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Arcadia Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 24 1947, Page 2

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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 24, 1947, Arcadia, California Sunday August 24, 1947 Arcadia do Arcadia bulletin i let i n 215 South i 4r�4 Avenue Arcadia California Telo Jhone Atwater 7-2131 knt red As second Arcadia subset option in Rico and vhf is mat Lei. October 30. 1938, at the Post office at 111 for in., under vet of March 3, 1879. I a per year with Arcadia Tribune and news. Published i very sunday Ising Katus on application edit n Analy that an tilt or in til if Tow time ivc left Dors i Tho bad one. Men iou s loader slip Heo Ranii too oft1 was one of a their Predock new and t on without tin s con re Ever has t Hen to All coma i Ever subject that to have person can e nicely seeks is not him in n emf new Congress report has been made and a Little it is possible to look Back at the Congress first under Republican ii. Dee ihm1 of clarity. A Good one nor yet a y was faced with treed ii from a change in Ted by passage of the h tipi oui in the what it j into engross any Cli rec Jeet on a nature of most War time to of nil to Bort sri me i nut i -1 a reate a i of a Mil not Kir or i labor p icle. Non coming out of Washington suddenly in seeking to discredit r rather than push Forward a Ani of their own. Is Landing legislation passed by t Hartley labor Bill. Seldom if ire difficult to write and be fair let very few if any Bills were pressure both pro and Eon so i a Bill that no right thinking labor but one which denture in the Public interest a. O la ii was j a Ion by Par our will a control in f into in i fief i in lid Mak it an Bas ileitis. Ice that 4 As nod Hill Aud probably deserved Mal relations we feel that this ii taking any drastic action in real attempt to keep this sub. Ionic seeking to learn the True it wont overboard in taking off a vide need a Tho tendency now becoming apparent to Jill sonic of them Back on under various guises As in the sugar and housing mix ups. We Are Iriti two to be hew thai this Congress neither gained nor lost very much Iii lilt Public voters esteem that most folks Are waiting until after next years session to decide whet in r the change to Republican leadership was a Good thing. We believe that ii was and believe that the next Congress with a world of Opportunity to do so will come up Villi some vein Worth while Forward looking legislation in the Best intern i of tin1 world and the nation. That Bunch of freshman emigre men really have something on the Ball. Vets St ii tit a in the seven Francisco i san Jose Sacramento and i every four married veterans for his family to live. This was revealed in a Surv it ill Quot doubling ii housing areas made up of the san Cion los Angeles county Stockton. Trestles More than one out of still Hasni to an adequate place of California. Wei areas Are either a ocl Are getting along a or single rooms. This informal still has a Long a obligation to the ing. It also Stre. Tion on the part space in making of course. To eight per sex cabled up a will a Best Thev can i made by the University of the vets in these i Inu or relatives or Inion rust Camps i ii a a1 4 Ai i h Home for the vet property owners can d or two could be fixed f mall family now a v Terr with relate Tion with repair and extra space comfortable which Branch Banks i the net effect is Tim owners income increased come and most important Given a better place every property a n Points up the i i that California to to before it will have fulfilled its form r cd s on the matter of decent houses indirectly the need for greater co opera property owners who have extra living Mach s Ace available to the vets. I Tibne can Rake the place of a separate ran by until Homes Are More plentiful cd to help. Many an extra room and made quite a a Homey for a Rig it out a in overcrowded quarks. The Cost problem in \ Eine its necessary to make made easy by the Low Cost Loans make to finance such work t the property is improved the the loan repaid out of that in of All a vet and his family Are live. Nor should do All lie can to help. Emf i ii Iai i it a a by every a it a up the. A governed. My Center and so declare newspaper rid dress. In in a Well a cull i Lair to prove la a it a is paper a by new paper Are gathered at town a its desire to be a to Tov As a merchandiser president of the american it Ion in a recent radio and i j Eon in in i it it Ani is really a it. Certain syllable it. Not a it a thy it it ref Lee Public and worthy i and under la Fille lice a Riel for new Awn act a sell and to forum we a chronic civic Gath it enter Tain i f my births a Good and j i la in intr Yeta ii i More ii. It hem re Loc As touched on a very ally Iii a Small town Birdess of who owns unless it gains a Rea i residents. And it is both to guide and in i in problems Ammu and i i la it a in in i i i t rom unless it serve arouses interest to activities helps citizens to know Tother better and becomes a unifying 111 Hui i n i 11 t a it More than a Channel function is. It must in to have something to must serve As a Public hanged it must function As club and Lodge meetings political affairs theater and it of activities and so on. Happenings in family life a together with the conduct a that conduct touches the a i she i s of paper nine that publish a Community see orid. He it oat i Ltd Britain a in fact it the Tutere. The loud they were gloomy too very grave indeed. But 11 ties before a so grave have openly de in paired heir it i Era on i i mint the and Commerce not the Shah next agric Ai i Soury j in from sin to Disraeli 111 it there is after that the Duke ruin that is gathering about but Britain survived then Iii spite of the pessimism of her leaders. Surely the courage of the British people and to it capacity int hard work will pull them through again i sri t the and Ong lenten Wellington nothing can a in Industry Uke of Sparks. From the news circuit i v i Cone Baxter i be the general supp Ilion Al where thai perfect weather is in Namou with California the e Are Ether s. I Osi turns equally intern ing and equally Lake. One Assumption is that we have in California a l legislature in cts annually solves the problems of state in a Brannigan of about a Hunt re Days arum fades Back into the hinterland each Man to Hie own business riling real estate groceries or leg ii images. Spurious As the a perfect weath it Quot fallacy California a a full time legislature a legislature that end its annual session at Sacramento Only of end its members out officially to study question compute Ponder investigate and reach conclusions on problems that will need solution in the next lawmaking session. Clo e to 50 interim committees Are now tinting studies involving every Typo of Public problem from youth welfare to fire prevention from Public morals to wildlife Consol vat Ion. That the work is costly must a admitted appropriations for interim activities now in i ogre approximate a half million Dol Lars. Almost certainly it can be predict a the gentlemen will return to Sacramento with ton too much of proposed legislation. Many of the Bills will waste their time that of the legislative Bureau and of never wearying Cha Les j. I Lac. Ell a Deputy state Secretary who answers More legislative questions than the encyclopedia Britannica. Too some interim committee members will take certain advantage of the Lush Opportunity to publicize themselves after the fashion of politicos and actors who need Public attention if they Are to maintain Public support. Some committees will now up in the stadium City oddly enough at big game time and ame at Sacramento Iii time for a to s ate fair. Others do their bc.,t work in the racing Caen. But a morally the Lute in Utiss facts and members never for during the legislative be i a of those facts a Bey will produce a Deal of Well con leered and carefully Prepa of Bills that will satisfy More people and require less amendment than would be possible otherwise. Despite the deals the trades and the log lolling despite the pressure work and the lobbying that goes with an ave age legislative year probably one of the cheapest services of All government provided in the Workings of the state legislature. In 1849, nearly too years ago a legislator got a salary of $10 a Day for 90 Days and $5 a Day for the rest of the session. Today his salary amounts to $111 a Day for too Day a and nothing after that. In the past too years presumably the need for legislation has grown with the population the importance and the problems of this state until a legislator today is to. King at his Public Job More Days of the year than Ever in California history. By comparison it does not appear that he is overpaid in 1947. Go c Mai uses will i if Mea that the v. Oui i have time already crowded Ion. On the Basi California Speaks significant statements by interesting californians Roy Simpson. State director of education a California n school system erne ring from a period of War Strain when personnel was depleted and plants were exhausted need Strong Public understanding and support today As it faces an attendance Load heavier than Ever in history Quot or. Edward Liston. Palo Alto m d on return from Europe a a England socialistic Lobo government hasp cruised the peo pro the Moon. So far they Haven t delivered a pin e of Henry Kaiser. Fontana Industrial i a Success is the ability to get along with some people and ahead of attorney general Fred Howser. L. Gamble by occupation is subject to the unemployment insurance tax Law a1 Bough there a no Law that recognize a or Sarah e Quot grammar Lester. Los gatos on i Ooi ii birthday a War and peace Haven t changed much first theres War then peace and then War Amir Nawaf Ibn Abdi Aziz 14-year-Olri saudi arabian Prince during Calif interview a Quot i can t talk about girls. They re a sore sen ran i a h. R tailed cd ref i Banc it with Judah Santa Cruz insidious lobby inc i if the Public Send in that the lobbyists to Hie for South Union Rye product i on the year 1944 the state of led All states of the production of Ive Dakota in the with Nebraska and Oklahoma ranking second and third As named r e in also grown in quantities in 32 other states of the Union legend 7. I two Buck limit v w ii it i i California division of fish and game political Parade. By Clem Whitaker there a a cynical a inn. Often head in the Hall of the state Legi i attire that the Lav. Make who votes with labor 99 times Oil of a Hundred will be remembered in labor i Clos Only for the one time he failed to take the Union program. Governor Warren who Walo clip booed last week As he appeared before the annual convention of the California St it Quot f d oration of labor and booed Arain As he left the speaker s Ostium mud have recalled that bitter bit of philosophy As lie marched out of the auditorium. The booing in that labor convention regardless of How it min. Affect governor War in s futile dealings with labor will be int pretend by Many men in politic r dramatic confirmation that no one can Long Wear a Union b Hon in political life unless he i v i my to be Quot a iou per cent governor Warren who was e domed for re election by the of l convention Only a yen and cheered to the erho was booed this year because or Only 98 per cent right according to Union standards. He clop u i f of tile labor program the or t time when he permuted the ii it cargo ban to become Law and a second time when he signed tie legislative enactment out. By jurisdictional strikes. On the positive Side Howe r. Governor Warren had gone overboard for social betterment in relation on the labor Agenda eve to the pm top Al int Way Rue invention of emf re tary pipe is by Rig Hap d Hoe in in 4 6 mad. I t poop i Leaf itto the Point of loins Man in i s friends in More conservative walks of life by his Copous i of the Union program. Even a a r governor of on who came i us office wealing a Union Label c tally accomplished Lese for labor than Warren although i lie a looked upon As a a too per ranter.7 labor in politics Taiwana lived by the hard boiled Prea t of a rewarding its friends and defeating i enemies Quot but we Quot her it can continue much i me or to a mane too per cent perform an a from those whom it endow or i open to serious question. Both in Congress and in they in o t Viz Ith sol to in x. p ? a ii w. Of / we it a con lax f Wood pulp a increase p pro Puc to. / c 11� 1 w j. T cd 4 a a a tilt a Quot i i a wit i1 a it a a a my it a Atabati it in f or egg nth Al. F r invented his Meg Ian in Al Type Sette p the Liaf Oty i ass the process of setting t be was pee sep or the invent i a Gen us of these Tepee Amee Caes tremendously Gro a Pineo the service of the printed word Ano stimulated the free Exchange of ideas so essential Toa democracy. State i Chi mature the influence the labor lobby this Yea a. Very Low ebb and there is creasing evidence that labor c no longer expect to get results simply cracking the whip Over friends or enemies. Booing too is p atty Jurci stuff. And labor if it values Public relations badly needs How More evidence of a Tun of at Iran by it s to us i k Chalk is a soft cat the. A Nota by led re that fan Austin Texas a it Mexico for a ii it average about Deposit White Rock depot of i be followed hit Hue t a is of lion 603 feet in unexcelled neighbourly amp funeral service co us Tesy Tut Quot Sise la Aminto Hee Turner amp Stevens neighbourly funeral directors since 1s95 ice \ Ai Jinn by ii a 1 nil so to Hook a Marlin in la ii tot11 in torn of a Iroll up boat Iii Lim sword Aii 11 p wait i a i. Oil n t y-1 tor i a i id a 11 it of spotlighting. Lit ins anti who Are Tia Iii ital i a per a cell i quipped Ami a i it u. To serve you plumber specializing in in maiming and us a l l Miil pair and service Day and night Calls Grover f. Johnson fulfilling 8-7s31 3513 Freer St. L l in Monte Davidson s Ortii Colv Ballf v Supply House Wali Imper. Paints janitor is is dome appliances 1321 Bald in ave., West Arcadia phone Atwater 7-4365 Hudson sales and service stocks of inn inn Hudson parts 123 s. Myrtle Monrovia phone Mon. >5 27 Sears in business James n. Walker 6 n. Air St ave Nee a everything in insurance phone at. 7-2361 cake e. Hardy Prysi i i a in pm Moi Iti sales and service 20 a. Myrtle Monrovia phone Mon. I or 11 Phillips ii rid Johnston Sheet medal works Evi Kyi Hing in Metal Pipa King Parker s plumbing and Healing repair service and contract plumbing 330 ninth first ave., Aid Aida Telephone Atwater 7-2584 Aula class installed mirrors table tops Cut to order winnow Gilt and store fronts installed new and replacements Brownie gives co. 511 a Huntington dr., Arcadia a t water 7 5901 typewriters rentals. Repairs m o n r o v i a typewriter Exchange 407 s. Myrtle Pii. Mon. 85 57 i w. Joseph St., Arcadia -57 9 free estimates radio service shop m. In Willey 1404 so. Baldwin West Arcadia Atwater 7-5911 Rajjo safes and service i Leone a my i Alo Kew i i Mvi Hines Dought sold. Repaired parts supplies rental your machine electrified v Acu uru it leaner service St \ Mon a Metzger Kilt Valley Rosemead quantic j la i refrigeration sales and service Atwater 7 2155 lies. Mon. 3331 Gene Spranger prop. 332 n. First ave. Arcadia local and Long distance moving Oneonta Transfer and storage agents phone tor information by. 9 1188 by. 1-1101 income tax accounting. Audits Clarence j. Aim . A Waler 7-2753 51 e. Month ton or. Ai Rad la costumed tailored ladle a and fonts clothing tailored to measure room la. Arcade building 38 i Huntington drive Al Causer s tailor shop i ii. Monrovia 3913 e ups i am n Mower Shor Aud saw Sii a Reem no 18 w. Huntington Monrovia a Oli set service specializing by prompt efficient colds of refrigerator service All work unconditionally Glia ran teed. Have a lots and holidays. Burn i Vappi Ianc i co. Sycamore975�? by Long 86151 ried s electric sales and service general electric Norge Kelvin tor. Home appliances . Vic tor Esters fun. Oiler radios. Bendix Home laundry 119 w. Foothill Monrovia phone Monrovia 137 plumbing Bauer amp King fail. Huntin Teflon drive we specialize in repairs and remodelling also floor furnaces in old and new Homes. We Foa nehi nationally known plumbing fixtures and water Heaters. Phone Al w Al or 7-3116 radio paints. Wale paper mirrors. Table tops window Blass Art goods. Oils brushes Vav window so Mies in atle Ami reversed i wern line candles waxes i least a insect it Idt s i h Ery pre War splendid selection Green trading Stamps Jurn with All Cash purchases Monrovia National pa1 it store phone Monrovia 103 a to s. Myrtle Monrovia Vav la of Frd \ l service new radios electric i tons. Car radios Etc. Pai l Spranger i 552 v i St \ pc. A l w. 7-2741 a i disposal company of arc Adi a office 5 i As Huntington or. At water 7-37 la i. A bag disposal service for insurance Al Gene Stone in by. J Ute Law. 7-1 75 bes. At. 7-sg30 Nelson a Wingard a by not shop i inc Linnet and Stair work Hurt h furniture pm. A l w a or 7-3201 56 la Porte St., Arcadia Alhambra Glass shop desk anti Dresser tops mirrors. Window Glass replaced in your Home Shower doors now available pm. A i Antic 2-2551 id i n Ltd Quot in id Alhambra or. C. H. Wilcox Gener it. Dentistry and a Ray 738 West Huntington drive Arcadia a l water 7-2315

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