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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 3, 1937, Arcadia, California Pig it fou Arcadia Daut Tribune flit 1,1v. Deer Ember Vij w a War a it in isl in. I Boal no i ii i i Kcal not it. I stall Santa i by i Nim 11 a Nio of Kkt v air it a tit 1 Sjoo i s Ivy iwo ii int in it ii la ngg or Vii in the up a quart r of a. Iii Semont la arc Worth Ahi noted Radii proximate it id $.�?T,0,001 a ii. 5.�?T Oil t it arcane into �15,000. Punier e n. Be close to 14 opening Day end Steed at $2,000 t would hit Sonu and eight no to Brown a or sprint Coin will in in 1 3-year-old a Pante it \ first appear n Loran last w d the feature easy fashion the Brown in a 110 g Given chief vex int in i int la Nim s a in err a he u f b Inkie v t Terai it. S. Has a Vid i they i Indiana Elvo it id the Gas it men re an Effort t it a r i. Liable u a we see it car fusion in. Dodo pm 135 la of t i Ted the die i in. Per Tats Evet main the too i. Angeles Tim ii Quot a the Chen \ mein of Hie times editor. And met Eha Nirra depot /. A m a a in feasts. Do amp bowl or 12 to. I Fig Jar est Ria 1-f/, Bijj p or ii Quot it. A j ,1 i k if a a in j ll4 11 ii i if kit Kim Here 1 1029 Ccu Good and carefully priced for Quick sa.? j Tui pc of Tine Little it Price we Ai Only 1929 Fok seat and Many Hunt r. Rnic a1 to r 7 a i 5 image bar urn v Wjk it a a a a to pc Jacj 5 Goco reasons for buying a Good used car now i we i. Be to the popularity of Tho Low Chevrolet your Chevrolet dealer has an unusually it n e v i c cd it us it i cars. 2 he has substantially reduced Price in order to til them last and make room for More Trade ins. 3 by tracing your old ear now on a guaranteed of used car you May save costly repairs. 4 you v ill save further depreciation on your old car. C you will have a car that is guaranteed of for thousands of Miles of dependable transportation. Jur Xuoc Jov it i la. Fir i i i ear 209 e. Foothill ers or to tears i b by .1 Iii j o a or tis american league clubs seek to bolster lineups Milwaukee Quot wit. Div 3 up Macy of the new York Yan a it a not exactly threatened today hut activities among other i us indicated that every Effort is Mem made to Pine weak gaps i Mony the also rails and generally men tip the american league Noth i i or bibs notice in hereby Given he City Council it Tho City get Arcadia will receive sea led bids no to 8 o clock p. M december till. Bkg. For tilt of per Ion of Al Monte Adenine according to plus and specifications therefor on file in the office it get the Cit to. Re. A hid it to be accompanied by a1. U .1 ,. Pm. I. I r fed it r1. Bond in tile it ten go percent of tie of the bal not Lee is Beret Given that under p a. Am of Uia Pter 397 statutes of 1941 is a be tided the c. Council of Hie City of arca a a. Ascertained the Genera prevailing rate of i it or diem Hie a it tin work to be done ordinance no. Bus a ordinance of the City Council of i he City it. Arcadia re relating the distribution of advertising samples. Hand by i 5, dodgers circulars Book lits and g i her no i ice of advertisements upon the i reel 3 and property of the residents of the Chi y of Arcadia. Thi i i y Council of the Chy of Arcadia does ordain As rom Vvs Section i that it shall be unlawful for any person firm or corporation to distribute or came to to distributed to or Amoni Oudin Anc i no. 369 an ordinance of the City Council of the City of Arcadia prohibiting liquor wine or Beer where a Public dance is being had prohibiting the issuance of dance permit 3 amending ordinance no 276 by adding sections 6-a and 6-b i hereto i he City Council of i he try of Arcadia does ordain As follows Section i that ordinance no. 27o of the City of Arcadia entitled n nor Oaks an ordinance or the City courted of the City of Arcadia regulating Public dance Halls dance clubs and Tribune classified bring Quick results classified advertising i cent per word Hist insertion. One half cent pet in 01 ii on subsequent insertions. No and accepted for less than toe first insertion and he subsequent insertions. You May phone your and to Tribune office Arcadia 2131. Ads accepted Over Telephone minimum 50c. Complete line of yardage and remnants ready to Wear Rose bargain in i i r Pasadena bring tins and and save to. Real estate Dost Hart. Along or upon Ain pub Public dances within said City of i. A Ahey Park or an Hoer Arcadia be and the same is hereby Olla place in the City of Arcadia amended by adding thereto two new my advertising Sample Handbill Cli ens to be known and number Teri a r. Circular Bookie of other sections 6-a and 6-b and to read notice of commercial advertising. As follows s it in 2 that shall be in Section 6-a that no permit Ria la be i Quot used to conduct hold have t do a dance of any kind. Ated in the City of Arcadia nature or class in any room build ins Hail or place nor upon any platform or lot or place where Beer wine. Liquors or and form of Ako r hot plat a engine t >1 it Plant fireman Temh Raker rate per Dav $8 of 6 of lawful for any Parson firm or Cetin to distribute or cause to be distr any Handbill or any printed or writ ten commercial advertising matter i place song or in my the same to. A placed in any automobile or in Hollo beverages malt or liquors an in Yard a on any porch or in kept possessed stored sold or held Ain in id Box Iii said City not in for Sale. In or under the e Matrol of 1 Section 6-b that it shall be the person -0 distributing the same unlawful for any person firm or sect Ion 3 that it shall be in corporation conducting maintaining far any person firm or for or carrying on a Public dance Hail. Ati it distribute or cause to dancing club or any Public dance be distributed or to throw upon or in said City of Arcadia to permit a me to be thrown upon any Pri auction Stifler or allow any Booth. Box. Loge Alcove or enclosure to a closed curtained off or to permit any thing that will not permit a Santa be feed store reliable Pedro Glove Universal Ace i Sperry s Tayl rambler poultry feeds. Hay Grain Straw litter Bird seeds poultry supplies. Cor. Peck so Duarte rd., Monrovia. Pm. 2633. Since la 6 Roy i. M Onk Security dealer orders executed on All exchanges markets for All unlisted securities 311 s. Myrtle phone 63 real estate wanted la you have desirable improved or vacant real estate for Sale rent or Exchange we would be pleased to have you consult us. We advertise we work we sell. A. N. Multer 2636 Baldwin ave., Cor. Las Tunas phone Arcadia 2770 240-t 433 Highland place. Monroe three bedrooms Furnace beaut nil location. $5250 of. Write Oit Ftfe 5608 Deane ave los Angeles be at 315 Jasmine Monrovia. No agents. 265-22tp 1 a in in 5.00 5.00 a of it of 7.00 4 of 5 of 8 of 6.00 4 of 6.00 6.00 7, it or Ftp to m to in los aide is tonight compressor m Concrete fore Connet i Concrete m xer operator Mise. Ters t. It Man con traction Foreman working borers. Power machine operator other than specified r her operator is 0,>y opera or Gas or steam 8.0&Quot i shovel operator As Stant. 5 00 i in. I s 4.00 i Ractor operator 5.00 tractor shovel operator 5.00 thick Drivers not less than 2 ton. 500 drive he s than 2 tons 4.00 i next pers 4 00 a ii men 3.20 any classification omitted he Quot in not it than 4.00 h i, id Over in work. Straight time. Ii chem wages ii Ted above r a i i on the cum ornery 8 hour work in nay and when less time is corked a re v the amounts paid had a the pro rata of the bidder s attention i called to i., i i i mentioned statue which require them if awarded the c no act to pay not Les. Than s air it nera i per diem rate of wages Quot Hereinbefore mentioned to All 1v-b re workmen and mechanics employed in the execution of the proposed contract. The City Council reserves the right to reject any or All bids cd Quot a Quot to add mkt Mous to the cd v of Arcadia. A he cry c our re of the City of Arcadia november 23rd, w. Ii Nosb itt City clerk. Art Alia California 11-26 12-3yard Lawn driveway or sidewalk of any residence or upon any a ant Pivot try in said City at a. Dia any advertising Sample hand Clear View into said Booth nor b i i Dyer circular Booklet or any pc it cd or written commercial advertising matter. Section 4 that it shall be unlawful for any person firm or Cor oration to attach or cause to be ii j any Handbill dodger or at Cular. Booklet or any printed Alcove or enclosure from the dance floor located upon the same floor upon which such to Atli. Box loge Alcove or enclosure is i tested. Section 2 Tim City clerk is Quot ill certify to the adoption of this ordinance and Caw the same to o published once in the a reach Tri. Ten c Underdal advertising mat Birne a daily newspaper published t i to any Doorknob or Latch on any and circulated in the City of arca outside door of any dwelling House. Cha. And thirty 30> Days from the i Par Talent House hotel lodging final passage Hereof the same shrill a store room or any other take effect and be in Force building Iii the City of Arcadia not i hereby certify that the a or Coyn the posse.1 Sion of or under the mpg ordinance was adopted at a control of the person so attaching regularly adjourned meeting of the a pame or causing the same to to. City Council of the Cit Quot of Arcadia ahead held on the 30th Day of november. Section 5 that it shall be in 1937, by the affirmative vote of at miscellaneous services the contractor tile Baths Drain boards All kinds of tile work. Reasonable prices free estimate. Howard w. Miller. 619 South first Avenue Arcadia. Phone Arcadia 2336. 246-Tfc Daugherty s relishes it your nearest Market Basket consult Dewey Hoit Tor your painting and decorating problems All work guaranteed. 319 n. Encinitas Monrovia. Pm. 825 automobiles for Sale least three councilmen to with ayes councilmen Griff itts. Away. Hoffman and seam in noes councilmen Hudson and Mclean absent none x w la Nesbitt City clerk signed and approved this 30th lawful for any person firm or corporation to distribute cause or permit to be distributed give Sivc to any person hand to any person. Offer to give hand to or sell >0 any person to or among pedestrians occupants of automobiles or to place in any automobile or upon any automobile or any part thereof any other vehicle or any part Day of november. 1937. Proof aether parked standing j. R Griffitts hoi Vin a a or otherwise Clong or upon mayor any Public Street Parkway Alley attest court p Blic p 11 a. Play Tutu a Vav. Ii. Ness but other Public place or upon any Pri City Lei Silcott Brothers Hudson Terra plane hum Chile dealers. 714 s. Myrtle ave., Monrovia Calif. E. S. , res. Phone 3004. 248-22tc rent a new truck late Model Ford Dodge and Reo pickup a drive trucks for hire by the Day week or month Low rates dependable trucks 24-hour service c. E. Eppard 2030 e. Colorado Pasadena wa-8965 te-6234 258-Lmc. driveway private Yard private Awn. Private Road private walk or private sidewalk or upon any vacant i a or vacant property in the City of Arcadia any tip Sheet dope a beet dodger Handbill circular 1929 Fords 1923 Packard. Used j. A or ally other printed or tires tubes and accessories for All Armstrong the dirty Rug cleaner a the cleans rugs clean a phone Colo. 3092 2620 e. Foothill blvd., e. Pasadena Crown City window a House cleaners Complete housecleaning heavy duty machine floor waxing using non slip floor Wax. Bonded and fully in ailed. 46 e. Union Pasadena. Colo. 6076. Daugherty a Peanut butter at your nearest Market Basket c. F. Stalcup wrecking today violin shop 1930 Chow. Idso Nash special six Complete Stork of Bass. Reed and j string instrument. Bow repairing 14-3-37 37 Oldsmobile 6 touring Sedan perfect condition driven Only 5,-000 Miles. Finished in Delmar Gray and has Many extras. This is a real bargain at $985.00. Mcdonald so o Boyle Chevrolet so Oldsmobile dealers Monrovia. 265-4tc 37 Chevrolet deluxe town Sedan finished in Swan Grey and driven Only 6.000 Miles. Equipped with radio and Many other extras. This car Lias had excellent care and carries a new car guarantee. Price Only $795. Mcdonald amp of Boyle Chevrolet so Oldsmobile dealers Monrovia. 265-4tc automobile tires 2 tires Price of i a new 5 25-18. 2 for $4.90 5.50-17.2 for $5.90 advertise j. Pertaining too late to classify written. Any horse race. Choice of horse horse. I commencing and not is. Or horses or giving or conveying any information about any horse Hor Rac or contest of endurance of up eel Between horses or beasts or giving conveying or advertising any pm to Aper in firm or Corpora Ion or Telephone number where any matter thing or act prohibited by this ordinance May be obtained had or acquired. Section 6 the provision of this to cars. Gem City wrecking co. Perk re. And Duarte re. Monrovia pm. 2632 and accessories. Expert repairing. 981 e. Colo. Pasadena Tor. 3935 1926 Golden West. Arcadia. Pm. 768 Ord Bur k buyers attention Joseph halt of Azusa traded in her 1938 Buick or or of a in. The 1 it beaut 1-Rar a s in win a is. Built trunk radio clock Etc. A cd Iii Ebony Black 7 Ain Al $845. Easy terms have the finest Stock of pc cars a Monrovia Ata s i ices. It e us Bel ire n Ruan i. Met i Elmo Quot via in Iller 135 w. Foothill 268-lip Sec j is c the my i of Arzulia taxi Sci v it i 1 air i a an prop. Nine a shall not be deemed to a to any Lee a notices permitted quire by Law to be posted upon pc to any part of any do Ltd a or to cards advert w Juch dwelling House or building a it or hat the same or Tom Ion thereof is for rent. Tin 7 the provisions o ordinance shall not be deemed Jgr to any newspaper which is e of being entered As second a t a under the provisions it United states postal Laws Tegu iat ions. Hon 8 to St ordinance no �?T25 a of cd a finance no. 330 of t he City Council of tile City of a he and the same Are Heiby Section 9 that any Perron. Finn Corn Ira to j ii violating any of the provisions of this ordinance Shad be de my guilty of a Misdemeanour and upon conviction thereof Shad be punt Able by a Fine not ceding three Hundred dollars $300 00 or by imprisonment in the a a v Jab of the said City of Arcadia or in the county jail of the county of los a. Bes state of California. At the discretion of the committing mag Trade or a term not exceeding truce 3 months or by Beth us h Fine and imprisonment. Section to the City clerk shall certify to a he adoption of this Orel in of e and cause the same to by quilt pieces sold by the Pound remnants of drapery and upholstery silk Wool. Cotton yardage Pillers dry goods store 15 East Colorado Pasadena Gregory a draperies upholstering venetian blinds 63 n. Raymond ave. Co-2834 Pasadena 19o-30u�?T i rude in your old piano on a new Ria radio at Browne a phone 1071 Monrovia 522 s. Myrtle first on your list greeting cards they Are certain to be distinctive Alif in Good taste if from the Christmas collection of Sims stationery shop 521 so. My Quot a Monrovia used lumber 50,000 it. Sixlo and 1x12 ship Lap tarred $15 per 1000. While it lasts. Beaty a 2137 foothill blvd. Duarte 7. Help wanted flour finishing for Beautiful floors rent our new Ductless floor Sander easy to operate. New Johnson a electric polisher for rent $1.00 Day. Dalton hardware 24 n. 1st ave. 164-Tfc All makes of washing machines repaired All work guaranteed Arcadia hardware company phone 2434 204-Tfc a if cuts 35c children 25c except on saturdays. Leeds Barber shop 213 s. Myrtle. 267-3tc miscellaneous for Sale to acre manges 3 bed room heme. warm to at Ion. Want Arcadia or Vicinity Beaupr�. 935 Cine Covina cart. 268-Ltp Fine selection of table lamps $1.95 and up. Buy now and pay next year. Monrovia furniture 612 s. Myrtle. Pm. 41. 268-ti a House trailer mounted on id Tor Chevrolet Chassis with All de luxe features for Sale at h Inlet s handcraft shop. 304 e. Huntington drive. Arcadia. 268-8l 150-21,2 for $3 90 4.75-19, 2 for $4 40 Dandy tire co. A 1850 a Colorado 35 w. Union St. Pasadena a a. For rent All Metal growing batteries reliable. Also other equipment South of Temple City near Olive Street 2501 Larosa drive. 267-Tfe 4 read in theatre published once in the Arcadia Iii a a daily newspaper published wanted three neat appearing West Arcadia and circulated in the City of arca Young women with sales ability. In thirty <30 Days from the full or part time apply circulation Hereof the same Shah dept. Arcadia Tribune office. Take effect and be in austra Lorp Breeding cockerel to months old. 1012 Duarte Road phone Arcadia 384 266-3t phone 2661 f. In 0 now playing Monrovia Shiri by i Empi 1 in a wee Wilmire of viol Kon \ Diak Oliver a Quot my dear Mist Aldrich Novelty new x for i hereby certify that the foregoing o Durance was adopted at a regularly adjourned meeting of the City Council of the City of Arcadia mid Oil int 3c i Day of november 1937 by the affirmative vote of at Leos three councilmen to wit ayes councilmen Griffitts. He if my n and Seaman Noss councilmen Hudson and Mclean absent Hon poultry try leghorn Chicks this fall broiler prices Are the highest they be been for years. Pullets Are High. Eggs Are a Good Price. If you Brood our Large leghorn you for Sale trailer 12 foot sleep two. New innerspring mattress never been used. Price $50.00. 49 Naomi. Arcadia. 266-3t seasoned Walnut Vood $11. A Cord d slivered. Pm. 265-r Elie re. Al Monte. Room for rent adjoining Bath steam heat to gentleman Ert ploy de. Close in. Phone 8051. 266-3tc Nice Large room with private family. Private Entrance and private accommodations. Reasonable. 3935 e. California one mile West of South race track Gate. 267-Tfc 5 room House $35 6 room Home $40 2 room Apt. $20 and Many others. Sen to for rantings. T Rcv illion 201 West Olive Monrovia. 268-lt,p nicely furnished 6 room House close to race track. 2 bedrooms a inti in refrigeration electric stove Lect l in washing machine. 545 Michigan blvd., Mich Llinda Park. Colorado 8575. 268-5tp completely furnished Bungalow suitable for three two Miles from race track $30.00. 268 w. Laurel. Sierra Madre. 268-Ltp room fur rushed apartment. Also Iii in sleeping room 477 Naomi ave. Arcadia. 268-3tp Tano rent $2 to. Apply later it a Purchase. C. J Gould. 967 e. Colo. Pasadena Lovely rooms in downtown Monrovia. Board optional. Reasonable rates. Telephone Monrovia 032. 263-22tc w d and approx Ember. 1937 attest w ii Nesbitt City clerk h Nesbitt City clerked this 30th Day Griffitts m Tyor 12-3-37 Are sure to make a profit. See and Good Saddle and work horses. Sat write us now for prices and dates is faction guaranteed to suit. Corp Leeper s ranch amp hatchery bros., 50 Laporte by. Arcadia. Phom 535 n. Oak Avenue Temple City. 2344. 185-Tfc nicely furnished room with private Bath and Entrance i Beautiful Home. Near race 1501 Larosa or. South Oil Emple City near Olive Street. 267-Tfc for rent unfurnished Home. 1317 South eighth Avenue. Arcadia. 267-2tp Carpenter wants jobs. Building of any kind plastering Fin Tig and Cabinet work done Ceme Monte. E. M Wyne 2023 so. Dur work of any kind. You must satisfied is my motto. .50 per to �?T917 Holly Avenue Arcadia. Phone 727 267-2tp Calif. Order now bar Chicks to Day old 14e see j null agent 1214 8th ave Arcadia. 286-241 p pole 1 by w anted Wood dry Oak $17 50. Walnut Sio or eucalyptus. 12 in. $13. 2 it $15. 16 .11 $15 kindling 35c per sack. All Urivi Mcd prices. W. Wise w spurns ii St i Iii us livid a Valencia. I a it port bad 5pan�?Tr first i Imp no Piess. Pm Azusa 393-36 retreads buy any amount of poultry new non skids for your Bald-head-1,eave your older with eur tire for Rainy weather. Bul Blit Bird feed so fuel co Reynolds Lemon so Ivy Monrovia. 002 w Duarte ii pm Arcadia 2652 up 140. 231-Tfc miscellaneous a shop of Home helpfulness. I int ens handcraft shop repairing of every description. Home maintenance. 304 e. Huntington. Arcadia. 268-22tp Money to loan to loan $5000 00. Will Divide. 6n straight. Prefer Arcadia property d m Payne 56 e Huntington drive Arcadia pm 2294. 266-tic
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