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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 5, 1938, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune monday december 5, 193d re a a a a a a. A a. A. I. We Vav v Chat Ter do i. Momento All of us have been unwilling victims of some Faux Pas that brought a serious or comedy Climax. Here Are some Choice ones embarrassing moments lives of most of us frail human beings. We Bilush with Chagrin in retrospect As we think Back 01 those awful moments when we spilled hot soup Dew n the neck of the guest of Honor referred to t Nebo s As a big windjammer just As he walked into the office or passed before tile Mirror in Peacock postures Only to have the boy Friend appear suddenly and laugh at the idiotic facial grimaces even famous etiquette arbiter once tipped Over her Raspberry dessert at a gourmet diam r and promptly had heralded to the world the fact that she had a spilled lire so Vee went out corralling our cronies and asking them what darn fool things then had Cone in their lives to bring the Rod to their ears Aud the Pink to then Herm the Flint person approached was a newspaper correspondent. She said she hated to recall her most embarrassing moment because it still had the Power to make Lier wince and want to go put herself in front of the mechanical self kicking machine she had recently heard about. A i was covering a tory in Chicago a a she said. A the affair was of great Public interest and a big audience of celebrities attended the hearing. I sat at hic press table with a number of my colleagues. A woman with a scare Crow get up had held my interest and a finally scrawled out this question on a piece of palier and shoved it Over to the newspaper Man who sat next to me a a a who is the Dame with tile super face Eis arc dangerous if you Don t remove them when lighting a cigarette one woman Learned in the lobby of a a Quot Ank new Ark hotel an actors wife having spent an afternoon with a Friend who Quot As a Patron of a nudist Colony returned Home and Quot As trying the Experiment herself Quot Hen in walked her husband dreadnought Chassis and the Faro that stops a thousand clocks the one in the second Row with the Black velvet band around her neck and the purple hat that looks like a purple cow or a chocolate cake upside Down a a your colleague glanced up scanned the second Row then scribbled this reply a my a i thought be was jesting just to tease me but As i again glanced at the owner of the a pm pie cow hat she smiled and blew a kiss at my Comrade a a what did you do then a our poor Friend Shook her head. A there was t anything to do but to ask the husband of the woman with the a clock stopping face for a cigarette. I have blamed him if he had set me afire instead of giving me a the next victim was an advertising Man. A what was the most embarrassing moment you Ever experienced Quot we asked him. He groaned. A Don to lie said a remind me of it. It happened Only yesterday. Now i guess it s Reno for he finally told this Little talc a yesterday i Telephone my apartments. A Hows the girl a i queried gayly. A i Hope old Hatchet face has at last packed up her bags and gone Home. Can i look Forward to a cheery reunion with my baby tonight a a stalactites formed on the Telephone while i waited for a reply. There was none. But i heard the phone Click sharply. Disconnected i Trieu frantically to get my apartment again but there was no response. Iii about an hour my tearful Little wife telephoned and asked a whatever did you say to aunt Jessie she left for St. Paul in a rage and All i could get out of her was that you had insulted her. She said As she flounced out that she intended to change her will and not Lea a us a a a it a a wretched state of affairs because Helen has been catering to the old Vixen for three weeks hoping that shed do Well by us when she checked out. But i had to gum up everything. I would have sworn it was Helen a voice on the a neighbor in our apartment agreed related this conversational debacle a i w ent to a baby Beauty show at a was a mouse running round end round the molding right under the Selling. I had visions of the soft moist Creepy thing dropping Down on me. I leaped from bed and rushed out into to Hall. A much too terrified to stay in the chamber of horrors Long enough to get s dressing gown practically hysterical from fear i rushed to the elevator and rang the Bell. While i stood there in nothing but a Flimsy night Robe minus even bedroom slippers my hair dishevelled the dignified judge who had been sitting that very Day in a court where i was defending a client got out of the elevator. A i done to know whether he thought i had suddenly gone mad. Perhaps from Strain brought on by the difficult Case i was handling or was berserk from drink. At any rate he stood staring at me aghast until i gasped out to the elevator boy a a mouse there s a mouse in my then lie chuckled Turtle on his Heel and vanished Down the Hail. A tile elevator boy entered my room and seized who a Broom swished and smacked at Hie mouse until he had killed it. But my sleep was destroyed for the night. No. I did no to lose the Case. But i did lose that judge s respect i think for every time he looked of me the next Day in court he put his handkerchief to his face and exploded with laughter. A flue Portia i made Rushing Pell Niell into a Public hotel corridor in my Nightie rather than face a tiny Little mouse a a Friend described the following embarrassing moment though it was not one of her own a i was sitting in the Peacock Alley of a Swank hotel with a member of my sorority waiting for Edith a Fiance to come and take us to lunch when she suddenly struck a match and lighted a cigarette which she had put Iii Lier Mouth. Tile next minute i saw Lier practically go up m flames that is. Leaping flames spread upward from the Region of Lier Mouth. A she was wearing one of the new hats with piquant veil just reaching to Lier upper lip so popular at the time and she had forgotten about the dangling mesh. It caught fire. And she was about to vanish in smoke when a Bellboy rushed Forward seized her blazon hat and Flung it across the lobby. A a you Little fool a stormed Edith. A now you be ruined my newly blocked hat a better that than to ruin your new Blockhead a chimed in the head Bellboy and just at that moment my friends Fiance appeared at Lier Elbow a How could either of us explain that Edith was so absent minded that Clio smoked cigarettes through a veil besides the beloved had heard the nimble Vit cd hotel employee refer to Lier a Blockhead and just when she had convinced Bob that she was a smart a fellow Bridge club member recalled her most embarrassing moment but she did so with peals of laughter and much to Lier husbands annoyance. A it happened in a Hospital bed a she said Between chuckles. A your son Roy was about 5 Days old. And my husband who had been in Europe on business when he was born had just arrived in this country. He had t vet seen his Little son. I knew that he was in town for he had telephoned the Hospital that he would pay a visit in about an hour. While the nurse was getting our baby ail spic and Span for lathers inspection another nurse appeared in the doorway with a Darling Little pick Ninny born to a coloured woman in one of Hie wards. I begged to see it. And she let me hold it. A while i was holding it. My husband carrying a Bunch of roses walked in. I wish you could have seen his expression Flowers dropped to the floor and i think lie was about to swoon when my nurse arrived with Little Roy a copyright by Filu r Sun Catl Yon Guy cd wrong just lit the husband did. It Wasny this new baby at All just one from a neighbouring Ward brought in for this Young mothers inspection and of course at the wrong time summer resort a few years ago. The contestants were paraded across a stage in and out of per ambulatory by nurses and proud mamas. I spied the oddest look my Little 2-year-old imaginable he Baa big cauliflower ears a head too Large for him eyes that looked in two directions and he was screeching at the top of his lungs. A a a that Little cockeyed twirl belongs in the comic Section of this Parade i said laughing at the antics of the homely Little creature. A a a you jealous cat a shrieked the woman. A that a my Little Adolph Aud you knew it. Your own brat probably was too ugly to enter the show and you re just trying to Stab another Mother to rough a then she made a lunge at me clawed my hair scratched my face and showered me with imprecations while All Tho other women laughed in approval. I finally made my escape but not until after i had been thoroughly mauled and Given a bloody nose. But Tell me what ironic Fate placed me beside that particular woman when there were about 1000 women in the gathering a an sex actress laughed with dismay As she recalled her big a embarrassing a my Hie has been studded with she confessed a but this one i am going to Tell you about covered me with dismay and i needed covering. I had spent an afternoon with a woman who belonged to a Nikii St Colony and she had tried to persuade me that the pure in mind Felt no confusion the first Day they entered a nudist Camp in the regulation nudist costume which is no costume at All. A that night when i returned and disrobed my imagination was Aff. How thought i although i had no tent Ion of joining a nudist group could i a member of a traditionally puritanical family even picture myself v talking into a group of people All attired in Only their birthday suits my husband playing in a Broadway show had not returned Home and so i was alone with my fantasy i pretended to myself that i was cast As a new member of a nudist Colony and was just making my debut. A realistically i posed before my full length dressing my or and coyly extended my hand As though i had just been introduced to a fellow nudist a How do you do or Adam a i said taking on a september morn pose. Ond As 1 stood there gazing a bit abashed at my image and bowing sweetly to the imaginary or. Adam. I heard a Roar of laughter. A a great Scott what a the new role a twisted my husband Between convulsions of mirth. A Are you going to do a lady Godiva without a horse or be without a Paradise a a and for dais after that he would mince toward a Mirror assume a shy girl pose and mimic a How do you do or. i finally paid blood Money by bed him to Stop the ribbing for he had a Way of whispering lady Godiva to me while we were with friends so that i would know what was coming. I bought him a new motion picture camera and he Hasni to referred to the ridiculous scene a Young woman mend who. Although a lawyer and doing her Job in a most efficient Way. Has a feminine horror of mice lives in an apartment hotel and one Dav she Loid of an embarrassing moment she had brought upon herself the night before. A i was awakened by a strange scurrying noise above my she said. A i could t imagine what it could be. So i switched on the Light and there horrors in her Negligee this Young Portia rushed to the elevator for help when she discovered a mouse in her room and there confronted the judge before whom she Quot As to argue a Case just As he was leaving the elevator. Both were More than embarrassed

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