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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 3, 1937, Arcadia, California Err r it i Ida december 3. 137 Arcadia d Ai y Fri in of Soe Viall notes Lois Sharkey cd a 3 Ejov offy 2 pm by Eleanor Roosevelt Arcadia couple honors Friend will marry tomorrow on birthday players schedule workshop in a meeting tonight mrs. Dan Rose hearts Sant Anita Riding club a a a it r in lit. 19.17. To it i i in h.vluliriili1. In i by Eleanor Roosevelt according to plans on la a betrothed couple to of m Shet la plus. I or. And mrs. Geotge s Xii ii or i my a clan. Have misunderstood what Wax said worn neb to it it Jol to me. Perhaps there was a period Wortendyke i 8< re i when she was tilt Only on. Solemnized at Iii i i am delighted and i know she tory not a a v a Vlf r must be also that. She has col a Arrow an. No is ii leagues in this particular Field of a 4 .0 i Fotiu work for it is a Field where i feel of Keeffe will of mat4 a woman an to extremely use i us Only me Niht. I the t there Are main men who him ai1 witness de Cen made successful and mide Well ii att ii i i la the court j Neth Rogers As in it n Ter Wortendyke will Ilia i serve following a he Wii Dan liner i by i wedding no ii r Quot cd. A if d h. I St a la i j v Ujj i i Cli i o Genevieve Nutter Arcadian recovering from Accident injuries i a cop b son of or and mrs. It ult f i the City is recover it Monrovia Hospital from ii i received in an Auto a a be wednesday evening ant Auto a completely a it Moi lied in the crash. G x i that i has been. He cannot Cany the c unless the return on the invested capital is Low this is a tremendous Field which honk new Youk City thursday i it a fond Par of yester in Bing up with in under Ted mail the morning when i of net the arse at the Todhunter to. A la ii ii i my touch impressed in i Boyd. Ill nil Fishers speech on Rural ele Elalfi ii is a a Lari a null Hon several prop Amel him urn u ii would in to have afterwards and thanked him for the a a my a a a a a a a. Clarity with which i. Planned by a ,. I Carrot Points. Betta handled by a Man. There is i one fundament i fact came out no doubt the no. Piel r a Man of the whole discussion namely to i la Triem wha la should of that tile Farmer cannot he served should n a do a a a a i i Bavin the same Way the City Dweller n i he i a it his a perhaps it is a natural remit of growing up the woman reminds ,1 new a by. Them of their Early stages of weak ski h m a one and dependence. Tho older the Mon Ovid read Lino and have a wider it y la. _ lend in Arcadia. But that the government should however an handle the stir supplement where if is in sled i Rani ily problem better la n a in n. I made a mistake in one of my and so it i intern in. To a Ltd it to Wjk f / j if a 1 a Columna recently when i stated Field a Penin up to women. R of 4 that judge Kelly in Memphis i attempted to set Quot id rather Fie ircle ivigphll0 a Tennessee is the Only woman Jur a lib in a pm in w pm or. Roy Wilson 1018 s. Baldwin ii k rep for Acadia 1 a i of., Monrovia 1122 to a i i. Ii meet i it k nov Iii i in i. I out expert 1 i in Nan ii ii Tor the holidays. Mui a i at Fine less. / cd it Ai Auty shop l 0t Baldwin i in n 11 hat Civ on .1 trip. I in in j11 til in on 1 a l v be id i Unile pair t morn to no t re i e daily i s i Birne s business Ako professional directory be served. Where i vat companies but . Lar 1 cannot do so their is no Nee non reminder Many 1 pc Nan Jade i i tub i a of flyers Venile court judge in the South i since that time i have been told of two others. I course i my. For Complete restaurant service bread Rolls Coffee cakes do nuts raking company Tel. Had am nil a i to i Blake am., los Angeles. Al. People asked no ii i was going to be there that i de un-1 Ute in Ici est would be aroused by my presence and relied on tin reports to my in kids for an Amire Mori of the play the All cd it von much one of them a much impressed by Gema m i olm a a Abd try to be himself and yet make you feel interested in the problems Winc h lace the person lie portray cd. This play sunny to be furnishing a great me by people with an amazing evening bul most of them come Back afterwards Wili this re Mark a Well. The 011 i St i of in a int re i i that we live in a country where a play like this can be produced and j. Acted and have a iou run without any interference from the government. Tini ilk i d for Demon Salt i Ltd a after the net i h i i would add fervently thank god i was served by room-motlv4 i for a a non wit ii a of humor i cd hut a. My m. E. Or master. I 1 Arcadia Kluh a a ii i a h id a ii 111vet i m de Day. It be ii a. La in Avenue school i ii in a a j a a Mort . Or. Be a i Jirec aint presiding to 1 lie to a. Arn w licit foil Wui a i Aik a naut Kin i or Garton Wark War i it n by to p a Leat her. Aima in ii cedi ruin a j miss Carol a Ala of a. A big Public Library display and sex Ltd planned books suit Aba for Thil Reni of kindergarten no midis. Were by. Invited to in Jet lie Bor r. Aft. He me-1 Jug. Miss mar Aret Dor 1. What i. A student it Brea cloaks Tail i cd a j j 1 1 Ida id i Prena in c Khz a As a 1 Ata airs. A i i s. D. B her 1 unit mrs Nuan of sect i a a n it anvils cd Aiu d it us i one j re. I. N. Kendall m. D. I it it of n a a ology Obst lines phone 2111 101 n. I list a. Total v insurance Dee i. Payne l f a. I s i \ i e i. Huntington Arcadia i t in or Ailia 2294 i i v. I 11 Rem i nos or j 1. Or p v de 1 1 in worthwhile t Gay it Foi Alisa e it i Vul Back her Bel a room in sent j a g no in. Vei i i s . To ii to five a re in sea i ii i Lei in 1 Quot i St i by m. A i. L r in fin4. Line be a Nap of cd Drmic a it. F i lie a i 4 0 of f. I a j a j a 4 a a f Canu Ali y pins Ai Marino m m i 1 Nyll i of r import ant nov a for it c ii y ii in tees instal n on at Fere be City. Q. A service work my a. Mine t to katrina san Al. In Brin p. In f r la a. Uld 0 Themy an ans Wor offer i Yeti i i ram to c Low Mies Eash All Winter summer is Over but if you re worrying about Quot Iii Winter fates a take a look at the Sample fares shown below. These Are in effect now and will be All Winter on fast comfortable air conditioned Southern Pacific trams. Like the deluxe Golden is am Limo in and the inn nominal californian direct to Chicago tile treat s set limited and a on Ait to new Orleans. Trains that Lauth at Winter As they pc a you safely to y a it destination in Jiaxi Maui Comfort at minimum it Bonus see twice As muck i Csc lire our four Scenic i a Etc s i is. It you like Yern in go ens i one and return on another s a ing twice As much of the i nit cd states and doubling the pie a Sui and interest of your t cases for not one com acc rail f in than for an ordinal \ round 111 Sec your nearest is agent for details. Out Wiy Chicago. $34.50 $57.35 in deluxe air conditioned rat inti it chair Ca -. I e. Fur Lable air conditioned tourist pm a us a it a a $44-36 roundtrip $74 Phi i rib Iii stand nip Litmans one nay. $60.5 i10 it not if$90. D plus i re a. And Here Are round rips to some Tki r places coach tourist Staa wafd Houston. $47.00 $60.65 $72.50 Kansas City. 48.00 61.95 new Orleans 56.80 73.30 89.k5 Sanantonio 47.00 54.50 66.85 new York. 89.75 124.50 140.00 Ritkin Quot ii 6 months. Return limit <0 ii., Southern Pacific four Scenic rout is last i a t ,., Sevi rat present win ii mrs Mal Merit run Kel and or. Georg.t4 p net and a it installed worthy Matron and Patron o i the Temple City Chapin of Eastern St to. Mrs i e Glover Deputy Iran Matron of th-4 Bath District and Iii Patron in 1923. Fla flan Van 1 in mrs. Van Birn. Or i to ii or Bard. Mrs. Dana Roush and air. And or. M. Jward we in attendance. \ i to at a re. Girls arc yet but e. Liber c in Behn d in w Rig or of n m p i e. 17njoy party at Padua Hills last Moll t la gild of 32 heard to my a by air it i o Chi Al blurs i rvs Kyo York it in Ludes the he Arv a in a r j of project. If to ice 17 i interesting j Rock find p i a j it a Ila ii he b t is c f my a Ai 1 and in ii a a 1> rot id Ani i i i usic in n i Ude Emizi i b <4 11 i owl on. A. H bar Quot a it Sili pm v Idini Quot a Lex. Sir Bley-1 in Mas. H j a ii a1 i i i a Alf z n Daliis la on de. J s a Phi to a. A Dix mrs. Mary Gilbank ene pained members of ii a a in 1 d Lull j with a delightful party yesterday r a 1 i item non a a a Alt i i music during luncheon was esp. 1 ll11 ally enjoyed. Bridge a Phi it d during the afternoon prizes going to mrs in re. Do in p a score and mrs. in Sorn Borrner. J a j second. Per air we a Alto a a Brown. Mair Deg Ltd i Lorraine somber or. Lois Kendall Betty Austin Dorothy Man i and the hostess. Or a la unit i cd \ i. Are co a a due. Rock up Cir a red in t lot Ai it a c n of i hi-0,. Til Ward r cd. Ban r gave a t a bit. To it Iii p it vary d. N j of Maurice Pat m a a kor or. Enri it a so i on. Bob Rasmussen. Don Thomas. Oiva Walla e and Don Thorne a. 1 reset vation a a an by mad 4 by Cal ii Wakefield 7942 or Atlantic 2-0733 ii wet a Al re i Asui or ? e Nan rial err tory. S or horse show a Tov major venture the a it ii Poi a he Childe us or ii e Sizow to be Given a a nor a d Ember la. To Santa Ani i Raj Ara derm members Quot do inn a ii. Hor ii in nun., Quot a a or lame n r e. A Bud Glen Moore i l Austin a h. N Bitt Claude Pennington. J i id c s to in a nuns d Bruet Douglas. W. A Murphy. D j to. J i in a ult Lens pre a v Mill i or. William o put i t r. I i Opal i n r ii j son Fame St f j. P do. Charles i Beery i m tis Ingram. Maude West.1j my friends it the club member Triniy v. Iii us in charge t i j of, on a our Tea i a. Or. Nna c t irt1 at it 30. And a lit Altern Ion it i to i 30, with luncheon at noon served b 1 a lad Tho dub i giving by Letifu to Lur every Cias. Cacti to i it it a grave d wit i a in dub a it in format in to in Quot in Quot. In in of of mod by Mclen boiling mrs. Ren at 8171. In in Mel resume uts on the rein intent of Nimitr a t u us show a re mesdames West Ai , i Ongpr-4 f in sen and m c radio store phone 2298 v. J it la ii All it ski s of he i 4 is North ins a nut4 Arcadia a i Iii i. Cd i is i Iii it chiropractor \ i Nisi ivc. Pm. 2m.1 a exl door to Post office Arcadia disposal co 5g i Lar. Phone 239-1 i Eti in nil Tiu red i is 50c j Al oui ii Carl f. Bass optometrist 1 be ,85 hours 9 to 5 i x t Rani i Ion by a Iorii Tenient i i a ii Ting toil Arcadia or. T. In Smth b i hours 9 to to a i hone 2830 i v min a pin inf in it 87 i Vav. He Iii Roo i Art and ii or. Or of. Cullen i11ropr actor Telephone 2504 bum to a. Iii. To 5 p. In. I u-iiiiig.-. By appointment a t first Avenue Arcadia a Gutib i. Violt Nln l pc i a a a net i m i ii Unis f Jilio Serin 13i ii. Ill sting Toa drive Idle be 517 or .98 George h. Stevens watchmaker watches clocks and diamonds watch clock and jewelry fit pairing 078 Vav. Duarte Aik Chi v j of i 3 91 a phone a ites. 2491 or. Bruce f. Sims surgeon Osteopath Oil a hours 10-12. 2-5 7-9. Mon. So Fri. 4 i Arcade bldg. Arcadia ii Sierra Madre mews notes Iii Santa Anita 3a s or. And mrs. David w Iller. 235 West foothill Boulevard entertained or. A id or James Babcock of by tit n r id. Pasadena at dinner we due Day evening or. Ai i. Yin ii by. A i Ai hoi Cia drive will be dinner guests Teni Glit of or. Aud mrs. Chad mgt leu of ban Mal in mrs. L. In. Howard of Lomita arrived a Low Days ago Fen a Short visit with her daughter and son inlaw or. And or Lyman Chai Fey James d a e of Alhambra i building a Small replica of die old House in Northern Gal forma at 1521 Santa Anita Road or. Daniel a Scott of Alhambra is building a half timbered English cottage at 270 West c Ango Street. Ii of la ii. J infant sen it Ltd huns no Piei Cut at Ive in. Us Rio in the Hun in ton memorial a1 ii based a a blood i. I a us 11 it i led to i a.-. I stocks and Bonds cd it a i a a it a it a ill in f ii toil a nil unlisted securities co of. E t m a in lock amp co. J lbs 211-213 Bank of America bldg. P ii one 76 Moue you Fried uhe foods in pm a Ohrum i j l. I Natl ill flume Kho Flowers for every possible occasion. Delivered a anywhere 24-hour service Fords House of Flowers 515 w. Huntington Monrovia phone 235 hours 9 to 5 phone 483 evenings by appointment or. E. W. Bellinger dentist no. 7 Lai la in me Arcade bldg. S i Huntington Arcadia swi Kris tax Akk vhf a Fred Donkin Public accountant i it Limp Bork keeping pro in a in i no. S ii social Security Sale to Ami income tax reports l imn ill Arcadia ill to. First ave. A. A Leaveen Street and driveway improvement of All kinds i nor l contractor 3 i 8. Second x i n phone Arcadia 2437 avg fit feet 502 s. Myrtle ave. For shoes Monrovia Calif. Time e Kom his in _ a Ray shoe fitting we can order by make of shoe to fun y our foot of i a i on Ster s. Only Lizard known to be poisonous is the aha monster in southwestern unit Ai St at is. Usually a sluggish animal it becomes surprisingly agile it his aroused. It Row some two in Lei Quot la Nordlow r jaws Are Sun ii cd wit ii fat u a Quot 0 memo Chi i a i must Rome �?T1 r to buy the a Mon i no ii h Medicine which offers definite Ile c it i he i Ai he bet from tilt in a. Any a of auth i Iii j for sat Quot by Png s Pha m a. V 54 e. Huntington by. Arcadia j a1 g. W. , District i Ai Songer agent fib the. 1164,14b e. Colorado Pasadena Lei. Myrtle ave fir. 717, Monrovia Mhz. Codon s Kitchel the be Chicken dinner in town 3469 East Foo Hlll Boulevard phone Vav incl Clil 8730 of Sierra mature resist % i i nihed Homes rcom and Bungalow Orts for rent in Sierra made n. I. Yes ecar phone 5 or 11 it i Ai by 0 u ice m Ehile Roy Anderson and Frank l. Kostlan Lobo acc la they have est Iii kid of ires in the new p u fess 10nal building 51 i v i 111 \ him. I on i. \. Lur the Getu a practice of Law Lins offic wm1 he til line to = Iii Quot line Ion with then Lowdown offic a locate Al j0 a i sixth Street los Angel % Al Lonua or Kos times hours will be monday 9 09 to 5 09 thursday 9 o to 5 00 and other hoi is by appoint i i \ i or. Ander son9 s hours Witt to y e i a a i a d a y 9 0 it i o 3 110 saturday 9 00 to 1 00 no other hours by up poem a Jim try it y a it o Ouk u. Mancing on Home Loans greater Arcadia by ill no loan association i in i x i in 4 in i Cine Imi i i j arid ladies tailor Lea i ii Jai i us t Cash and carry prices i. Vav Siraj los i it tin ton or. Pivonk 62 la Motte a cleaners phone 2406 my Able service a Quality work and delivered. 227 North first ave. Read s. V. Sch21u�rk0rn Agency general insurance lit i ast ii in i a ton or. Real estate a notary in Ione 547 Clep ones Arcadia j 783 los Angeles i Riniti 8221, i tile Tel Hope of Hie office will he in charge it f an attendant Between 9 0 and i us of All Days Blun or Ander in or or Kottan Are not at tile Arcadia office. S kits Mike c s ? cleavers pm. 2262 we Lead in Quality end service Lailo Faug iterations it Eling repairs u Asci i met 1 Irv in Iees is a isl. Arcadia d. Ant d. Body works vain i to body an i fender repairing Tir. Duarte i. and Bald ii ave via adet phone arc. 439 /
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