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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 25, 1938, Arcadia, California A four san Gabriel Valley topics edition of Arcadia daily Tribune count cont Effort divorce Dorothy Dix when it Rbert to forgive husband while to grip can condone a philanderer often it is better to retain the Security of a cond Home and safety of children rather than to Rush into a Derorre court the problem that troubles More Middle aged women than anything else is whether they shall divorce philandering husbands or forgive and forget. When a wife finds out that her husband is faithless to her her first impulse is to Rush hot foot to the divorce court. She is humiliated by the slight he puts upon her by preferring other women and putting her in the position of being either pitied or laughed at by their Little world. She writhes under the injustice of his having taken her youth and Beauty All the Best years of her life of having profiled by her labor and Thrift and a in throwing or aside More callously than he would turn of an old work horse who. Usefulness was ended. Or heart is Tom or e thousand jealousies of a younger and fairer woman. In her reef and despair there terms nothing up her Home and go As far As possible from her my from him she thinks that she will at least be pm Nhsn Beauty Here s a Washer that floats of it out. Extra millions of tiny soap bubbles Are churned up by the greater water turbulence created by the exclusive Triplex agitator with its full depth washing action. That Why it s easiest in the world on clothes. Ame can Beauty has the tam new easy touch Saf Fly wringer modern Beauty my Fine performance. 4 it demonstrated before you Guy any Washer. A Tasu Chi safety or Nger for her but to break disloyal husband. Ai Able to find peace and somehow build her life Are again. Acting upon this theory that divorce is the Only a med for a wandering husband thousands upon thousands of women break up their Homes Only to discover that divorce is not the cure All for Domestic Unap Friess that they thought it was and that often a poor husband or eym a half time husband is better than no husband at All. Of course when a Man really Falls in love with another woman wants his Freedom so he can marry her there is nothing that his Ife can do in decency hut divorce him. When a Man has really ceased to love his wife when he is tired of her and she a come to bore him to extinction when a couple Are mis mated and the Man meets up with some woman who is his spiritual Affinity and who can give him everything that he has longed for and which his wife could not give him because it was not in her to understand his needs the Case is hopeless As far As she is concerned. He will never come Back to her. There is nothing she can do or leave undone that will kindle the flame of love again in his breast and of she persists in holding him by appeals to his conscience or by the might of the Law she Only brings Down further wretchedness upon them both. To keep a mans body tied to one after his heart is gone is As loathsome As to Chain oneself to a Clammy Corpse. But the great majority of philandering husbands do not do their sidestepping in a serious Way. They Don to want their wives to divorce them. They Don t want them Homes broken up. They Don t want to marry the women they Are flirting with. New cent Al Minum balloon Roll wringer a Handy relent stops both Rolls and releases pressure at a Tea Thor touch. Ohrmund heating co. 1519 Valier blvd. Open evenings Rosemead phone at. 2-6332 the Are utterly incapable of a great and lasting passion but whatever affection their shallow Little souls hold is Given to their wives. They really Admire and respect the women they Are false to More than any other woman in the world. Often they Are devoted fathers. They Are fond of their Homes even if they Don t stay in them much. They i Are Good providers pleasant and agreeable to live with. Granted that a woman who a one of these Playboy husbands has just cause for resentment against him still ninety nine times out of a Hundred she is better off if she forgives and forgets than she is if she brings him to Book for his sins. For if she divorces him she but adds to her troubles and loses her Home and her comfortable living in addition to losing her husband. Rogert Dalton supervisor first District his pledge of us nest with special Favorito none and Equi nity to Allis hacked by 50 it Vars of fair and impartial Daline in l. A. County. Reject Ballyhoo in favor of experience follow this guide to Good government Roger p. Dalton double for first lady is found born on same Day Philadelphia aug. 25. A . A mrs. Ralph h. Williams is a a double Quot for the first lady. Mrs. Williams whose birthday is Jan. 30, the same As president Roosevelt a resembles mrs. Roosevelt so closely that an auctioneer who once sold a chair to her announced with Pride that he had just sold a chair to a mrs. Franklin d. in features complexion and mannerisms mrs. Williams is a a dead ringer Quot for the first lady but she is about 20 years her Junior. Equine disease appears in Niagara Peninsula area Niagara Falls ont., aug. 25. A . A appearance of the dread Equine disease encephalomyelitis. Has been reported from widely scattered parts of the Niagara Peninsula. The disease has already killed a half dozen horses in Welland county and a Chick serum authorized by the government is being used to immunize healthy horses. Buy on the meter plan a Coin a Day pays for Ian electric refrigerator and remember ill in no Bown payment no installation or i Dej very charge j i and s s \ i i a i Quot s e to buy nurse for indians discloses they Are too tacit or new refrigerator prices Start at a Alhambra 136 w. Main St. Lei <1 deliver a Beautiful new Liel Viator. Or Gibson Clee we a refrigerator to l our Hoile on the meter Ilan. A v i tall it without conto Yuk and the coins you drop i the meter pay for it a what Puld be easier Stop in tomorrow and make arrangements for an electric refrigerator and enjoy the Many advantages derived from using one. Reconditioned electric refrigerator prices Start at $4950 Home appliance co. Edmonton. Alt aug. . A indians made a pretty patients but they Are More Dif cult to treat than the White men any Balcourt nurse at the fort Vernil icon Hospital 300 Miles Northwest of Here told newspapermen during a visit Here. Nurse Balcourt said doctors it difficult to diagnose Nilmei filleting indians because Thi too taciturn. Another Obstar said was that Quot you can t Tel they Are the nurse said All her Pati fort Vermillion were indians Alhambra color and fabric lend Charm to new evening gowns Man legless 37 years was never minus Good Job thursday August 25, 1933 window screens which soon won t be needed any More this year if ribbed Over with kern1 enc when put away this fall will be found free of rust when they Are wanted next summer. Kansas City 1 aug. 25 ins a although he last lits Fps >11 an Accident 37 years ago Leonard Russell has never been without a Job. Russells legs were am dated by a Large mowing machine on his parents farm when he was three years old. His saddened Mother and father did not give up their ambit Lotus for the boy even though he appeared hopelessly crippled. They bought him artificial legs and at the age of eight Russell was Able to Lee skate play a Little baseball and tend to chores around the farm. As the youth grew older he decided to leave Home and get a Job he obtained employment driving a Ruck. Not once did Huv have an Accident. Later he came to Kansas City where he was real raved As a cabdriver. He is set at this occupy Ion and has a Al to spoil his non Accident Recor free free with Purcha e of to Gallons of Rio Grande Oft soling we give free i lubrication i of i motor Tutti up raids furnished. Horton i sri jul Vav. Duar in we the Vic 8 a Firestone Bedi inon mum m la color a n d fabric Combine to live Beauty and Charm to the newest evening1 things. The new Modo is More sumptuous than Ever and the enticing glitter of Metal cloth or Rich brocade is difficult to resist. Exquisite draping Marks the use of the fabric while the line remains Long and slim. Margaret Lindsay has been photographed in two of her new frocks. The Brief Blouse and chartreuse crepe is embroidered lavishly with Bronze sequin in a Flower Motif. The wide Belt of Matching fabric is attached to the collarless Blouse. The knife pleated skirt is of Persimmon crepe. The More formal evening Fri go is of peach crepe with Silver Flower sprays Woven into the fabric. A Sunburst of tucks insures a snug fit to the Waist. Two rhinestone clips add More glitter. The skirt has a Short train. College students deny they Are mate Hunting Ithaca n. A a a aug 25.�? ins a the theory that students go to College to find their future husband or wife Wras disprove today in a poll among seniors at Ithaca College. Twenty eight per cent said they had found while attending College the Man or girl they expected to marry while the other 72 per cent were not interested or were still looking. One senior is already married and i seven others among the 115 in the graduating class have formally announced their engagements. The others among the 28 per cent say i that they Are serious in their intentions. But Haven to made official announcement of them. The students expressed disapproval with the new Deal Only 17 per cent saying they would Vot for Roosevelt if he were renominated Tor a third time in 1940. It by a dwt Eleanor Roosevelt cop right 1938, by United press Syndicate inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. All rights reserved its at Volunteer fire department celebrates 97th year i i Gretna. La. Aug. 25�?1 . A a 73-year-old fire engine said to be the oldest in the South was Pul i led through the streets of Gretna again As part of the Celebration of the 97th anniversary of the David Crockett fire company no. I one of the last remaining Volunteer fire companies in the United states. The old engine was a Fiona Iver. Quot recently relegated to a Post of Honor in the Volunteer fire company House when new equipment was purchased but Law Fly repainted and used for ceremonial occasion. The old engine was bought in 1865 and some of the grandchildren of the men who originally pulled it to fires were re men who pulled it Brough the streets of Gretna including newly paved and expansive Huey p inn Avenue Hyde Park a the Book i received the other Day and which i told you gave me a thrill is now out it is called a my Days and covers two years and a half of my daily writings very carefully edited. It tries to furnish the Reader with an interesting diary that is not repetitious. This Dally stint has been fun to do but not the least interesting part of it has been its gradually unceasing correspondence. People Are so ready to help you if you speak of a difficulty or Tell your ignorance on any subject. At times they Are not less ready to criticize but it is All of it education in human reactions and that is the most interesting study in the world. The world youth Congress comes to an end today and i shall be sorry not to receive daily reports from it. Having one of the Young English delegates staying in the House has kept me very Well informed and i shall read the final report with great interest. Last night i re read because of much discussion on the vital needs of the South the last chapter in Jonathan Daniels Book a a southerner discovers the these Are paragraphs which stand out for me. Remember i am quoting a a Iii s Kik is southerner a Many aristocrats in the South and that is the name for both the coca cola bottlers and the members 1 of the society of the Cincinnati do not believe and never have believed that the people should if they could a govern the South. Such a Faith or faithlessness leads to the unincorporated Mill Village and the company Union. Included under it Are both the kind Liest paternalism and the most vicious and careless a the Southern negro is not an incurably ignorant ape. The Southern White Masse Are not biologically degenerate. Both Are Peoples who May hang heavy on the National Advance or help to Speed and sustain it. Both Are Peoples who could consume and produce More a increasingly the ancient and venerable do without plan is deserted. But what of a new plan for the South Quot this is a question of National interest. The South must have a fair Deal and stand on an equal footing with the rest of the country industrially. Southern people must have the same opportunities Fory Educa Tion and health. We mus yearn to think nationally for Olwe is no longer room for Section pm of we Are to Progress. Political advert Merit Jover and re style pure. We refill old in reset Springs make slips do custom building. An inflator will Call in request. To years fix pier i ence Guara qty Fri Saffol Racoon. 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Today works in an air plane factory in Belgrade. Sia. Lives Clark Only candidate with i outstanding Tenyu ears record As tour tax fighter of y of Are age Sinai High car abase pc it it e. Curtis Clarr supervisor a tier proc of Friend and sympathizer knowing a fun. Long Bosch we a give hits big majority Vosgi was to St amp of climbing Tane is to put Fig Fakih frs on the Job. Rea. J347 e. If St., Long Beach. A. Even t hut in and recon i tinning. Draperies. A of Hortian by mods and slip overs. Offcuts lifers of Fine furniture. Do not Deal an it x>\j00 vow visited our store. 2-Piehe Ort recovered. Includes labor and fabric. Standard size and design new custom made 2-piece set. Of $5950 no better workmanship at any Price we carry our own contracts Alhambra upholstering co. 937 West Valley blvd. Phone at. 2-4087 Alhambra

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