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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 3, 1937, Arcadia, California I Quot Quot a11 a r a a a up piss f Friday dec Quot Ember 3, 193 7 love toy a a /&4hle /vo?r�5 i c. Us to ii med i rom Page i Hie t m by a i it she i than r in i ill my Maple leaves. It a d Yourn or and prettier so in had in her hat and coat bet ii feels Good getting Tam a the Mother said has t grown Good looking r anything Coral said studying a a a w the or of closed eyes Quot you Ere an a my Little thing id Lime i saw a me. A bin Cai play a i a a Al 11 w i la by Oak in i Wen a t Here thai Christmas e to Vii when Manti was at the Golden is in Wood. I aul gloomily Quot to be there to a a duly i ave you a dirty a there i ought t to do m Rod Hunter murmured a of in an a bit Lek that veal anti in i too Yea so declared or. I Jan Aid it a Era Orn n As i in i Ute Avert pm a. By tins s Alem ii years from in a a j thousand Lei and a t to ii. V Garden Rel ten possibly a in a a. N Man. I heres ii show Man Hati effect of that has ask any ii an t it a a. T probably Tel a a w Ether Little Finger around la Nearen t up vet. Either Vav still i m of 1. Low he a i hat All nut i Vin w rapped in paper with Ray poor Fel a a fully hard to gel Aid ii and p Pamara alone then Quot d you care or Are Woald you like to go it ii1 ill a i Oji Bel ii b a fur vie la id a my a a rotary hears address on. I re j a Lac co Iii ii. R a. A Tamara made bowl of canned soup h or heart trembled that they would let the first night but had reinforced her he could smile. Of course they did no to love her they hardly knew 11 a. Quot til Tell you what ill do a her ii idler said huh a Tim skip the movie and e i me Early what d you say Quot bile eel hoi awfully Good joking. No a Coral said still Sui vim to e to in o sister. Quot honest v no re v it it ,&Quot sue added. Quot of ii. Ink Tamara said Busy j terribly and . Baker in irs Token from a sorption in gift. Ase ringed pop r bag. Clan up Quot Carol presently Quot log Oanes in and does e tier i. My old clothes ikes to pay it Back some cd i i Fairway Ailt Vii a. 1 and the re is n i a real choir. Ii golfers besides to in a a project Dame k if Angeles Kornily re. A a. . A. Ijames Smith c a a a a. Willi in noir is. J r. L leaders in architecturally he i it it. T i la k n Jap fact Hui a Low but a Tam kit her a a ten a i ppe had die a on. On e p we edible Cli adv i t Way toil. R u lit of Niro a or. Dish we Vav Iller Ai raped the ii he Wei s cd n a lit in f id the caftan it i m so re Dirks ant of. I id emt Lumbago is about Tou a Smaul or i 3 so c a Rte c it Blet Quot a 1 cd i la the it re a i a w a o lice Vav Lor of Brad. Ii b heeled and tors was walked mucin shoes her rallies full soft carefully made up now to do a Little could not leave o add to the Hilt the dirty Little. I a treated various a la in one Bott Era babied paper put them in the b Itter wild piled pan. Into Hie bedroom or their , smart hat with a about it. A Loose and High kid saddles i Vin or. She the tight face was and she America today is feeling so Down and out Tell l Ance ii he makes Coffee Well have to have another Pound Good Bye Gills Iii Good now. Its Nice to have you Home again Tam Quot Atter she was gone Tamara Hull sitting and Hall lounging on the bed asked her sister simply what do we live on Coral Quot Quot of everything Quot Coral answered vaguely painting her fingernails carefully with Crimson a i m probably going to begin rehearsing on that a fillip the younger sister said brightening Quot Isnit that lots of fun a a its no part at All t ought a i take it Quot Coral said Absents Quot but Imi get sixty a week and it All Quot sixty a week Quot Quot that Isnit so much. When i was in pictures Quot Coral muted on squinting at Lier bunched fingertips Quot i got two fifty. And if t Hadnot looked so much like lits Burf Iship i d have got fifteen nobody gets that Quot a a dont you believe that nobody gets that Quot Areve behind hand with the rent Quot a a Only about four months. And there Are people in tins House that Haven paid for a Coral said Quot but to hear fibrin talk you i think ii was a hanging matter of lord there a Houston Quot she exclaimed As there was a sudden ring at the Doorbell Quot go out and talk to him and Tell him Iti not be a minute Quot Tamara obediently went sitting room and did bet talk to or Houston Hickey. She saw instantly that she bored him that he preferred own thoughts to anything she could say but there seethed to be nothing else to do but sit on on the Edge of the tumbled Couch and timidly offer him one conversation overture Atter another. Down from the certainly is foggy into the Best to he muttered putting ills elbows on the table and his head Iii i hands i was taking a girl to dinner suddenly the whole thing went Hon an a Quot of. Too bad Quot Tamara said from Hie other end of the Kitchen table where she sat vat Bing him. I slatted this yesterday. When i met you at the ferry today i could t stand up that a clods Lance said. A to so sorry Quot Quot whereas a Quot a a bile went out to meet some mail t named a i tint s right she had a Date. Tora i go out Quot a with or. a a Hickey Hull what Jou think of him a not much a Tamara said briefly and Lance laughed tile thing is Quot lie said seriously Quot a Oral Dor n t do herself any Good running with a Man like that. So ought to by trying to land herself a May begin re i i asked so optically. Quot i just came Convent today. It in this City a a you said it morosely looking Quot you Don t like a i loathe to Hie Rotten est Holt you can have it Aid tile Man at his feet. San Francisco Quot said heavily Quot its i Ever got into i take coat i w i Lite just it in in looked quite . Got inv it Coral a Quot got a five but its All i have have amp a in. A a sip a i Quot to to la in the Victor Quot ill set you i end of tile wee Noney a said Tamara. Quot ii. Mar. Aunt tee used end me an allowance and i r cd i in rot two Hundred go this balk at the mrs. Todhunter Iii whole Damn place As a gift Quot Tamara was silent de for a moment by tin onslaught and alter a moment Houston asked restlessly with a glance at the bedroom door Quot what the fit la does she think she a doing a a please Quot my Mara queried in turn in the police formula of Saint by id is. A a what a she so Long about Quot a Coral i done to know. She was almost tile conversation dropped like a dripping Blank Coral came out stunning in Rouge jewels Black velvet you met my sister Quot the Isnit Man said rising at the Spreckles Aid. A a me o be and i go out to but that i Man he used a Ood Friend of your father dam oui h one of the managers in by Horman harsh am miss it Elu you came Dow j to the a ii a Vav to meet me v of i is. Ami Joe Paloska Quot Houston Coral said. a this party you Well what you want me to look like one of the waitresses a Coral countered promptly. They went away without a Good night to Tamara she could hear Frigm squabbling As the elevator jerked ii heavy Way upstairs. Almost immediately afterwards while she was trying to decide Between going bed and writing a Long letter Mother Laurence and determined that whichever she did she positively would not cry. Brr Brot lie came in. He wanted nothing be Black Coffee it was Seething on the stove and of such a formidable color and consist nay that carnal Felt Lima a in duty bound to warn Hun against it even while Rathe Uncertain of her own ability brew him a fresh Supply. But Lance Aid lie had a headache and wanted exactly i hat. Sort of a drink. Quot i have certainly got a lol Lapal Quot she says sin idea reals monday. Quot in what Quot he Quot she did no to a to bet she did no to say ii sire land. Anything in three years in a in the wet was ii business a Lance said a usedly a ooh. Why do you say that Lance Quot Tamara a ked anxiously. A because i know a Blit does no to she know All the managers Hasni to she had lots of parts Wasny to she Down in the die movies for two years Quot Tamara demanded none of us can Lance said impatiently darkly. A when Coral gels on the stage she a Rotten she a Quot she thinks she can act a Tamara submitted anxiously her forehead twisted into worried lines and her eyes dark Iii her rather Pale face. A ooh sure we All think we can a Lance said. A except nit i done to he added a Barker said to me the other Day. A Lance Imi be damned if you Arentt the Only one i know in the profession who knows How Rotten he is a that a wily a Lance enc cd simply Quot i always can get. A a of can you a Tamara said tremendously relieved Lance could get Paris anyway Quot Are you play big in anything now Lance have you a Job Quot l Ance flamed up. Hiye my Ace was flushed he scow 1< d faintly Over cup. Quot i could be a he said. A of Well then that Sall right a Tamara said instead of answering her her brother looked at her St airily Tor some minutes with his i be a Little sunken Iii his colourless face. Quot what Jicome Home for a lie asked. Tamara widened her eyes her color fluctuated a Little. A Why wily i graduated a she often a a cold wind again blowing Over her heart. Quot what what else could i do Quot a i say what Lance repeated stubborn Ess. It Chalk Nging her evade ii in. He hint of a smile. A Well Mother wrote me to. I mean it was taken for granted it Quot a and you re always going to do what you re told to do is that it a Lance continued in the same quietly contemptuous manner. Tamara had never seen an intoxicated Man at such close Range in fore and she Fob a Little frightened and a Little sick bar almost immediately Lance locked his arms before him on the table and saying Quot of my god its All so Damn silly a put his head Down comfortably and began to snore. Ujj copyright 1937, by it Kathleen Norris to be continued handsome and dark his col Leej come Home for a in drunkenly quiet was As if he were and she trying to smiled a Superior a a Young actress pleases first night audience girls glee club heard i Oday on radio Naii Eli by Ham Fisher Voe an at 3 a pan a it x a i la j j tue. M at Tep p it j r a y a you Veye it h \ tre l be u every time a j i a i t i Al u to i i k \ i. I i in a \ i i j a my 111 a capacity House greeted Gilmor 1 Brown thursday e Venine at the Pasadena Community playhouse when he made a pre curtain speech commemorating the 20th Annivera an of the institution. Thai Flay night also marked the opening of a Romeo and which play concludes a shakespearean Cycle and leaves the playhouse with the signal distinction of being the first theater in the unit no states to have produced All of Shakespeare s plays. This unique interpretation of Romeo and Juliet differed in Many respects from the Jane cowl production we saw in new York. The play Here was Given the elizabethan a Gnu with no ringing Down of curtains. Even Mort novel was the comedy element injected in this famous love Story. Outstanding was the performance of the talented fourteen year old this morning at 9 45 on r station Kehe the girls glee it to Tab of the High school appeared on the Market Basket program. Mrs. Frances Potts directs the group. Recent it leers or Sud mrs Frank Grote of Luduig but u h were recent business a 1i pleasure callers in Arcadia. Tile Grote a formerly made their Onn at it Norman before moving in Long Beach. Day in City or John Burt of the West a adm i n a1 Library and gift Simp pent yesterday attending to business Ai los Angeles. Actress Den is ton Wiio gave l f Juliet the spontaneity a in till it demanded. Miss dem to who is a resident of tem pie c11 it is a Young actress of great o to and no doubt has a future but fore her in Hie theatrical world. Her big scenes were Well applauded by the audience thursday night %
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