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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 4, 1947, Arcadia, California Phone Atwater 7-2131 with news of your family friends neighbourhood Section two # let our classified ads be your efficient salesmen com in Dud see for yourself the Beauty and convenience features of this. Ifs completely new with sensational we futures. Years ahead in design Deli g ii t your favorite kiddies with the most adorable slippers this Side of the North pole. All styles to please All Ages. Select Slipper gifts Here now. Priced from x Ray Fitte Chas. E. Hathaway proprietor 2174 Las Tunas drive Temple City Christmas Holiday season brings increased Winter fire hazards Arcadia a a offers helping for Well Over a decade death and property loss during gift the Christmas month have topped the tragic toll for any one month of the year the Arcadia safety Council said today in a warning against increased Winter fire hazards. Last december Over one thousand lives were lost and $50,000,000 in property went up in smoke. Approximately four fifths of the a wintertime fires Are in Homes and utmost All of them could be who a tie it 8� shopping to s Sifrar ettes on to thief like Decoi talons at directly attributed to carelessness.7 tempt Christmas lighting displays a it seems a Paradox that people with faulty fixtures and engage in attempting to make the Christmas a dozen other careless Village votes to underwrite scout program More students needed in Floral Art class Here season the gayest of the year should turn it into one of tragedy and regret by neglecting the simple precautionary measures of sane fire prevention a said Charles Easley Arcadia safety Engineer. Quot yet year after year they leave stoves burning Christmas tree fires Are among the big killers during the season Easley said adding that Trees should be set so their bases Are in containers of water to keep them fresh and reduce their i flammability. Non inflammable d orations nearly 50.060 Ane sober useful citizens who a re formerly inf Erable hopeless alcoholics today con a tit Ute the Mem in ship of tie info r in a i organization alcoholics Anonymous the seeming Miracle of How these Happy persons recovered their reason were restored to their families and regained their ight Lul placet in society is in reality simplicity itself when All Lac had failed to save them from madness or the Swift sickening descent into a drunkard s grave they found sure and lasting sobriety in a a through that rarest and most comforting of All human relationship and a standing. The Arcadia a a group meets each tuesday evening at 8 3.1 p. Rn., in in woman a clubhouse. The chronic alcoholic is Seldom understood by his non alcoholic associates. Angrily they exhort him to be of up and be a Man to use a Little will Power and to moderate his drinking like other men. How Tutere even cruel few realize that i the alcoholic is sick in mind and body. That he has a physical allergy to alcohol coupled with a mental obsession of some sort which renders him powerless Over alcohol. None but another alcoholic who has himself burned in the drunkards Farmers no insurance croup ass grou a nitty to Htom Ohk i i or Muk it my a a a a i rut unmet i to Doit Hlf drive under ident Harry treasurer. Membership increase of i of Fer cent aim of Arcadia 20-30 club drive e Eilf Lri a note this is the fourth in a series arcadians service clubs and civic organizations. Ideals to be realized i accept the following principles As necessary in their attainment own private hell knows Why he will steal and lie and cheat to get another drink Only a fellow alcoholic can appreciate Why his sense of relative values becomes scrambled i he Arcadia 20-30 Lub Inis been one of the most Active to a Point where he will sacrifice 20-30 clubs in Southern California since it obtained its Char All he really holds dear wife Chil Ter june 7. Dien Home Job friends and Hon soon after being chartered the club held a Charity fund or for a bottle of whisky which he event to obtain Money to sponsor worthy projects for the Community. The event was held july 26 before 500 people at the first Avenue Ball Field High a lighted by a 10-6 Slaughter of the 0-30�?T.> softball team by the Mon Ovia red gals and the award of. Refrigerator toaster and portable Adit to fans the most recent project of the 20-30 club was a halloween caravel in conjunction with the City eel cation commission at the first Avenue school. This was a nonprofit project and Over $60 Worth of prizes were Given to the children hat attended. The 2j-30 club is also taking an Active part in the Arcadia Community coordinating Council and is cooperating with the chamber of Commerce and other service clubs in the City in obtaining the erection of a Standard on which will be Hung rhe emblems of the various organizations in town. The 20-30 club is also trying to obtain the sponsorship of boy scout troop 5. The Arcadia club is a member so if you have an alcoholic prob of an International organization Lem and honestly wish to quit drink which has almost 10,000 members in ing on a total and All time basis almost 250 cubs. Members of the a a group in your i be motto cd 20-30 is Quot youth to a area will gladly show you How the be served must serve Quot which Sug ski i cos i la of Are maintaining their own sobriety the constructive service for a a Inch Tim organization stands. To q do Tiv ill St actually loathes. Beyond a pertain Point the practising alcoholic is a slave chained hand and foot to alcohol. He can no More will himself free Iron alcoholism than one can will. In self cured of cancer lie is utterly it helpless in the relentless clutches of alcohol and needs and must Haw help to Loose himself. Alcolu lie anon Incus has that help to give sympathetic understanding personal Council group Fellowship and a simple program of recovery which i faithfully followed Seldom fails. Alcoholics Anonymous groups Are meeting weekly in most every Cornin nity and neighbourhood in and around los Angeles. It costs nothing to associate oneself with a a. There Are no dues initiation fees or monies of any kind to be paid. There is no ceremony to go through pledges to take or mighty oaths to swear. A a is not a religious organization and employs no emotionalism or missionary tactics. There Are absolutely no a musts Quot in a a increase seen and the rest is up to you. If you Are in need of immediate help or know of someone who is please phone Drexel 8189 and someone will be right out to lend a help ing hand also plume the above meetings with his employer derided increase of 5.8 per cent from tire phone number for time and place of a at the 3? a Quot in of he 170.787.455 total valuation of sex mini re r Ann Mari ten q in or pm Minn Lvov iq4_ar7 ii meeting of the a a group in your neighbourhood. Unity desired and merited a More eruptions for 1946-47, California Active participation in civic affairs. Taxpayers association said today. A 20-30 club is a local group of these figures include tax exempt representative Young business men valuations of veterans Church Wel Between the Ages of 20-36, selected j fare and College property. In accordance with the membership for 1943-44, exemptions in the standards of the organization who county had a total Val action of through weekly meetings enjoy a $114,291,150 for 1914 15, exemptions intimate Fellowship and give Lead tailed $83 655.795. For 1945-46 they priced la it is the Rosf Cem Phinesy pm Range yay Tom today and it will modern for to come. It s big a s beset of rift ,. Me Rorye you of be proud to own. From $179.00 up prompt delivery. Wookey s 5 South first Avenue Atwater 7-1122 Arcadia a it Quot ers nip Lor the betterment of their communities and Many forms of i worthwhile service. The Arcadia club was chartered with 20 members but at a Board of j directors meeting a few weeks ago it was realized that the scope of the activities of tile club can by enlarged greatly by increasing the membership. As a result the club i is now engaging in a membership drive endeavouring to interest men a rom and Hiles cd worx in r a get May have a truly representative group in our Community. The Mal of tile membership drive is an increase in membership of too per cent and to obtain ii Active results the club has teen divided into two competitive teams the losers tooting the Bill for a club new years eve party. Any Oung businessman in Arcadia woo desires More information about the 20-30 club can phone Preston Harrell membership chairman and he will be More than glad to Send a representative of the club to answer any questions you May have at. 7-2610. The 20-30 club meets every wednesday night at the pay of Cine at 7.15 p. In. Present of livers of the 20-30 club Are Robert Mott president Howard Wheeler and Preston Harrell vice presidents Tom Coombs Secretary Ward Robertson treasurer and Russell Brown sergeant at arms. The Board of directors consists of Bob Brown. Denny Coombs Arnold m turf Eft and Jack Myers. Elections for new of ricers Are slated for the first meeting in december and nominees for the next club president arc Jack Myers and Preston Harrell. The 20-30 code a with the productive years of my life before me with ambitions and amounted to $104,049,400. Tifi in we n you Wear the new improved today a Corce in cd see the now amp it helps you stand right hell s year xxx s , helps reduce fatigue. Wes h Mem iss m see us before you buy safety Leader warns of work loss from colds Cost jump seen Cost of operating farms Angeles county has increased from eight to 25 tier cent each year since 1929, c. V. Castle los Angeles county farm advisor reports. He further adds that mole rises in costs can be expected next year. Call l. E. Beauchamp agent lies. 44 2 no Rosemead blvd. Ati. 1-4977 at. 7-1880 office so w. Duarte Road Quot to show proper appreciation for my Community and to do everything in my Power for its growth and development a to recognize that Friendship is reciprocal and that Friend cooperation is the foundation of society a to offer sincere service to the 20-30 club and to fulfil to the Best of my ability any task that tile organization May assign me. Quot to recognize the intrinsic Worth of the objects of 20-30 Winch Are the development by Precept and example of a More intelligent aggressive and serviceable citizenship and the providing of a practical Means of forming enduring friendships of rendering altruistic service and of building better communities. Winter months again bring the reminder that the a common cold is actually a serious disease that is responsible for the loss of More time on the Job and More hours Iii the classroom than any other single cause adults and children Are warned by Ernie Boucher president of the Arcadia safety Council. Competent medical authorities say the danger of colds May be greatly i reduced by avoiding excessive room temperatures and having adequate ventilation in wintertime Boucher stated. Drafts should be avoided however. Steer Clear of persons already infected and protect others by covering your snit lies coughs and sneezes with a handkerchief. Plenty of sleep is one of the Best defences against colds he said. If Coli catch one anyway fight it by resting indoors keeping warm and drinking plenty of liquids. If the condition is serious set your physician at once. Stabile amp Jensen contractors amp builders no delay Start work immediately 3502 double drive Budlong 8-1080 Al Monte Calif. Read sen Heads y delegation personalized playing cards the first 20-30 club was formed in 1923 when Paul Claiborne a Asse sed value of property exempt i Young businessman in Sacramento from taxation in los Angeles coun after attending several rotary to for 1947-48 totals $180,770,915, an i Arcadia. Alhambra san Gabriel my Monterey p re were represented at tile second Pacific Southwest area . His Triy Congress sunday at Asi Lomar. In charge of the Deli Gates were Thelma v. Sprague 141 Eldorado girls work Secretary and Willard Eaton. Representing Santa Anita District were Kathie Hopen and Annie Liu of Arcadia Earl Crapo and George Blake of West Arcadia s Aliya Hedeen of Monrovia and George Meier of Al Monte. Order now for Christmas giving. Also twin midget packs for prizes. The shop in the Garden 1107 South Baldwin Avenue a West Arcadia closed mondays Hortense d. Seymour Atwater 7-1185 Claus Headquarters gifts for an the family Mother daughter son father wife women s gifts a Nylon hosiery a pottery a panties a slips a Bath soap a cosmetics a dusting powder men s gifts a flashlights a suspenders a ties socks a tools a Sha ing sets a handkerchiefs for kiddies a doll s 5 Story books 0 paint books a Cut out books a steam shovels a dump trucks a Box games a card games teen age girls a stationery e cosmetics a Bubble Bath a perfume a fiction books a classic books a Fountain pens teen age boys a Lionel electric trains a Raja Mas a i ruler Wear a wind up trains a Large Bubber Brills a dozens of items 10c and l oct fiction books a classic books a ties a handkerchiefs a socks a Fountain pens a flashlights hol Scholi items Kitchen utensils Kitchen gadgets pottery lamp shades wastepaper baskets. Now Beady for your selection. Tree lights ornaments Christmas cards wrappings ties your family Storc

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