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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 6, 1937, Arcadia, California Holh or it or Fanfa Daut trip.? inf Man Riv december 117 j c j i an i Kef of Nepf it Tribune pay in publisher daily except saturday sunday and h a Al 104 n. First Avenue arc. Lia California Arcadia publishing comp.? y a a. A Fuld noon president and pub Sher entered As St cond i matter March 14. To. St the Post office at a it Idee California under tit Ait of March 3, 1871. Of tread a it Ham i read Iii Busine i Alii it i Wasp jux rear scented nation Ai l v Eon Francisco i of air los by copies of tile daily Tribune. At and surrounding Mari e nun files. Subscription fir sing month Pap strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the Ami or enclosing a stamped envelop for reply. U. S. Pat. Off. 2 i blk or of on mens n publisher m. Ria i ton soc by i in Ike Haiti to Chicago new yet i Lull information a obtained trom any it conv. A inc Der a it c ill i. Irk Boston a Arcadia per phone 2131 lot Allic p. Usu advertising i up is on i it Why did Yod do it Why did you do it ? this is a question with a deep pm my sign Ilsc unit i in attic word a a Why seems to stand out Din i acc in in in. A question is asked without any in Mem its let Snow Why. This question is often Ltd i Bic t a show up where under the Glare Quot i Jib it a Quot no Nan or woman a i Ion or girl stands on an Elo ated Plu Tfirn facing an unseen audience of officers victims n 1 other directly or indirectly interested in Poluck w cd. H we Aill private offices of a homicide detail a by eau of in i nit on or some other Branch of police organization Nice Quot a criminal or a suspect and ask them i in ? no lit the question is put Forth and eight my Day Tec it a. T ionic Hack yes a thousand answers Are in ii balk h my bilk they Are the truthful ones. Sometime id a \ be i sickness degeneracy a failure to find w Ltd a and social reaching husbands and wives the desire some certain relative or neighbor to e debacle of drop in the Stock Market or maybe some ancestor gotten has contributed a a taint a to us making it a psychiatrist or some one skilled Aion r those i no will o a a a a a Ait Vii no of i disco vhf att Fem huts cow amp i p&77xpioivij of blown Clear Mross the Atlantic Ami Colima off put Fricht / int the Mouth of the am Aroh he cd Laed the Mew if Tnp of frat f orpcrtu6fll-/i /5oo fax Unwe. Penuel a s us amp statute a himself in it Footfall of. Up it Crick hideout Pic we a Apo tits in Rny nce y As. Saak Barbara a my ? to \ \ housewives Hail new ordinance continued from Page ii Bing no thrown in the Yard u Hern you cd on i see them and when you to Dud them they Are utterly use i in in favor with my real a i the citizen that they prohibit or distribution of handbills a met fort mft6ic/ 5 fat chars Eist Hud to fat tar Perfecta in pm faced pit the a Timur a Gist to hut in u h ii mrs w. O. Lewi handbills and free papers Are a to every Householder. I n Happy that they Are Elir Prmt Hie i of Angeles turf club is by Cong at plated that they have stand against racing dope or to lev Only lower Harac cession and arc demoralizing Ca Arad ans who have come with statements on the nows arc Muller Well known Sunbow handling he Baldom i. Ii lot i s la pm a i t poverty i bilious to outdo 1929, the i Long for i Etc for a i As a blood come a Ohio Suffragette of fun u times for reside Rcv i of the United arms a / once while Ros Ipina Iii Ett Loho. % equal rights party Fin to Ami wept com tv5 tic"tcftwbte.4lr6 y4#6 it it Etc fir ii vol atm to it. Mcm Faihst Tec to the office to a it a but sometimes there arc no answers mute dazed it Jill a a my lips and frightened beaten lost expressions thee fail to respond. Has life licked them do they really Kin % b by or do they fear to commit themselves and run i e r nut of searching questions a trap. Of admission i a May Cove. Lies and in the end a Victory lot the Law. Off re is with in. I Here Titov a thin lung sit with ? into a Machin investigators and juvenile minded looks direct this question at a j ii vein puzzled parents father and mothers who Are shoe realization that their children Are in the me ii of 1 Naery on their Way to destiny court. Ies another bab0 i weeping in an american Law court. His face is serious l tightened. Childish eyes gaze be intently at a kindly judge who meditates and plans. What shall he do can his Legal Eves i intuitive Powers look beyond the child who sits tin re in the wine chair an some veil be tin in Back int it the years gone by and understanding eyes witness a Panorama a background of childish life a Lack of religion and parental discipline in the Home in this judge see the great t Phenomena of i1 pre ent age a the disintegration of the Home a the lonely neglected fireside the response to tin scintillating allurements of a out Side life no that is impossible. So Dev a Ber Day he must make the same moment to decision to the endless Croce soon of boys and girls who Mach to a destiny Vii Toki v for Fri Sidi \ i a yes Victoria we be select eel for our chosen in re with Fred Douglass on the tit we will Raj ,0 Tho d a i a strange As it in ar.-, these Wen in Lur to lie line of a Cor nine to tile Rye formed tin Battle cry my equal rights parly in 1872 a he fir t aft mph to i v As president cd the i Jim d lit Victoria a min in it to Linin born Al Lomci Oil so i ii v. I ii j i a a i i i a country of Lou big Hie Carcer o charlatan Sci ing Pate if toed of a a i. Way to new Yort Mutual interest in spiritual the older Corii Eliu Vanderbilt obtained enc Ach Inolia Nee to it p n Stock brokerage office making Success of the venture. It h a i i oui of the w lid r of Gin Ann Biama. Swim idea to Avi of Guinea no in fat eastward to n i i by i i sailing to Taal Nunda ova it a ered but two the explorer. Wide off build the calms me found a t that ii Carlile Mouth of of ainu d the in or of a r no of fib tvs r fire department report Civen Council november fire report of the fire department t id at the City Hall following pre Ion last week to the Counci a Arm Calls the rep it i of i a chief John s. Eshelman a id Equa d i he Seq item it i la Ai d m Terai la toll it it her lot Ward Ord Nan a. N divider Stocker acres a the adoption of the anti Handbill ordinance is one i til to. Progressive Steps thai a i by the City of a i i a Cha anyone who is in the Busi a Ness of Brin Quot my people to Arcadia it Purchase property and to Seth re i i. Ii i p appreciate it a pass n. Longer w ii biome of Ila it by by the littering con \ Iii ions which exist with handbills a to bit four winds Lim. Nightly gutters sidewalks lawns i and Flower gardens will be a thing 1 Obio past. Not Only do the handbills and other Fly by night sheets in. Up Fine s property. Bot ii 1 lie men and boys delivering them have in the a t irs roved new Lawn and a a nerd d urn budding Flowers and other beautification projects in i i. Kirn he delivery. A Mentor com it of this ordinance Means a great Deal to a growing my inanity like Arcadia ifs a move in the right direction. In a for it Quot i h Schwarzkopf Veteran in Tate dealer in Arcadia while the new ordinance May i com in advertisers it will mean not Ater looking lawns if it is lived i up to. Enterprising advertisers will readily find Ane Means of getting Over their objectives without littering or gutters and lawns with Mer major s v shermerhorn prominent insurance broker Quot handbills circulars and dodgers belong in the ame class As pedlar and pan Aidler a Are used to exploit our local Citi is and merchants this ordinance is a step in the brim Eleanor Roosevelt lit. Lov flt of i i nil f ii lilt t in i i i wok room Nill Hyde Park. Sunday i and the most Beautiful drive along the River Road yesterday and enjoyed every minute of it. Certainly these two Days have been the most perfect Early Winter weather. A Little Nam a Moo i had Tea with my Mother in Law at by big House and she and i sat before the fire and caught up on All the family news. She is planning to come to Washington for a Long stay Over the Christmas auction and i Hope mrs j. R Roosevelt will con Whir her. Since we can have Only two of our grandchildren Sara and Kate who live in Washington with in i his year we must try to draw in As Many of the older members of tilt family and friends As we can the presidents Mother asked to again a is i Here any Chance that Anna and John and their children and right direction Tor the Protection of All arcadians a John Vanderbur Well known Barber Quot anything that will help to keep my Lawn clean and give the local Busine s men a break i am in favor of a Everett Walt of Barbecue stand a i done to think handbills should by thrown around. Anything t hat hurts local i rude and local merchants should be w i. Smith. Loc 11 few Elor a i think it is a Good thing that this ordinance has been passed i Don t think there is any value to this kind of advertising anyway and ii Only litters up our streets and Jack Baldwin manager of the Texaco co., service station a pm i tonally i Ain very much in favor it it this Handbill ordinance it is in a a continual nuisance. Enforcement of it is the main or Emily Mann timmerhoff Premium Quot club woman Quot door way., an it i \ a rare jul i chit 11 red wit i handbills. I h cd this is Eliot i Aid Blind Ruth with ii ? mph it it children Seattle and away and a Cia Ellen i i i a Worth Are tar Cain mgt to Spect i hem could see Bud she i inc pp7j"t p a a ,f1 a r a a a 7? a i a to n 4 a my ii i sir it urn i hated to admit the family could not he a he Ort no matter where they were. In should be acc us i Komi d to by Hev eve for in her i Bai k round re were years and i Yea which her l Ither silent in China with and without his family. Her l Imit a a big family some Cie it ii Hudren till Mem by r col a reel h. So i e they did not conc in tin in cab it going to i older Neinl o s of their family or Eatheline the grandchildren As i they grew up i Ady Case being j new England a thanksgiving was More the Bim i a family gathering i was very by v this morning Organ oui cd Quot it in i party up Here. As i can Only aet Back Here on Tine Iun Quot of Tho Lik ii when by in a to Ohi a Ion w i already have begun i live and the Hustle and the Bustle and mysterious wrapping lip of package.1 which is he i clo ii i wry Chri and i Ain enjoying myself very much. I a Amu o i by i do Tor ton ors advice to parents in today a paper. He is the principal of a new York City High cobol and lie advises mothers who want to make their sons top smoking to Slop smoking them Cive Back of that lies a very Good principle teach by sex ij111bo an 1 o u bv1 Precept and Don t exp it other to do what you done to do Yoni Ell he to so silk a a 1. I Hilt t he Hail by ii was a n Al Iii Ai Ide in t lie past and might be Well mod in the present though he acknowledge it he does no to believe in beating children i bunk that ii his first Precept is carried oui by All mothers and fathers there will to very Little use for i he ban Brig ii As a method of i it we i rown ups were a i a i v Well i Ink and do Dien our Hull run a Auld be More Al to submit to tier authority. Since we Mu-1 learn to discipline our Che oui Ian 11 Al. Ii it cd uis to hic i1 i a of to Bein Wing. E r. By Rudolph bibles t stunned Hurt firm cd of what accused these boys Ana fins Nie con d of then own badness Are they lha product a a i environment of heredity a a yes the an in lace a Hack the product of both but environment in room it and so an indisputable indictment d to on Back into the i co of parents. The facts cannot be c tried these Hoy my in i Are to a Large de ree c a denied of our own ignorance and negligence. We. In on put mail a or bihnt.-, j towards their Timi it Dom a a n 1 f a la i a certainly we who mud by r a a with Hor sister. To i i flin. Rep published a news which she proclaimed la r at of the principle of cons tit j a Quality for women. B a k. A a ii list and i in u t it she v. I in n Over to Obla ii. Ing before Congo is co a vol for worm ii Urich r t fifteenth amendment r t the c lion in 1872 he equal if Quot i h. Of this Ama ing i it its candidate for presidency Fred Douglass a negro refer pre up by. Ice pee ident s i Lolly included f cd Ives Jur platform Pron ii St vie Tor Ift Woodhull we d to this by or int rep candidate but ran again in of though residing in England ii in attempt at the offi e. A Cia Lier ii wind in do it you remember int Cut r n crab who said to her min a Why d you n ilk s in Ici Nill in a jul s v in in Oine a you ought to walk the to do plied a show me How dear had it ample. Tho Rod or a i it Tri d foolish slur hurl b in i it i Story it Ltd the child and a sheriff Eugene Dix Bureau working Aloe a it As apprehension. \ Buai have their cases in Ted it in fathers of children to a it and women with a proc unbiased attitude. Or. It it the slogan a arrest the Tau a. J this Bureau save the i Emy but is a medium of a1 Ayr i into the minds of youth the i and the of her a a. I. Potential Friend instead it it a. A to or idea a Ini i i m Niichi my son i crab re i our sex i discos Pai c die r say it air Kah to a 17 11 Chr j wello it la have. To do. What s 7 happened toe you never muffed Eike this before i i Ann i n --ar9 la Don t know How i to a hem say it but Well x lunched with my West coast Mian to Day Quot or yes dad what Abou r Are you so hesitant fill As i. Affix he s very Friendly with the movie crowd a ahem a he us says to at Story about the us a girl toy allure a of 9 that silly piffle that s in the columns and fan magazines. Daddy i Don t pay any attention. Lann he s my most x trusted old Friend it he says everyone a knows and she a a flaunts it a dad a i you re being f a silly Goose. X know you above All dont believe it a do you p j a by Mam fishes 31 j dear child. I m sick about it you know what toe has Pone Tor mex Xidon t know what to say. Susan cd Man d i that Nill v a ont. I e Era n Mem i inc in a Nill. Dill d i cold noon a Many years of Ndoca a any the flu youth his co operation with o Nodi Alin Quot Ai Dean Type of journal in. We ache we brr u la his efforts. A newspaper which Weka Foj Eleanr Lions is glad to incorporate into ii column to or stand for the betterment of its Ead it i it and Etc Henvir fighting for the better and the a More abundant of ways an asset to any c Community and Thi of lice. Takes much Pride in paying or. Noon this Well Ribote. Signed Esmonde l. Greene j of ohm county sheriff s office. T Loch non cats is a therefore desert n k

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