done in dark Blue paint with Orange stripes there was no sign of discontent in her manner. She had a husband or. Tarpey a linoleum Salesman of astonishing Beauty Tamara had seen him sometimes in the Halls and had supposed him to be nothing Short of a Star. But no. Leander could not act for an elks tooth Dolores admitted frankly. They had tried him in two plays and he had hated it All and certainly the audiences had not encouraged him. She was six years older than he in her Middle thirties she had an enthusiastic Public and a Long contract and she found no fault with the world. Dolores did not like Coral but she grew very fond of Tamara and laughed at her and invited her to her dressing room. Tamara had the thrill of watching a a it Lay from the wings and of having Tea with the Star on matinee afternoons. Dolores then always sent for club sandwiches and Coffee got herself into j a grease Sodden old silk Kimono i put her feet up on the seat of a neighbouring chair and told Tamara various bits of her life Story. She was jealous of Leander Tarpey once she had torn a Telephone right out at the roots because he had been talking on it to a woman named jes sic Bert and once she had scratched his face. But she admitted that on the latter occasion j she had been drinking a Little too much. One of the agreeable features of the Tod Hunters Home regime was that no one either knew or cared at what hours the members of the family came or went. Tamara could stay in bed All Day working Cross word puzzles or poring Over movie and stage magazines and no one commented much less criticized. So she could loiter in Dolores s dressing room As Long As she liked on a Winter afternoon. The juice of this privilege was the obligation to profess an unbounded admiration far Dolores s talents and to display an unlimited interest in Dolores s affairs. Tamara sometimes Felt somewhat guiltily that she was not quite sincere in the enthusiasm with which so met these rcom Irementa Bat that was what wanted and there was no other Way of holding her Friendship. Tile world in which she found herself was an unreal world it was filled with the most artless exaggerations and Flat teries and in statements and deceptions they a i knew it and they All went right on flattering deceiving exaggerating by Kathleen Norris Ito be continued Ai Fri lid this to be opened formally the eve Ming of dec in Ber 9 to ii mud it the manag ment of or and a c i Van Linos French provincial liar a Harlun it will prove a most colourful Mon and delightful place for Privati parties of All kinds a private Din ing room will a Quot a a Ila hic for engagement and announcement j Utie children s Birt h a \ a t in wed i in suppers Bridge luncheon highest i v if of hotel and service will b. Maintained Joe wore a Funk Wei i known French Cliff for Merv of the Brentwood c Vin club and ambassador ii Tel Wip Erre a a will the a in Hilda Thomason a n it a wee.,an. Known the o a to movie Colony a a prix 4e c �?~1 a a pie rns a re to maintain Art a Hibits featuring for the Fain Ouart to Ned Wail a wine and Orrin White a pair Quot bed warming pans a one Copper and on Bra. I it ii i he original hand t Arnee wooden handles brought t a Virginia from Yorkshire England in ic4h 1 j i rid Colp up i daughter and heiress to Xvi million acres mar the fifth l and 5 o clock Satur Lay aft a mall r Deepti is. Ellen pro i t. Donga guests followed at in or of Orr prob by if in i Parent w i i nut Avenue .1 and Paul White and topped an Aimi Susan Bitch and Groom i also of South second White table Cand c you couple Var Only Light during ret ii m o Keefe 1 Dunn a tin i ii history it t he holy weds slipped away Chin he pre Senee of Moon trip they in a it ,1 few int mat e a i Hurst no of us v toe Junior is woman a c a Tsumori miss l i us a a reads the girl land Niece i at Christ a fire depart in i mater i h a ii Orts by the san iphone Orchys will be Given a Mayflower Monrovia Are and mrs Clar Anri m is Charles mrs Rob to Beach i Charles w. I mrs Leroy and my mrs m i in e my to of Hael was attractive in a the Brown suit with Squirrel trim a Gold Hen Blouse and Brown acce so Mage of Gardenias. Her Only attendant w i mrs Konath ungers m a a Upha who has been a Friend Ince both attended grammar Chani she wore i Blue Tail a cent. A thing acc Sones and a Cor. Ige of Pink r a a a Wortendyke served his i Man the Walter brother a i to annual Christmas part a at Olvera Street i or fining again this year members of the California history and landmarks Section of the Dot. Tried and county a i c f we will a Sethie it la Colon or Ina in Olvera str it. Lur the colourful mexican Christ Macele Bra in. Announcement is made today by mrs in m timer Boff chairman of the local Sec Ion that several Arcadia women Are planning to at generations before b ing acquired tended by lord Fairfax. The women sometimes number the 17th Century copt a Coffee nearly five Hundred meet Foi urn and percolate it a with a in old a delicious mexican luncheon at la fashion alcohol Burner to a Golondrina. Having As their hostess. Shown was a prize ant is in the Senora Bonza. Who has served in Home of the at pre ident pain 1 Al capacity for Many years Dur rare of France As a gesture of ing the luncheon hour typical my Polit Leal Friendship it a men by eau music is offered by a string or to x of Camel in. Tile e pans have been in Hie pox i. Pc Gene i Ion it til Bairoa am and a e at pre-1 it it ice b Robert Carey Fairfax of i my i their exact ice i not known a they have been in the pc a con of the Culpepper family for Fen him t it Robi r la Rev fair end of the world War. At the Chest a. The Beautiful Celebration follows featuring dancers and soloists and the authentic Yule tide ceremonial it a t 1. Council in fifty two cents covers luncheon and regular meeting a Hlll ,., a b m attendance. Mrs. Charles w. Stew mrs Faith Coomb presided Over Art. President of the Arcadia writhe november met my it Arcadia Many a club will be present. Four Par it to Acher Council held Friday automobiles Are b Ong furnished for morning at to t Avenue school the local group those who want to or Joe w Hail who Bas to n attend Arf asked to Call mrs. Timer mad president of first Avenue p. Boff at 2593 for reservations not t a tendered her re. Penal Ion As later than december 8. Council Secretary and mrs. Eunice Hawkins appointed Secretary pro mrs. Atkinson of Pasadena or at temp e Kinson will illustrate in coloured mrs. James West gave two read photographs several of his wife sings one a thanksgiving poem by annual stones. Later the graduate Robert Louis Stevenson and the my class will have a similar pro other a Christmas poem. Or. E. Gram with some other Well known e. Westerhouse report on safety California author speaking. Rules stated that school children mrs. Oscar Willumsen urged Parade not to leave Home too Early ends to interest their Childr n in when meeting the bus. And older j making their own Christmas dec children Are told to protect younger rations instead of buying them ones while waiting for the bus Tours. Milton Lubetkin announced Ai i Ive. Drivers Are not to expose that a recreational director is statin children to heavy traffic when honed at the new Park and that unloading busses. Or. West House children May find Many hours of announced. Amusement there. M s. Cai Randolph displayed plans were discussed for the an several books suitable for Christmas Nual Christmas program to be held silts and announced that the two in the first Avenue auditorium on fifth grades Are to be entertained j december 16 with students of first soon at a program featuring or. And Avenue and Holly attending. Now is if time to have that permanent for the holidays. La our experts give you a Mach Ink less. West Arcadia Beauty shop phone 494 Adeline v. Gagnon 1204 Baldwin a a Xiv a in we list Vav. 8ssilt a a wha mss in Pierre a announce the opening of their hew dining room in the evenings of tsnw$t2ay> Friday and saturday december 9, to and la at 2295 Huntington drive san Marino grand opening dinner will be served by reservation Only Call Terrace 0712 it a. In. To 2 p. In. Dinner from 7 to 9 n. In. Two dollars per person a Homo t a their friends second Avenue or Wortendyke Aud 26 ale a mob Hon Are their a that or fir Grade the min Arcadia have Duarte High school. Or Woi of Tho new Junior i s 1st in. The fir Eimi \ Ual Chr Mas work charitable project t organized ins Lye a it Beld two meetings. To ii rot directs the or a arranged a Delight or tomorrow night May be obtained a1 Fri store on North $ 1.00 i r the Erie Dyke also attending Pasadena Jim Lor College and Sawyer Busine col i leg i Childr Pathol Angel Ber of she is employed in the 5 Ald department welfare Bureau or Wortendyke if he staff at Best garage and service Slit til Hunt go on drive visit mar i i or i i Liber attend meeting of county Council of the of this c spec Hon he v f w Aux i make a tour of i lot r n i in in Tun May a Helen b jut a Monroe Afransi w. B to in Ria trans met i Rig m Broo urged Glen Auxin Mary Kine meeting of Council to patriotic ii i in Carver president i Dyer american lev no 247, and mrs. It Tan. Attended a i Angels count i Friday evening at i. To Angel s. 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