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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 23, 1937, Arcadia, California Home edition tribunal twists kicking machine bib healthy month 4 a firm believer in in a the historic coastal town of new Bern. N. C., has become a Mecca for i 5ir-repoaciful North Faro lians who Are flocking Here to Avail themselves of commissioner Tom w. Haywood s a self kicking in fact. Haywood. Inventor of the device which dispenses four self Quot kick in the pants with a turn of in Crank has Given himself a few because he put the machine up for Public use and now a the noise it it people using it at nights keeps my 4 the Craven county commission prs invention consists of four of shoes mounted on the spokes of r wheel which is connected to a hand Crank by a series of pulleys. The person desiring to kick himself stands before the wheel Bend a tightly Forward and spins the Crank. The pulleys go into action moving the wheel which in turn pins the shoes and several Hundred carolinians have attested t its almost human efficiency. Haywood said he built the machine to give himself an occasional Good it was kept behind his general merchandise store. By news of the novel device spread and popular clamor forced him to it put it in front of the store for pub lie use. A it works More after dark thai any Ether time a Haywood said. Of lot of folks done to want people to it know they need a kick so the wait until i close up at night and then come a a sometimes late at night i car hear the machine jest a squeaking outside Quot Haywood added. Quot som Guy taking it and keeping in awake Quot the genial rotund commissioner who gave himself 44 Swift kicks on his birthday recently Kine for each year exp awned the machine was the Quot Best thing i Ever saw for a a this is chiefly because the machine can to Tell and yet the confessor has unloaded his mind Anc conscience and feels mentally better for the kick in the pants a Haywod said. V of. Vii. No. 1% Arcadia California monday August 2$, 1 h7 single copy 5c construction work underway again at Santa Anita with scenes like these promised Ime be ii of Hebo finishing touches being set on Santa Anita track by builders planters 1reat season predicted August health if you would believe or. Herman g. Morgan Indianapolis Heak Board Secretary there Arentt an a dog Days Quot any More. He says its All because of scientific development of preventative Medicine Public health administration and More sanitary sewage disposal. There was a time you know when in August horses frothed a the Mouth dogs went mad and lit tic boys were warned to stay Awa from the swim Man Hole with the Green scum. Because sanitary conditions Arn heat were at their worst then the death rate was higher. But net now August now boast of being the most healthful month of the year when it was once believed the most unhealthful. It Bathe lowest illness and death rat of them All or. Morgan said. General Muna firer Strub lines up Stellar lift of campaigners for 37-38 finishing touches on the added construction and landscaping work being carried on at Santa Anita a Ark were launched Here last week Vith the program of projects at the a acing Oval being programmed until ate fall. With Only 124 More Days remain no until the bugler Calls the horses it of the paddocks to the starting Tate for the opening race on Christ Nas Day All work outlined by the of Angeles turf club for the Park Las been ordered accelerated. Or. Charles h. Strub general manager of Santa Anita reports that the finest horses in America vill be stabled in Arcadia for the ourth season of racing in Southern California. Or. Strub is now nearing completion of his yearly Jaunt to All the leading tracks during which in vigils up the contending stables or the Winter classics Here topped of course by the $100,000 Santa Anta Handicap. Strub has disclosed that War Admiral Kentucky Derby Winner and sea biscuit 1937 United states hand Cap Champion will headline the Dassy racers which Campaign on the Queen City Oval this Winter it pays to advertise crossing tender Gilbert e. Land believes in advertising his employer a business. When the Boston amp Maine Railroad gave his shanty a new coat o paint lame took the Opportunity to paint some signs of his own. The signs him on his Shack read Quot glad to see you on the go have a Good time. Next time try my Railroad. Cheaper cooler than your Quot crazy Driver just based. With those Fellows on the Road you Are safer on my Railroad. United press news flashes trial in final stages los Angeles aug. 23 up a trial of Albert Dyer on charge of nude eng Curee Small Inglewood girls went into the final stages to Lay with the state demanding the Leath penalty in final arguments to i jury. A a it is an Absurdity to consider j air planes had bombed chinese lines tithing by. A judgment of death dangerously near the United states a Tik actions Petty politics exist in City department night watchman asserts Here service cause of hubbub secret sessions of chamber of Commerce broken promises Are bared death panic spread by bombing of banking Road United states Navy storehouse writer wounded i Nitro in rsm stuff cd Orr miking it by ii. R. Ekins Shanghai aug. 23 up a two air plane bombs crashed into the heart of the International settlement spreading death and panic. One plunged into a teeming crowd in the banking Road. The other landed on a United states Navy storehouse. Municipal Council authorities said officially that 300 were killed and 500 wounded in the banking Road bombing. Many corpses were still buried in debris from two department stores hit by bomb fragments. And wounded were dying each hour. Among the wounded were two americans a Anthony Dillingham new York times correspondent of Nashville tenn., and miss Blanche Tenney born Here. Billingham a wounds were most serious and there was fear for his life. The bomb which struck the Navy storehouse occupied also by the american owned commercial express company plunged through the three floors of the building without exploding and started a mall fire that was soon put out. The bomb struck Only a few Yards from the american consulate general and next door to the temporary British consulate general. Earlier in the Day three japanese killed when a Shell struck the Augusta Friday. The banking read bomb fell Between the big Winton and sincere department stores. Dillingham was the Winton store and was struck by fragments that pent rated an elevator in which he was standing. His Arm was Cut so badly that it was believed an artery was severed. He suffered also two Chest wounds. The elevator dropped sharply to the ground floor from the second floor when the bomb hit. To that fact Dillingham May owe his life. Hallett Abend another new York times correspondent had been waiting outside for Dillingham beside their car. He found Dillingham picked him up and taking him to the car rushed him to the country Hospital. There he was taken at once to the operating room. But he had lost so much blood and f suffered such Shock that an operation was deferred until tonight. The concussion of the banking Road bomb was so terrific that it stepped All clocks in the area. The storehouse bomb again endangered american Navy lives and properties. But it was the banking j read bomb that struck terror into j Shanghai and brought Back vivid j la i t legionnaires to hear data on state department convention on tuesday oratory speeches and reports will tomorrow night at or this Uden Dant a said Deputy District attorney Eugene Williams. Albert Dyer has damned himself is the murder of these three girls in his nine confessions to the charge filed Geneva aug. 23 up a loyalist pain delivered a note to the league of nations today charging Italy Vith Quot flagrant aggression against he Spanish Cruiser Augusta anchored in the River and had flown Over the Cruiser in mane vering. Only a few hours before the bombs struck requiem mass Wias celebrated for Frederick j. Falgout. Young u. S. Navy first class Seaman memory of the horrible bombing of be co featured August 14 in which More than 1.000 the legion Hall on n. First Avenue people were killed by one bomb when the members of Glenn Dyer casualties people alone and whose total never will be known. Nor May the toll of today spanking Road bomb Ever be known because Many wounded were treated in Homes or offices and not reported to police and the dead were carted away in trucks. Jim Rax r a jugs i imagine that almost half of the people men. And ship reports bombing f Rance aug. In up in the British freighter nonce Ulia reported by wireless today hat it had been bombed 200 Miles rom Here by two alpines. The ship said it had not been lame fed. Jim Carroll in this world is sales the Only reason i Cut Down to hah is because i am trying to give out the impression that i am not ? californian. Out Here nine out of every to person you meet is sell no something that they Haven to got to somebody that does no to really need it. If you political warfare for control of democratic party foreseen As aftermath of bitter Congress session Post no. 247 american legion meet in regular session. Commander William Krebs will preside Over the gathering scheduled to be called to order at 8 p. In. Local delegates to the state department convention held recently in Stockton will bring reports to the Arcadia pest according to the bulletin leter sent to All members of important phases of the convention is programmed to be Given tomorrow night by the following delegates to the state conclave from the Arcadia unit past think i am wrong just try to find somebody that ainu to got a Deal in escrow. Whatever that is but the Point i started to make is what is a Salesman. And after a Quirin and investigation i can Only come to one conclusion. A Salesman is a Feller who once held a much better Job. Right yours. Jim net Star files Carson l i nev., aug. 23 up a Helen wills Moody former ire Roicke woman Tennis player of he world tiled suit to divorce rom Frederick s. Moody jr., of san a Francisco in District court Here to Lay. The scaled complaint which will my the court stars seven year marriage to the handsome Oil Salesman and Sefc Iolite. Charged mental cruelty. Montague silent Chicago. Aug. 23 up a John Montague whose Many Golf tricks turned Hollywood inside out with a my maintained his reputation for being close mouthed today when he stopped Here Between trains Enro Ute to Jay new York to face to Tai on old robbery charges. He a a Quot hat about the contract you Are supposed to have Washington. Aug. 23 up a political warfare for control of the democratic party was forseen today As a Likely development of the bitter session of Congress which scrambled through the wreckage of president Roosevelt a 1937 program saturday and adjourned. The new Deal has been weakened on both right and left wings. A conservative Southern democratic bloc began to emerge in veltus Campaign promises passed the i commander de Trimble or. R. H Senate but was buried in the House Scofield j. Victor Cavell Carleton under Southern democratic opposition. Bills for reorganization of j lie executive departments and for nationally planned control of water Power and other resources likewise were lost at this session. But if a special session us called this autumn it would be primarily to obtain crop surplus control and wage hours legislation. Or. Roosevelt has indicated that he Lias not Kerr and Ralph Tebow. Legionnaires in the bulletin letter were asked to bring committee or relic is with Thmas this meeting will be the last Opportunity to present them. Refreshments will be served at the conclusion of the session. Announcement made officially to it Day by Schwarzkopf a n d Meentz realty company revealed a that within three weeks time the Santa Anita inn on w. Hunting management of Chew Wong Nom management of Chew Wong Nom experienced caterer of High class chinese foods. Nom it was disclosed holds a Cne year lease in the inn with Opportunity for renewal and will have a Complete chinese Force operating the establishment. Nom also owns chinese spots in Portland and los Angeles. Tax counsellor John Pierce in address to local rotarians on Friday program Congress this year possibly to., Challenge new Deal forces when the surrendered on some plan to Deal meets in 1940 to with the supreme court. Party convention meets in 1940 to name a presidential nominee. Or. Roosevelt is believed ready to go to the people in protest against wreckage of his legislative program and possibly to contemplate a special november session of Congress to obtain some of his 1937 objectives. He already is boxed for an and but it is believed the new Deal continued on Oage 2 aged Arcadian hit by car reported As recovered although still in a Semi critical condition. Mrs. E. A. Kay of Lemon Avenue is recuperating at St. Luke a Hospital in Altadena today following an Accident saturday night in front of the Arcadia theatre. Mis. Kay 65-years of age was struck by a car operated by Jack Kaufman of Huntington Park while crossing Huntington drive in the pedestrian zone in front of the theatre. Choosing a subject on which he is j Well informed John Pierce tax counsellor and official of the taxpayers association on Friday brought an authentic report on Quot taxation to members of the Arcadia rotary club in luncheon ses Gion at toe woman a clubhouse. Local county state and Federal taxes were discussed by the speaker in his interesting and educational message. Pierce had statistical data to accompany his talk giving the clubman a Well rounded address. He was introduced by the program chairman of the Day coun oilman James r. Griffitts. S. L. Gillette president of the organization presided Ever the Gath i ering. Visiting rotarians included Ches i Ter Van Mellen and e. J. Simonds a of Monrovia. Guests were Dan Dickenson guest of or. Carl f. Bass and a. N. Multer guest of i councilman Griffitts. Petty polities existing in the police department secretly called sessions of the directors of the Arcadia chamber of Commerce or Commerce and an episode of broken promises made by chief of police Don Oft were brought to Light today in an investigation carried on by the Tribune following mayor Grant Corby a last week assertion that night patrols a a rackets a would not be tolerated in the Queen City. Promised the cooperation of the police department even before he had listed any customers. Captain m. J. Shannon world War aviation hero and recognized by los Angeles county state and Federal authorities As a private patrolman and night watchman of integrity alleged last week that he had experienced a Sample of the a Petty politics Quot that is existing in the local police Force. Quot before witnesses. Captain Shannon charges a chief Ott promised me the cooperation of the police department in my venture of establishing a private night watchman service for merchants and residents alike. The Star night patrol was promised the backing of the police department by its own chief but it seems that promises made by Ott must be thoroughly approved by higher ups in the Community. For instead of receiving cooperation As promised my Throat has been Cut by the Arcadia merchants taking the patrol service. Including several directors of the Arcadia chamber of Commerce posted cards on the doors of their respective places of business. Falsely asserting a a duplication of Captain Shannon Points out. Chief Ott. Without notifying the merchants had the City paid patrolman pass up the stores which j were receiving Star night patrol a service a move which was Quot detrimental to the Success of any private i organization and a move which was unfair to the taxpayers of this i called secretly without general notice to the Public a meeting of i the directors of the chamber of 1 Commerce was staged recently in West Arcadia at which the chief topic up for discussion was the night patrol. Following this session i came the Bombshell action which found several of the directors of the chamber of Commerce de continued on Page 2 old Santa be depot May get clean up paint Job the old Santa be depot in Arcadia May soon be Given a cleaning dress Here sept. 17 in which he is up and new paint Job. Expected to continue his coun it this was the belie4 held today by attack on conservative opponents Captain John records Secretary of begun last week at Roanoke Island the Arcadia chamber of Commerce n. Following the receipt of notes left Congress adjourned s a t ii r d a at the c. Of c. Office Here by a pair after a bitter session marked by division in new Deal ranks and legislative refusal to enact several major proposals submitted by or Roosevelt. The Senate scuttled or. Roosevelt a supreme court reorganization Bill. Both houses joined in passive j of Santa be officials. On the Back of one of the cards left by v. H. Wilson superintendent of the Las Angeles division and f. J. Mckie. Assistant general manager of the lines in this area was written Quot or records sorry to have missed Vou again. Anyway will try to signed win the Bing Crosby Cor j resistance against crop surplus con Dean up and paint the pot anon. For $1,000,000 for a picture Troi legislation at thus session. I Captain records had contacted of your famous Golf tricks a i the wage and hours Bill designed the Santa be offices on the Issue a done task me j Alir a Lyrl 4444v Kvut it he snatched to make Good some of or. Roose previously. Two injured in car collision i ton Bomi of Monrovia and mrs. Sigrid German the latter a passt Ager in a car driven by r h Mauss of Altadena were injured in a two car collision Early this morning on foothill Boulevard. According to reports from the police station Bornt falling asleep at the wheel of his ear overtook and crashed into the rear of the car driven by Mauss. Both ears were travelling East on foothill Boulevard. Mrs. German residing in Pasa Dona. Suffered concussion of the spinal column possible fractured vertebrae and a sprained Back Bornt was Cut about the nose and eyes they were treated by or. I n Kendall at his office on n. First Avenue. A rays were ordered taken of mrs. German following treatment Here she was moved to St Luke a Hospital for pictures and then removed to her Home. Rushed to or. P. H. Well s office on Baldwin Avenue mrs. Kay was ordered removed to tin Altadena Hospital. She suffered pavement j Burns abrasions cuts and possible fracture of the ribs the report on file at the police station painted out potted Plant shop opens in Laflamme Arcade Al Ray Beauty Salon locates in Arcade on Huntington another new business has opened in the Laflamme Arcade. Building the Al Ray Beauty Salon. J i the new Beauty shops owned and operated by or. And mrs Ray co Nant. Known As a Connie Quot and or. And mrs. Conant have owned and operated the Monrovia Beauty College for the past year and a half and Are Well known to Many arcadians. This new. Modern shop will feature Good work at reasonable prices Anc will have three operators in the shop at All times. Quot Connie Quot and a Ray invite you to give them a trial. Or. And mrs. Frank Fox who own and operate the Fox Begonia farm at 2112 South sixth Avenue have opened a shop in the corridor of the to w la flamme a Arcade building. An attractive display of begonias ferns and other potted plants will be it n display and for Sale at All times. The Fox Begonia farm is Well known to Many Plant lovers of Arcadia and the display makes a been i Beautiful setting in the Center of the Arcade. Quot Trot do Mark regt Atud seven months in each Many a life he Maneu vers with a knife in a skin game arms a waving that a the time he gives to shaving. O m Rhoney Burke and Wheeler Guffey recognized new dealer shout of tomahawks and knives Warpath stuff run for your lives. Mack fire truck arrives for duty in Arcadia the new Mack fire truck arrived in Tho City of Arcadia late saturday afternoon and today was Given Pun id tests at various sections of the City. The Mack truck will be stationed permanency at the Wheeler Street station while the Reo truck new Bein e puppet with a pumping unit at Oakdale will eventually be transferred to tile proposed station to be erected on the City owned i get in s Baldwin Avenue. Prague and Lisbon snarl and fuss peace to them Don t mean a cuss think its smart Pooh pooling it a everybody a doing it. Quezon takes his Toast tut tut. In Advance of Paul Mcnutt Paul had ruled that Wasny to fair press reports on earthquake there Hoover says the talk of friction is a Ziffling malediction from the sour is where they foil friction with a dose of Oil win dec r May buy Buno a i of in Virginia ukes it so Nineteen bathrooms ail Complete sort of my tiptoe country teat m r Orr

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