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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - December 3, 1937, Arcadia, California Welfare federation incorporated As Arcadia Community Chest world we news coverage by United press and International news service a to �3hj ii St m t i a n in de be no f n t he a a a is no the is h or. I. I e w s a p e a1- \ a radians this is your newspaper a it Pailet vol. Vil. No. 267 weather fair tonight and saturday Arcadia California Friday december 3, 1937 single copy 5c tip Rishi i ii 7. Lit i Nill ii in Sui ii rut Iii Iii no mar in Pill Burlil Ililau. All Rishi Irwi Icil by Hugh s. Johnson Washington d. C., dec 3 a somebody in the democratic National committee gave the office to the american go ebb , Charlo Michelson third new Deal in ill i of propaganda to smear this column by smearing this writer. Last sunday he sent x Cut a printed committee a a smear release to All papers. They should have used one of their other literary assassins. To smear somebody else Charlie is the Champion Smearer of All time hut he can to smear i. He is us old Maestro who taught me nearly All i know about needling a St it fed shirt. His smearing me is exactly like Socrates smearing his soul child Alcibiades. Also As old soldiers say Charlie and i have a slept under the same blankets in the same campaigns. He could smear like a mud Dauber Johnny Raskob who enabled him to become smear Chiei no i in literary history in the great Oil season smear Hoover Campaign that made both or. Roosevelt., election and Charlies sme Arish perpetuation. But Charlie smear me. After All that was a pure business transaction. My teaming with Charlie was pretty much personal. Charlie is awfully sentimental that Way. While he tried feebly to drip the old Poison he balanced each kick with a lick and the net result was a great boost for Whir h a thanks. Who ordered Charlie to this attempted frat Risnear a year ago you could have said. Why Jim Farley is the elected head of the democratic you could still say that but it mean anything. Now you done to go to Jim Farley any More than you would go to the King if you wanted anything in Italy. But he and Victor Emanuel Are just stuffed specimens in a Glass Case. Mussolini is your Man in Rome in Washington you go to Tommy Corcoran chairman of the third new Deal and so do both poor old Charlie and poor old Jim. Ifs pretty pathetic for such old moustaches of the guard but that show it is. Hugh Johnson. What noted people Are saying by International news service v .4 by Lim rim Muni nips sit ire new York police commissioner Lewis Valentine says society s approach to the juvenile crime problem requires a change from punitive to educational methods a we can do much More with kids in the schoolhouse than in can in the police t Chicago circuit judge Harry atm. Fisher looks Over the Bench at than changing world a the old lord and master of the Home is now just a member in Good standing a if he deserves to be. Otherwise he is asked for his resignation. A new York Baroness Rudolf de Warrener parisian fashion expert says Broadway is like a Railroad station a in i a is you can classify a woman by the Way she dresses but Here you can to Tell the banker a wife from the janitor s Hollywood Pat o Brien film Star believes in the Luck of the Irish a i always find myself having one thought a Pat of Brien you Are tin Luckiest irishman that Ever Gandhi brings Freedom to prisoners organization pot in by mess basis expenditures to be thoroughly checked contract Bette n various we fare and Chara Ter building agencies were ordered today Tor u a a or. The Arcadia c immunity Chest. Incorporated name of the fennel Ai cad la welfare , follow lug a meeting yesterday afternoon of the directors end incorporation committee of the at Ion. Placing the Community cd t on a business like a is. The contracts will Ilok the 6 a o Init sport it by for the moneys expended and collected with a if to a j it und i funding existing at All Tim is Between the d act most tin in end the presiding executive,1 of the benefiting Agency those attending Vest Davv meeting were messes. We tedious a. Moss. Sheeham Jerkin on and Lubetkin and mesdames Ellison Nelson and . The articles of in m Pica t Ion and the by Laws of the Community a Hest were explained in detail or. The committee which Drew them up composed of a osterhouse Moss and i Ubet Kif. The agreement Between the Community Chest and Agenes is Fen the first time brings the organization in close Contact with the units it was announced today by Robert e. Sheehan president of Hie old federation who presided a yesterday s session. Poultry event opens tonight in City Hau rooster craved lit Lily my hens clucked contentedly today from the auditorium of the City Hall As the second annual Haw of the san Gabriel Valley poultry men Sas actuation opened Schree any Ltd in Clote to 400 Birds Wen on exhibit today As the judges stalled con. Pin my for priss a is a Banque i m the poultry Asso Toia Tion will be held tonight at be Derby tavern. Musical program of Chirch Oil sunday is announced the musical program a the sunday services at hic Arcadia Community Church was Anniuk cd Day As follows morning hour prelude Hein die Hon Quot Saint Sauna Anthem i he heavens Are Declo rim Quot if eth oven offertory Quot tile s pm Quot Saint san Allegro Dicks evening hour Prihode. "pa.corella&Quot, waiving Offert by in the night Quot sp1.nm r postlude. Quot processional March Park i we vv0 Jav Van Vav Vav world wide mews flashes Avra Farmers in scope Washington Dee .5 i Pic Secretary of agriculture Henr it v allure today declared that he will take Steps to bring Farmers within us scope of the new housing program proposed by pres. Roosevelt get away with up i oho Lockport ii Bec. A i Mhz five bandits carrying machine guns held up a postal it Lerk my i police Ess of l today and e shaped with $24,800.00. Stocks go up m w York dec a i he St it i k Market sited another bullish performance Toda. Landers rising i to 3 paint and Mot trading showed a decide d increase in activity. Ii cys theory w Ashington. Bec. 15 h pm a sen. William i. Bor la Al i to. Today flayed the theory of search in the ministration crop rant Al legislation As threatening a nation Ai of a % w balt Jap in zone i mid c u ii air m la f Jill ? we t ? amp in m iqra pc j Dill id Vin r n9 h m i ii i f j i Hun in ten drive firs Avenue s co up of u Lei i i Ciai Dias Rii a to v m a it j e n at or despite poor health Mohandas k. Gandhi. 08-year-old nationalist Ai Indol ret cantly Eon i err d with vie y ie., tic is on the ii Eusani of Iii ii to a1 . on Grai ulal ions in Lino Willi i c a Nim Beau i a Ai on program sponsored by la Arcadia it bomber of Corner rce the Arcadia or Metier Tor i Beauty ideation bus Ness s. In coition he. Tei Mcc clubs the i ii Birne and ints and Public piled cd Wrens toe City out ii has voted into Al feet an ordinance to p Ohio it inc distil Iii Ion of i 11 cd it is us Clit papers and other publications without Legal stand in or second class mail privileges. A pumped to a Den Ivai armed Public flavor Griffith rid Munei Inen s til ran orc i to i Man voted a i Doc of the ordinance which will in the future prohibit the disgraceful sight of so my Beautiful a Vns a lid Flower pan r n be lieu up Wii ii an Avalanche of throw away papers. The people of a aria resent Anc rightly a it the intrusion of scorer of la n and boys from outside communities who swarm into our Beau if till c to and not Only throw papers in every Taen but we a lawns and i c ii., that x. Re Al i dive and on i in w i or cd in enlist Lim do is a b a main a by the Arcadia a i Iti n i ii. Hopping season lie and acis Slang Hunt Bel wee n Sant a Anita rid on i a. Been created by painstaking Effort. Not omy , but the j. rub wish Imasd. I. N on i my a s a a j Chito a i i Imp f 1 Iii i Ive second avenues input Fram Alta Street North Throe i blocks have Bei n decorated with yuletide trimmings. Giving the arca a sparkling inviting appearance for i a he Christmas p Quot Iod. The dec rations were obtained i through i a t Effort. Of a the in ii dual member of tin bus i innit u s As. By. In. An i a re j hailed t Damp Yas a definite Progress t Onove on the part of this Organ i Iza Tion lid the City of Arcadia As j a v Hole. Meanwhile bar tin a Jai Ore Hawaii cd Arcadia shoppers today and , Calp fill. a Lar Dav i signs were placed in Tore windows and inside various shops to in i c rage a Trade a we a end Here. In Pup to Nib ii to ?. A ii in. 11 u ? us u St p turnip h i i a he Ledy Socalis a f la a Emila notary Prou icly eating earn gained in the first cml i our of 11 nor i a leather necks Stop Advance into Trier it ional area of Lipai speaker of Nippon military Heads irk Tor 27-ysa.r i it i it. A i. 11 lull., i Nev service to hic pm cot. Ii. I Okyo Bec. A a direct threat unit Japan Quot might be compelled inti in p if h a Duar n que b sin. I j i Cor i t a i i a i in to i need c in to it tool the International Settle in n and i re Rte ii sector in Shanghai was voiced today by a spokesman ii. I of the japanese army. In a it conversation with japanese icon Spon dents the bomb and Flag i incident that marred the japanese. Vii tory March in Shanghai. Id which aroused Public opinion in i a to a High pitch a representative of the publicity Section of the .1 army declared a control of anti japanese agitato i in All concessions and the in Steinat of ii settlement of Shanghai. Unsatisfactory if the present distil to d condition is allowed to continue the japanese aum might be com died to patrol the settlement. A and cab session to maintain a. Vard Bruce gallon a a a in to Neering. Damping Jack pioneering Ca rapine. Hon no the Arcadia us in Etna tonal now top i. In Cha rec of n were press no. Albert id the lit ask b in san it a announce d. 1 a ii a of awards rec it a. Hit follow i lawns porches 11 ii a an under doorknobs is As Hief of Ponce git has so truth full v pointed out a direct r silo lion to prow.,. Protect your Home arid property. the police in safeguarding your Home by notifying them til monies you see your Lawn or porch icing tin lured won papers you do not want and would not subscribe to. The people to prut these handbills and to Row away papers and cause their distribution in Arcadia Are Sci arcadians and do not assist in anyway in the development of our City. The three City councilmen Al o acted when an aroused Arcadia demanded that the City officials put a a Teeth into the anti Handbill ordinance Are to be congratulated. Oun Dii an Mclean and c councilman Hudson were the two City officials who refused to cast their vote in favor of the or a nonce tie cnfo1 in int of w Ach w ii a Ari indians to keep their Homes free of rubbish. It is t e duty of Cliv officials to obey the wishes of the men and wonn a who elected them to Albee. In passing the anti Handbill ordinance Jil vol Griffins and councilmen Seaman and Hoffman represented the wishes of our residents and taxpayer. City officials who do pot follow the desires of the people who fleeced to Sis on which to seek re election to office. Inv re a i ii a r i in a i i n r i or All in Edward w. Beattie i tit it it i i re Quot a a lilt it Shanghai Der 3 a japanese re p King control of a Large Quot area. The International Ett Lemeut ran two Dett a mind opposition of by no i la j i my u i i t j ii clip n n u i. A new Law a by i legion Aims be tag Puech for Benefit theatre show i ors ii Ive in ii Mon j Day afternoon d Comber 6. A of clock j to pay flu fir to i ailment on Moi i 1937-38 City axe it was Anontine j cd today by mrs. Emma , City i treasurer. First instalment taxes become de a j Linqueno on december 5. Actor Diu i to St e Law. But with the 5th inst j falling on sunday the City cd lice will of of n through m Alday. T he j same is but inc . E i by i pie county offices. I Al a. H i Neit Ltd Idis Lor i i Slie will be at Lier desk in the cd j Hall through saturday afternoon i until 5 of clock to record the pays ments. Man v Pau h Drar s f i1 tee Benet a Arcady through r Bobd to u com nun t Coop oui t red Dyer p i Naomu p no. 2 Arcadia Post no 24 american legion Clifford Wells scoutmaster Merit award Monte Harper signalling. Swim m c v. A h a w d mired states marines today and my urn in contracting their n p no 3 Arcadia a j lines. Quot in tic worn Pas of Between Marine is Nii it la a a. Re officers and the Jap imme mately withdrew from hat part of Hie United states sector of the International to a which they Lead entered i by gun awing up part of the adjoining area which they had seized. A a the culmination of wild Cene. Involving nationals and troops of the United states and great Britain that followed the Clit j. Ire of a chinese Patriot in japanese troops engaged in Victory Parade through the at tonal settlement. The Chi Crew a hand grenade at the Ding japanese paid for it with. Arcs Ca Many a in life a few seconds later but i a a of k c p i. Chad off o currencies that for a cd Cia me to Rea a cd to have a most. Enos result. Iii Harry Johns in. James d. Robert Shaumleffel the inst class awards Russell Bullock i ii and c it up. Robe t icel Kin i i Bauge a Yards Hugh c Chon marksmanship Ari y jape voc do irk Aloert Haney fireman hip Woodwork Wesley i deeper stamp collecting music hand Ert r a Betom. S fiery h a Dicran h pm cd Cee i ame handicraft scum col a .v.-vl. Of Woodwork s min of i i cd i it reacting. R t i la a i i c a Arcadian named Loc Rei tentative for Buick Roy Wil n of 1918 South Bulris v in a it has or in a Poi Ted Buick representative Tor Arcadia South san a Anita and m Quot Hihi Ndu in was announced today. Or. Wilson Lias had Many years experience in tin automobile business and feels that the Arcadia territory offers a Fine Prosper Thor Buick soles Sherman j. Mcqueen Buick dealer for Monrovia Arcadia and Sierra Madre said today �?�1 feel fortunate in securing a Man of Roy Wilson s Type to represent Buick in Arcadia. He knows the automobile business thoroughly and should secure a Good number of sales of new bricks and used cars our business in Arcadia has increased 50 per cent to is past year and we bad it necessary to Piave a local in in the Arcadia territory in order to adequately serve cur Arcadia customers a concluded or m Queen t of Neil to i l l members of the Arcadia City Council on tuesday night will be in regular session in the auditorium of the cite had ref asians hear address by Park loader tracing the growth and history of Santa Anita Rancho from the of this 11ij of Hugo Reid to h e present los Angeles county Park. William i Cadwell Park superintendent addressed r itary members today. A ask in j / ii i >00 a approximately $684,Joo a spent in the p a. It it to is at f d. Of t has $ id to it i Money and $59,0 0 c wily. By i. 1938, 9-hoi it i will be completed 1938, the entire id ii Ai Quot the Bath cum i far use. Tile mar and grandstand h his caulks 2 Bowling Kitchen and iyar to i courts Are ready r according to j were that the land w arca unsuited of a go i our Golf c nurses no i spor Tiest in tile cum a Yards in length and p go tinned on p been dwell Dent i Larch Iii course v july i. Field 5 Tea picnic a but hic 6,055 the synopsis of Ino install net. Flesh from the i Adua tinn exercises at Saint i Iii Tama a Ted a Hunter who Conn from a in of actors i. Travelling on a train through Oregon to Lier Home in san Francisco a the her Are to i a a who a friends Pauline Van Der Venter and Helen Frist. Iii companions a derisively discussing Moth a i in mice who a miso counsel they mar often received than sought. Tam Artile prettiest and most sensitive of the three go comes to Kotlier Laurence a defense. Thereupon the conversation is switched to the stage and stage Poi pie. Tamara has net seen her family for five years. Her schooling at Saint brides was made possible through the love and generosity of an aunt. Tamara a Townsend a Well known actress by Howa killed the year previous in instalment no. 2 in it i -. Is your v till the Tod i door from disc it Mer he Gas Steve no in t lie Todhunter uld be like from paper lid Hie Kitchen door. A j Dot not believe to have any-11- Quot lie said. Quot i May go out Lan a with Ray Lea phoned awhile Biu k. Melt Heck Hasni to c nne and i in Flat no to have Cutter to feet i i to jew v i the the of Teal Iii tin he or g 11 is hem the t Mea i hrs. Man Vav till is i less big firmly Gar in to Rill to i let h Coral clo Luni slipped s Aoah Only i a he fins As Nern in who a air a Brief space their a Aid by band Jesse ape Rient of wedded Hup supposedly paving do is a week. I \. Ured that he pm not a regularly Itiat a a adored he right to i n Tiff All her Street club skirt and ii Loose Bort Cotton t led in bought de Tom of icon Tiki ii on Page a in Woi a greater Arcadia Tribune More news t hikes of. Vii irks subscribe now. 40c per month
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