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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 11, 1937, Arcadia, California Wednesday August la 1037 Arcadia daily Tribune p. In tilter society and clubs. Phonic i t i is to Arcadia 2131 swimming party celebrates birthday As a birthday party for her daughter Nona mrs. Mem while of Duarte entertained the Tawa a campfire girls with a swimming party at Mountain View Pool on tuesday. After their swim the girls hiked to the White Home for a Watermelon feed in int party there were ten to Wawa girls mrs. Grace Nichols and mrs. Grace Day guardian. Mrs. Martin recovering from operation i friends of mrs. Francis c. Marvin will be glad to hear that she is recovering nicely from an operation which she underwent monday for a thyroid aliment at St. Vincent s Hospital in los Angeles mrs. Martin will not be Able to receive visitors until the last of the week she expects to return to j her Home at 738 West Huntington drive Early next week. Visiting relatives in Monrovia a House guest tins borne of or. And mrs. Xvi la Crowell i of 221 Lolia Street Monrovia try of Alhambra. Bank manager on vacation c a Chet Hasson manager of the Arcadia Branch Bank of am week at the Erica is enjoying t his annual two Charles Ary we ekes vacation. He and mrs. Has South mag son Are motoring North and expect is Mary to to be away during the entire vacation period. Synopsis condemned to death try reds in the Early of the russian revolution countess Alexandra Adra int is rescued by a. J. Fothergill a mysterious Eny Ushman who Calls himself Peter our nov. Deeply smitten with her exotic loveliness he conveys her safely to a town held by White troops but the reds attack seize the town and jail her. Peter fraternize with the red troops gets himself appointed commissar of jails and frees Alexandra. Together they escape into the nearby Woods where Peter conceals Alexandra under a pile of leaves when the pursuing soldiers close in on them. Chapter four scarcely had Peter finished covering his Lovely follow fugitive with leaves and twigs smoothed Over the place to make it appear like a Bart of the general forget Shrub Ery and straightened up when a Burly russian came crashing through the underbrush toward him. The Mournful hooting of owls and an occasional eerie Bird Call added to the. Feeling of terror that gradually crept Over her. At last half Frozen cramped and stiff almost hysterical with doubt and fear she heard a crackling sound coming toward her. Then Lounder crashes of breaking Underbush then a familiar Voide softly calling a where Are you done to be afraid Tell me where you Are Quot wild with Joy she threw off her covering jumped up and threw herself into the arms of Peter whose dim figure loomed near her in the Moonlight. A a Darling Darling Quot she sobbed i articulately. Quot did you think i Corno Back to you a for answer she put her face up to his. He Bent Down and kissed her drawing his arms tighter and tighter about Hor As if he would merge their two beings into one. The next morning they awoke almost with the Sun. Firing was audible in the distance and the Forest at last was Clear of the soldiers who had Given up their search and gone to take part in the Battle. Peter improved on the a did you think i come Back to you a he asked. Not waiting to be questioned Peter Opportunity to make his Way to a spoke up quickly trying to make j woodcutters Cabin on the outskirts his voice sound offhand. A found anything yet a the Soldier eyeing his strange garb ignored the question. A what Arr you doing Here or demanded. A you Are not company a a no. A Peter groped for something convincing to say. Quot then you must to company eleven a the Man went on. Peter seized of the Forest and barter some Silver and Small pieces of jewelry he had concealed in his clothing in Exchange for loaves of bread tins of food and a bottle of Brandy. Best i of All he Learned the Way to a i nearby Village on the Railroad line where they could Hope to get aboard a train for Kazan in route to the Border and Freedom. I having Banquete to the full on the Peters Rich haul they started off Chance eagerly a a in a not much of j toward the Railroad drawn on by to forester i lost my Way because Monrovia club names civic chairmen to afford direct Contact with affairs of the City mrs. Frederick l. Walker president of the Monrovia a Many a club has named a new chairmanship for the coming year that of civic chairman and has appointed mrs. W g barks to fill the office mrs. Clarence White will lie co chairman. No definite plans have been made As yet for the Winter season but the chairmen have taken a membership in the Monrovia chamber of Commerce so that members May have first hand information As to plans and projects of Community interest. Mrs. Barks is a past president of tile club and a for two years chairman of the Public affairs Section mrs. White is parliamentarian of the club past recording Secretary. Federation Secretary and press chairman. Mutters see fair at Del mar or. And mrs. A. N. Multer of this City drove to Del mar on tuesday where they enjoyed the san Diego county fair. The arcadians report the weather Quot Lovely and very cools at the sea Side resort and the exposition a Worth the drive especially attractive at the fair is a huge exhibit building tilled with Flowers with Many new and heretofore unknown varieties on display. Inspecting the numerous Beautiful begonias was greatly enjoyed by mrs. Multer. Elizabeth Day visits parents Here miss Elizabeth Day now residing in Long Beach spent several Days last week at the Home of her parents or. And mrs. Leslie b. Day of Arcadia Avenue. Franklin at eighty one Franklin was eighty one years old when he helped to write the Constitution. A More about i j a chinese War continued from Page one j a the Headquarters is a dramatic picture of War times. Aides and messengers hurry in and out with orders and dispatches. Field telephones ring insistently in the rooms. Wireless men keep their ear phones on while they take in and tap out messages from and to the front. Mimeograph whirl out Battle orders for distribution to Field officers. Staff officers Bend Over map littered tables. Japanese newspaper men Are arriving with Knapsacks on. Apparently with information that they Are going to follow the army up the Hankow Range of Hills. Outside the Headquarters the troops try to escape the sweltering heat using wet towels to Cool their foreheads and the backs of their necks so that they look like foreign legionnaires from a movie. As i watched two men began raving heat madness. They were quickly stripped and medical officers began sluicing water Over their bodies. More about Bowling club continued from Page one i lost my whistle. Casually As if dismissing the matter he took out his flask off Andy and prepared to take a no. The Soldier immediately for Vav his suspicions and became absorbed in the business at hand. A a you re not going to drink alone brother a. A Only an of drinks aion0, brother a answered Peter cheerily. A come. We will search together. You do any whistling for in. And ill let you help me with my drinking. The Best of friends they proceeded to clump through the Forest stopping now and then for a sustaining nip. Until they Rome upon a squad of soldiers who Hod pitched Camp in a Clearing and were preparing their d1 ruler. Stephanov the Soldier who Hod taken Peter and the Brandy flask under his wine. Vouched for his now Comrade and the fugitive was accepted As one of them. After the meal which they All , Peter tried to get Hock to the waiting Alexandra on thex Cuse of proceeding on his a such Aio but the affectional Sponho nov insisted on accompanying him. To v As not until after dark when searchers made Camp in the Tim was Able to steal woo to that he Awa a. Meanwhile Alexandra Lay in Hor hid a place almost afraid to Barrilo wondering what was happening to Ber companion the hours dragged wearily by the Nim rays of Light that penetrated her covering were blotted oat by night coiw7 by ousted Ruiu corp Oreula a glimmering Hope of Liberty that they scarcely dared acknowledge to themselves. Before Long they had reached the Village Only to find a great jostling throng of peasants swarming about the Little station. They overflowed on the tracks waiting for a Chance to Hoard the train whose oncoming whistle even As Peter and Alexandra wormed their Way into the crowd could be heard around a Bend in the Road. The train rolled into View. Chugged slowly Down the track and came to a Stop when the horde of waiting refugees swarmed All around it. Peter clutching his beloved close to him. Pushed and fought his Way through to the train with a frenzy Horn of desperation until at inst he stood at the open door of one of the string of cattle ears. But there stood gaunt hol Low eved peasants ready to bar their Way into the already overloaded train. A co Awny Quot they shouted. Quot be off there Isnit even room for a Fly a a Start the train you fool a others directed the Engineer. A Abr others a cried Peter wildly a my sister Here she can to walk. Comrades please Quot Quot get away Quot the Engineer called Back from his cab. Quot in a starting the train a Peter made a last desperate try. Simulating a cold fury he shouted Quot if you Start the train i put my head under the whorls a and he ducked under the first car laying his head on the track. To be continued Merit. According to president Jackson d. Stanley the membership Roll of the local club by the first of the year should outrank any other club in the Southern Section of the state. The a ancient and honorable Quot Hairfe has taken Well in this territory and the rinks Are in use virtually every Day of the week. Keepers vacation aboard boat or. And mrs. E w Leeper and Childr t a Wesley Lenore and Roberta have returned from a most delightful 10-Day vacation aboard a sailing boat As guests of or. And mrs c. L. Cornell of los Angeles. During the ten Days the Ketch was anchored at the isthmus at Catalina Island and at various Bays around tile Island including Fisherman a Cove Emerald Bay fourth of july Bay Cherry Valley and other Points of interest. According to the arcadians the return to the Mainland under sail. Took seven hours entertains Cousin from Persia a House guest at the Home of or and mrs. Bill Petersen is miss Jamalia Gazzini. Who for the past two years has made her Home in Persia. The visitor is a Cousin of mrs. Petersen. My pm. Wit i the final Page in a the Story of the great Southwest scheduled to be turned with the closing performance of a a miners a Gold Quot on saturday evening August 14th, the Pasadena Community playhouse announces a pause of six weeks of dramatic activity for the annual vacation period. The seven play seven week trip through four centuries of Western history has earned for the Pasadena staff a deserved if Brief intermission from the business of the grease paint. Monday october 4ti, has sub announced by general manager Charles f. Prickett As the re opening Date with the fall play season soon to be announced. Resume to Date of the current and third Midsummer drama festival indicates that it will far surpass in popularity either of the previous summer events. The Brilliant stage pictures of an earlier West have awakened in native South Landers a new appreciation of the land in which they live and to visitors the unfolding of Quot the Story of the great Southwest at the playhouse has meant a spectacular introduction. For Sale at the Tribune office / relieve Klie Matic and neuritis pains cramps sprains sore Muscles tired feet by applying rub Ine. This penetrating soothing preparation is already bringing Comfort to hundreds Here on the West coast As it has for years for thousands in the East. Popular size 58c Kings pharmacy Arcadia Send your name and address to p. O. Fox 565, Arcadia for Sample bottle. Baking powders me Price today As 45 years ago 25 ounces25<? True foible action ors d>0vnd$ a a it Esbee list 18 your Quot govt. In m ent easy now to Correct bad breath no need to offend others listerine Quick deodorant sweetens breath now there is no excuse for offending others with halitosis bad breath. The Quick easy treatment to counteract this condition is listerine. Simply rinsing the Mouth with it makes tile breath cleaner sweeter More wholesome. Most cases of bad breath says one dental authority Are caused by fermentation of tiny food particles the tooth Brush has failed to remove. When listerine is used to Rine the Mouth it halts fermentation and Over comes the doors it causes. Smart men and women realize that it is easy to offend ethers and take the pleasant listerine precaution against bad breath. Lambert i har macai company St. Louis to. I done to offend others Check halitosis with listerine West Arcadia Beauty shop we specialize in contour hair cuts at 35c better permanent at s3 and up phone 494 Adeline v. Gagnon 1204 Baldwin mrs. Hubner daughter leave for Bay City mrs. Or. L. Hubner and daughter Barbara Ann. Were to leave today for san Francisco where they will visit with relatives. They planned to make the trip North by bus. Quot r More about u. S. Government continued from Page one a at the same time More ample funds Are being received from private investors making further investment by the government unnecessary. From 1933 to 1935, the Treasury invested $49,300,000 in shares in some 650 Federal associations $1, i 116,300 of which has since been retired. From september 1935, to june 30 of this year. Holc invested $150,368,400 in 940 Federal associations some of which had previously obtained Treasury capital and $32,-664,600 in 203 state chartered Thrift associations. The aggregate of Treasury and holc funds invested in savings building and loan associations was $231,216,700 on june 30. The Law provides for the gradual retirement of these government investments through repurchase by the associations beginning within five years from the dates on which the subscriptions were made. Club will meet thursday the improvisers will assemble at 6 30 thursday evening at the Home of mrs. Genevieve Nutter 821 Arcadia Avenue for their first August meeting. Members Are to bring the usual a spot Luck and their own service. Several important items of business will be discussed and a social time will follow. Early Salvage of treasure the first Success on record in salvaging sunken treasure occurred in 1687, when Silver specie and jewels were salvaged from a Spanish wreck in the Wett indies. 65,000 baseball facts a figures is 37 baseball dope Book How a tidy bigger in size Many More features contain Rutiri a. Haight and weight of Mal a leave Playa a Park Capac Ihaza authentic origin of nickname instruction a on How to score Quot Carl Hubbell major league Reoa Odi lifetime .300 hitter How to compute beverage Hall of Famo at Cooperstown Etc., Eta. Handy pocket six. 198 Page Al your . I a or Send is Centi it c. C. Spina son. St. Louis the daily Tribune a business and professional directory i. N. Kendall m. D. Sur Ger y. Gynaecology obstetrics office hours to to 12 2 to 5 evenings 7-8, except wednesday phone 2111 Igi n. F first ave. Loans notary incur aim Dee m. Payne real estate 56 e. Huntington Arcadia phone Arcadia 2294 my radio store phone 2298 we repair All makes of sets 18 North first Avenue Arcadia Ethel c. Guinther chiropractor too s. First ave. Pm. 2�i3 next door to Post office Arcadia disposal co. 56 e. Huntington or. Phone 2294 collections mondays and thursdays 50c a month Carl f. Bass optometrist phone 585 hours 9 to 5 examination by appointment 50 e. Huntington Arcadia classified advertising classified advertising i cent per word per insertion. No advertisement accepted for less than 25 cents. You May phone your ads to the Tribune office Arcadia 2131�?and pay later. For rent piano rent $2 to. Apply later a it a Purchase. C. J Gould 967 e. Colo., Pasadena for Quot Beautiful floors rent our new Dustless floor Sander easy to operate. New Johnson a electric polisher for rent $1.00 Day. Walton hardware 24 n. 1st ave. 164-Tfc for Sale or. T. H Smith dentist hours 9 to 6 a phone 2630 evenings by appointment 671 w. Duarte re. Arcadia Tribune Job printing a specially John f. Houlihan draperies a venetian blinds upholstering 124 e. Huntington drive phone 517 or 798 a a. 2491 or. Bruce f. Sims i h Siciu ii surgeon Ortw pitl of t re haul h no 7 Arcade bldg. To i Arcadia wanted wanted person to Cook evening meal for couple in apartment. Call Arcadia 516�?evenings. 187-3tc Man a operate soap route. Start immediately. Up to $45 first week. Car As Bonus. Write Mills 18 tenth St., Oakland Cal. 186-3tp dressed poultry killed on order or while you wait from prime fattened chickens. Childers amp Hatch 1223�?Ta s. Santa Anita Arcadia phone 2858 unusual lot bargains Floral ave. Near Santa Anita 75x135, $750., or 50 it. For $500. Second ave. Close in 50x200, $650. Bonita ave. $575. 2 a. Cor with immense Oak tree $1300. 3rd ave. Near Huntington 50x150 with Oak tree $250. Wendell realty co. 19 East Huntington drive. 187-3tp Good Saddle and work horses satisfaction guaranteed to suit. Corpe bros., 50 Laporte St. Arcadia. Phone 2344. 185-Tfc our retreads Are guaranteed regardless of time or mileage. Bill Reynolds Lemon and Ivy Monrovia. Phone 140. 183-30tc furniture and rugs at Gem City storage and warehouse. C. J e. Turner 918 so. Myrtle ave., Mon Rovia. 182-30tc Beautiful Little spinet piano used since december 21, 1936. Bal i Unce $195. Terms $2.50 we. Open Eves till 9. C. J. Gould 967 e. Colorado Pasadena. 114-Tfc repair service radios washing machines refrigerators Arcadia Howe. Co. 52 e. Huntington or pm. 2434 to real Good practice pianos. $49.50. Terms $1 per we. C. J. Gould 967 e. Colorado Pasadena. 114-Tfc save $50.00 on slightly used electro Lux Gas refrigerator. Arcadia Howe. Co., 52 e. Huntington drive. We protect your Home from water dust smudge noise drafts Etc. Security Metal weatherstrip amp air conditioning co. Pm. Arcadia 2468. 36 e. Huntington or. Jacks >0 we fit feet Spring and 502 s. Myrtle at. Summer _ a a. Foh shoes styles Monrovia Calif. Graduate Ortho Peist a a Ray shoe fitting we can order any make of shoe to fit your foot prompt and economical financing on Home Loans greater Arcadia building loan association 118 East Huntington or. Telephone 46b men and ladies tailor cleaning and alterations at Cash and carry prices g. W. Strauser 148 e. Huntington or. Phone 622 signal formerly macs cleaners. Pm. 2262 Low Cash and carry prices a Quality work tailoring a alterations a repairs a relining prompt. Courteous delivery service 18 n. First Arcadia Gibbs radio service sales amp service a to years experience 379 West Norman Arcadia phone Arcadia 605 refrigeration service smallest repairs to Complete reconditioning Call Arcadia 2579 a. M. Ellsworth h. G. Wagner electric refrigeration service commercial amp Domestic Frigidaire Kelvin Tor and All other makes phone 94. 281 Valle Vista Monrovia personals rosicrucian mysteries All sincere seekers for the great truth and mystical Power known to the ancients write for the free Book. Quot the Wisdom of the in is mailed without obligation to students of the higher Laws of nature and mental science. Friar Iii am orc Temple san Jose California. A 187-3tp swedish Massage electric Cabinet Baths colonic amp reducing treatments mrs. H. Bowles phone 1124 406 e. Huntington Monrovia 179-30tc Monrovia health store 113 e. Lemon Monrovia Battle Creek diet foods get a pamphlet on How to reduce or increase your weight or combat constipation a a a a 177-30t-c River Pool stage the weather by eau says that Pool stage is a term applied to conditions effected by the dams or by temporary blocking of a River by debris behind which water is retained when tile overflow ceases. Miscellaneous so does the Diamond Transfer moving packing crating storage estimates free pm arc. 2459 swedish Massage i electric Cabinet Baths i colonic and reducing treatments mrs. C h. phone 1124 406 e. Huntington 179-30tc we Are Selling j list your property with us for Quick results Pangborn realty company 21 West Duarte Road pm. Arc. 2771 i 168-30tc j a a i travel and Accident policy issued j to times readers and members of family. $1 per year. See me for Accident insurance w. J. Baldwin pm. 2325 want to Exchange six room House garage Hardwood floors Clear conveniently located to stores schools churches i Block to Carline Highland Park District for improved Arcadia property. 506 East View drive los Angeles. Cd 66655. 16630tc phone 2406 la Motte a cleaners dependable service a Quality work work called for and delivered. 227 North first ave., Arcadia Arcadia Texaco station a bks Quot dry Jack Baldwin prop. Phone 2444 let us explain mar far lubrication to you s. V. Schermerhorn Agency general insurance a real estate a notary 146 East Huntington or. Phone 54 a when you think of hardware1 think of. Baidwin Avenue hardware iil2io Baldwin ave phone 322 Sheehan furniture 8 Mer. Co. Two stores of Keefe amp Merritt gaffers amp Sattler Tappan a ranges electro Lux refrigerators r. C. A. Radios Simmons Beds and Springs rugs a broadloom carpet Wall paper awnings 135 e. Huntington drive 1220 s. Baldwin Pittsburgh paints window shades venetian blinds linoleum phones. 2558 or 619 Etc Transfer amp storage co. Movers packers shippers 701 so. Myrtle ave. Monrovia Telephone 409 v off a for. Best lunch in Arcadia Beer amp wine hamburgers. 10c mikes cafe 223 to. First Avenue Arcadia read the want ads in the news
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