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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 23, 1937, Arcadia, California Arcadia daily Tribune monday August 23, 1937 the daily Arcadia Tribune published daily except sunday and holidays at 104 n. First Avenue Arcadia. Alifornia Arcadia publishing company entered As second class. Matter March 14, 1930 Al f the Post office at Arcadia it y California under the act of March 3, 1879. Stra Noe As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. U s. Pat. Off. Represented Nai san Francis o los a copies of the i a. It i and surrounding a flees. Subscription of month. Phone 2131 flt advert is no. Fork the Tribune s plat i 1�?an adequate sewn 2�?development of to i 3�?accommodations Ai 4�?widening of Hun ii 5�?protection of arca a 6�? City Beauty Lea i in Alia a it x r imn 6 Smi of b Kew chef two of the cftfci6�, South Mew a a c0\i�r�v v4\tva <3un\ 4?r\w\zq a Tab 6 old wst., by to Bette Ash filmy Sim to in we be Center of the Pacific \ \ v a lonely kin6mm4 reef it \ today Best radio programs ii on in cupper of cure. A ill water 4m? Momi comm British rear Admiral fire Jahim Wren rasing a a 6eor3e y0n\e> of vhf Wiz to capture Mosack Washington of a of Inizie in n i y testing or 1 Dis Tes Ana bad plants which grow and can in nun iders in me part Gassy fishy making it unpalatable. Nearly -1 ii Suc i disagree Oie a Are paying More or taxpayer customers which o Sweet and palatable. I he i he purity of water car. Smelling for dangerous Bill a a a covered Only with a Microscope what doors to City water supp is a xxx. In virtually ail Wale s. Vaen present River Lake or other source of tiler t oily or other doors to me hat every City is bothered. I some time \. Tastes developing in its i with advancing living Star. Tai is c. Attention to driveline via ii to their taxi is not Only pure and dear but wide spread use of chlorine to i Tenze Public water supplies has reduce infection from Tim i my rec to a minimum. Medical experts say that 50, it ii it s it a i urn typhoid annually and that the disease n a the Ippe a. Having con queue the problem of a i Cly. In be to y. A it r a it is no. Ties Are improving the Quality of bum product. Many c ties formerly noted for their bad water now have a is poly that ranks with toe Best in palatability. Just As chlorine has enabled waterworks officials to deliver Safe water a new punker activated Carbon empowers them to keep tiler water Supply Sweet Anc palatable under All conditions. Although introduced less than a decade ago More than 1,000 cities Are using activated Carbon. I he material does riot dissolve in the water or anything to it but aids As a sponge in soaking up the off flavors Given Eft by the minute plants. One Pound of tie Ren Rivkah sub Iunce will remove the tastes and doors from about 100,000 Savons of water and the Cost of treating water with it rated Chon Art rages Only about three cents per person p a ear. 00mn atm viol \1 of la my in me olympic 6aml a of Lyoo by fret vip not know the were i Quot competing in the of temp a hts in. Paris j is millions prefer this a flavor that is different Quot it s a skillful Cross Between Mayonnaise and j boiled dressing Villi a it in piquancy ail i is own \1 n a. I in is totally different Iron All Ltd h r dressings snit a it to Ier , in ire delicious. To meat Icv his on Apt a mass Miracle we contains More \ far More of the costly ingredients r a in Lux Jivu set Usu i -4i a ? a. I a i t 2, get lice Weria s sign Ai the Christian a a Ani to in. C unconscious victors. The announcement hat the United states team won the olympic games of 1900 came As a Complete Surprise to us members As Well As to the members of most of the teams that competed. No notice a Given them of the fact that they Cere competing in an olympiad until it was All Over. Second of the modern olympic games it was held in Paris France at the same time the Paris exposition was being staged. The various teams that had gathered for the olympiad were pressed into service for a number of exhibition meets run off in a poorly organized and mildly publicized manner. At the end of a meet which Mast of the i competitors had thought to be just another exhibition officials announced that the meet had constituted the olympiad. By virtue of 17 victories in the 22 events run off. The american team was named the Winner. Living statue of Gold. No myth was the Story of Al Dorado Spanish for Quot the gilded Man Quot. One. Of the major factors motivating Spain a Conquest of South America in her explorers search for treasure the Al Dorado s tory was based on accounts of the ceremony used by the Chichas tribe of Boga to. New Granada for inducting a new chieftain into office. At the Start of the rites the chieftain to be a a inaugurated was Dan Dunn stripped and covered with resinous Gums. Gold dust was then sprinkled Over him and he was taken to Lake. Gua Tavita embarked on a raft and ferried to the Center of the Lake. There he jumped into the water and washed off his coat of Gold while members of the tribe threw jewels and Gold into the water. From the Spanish name for this ceremony has come our modern usage of Al Dorado signifying a place where wealth can be rapidly acquired. Fourteen american towns have adopted the name. Tomorrow the stamp of i gift million deaths More about political War continued from Page one would prefer to postpone that Issue until after the 1938 congressional elections when voters have had an Opportunity to pass upon this year some rebels notably sen. Frederick Van Guys a id. Royal s. Copeland. D., n. A a a sen. Burton k Wheeler d., mont., and sen. Joseph c. O Mahoney. D., wyo., already Are convinced that the new Deal plans reprisals. With some of these senators in the Center of it. Congress adjourned in clamorous political bitterness. Hopes for an Early return of democratic Harmony were considerably diminished. Try Tribune want ads. More about police Force continued from Page one declaring themselves in the past As satisfied with the service a taking Down their customer cards. Chief Ott in a Telephone conversation with one of the leaders of the chamber of Commerce intimated that police department frowned on such patrol co. No such As a duplication of service., but which 1 Cap. Shannon asserts is far from that. Quot the routine patrol duty of the police department Anc. The thorough inspection made by the Star night patrol is As far divorced As one can 1 imagine a Captain Shannon explained. A the two services Are District in different. I be checked and i 1 i in attacking mayor Corby a state-1 Merit that night patrols were rackets a Captain Shannon defended private watchman system with the statement that the movement has widespread forewing throughout the United states and such agencies Are recognized by county and state officers. Shannon him self carries the recommendation of sheriff Eugene by Tilz to operate anywhere in los a Angeles county. 1 a if there is a Racket existing in Arcadia it exists in the City departments themselves s with such things As unkept promises and the unfair treatment Given taxpayers As Shin a Henry Ivy one of the greatest historical dramas of All time will Joe performed this evening Knx-5 p. In with Walter Huston Briane Aherne Walter Connolly and Humphrey Bogart. Conway Tea rip continues As narrator. The outstanding of Neill drama series class today with Quot the Straw Quot on Reca at Peggy Wood famous in the american and British theater takes the feminine Lead in die play a love Story of two sanitarium patients. James Meighan plays opposite miss Wood As a Young Newspaperman named Stephen Carmody Allan Mcateer is heard As Bill Carmody Irene tedrow plays miss Gilpin Mary Michael is mrs. Murphy and Ned c Malloy is Fred Nicholls. Fri offers the contented program at 6 o clock and Burns and Allen follow up at 6 30. Michael Gusikoff. The great great grandson of the Man who invented the xylophone. Is the concertmaster of the Firestone symphony orchestra. Hell be soloist on the a tire Quot program tonight »Kfi-7 30l its a toss up Between the Lone Ranger and pick and Pat on Khz and Knox at 7 30. Fibber Mcgee and Molly offer their contribution to the radio menu on Kif at 8. While Horace Heidt and his brigadier perform on Knox. Vox pop voice of the people a is cleverly conducted from the hotel new yorker in new York City and is heard tonight via Kif at 8 30. Wholesome drame without a great Deal of excitement May be enjoyed by listening to Hawthorne House on Kif at 9 of clock. Joe Sanders Quot the old left hander and his Little Ducky duckies the Nyht Hawks Quot broadcast from the Black Hawk restaurant in Down town Chicago. Their music May be heard through Khz at 9 30. White fires Knx-10 15> will pay tribute to Henry Thoreau beloved american poet and naturalist Stevenson s immortal a Cdr. Jekyll and or. Hyde will be aired in two parts with the first install men hitting the air tonight on Khz at 10 30. Alonzo Deen Cole conductor of Quot witches tales a writes and produces the radio version of thic chiller of chillers. Igor Gem has added a third medium to his entertainment Field he a making recordings. Benny Goodman becomes the galloping band Maestro airing the swing school from Dallas september 7 Back to oily Wood september 14 and new York september 21. Cecil b. Demille went into production of a the buccaneers this week. Jimmy Wallington one of columbian a favorit announcers announced for himself last week the arrival of an eight Pound daughter. Barbara Jane. August 16. Michigan Florida coast lines Michigan has a coast line of 2,389 Miles on the great lakes. Florida has 2,530 Miles on the Gulf of Mexico and 1.221 on the Atlantic Ocean. In King a total of 3.751 ing examples a Captain Shannon i said. Mayor Corby at last week s Cou i Cli session definitely gave his stand on private watchman service when he dramatically advised chief Ott with a a we la double the police Force i to keep rackets from establishing in the City of Here to your health by or Loti or or tie of St was co Hafl Terr All Ood i9 Larga it Imparl s la Tiki Mil in f let run 3 writ on on. of papa. Ani i or. I Noraj <30 Borjo. or front. M c of not of la Quot Pap egg Dia but is or a sugar sickness diabetes mellitus is a disorder sometimes n in i it it i to As Uffner sickness Puiul is steadily growing1 More comm n. I Bud that a a o y c i us inn nation min fur or \ a this e King t u in a it e Are Young to give younger the i it Cie ii lied in carried diabetic a Der Titan i my Sun people have an idea it is a disease of the kidney it i it 1 a kidney disorder although one evidence of the p is the finding of an excessive amount of sugar in tit thrown nit by the kidneys. A list of diabetics includes the names of nun example la. G. Wells the famous King list an. It r disease. Thomas Edison world famous he a George v of England Are also reported to h e about two thirds of the patients Levi Lonn past the age of to however it is a o found in Ltd i n a adults. Iii spite of the seriousness of the Niue to us it i to -1 a the patient of Middle age a great Deal of hoi in i h patient the More serious the Outlook As a g aural metabolism is imperfect at an Early ago this i ment of the pancreas. For some reason As yet in a. Children seem to have a tendency to be bigger an Normal children of the same age. Diabetes is fundamentally a disease e of the p acre a. I has been described As a Beefy Organ having a aaa. A so liar to mat of the Tongue a size about that of the hand aril lying behind the stomach. It is an Organ having a double duty for on one hand it pours into the digestive tract a secretion necessary for Gaf on on the other hand it secretes directly into the bloodstream a substance called insulin which is needed by the body in burning aug. R. This second substance is called native insulin or Naura ins Din the secretion of which is regulated in such a Way As to exactly i met the needs of the body. It is probable that with an increase of Arches and sugars in the diet the healthy pancreas secretes an extra Tai it of insulin with the increased production keening a e v i a the increased intake of these foods calling for More insulin. However the insulin output is so controlled that the body has always sex Ai try enough a a without too Niue or too Little being available. Native insulin is produced by certain cells in the pan re s which have been Given the name of the a islands of t,o�?Tgerhans.�?� in has been estimated that there Are Over a million of these secreting cells and that if you gathered them up and Ghe i them Alloi i e islands from one human pancreas would weigh about As much As a Buffalo Nickel or the Ordinary five cent piece. In diabetes some of these cells Stop throwing insulin into blood Stream. As a general Rule All of the islam not cease to function and there Are some of them left Active which go it n woe my. The More serious the impairment the More serious the Case of diabetes which results. When the body is not making enough insulin this Means that some of the starches and sugars which have been eaten will not be burned properly. Although they have been digested and absorbed the body is unable to use them. When this occurs the blood u. A Lases and after it reaches too High a figure the kidneys begin to throw out sugar. The title of tomorrows article is diet and diabetes. Look for it in this newspaper. Questions and answers temperature variations question b. G. Wants to know a when a patient hag tuberculosis what time of Day is the temperature Likely to Rise does a Normal person Ever have a slight Rise in temperature a answer in the tubercular patient the Elevation of temperature from 3 to 5 . And generally by 8 . The temperature will have returned to Normal however in some instances the afternoon Rise in temperature May not take place until As late As i to 8 . With the temperature falling Back to Normal by to. The Rise in temperature varies from a Rise of a fraction of a degree in to As much As 2 or 3 degrees. Normal individuals have Boon known to have a slight Rise in temperature of one fifth or two fifths of a degree after eating. Watchful waiting question Esmeralda o. Inquires a have heard so much of the danger of cancer that i would appreciate it if you would Tell me some of the signs which should cause one to be on guard. I understand that most of the difficulty comes from the paid Cut not knowing soon enough that he has cancer and delaying treatment until too late. Please Tell me some of the symptoms to watch answer any of the following signs should cause the patient to seek medical Aid the presence of a sore which refuses to heal particularly on the Tongue or lips or elsewhere in tin Mouth stubborn indigestion with progressive loss in weight the development of any lamp particularly in the breast in women any irregular bleeding or discharge. While these symptoms not inevitably mean cancer their appearance should awaken the patient to the need for examination. Sterilizing diapers question mrs. E. C. Inquires a could you it la me How to sterilize the diapers of an infant bothered with severe chafing have been using a chlorine answer the use of a chlorine solution May cause irritation of the infants skin unless you Are very careful to remove All of the solution. The easiest method of sterilizing diapers is to Wash Well in not St apy suds rinse in Clear water boil dry in the Sun and press with hot Iron. Shogi. Much a Joe chess Shogi is the name of the japanese game much like chess. The names and moves of file pieces Are different. In Shogi. Any captured piece May be used As an additional Man against the opponent. Amass a great wealth a to amass great weal said i to. Tile s a g e of Chinatown a awakens envy ii los its Possession is still More fortunate in finding ways to spend it that will command Honor and gratitude. A a Norman Marsh Christian science Reading room 50 e. Huntington drive Arcadia Miff Dir Fie i a Happy and prosperous is merchant mein let. Not so rival Jones just a Cross die Street. For Mcsweet is much Wise. He a a Tribune advertiser he gets All the customers Jones never will meet i of i remember now commander a we Pound evil of s place flew Low Over it Mev attacked us Vith machine guns a riddled our Cas tank we were Able to ply on por a was then a plane came at us dropped a bomb a we Bot h jumped overboard a that s foolishness Dan they could t destroy a battleship in a going to Issue the orders por it to daily Tri Bun

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