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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 24, 1937, Arcadia, California Tetrey to your today a Best had strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Hog. In s. Pat. Off. Published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia. California Arcadia publishing company Fly or or Juja at a Coy flu to q of Quot the. Was co h it two 11 our from regarding Holth nod do to "11 be la ice to lumped sell addressed a Elop a or. Cia id re Pope Only i fill a 50 wends addles do front a co of / $ Muon a Hwy i Ota Poi that twp 44u�p Fry ju60�l&vla, Honora Lite Man who Pipi Ftp in world War 6fwriwo prinz.? 1 murper6r of the ? arca be Ferogh Ftp my i i a tic4in tit nit a it Iff o it hit Pup. Sheila Barrett in of t. E Clever est mimics of to e get a v ii a is t Niak her third nip a trance of the Ca son with Ben Bernie on his program Over Kita ii it o Chr Johnny Green of her pm Thov of excellent mimic a Imai to on Kif tile Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of Eon of on the 8th a it of May. 1931 entered As second class matter March 14. 1930. A the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. Represented nation Ai j v by it Norr Ham co Ltd. San Francisco los Angeles. Seattle. Chicagon a a a a in Boston copies of the dimly a inbuilt sad Lull ii Lorini alien it i uni Almadia and Surroz a idling markets May b. Obtain d Nom any of offices. Subscription Price Salt. Copy. Etc to Pei week 10c per month. Phone 2131 for All departments. Nights emergency j 2508 advertising Raj is on application at i of clock Khz j of pc Rrth and tribulations of the in Lvi is 30 is time for j my Idlor s Hollywood chattel in kit. De Lowry becomes he 1st St vie in of the shake by v Hen he and his Quot sing in in cd t Jai neb a Little threat a i of erne durin r i heir Bradica t a yes k u i t 7 to i Reca at 7 of it i m i inter of Clu k. The Story o i Ai t. Id a lug his Rem by by t be of eating this week vib it with Linn Eva Linave Marri e that. Erics is one of the most t be t life on the current air in my an amazing disc v in id in the Swiss Alps by ton i his. Vagabond adventurer and to Cor e urn is. Will be dramatized t Chirl s flav in a Quot thrill of the a try on Johnny the Cill f a a. Program Toady Kfi-7 30. A p Arete gang Mak s its weekly papal on Knox at 8 of clock while kit preen to death Valley Days. For dial ers who like a program of nothing hut mud the a it is a half hour of Quot a he Stratico by Mal Kemp on Forward Arcadia the Tribune a in la Forni Tor the Progress of Arcadia an adequate sewer a. Pm the business District. 2�?development of Ross Field into a county Par. 3�?accommodations for visitors and in ceasing population. 4�?widening of Huntington drive. 5�? protein Tion of arcadians biggest Industry. Poult y6�? City Beauli Nicator. Top of filk Jyh yqtof0/atoh�, Piriz 4ckffer�d Moua # Lite c w4 a streets i / pickups. Uke thi4 a i a Tusly Lite Cav in he on a hard fought bottle readied its victorious end August 26, 1920, with the proclamation Hie i Vin amen Omen i is a it a part of the l. 3. Consume Hon at last women could vote i his climaxed the heroic struggle waged for Nan a Century by the daughter of a Massachusetts Quanci who Vav rued to set women Lee As voters breadwinners and housewives. Militant believer in democratic womanhood Susan b. Anthony carried her cause to every Cor of the land through her , a Tihe scornful of men s monopoly on voting she dared cast a vote in in 1872 elections. Arrested tiled and fined for her heresy to judge dared exact the Penally of this popular immensely eloquent woman. Her death in 1906 prevented Susan b. Anthony from see in How far woman Kemanc potion was to a Vance. Lac num a of bread winning women increased from 1,8o6,288 in 18/0 to 10,778,796 in Lobo simultaneously the nation s purchasing has become almost wholly a woman s Job. Women now do do of All buying. I his has played a vital role in fostering other progressive Steps in our National Economy Lor it is tile women who have supported and made possible such significant developments As producer to consumer marketing. As purchasers of the nation s goods they have been Quick to use the Cash benefits of such institutions As nationally affiliated stores whose products come directly to Consumers from producers. The progressive spirit of Susan b. Anthony does in truth go marching on in our political and econ Ltd life. Millions prefer this Quot flavor that is different Quot i # its a skillful Cross Between f Mayonnaise and old fashioned boiled dressing a with a special piquancy All its own Miracle whip Luff is totally different from All other la dressings smoother funnier More a delicious. Try Miracle whip soon of k he Halo k commission in Avie u. with fun. _ nuu1krv Honor pit Koss Hiu cemetery a corf a won pm Chiton Oil checker Lakich was Oslo Poth Tavete Pawet /2 Gambs a a a a Fino Tbs pos Euloha i of very piece / r memorize. / i Bri t of if in us a world a it a i r. Is to by g1 s t of a a thrills Fri 9 n in when he will recount i his exciting expo Ienir who n. As a Soldier of f it me. He served Tim Mem Uruu tries. Arthur Corsar. Of my priceless witticisms Are heard daily at the Brov n Dei by has Bei n signed by Ruth Auff Mil Rye to to write special Tamate for Al Jolson when la Singer and his troupe return to the air a Anes september 7. If Ken Englund co author of last season Penner program has a wild look in his Eye these Days its be rinse he a writing the material for the Marx Brothers guest shot on the first of the new Auto sponsored shows starring Lanny Ross and Ray Paige. Fred Uttal is Pinch hit Ting As announcer on Walter Faun Prosperity is generally mov o Keefe town Hall tonight series ing upward. So is manufacturing while Harry Van Zell vacations in outlooks for fall Trade Are sex los Angeles. H Irry started . Much of this Progress is radio career at kit ithe due in a Large measure to the fact forthcoming appearance of red that markets for californians Amaz Norvon a band with m dred Bailey singly Rich variety of produce Are As m tile Palomar is continually expanding. Ibis. In stirring up interest in local radio turn makes californians wealth of and dance circles. There la be some resources available to Ever increase thing new in swing music ing numbers of buyers through la growing popularity of direct pro Ducer to consumer methods of distribution. Nationwide stoic Quot Loups with their thousands of retail outlets scattered through the length and breadth of the land a e been a i tent Force in Multi no the wealth of this state Beear e they have built greater markets or California s produce and Cut Hie Price spread Between producer a d buyer. So now that fair Days Are almost Here ifs the time for evry town county and citizen to build their own names by building c a Fornias a. Lets All be there at the fair. Lieutenant Bobby Quot just a Brown dog Loyal pal and pet of capt. . Harris Mascot of co. C.i211nt. / died Jan. 29,1936 age 12 faithful to the last stamp of eight million deaths strange As i seems school boy who plunged the world into its greatest War is a National hero of Yugoslavia. Through gavrilo Prinzio s action in assassinating the Archduke Fedin and of Austria at Sarajevo on june t8. 1914, precipitated the world War in which some eight and a half million lives were lost Yugoslavia reveres his memory honouring him in 1931 with the stamp Issue pictured in the above cartoon. He is regarded As the emancipator of the sit is in that the War he started with three pistol shots enied in the freeing of Yugoslavia from austrian Rule. Lieutenant Booty Mascot of company c. Georgia National guard l Eutz Nant Bobby is said to have been the Only dog Ever to be awarded a commission in the United states array. President Coolidge gave him an official commission As lieutenant for faithful attendance in training classes at fort Belling. Killed by a fall the dog was buried with full military honors on february i. More about twists continued Fie it a Page one negroes injured As car turns Over on Las Tunas boys have Dales mixed shoot firecrackers in City failing to negotiate the turn at Las Tunas and Santa Anita Avenue Ernest r. Hill san Gabriel negro and passenger miss Uneda Edmond received minor injuries when the car in which they were Riding overturned Early sunday morning at the above named intersection. Arcadia police were called but As the Accident occurred in county territory officers from the sheriff s sub station in Temple City handled the Case. According to the Arcadia police report a group of boys in Arcadia yesterday got their dates mixed and were busily engaged shooting off firecrackers on Lemon Avenue. The youths when questioned by officers stated that they a were shooting up some left Over neighbors in this Vicinity the report disclosed declared that the fire Cracker shooting has been going on for some time Here. Master of memory playing against Newell w. Banks nationally known checker expert of Detroit Michigan William f. Ryan won the a blindfolded championship of the world on april 25th, 1s37. Both blindfolded the players sat at the table with their backs turned. Twelve games were played simultaneously. When one of the players decided on a move he directed an official to make it for him. The dictation method also served to inform the opponent of i he moves made. Once spoken however each move had to be kept in both players minds entirely through memory. Byon won three games and seven of them went to draws. Miracle whip contains More \ far More of the costly ingredients viscosity in physics viscosity is defined As the internal friction or resistance to relative motion of the parts of a fluid. The word is derived through old French and medieval latin and was first used to apply to a collection of viscous matter in 1545. The coup do eat coup do eat is a sudden decisive exercise of Power whereby the existing government is subverted without the consent of the people an unexpected measure of state More or less violent a. Stroke of Webster. A pathetic fallacy the phrase a pathetic fallacy was invented by re Kin to designate the illusion that external objects seem actuated by human feelings particularly when one is under great emotional Strain. Get Ike worlds Good news daily through the Christian science monitory Norman Marsh yes or. Dunn in a coming / r Tell the commandant i must Seu i m a right now yes a or. Dunn i will please i done to become excited it will be bad j \ for you or. Dunn wants to see you immediately in sir / no a Joe Paloska Liy i it to Al Nyk x got a name Fer in 1 Smokey a Lissen kid Tryan finish an git outa the ring Quick a s swell a s what i Well j Call. In 0 to St watch this round s Fer Kickin Emlo be careful keep mov1n a what is it and prosperous is merchant Masv bet Emil rival Jones just a Cross the Street for Mcsweet is much a Tribune advertiser he gets All the customers Jones never will meet daily Tribune Paloska came out of his Corner slowly his face is set with a serious look is he finding no i too much i of Mim a Page two Arcadia daily Tribune turn Fly. Ammi 24. ?7
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