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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 9, 1938, Arcadia, California Tuesday August i19.18arcadia daily Tui Rune Page five a you wont miss with the classifieds san Gabriel Valley topics rates minimum 50c per word ./.21 display falsified col. . 75 a Bay for i our insertions it fifth Fyk fac delivered thursdays v 40, Homes daily Tribune rates minimum 35c per word. Subsequent insertions display c classified col. In. A i 4r# 4j.lu1ujl1 a i in lost and found one Arcadia j a Nii Isiais a a floors. Flushing ,. I or 2132. A a tit , Cuil Ion Gal i basses in Black lecher Ca 0 probably dropped la curbing Between Monrovia sit Wand Arcadia Liberal Reward. Can Sterling 6261. 1700 la Crest a or Pasadena. 714-i <57 >186-18. 7�?contractors a Uoo Fini proof in the if of backed by 20 years / experience our prices Ana term will please you. Phone Iva licit for free 1 estimate. -814 or evenings Bt-6058 All weather roofing co. 240 n. Allen Pasadena authorized Appl ice tors of Certa in Teea products for be a it i fun i our new easy 10 operate electric polish Day. Walton hard ave. Floors rent floor Sander. No Johnson Stem rent $1.00 ire. 24 n. 1st 164-Tfc 12�?roofing pianos of uprights. Grands. Apply rent on i c. Gout open saturday us to 0 p. In 967 e. Colorado p Sadena wa-193 rent $1 month up $3 month up Diane later sic co. 18�?real estate me e wanted Able improved or for in in. Rent or 9�?painting, paper hanging a Interior eco rating Dewey Holt. Pms no and decorating. Licensed Ai insured. Free estimate. 402 Wildrose Monrovia 825 476-142 to painting paper hanging and decorating Livest prides in the Valley est, free All work guaranteed. Of. 74?k�. Butter and eggs furnished by produce Exchange of los Angeles August t 18 real est a wanted real est a of you have Des vacant real estate Exchange we would be pleased to have you conch up. Vis. We advertise work we sell a. N. Multer 1636 Baldwin ave Cor Las tuna phone Arcadia 2770 240-Tfc typing a anywhere in the Valley reasonable accurate immediate service will Call for and deliver Box 12. Arcadia Tribune i 55 South Marener Ltd Avenue. I 659-161-192 bargains in use i ii lure. Cal Fomil 627 so. Myrtle we buy and exp i and new fur. Furniture co., on Ovla. Lunge furniture. A Oft 4 i Bone barred is. Up Pekin 4 u lbs. Pekin under 4 la up lbs. Butter extras. 2g a prime firsts. .2�l standards. A. .25 undergrads .24 Large candles extras 31 candles Light dirty extras .29 a candles clean standards .27 candles Light dirty standards .25 candles checks .25 medium candles clean extras. .28 candles Light dirty extras .26 candles clean standards .25 candles Light dirty standards .2.2 candles Hecks .22 Small fugs candles clean extras. .19 candles Light dirty extras. .18 Case count. -23 August 0 hens leghorn 2l to 3�?Ti lbs. .13 hens leghorn Over 3 4 to 4 lbs .13 hens leghorn Over 4 lbs. .15 hens coloured 3 to 4 lbs. .22 hens coloured Over 4 lbs.23 broilers Over i to i i la. .19 broilers Over l i to 21� lbs. .19 fryers leghorn 214 to 3 lbs. .15 j fryers coloured 2�?T to 3l lbs. .17 fryers coloured Over 3 to 4 lbs. .18 roasters rocks Stags old Roost ducklings ducklings old ducks roasters soft Bone other than barred rocks 4 lbs up geese Young Tom turkeys Over 16 lbs. Young Tom turkeys 14 to 17 lbs. Hen turkeys 9 lbs up. Old Tom turkeys. Old Hen turkeys squads under la lbs Doz. Squab la lbs. Doz up Capone under 7 lbs. Rabbits no. I Wilt. 30 to 4 0 rabbits no. I mix col 30 to 4 0 rabbits no. I old. .20 .12 .09 .14 la .11 .20 .15 .19 .19 .21 .15 .16 .24 .2"j .24 .9 .7 .5 radio program Ltd it Torii i ohm ii Kiu Kluht Lei. Kiu Shi ii with Kuhr uha null k Kon boat Kin ,. K pm by Coner it k Kwh Poilu ,1 k Fox no pop Koki new Knox Penis of a Korr t of j o c i Loon it Ecay Miller Orr k of a son of Kip . 9 45 in of we Minim i oui sin to k kit in holler i err 7 15 in Kiu in Ulp of snort. I i to hum is Mim no in Krc \ Orch St in Kuk Hor 11 no ii ii k Fra o to rap App i k Kox i i nil 10 00 in kit von 11 in Riotis Mim h or Mon i k six Spring Tim Ltd cup Vert n in k Stu req Upp is i Kun Knox in k v a is Peen. K Klix Orr rut in Kiu rim ii. I ii l h Ltd a 111 a w pm ii i a Kuca lines. Kiu i m ii i a Kwh unlit von i a Imo i or 7 30 p. Yin is or 11 news Kra Eta Lim Mon mtr drop son i. In Caf is Kuk Nruh 10 15 in to ii i.rn.,i. Is i i a Jinni i m Ait. I hour. Is i a it a Nev i i is fac mrs. J w ft.111.-i him of men a to it is Kox Kiu Tho drier hot. I Kim int Lent n i is ids i i to von Novi is k a 1 Mii ii 24�?musical i Strum h for Kent pianos for rent sign per to and up. Grands a or to and up it tit to a july a Purchase later c. Would music co., 9g e. Colorado St Pasadena. 43 to a it die Washington merry go rounds tip cd Mak. A of Pittmo Drew Pearson on j Robert s Allen 8 00 p. Kun i fac Tiik Johnny 33�?miscellaneous tuscan Cuno a Miks fur oui Niit a 1121 8. 2mf\fcvearcadia a 703-185-190 Kiel entitle. Kin to a Hoe. Koki it m0.1 k i m la i a k i pvt of we Lily. H 10 30 p. k i Avn a Tenn Fri Orth sir is six it Iii in uni k i kit tunes is i your ii it fac Lim in. W i hint a 10 45 p. icky h Winder k Kao it in Kai pc nympho i i to kit rhythm. For sniffs a a a a la. A. 50-1 i. Fron fat if w / i ii Here Monrovia. $7w of Ijler. 232 n Encinitas Monrovia. 712-187-192 22�?furniture a used splendid Sci eerie furniture at Prit Ford to pay. Yore # livery. Budget terms. storage co. Ament i it a h. Rio thin if car do Rye i la re. In i i ii rior. H tin pm ii a Mona a a a i. Al. I. 11 so Tal of Jimie Hurnel to death in Home Mon i Loe n. A a a aug. 9 a ins William Townsend Adee wealthy and socially prominent and his wife the former Sally Kornily were burned to death today when fire swept their Home on the outskirts of town. Mrs. Adee saved the life of their baby by tossing the infant from a third Story window into the arms of fireman just before the roof of the House collapsed. Voters in four states go to polls today continued from Page i 1 were expected to go to the polls. There was no senatorial seat at stake. I efforts of four democratic a and one Republican congressmen to lire formed the pro is pal part of the Campaign. 1 gov. R i. Cochran virtually was As in re of democratic renomination to an unprecedented third term. Charles Warner int speaker of the unicameral legislature a expected j to get the Republican gubernatorial nomination. 1 Columbus o. Al -. 9. Up a senator r ii of j. Bull Ley whose i iou per i. New Deal support aimed him til Public Praise of president Roosevelt sought the democratic renomination Over George White former governor in today a primary. K i i i a in i k a i it Ltd i. Meliin 6 45 p. i pc \ i in in ii Kiln k pc 1x la ii Xuhui let in kav1 la m ii pm of a tint ins. K ii k i 1 \ 1,Iii 1 k i pol i ii ii i. K Al i k in u i i Iii my. Kui 1111 a j t a win. In 1 Jyh 11.1 in ii Fotinia i i a aunt sin Knox \ un-1 1, in i in pol it Kovi a breadline Iii wheat 7 00 p. I a i a a pm c r. 1 it a Ai,., Kluk f i Hinton Al i an an i Vin. 8 45 p. k Kuk i ii a ii. Ii a Kwh 11 Ady into k he so Al Ity 9 00 p. k kill i h k Al Good Moi him t. K i la w a ii.1 to High i i a Kmak son v in Al i Melody kit i it act s Knox Sii it a Quot the has in Al a \ it in Iii i i a k 1 i i a in c 9 15 p. Knox orchestra kit it mimic. In l l in 11 to c. In Sij lit a i Laten Cli 9 30 p. in it it Orch n Iii Kuhl of no in i lit i a Ai a. K i kill s of steel a Kai pm, i Ipi Al hollies. In i i it t in 11,Lim,i a a k Pac mm-1, k l a a i a Trio i h r Kew la Al Omen i a w 11 Llma St Era. 11 15 p. Yuki to i in i in Usu Bush Aii of mtr my i Knox Hail a ji., 11 30 p. k Kas la St a Nim cd i it to a ii i Liney Klim Orr Hert to k v Grant Orch in i i Martin mum a Hill in a net with Al Ike git in to j pc Midnight Awra re us 11 45 p. pkg j pc Nill t Lull in k11 ii a men t Orch. A Kwh. K Kox news k mtr re uni a 12 00 Yii night in n x it ire to. L i ,. Arc i. I in. Kum rhapsody in w.i\. Kim Ald to Mon in k11 ii \ cml ii 1 ii h Kai pc swirl club Koi i in cords Rori a in. In i i i records to 4 a. Iii Al Kun the Vav itch in Horn in it i. I i i Midnight Kapi or cd i Al japanese invasion has Cost China approximately $3,530,000,000 to Date million orphans Are result continued from Page i in the peace negotiations and helped brine about a settlement. Taft s son one Republican primary tomorrow which the new Deal is watching closely is the Ohio senatorial be Ween supreme court judge Arthur ii. Day and the millionaire son of the Lay president Taft in com last to his brother Charles Taft Robert Alphornso Taft the Ohio senatorial candidate is a bitter enemy of tile new Deal he was j tile Man who brought the supreme court suit testing out tilt Gold Content of the Dollar brother Charles on the other ii an a \ As i Andorra brain Truster wrote a Book Friendly to Roosevelt and was uninvited to make a Lincoln Day address because he refused to Damn the new Deal. De. Jute Robert Taft s presidential lineage judge Day is the More colourful of the two men. The son of a country doctor he worked hrs Way up from hotel Bell hop. Has a notable record on the Ohio supreme court. He has been waging a p it or Many a Campaign while Taft 1 reputed to have pent a Quarter of a million d j aug Day a. Mean i aft a loosed the purse strings. Now it is an even break. I a new a a done to should be written Down in Farley s political note Book. It should read a a done to go i to Alaska during an election i for while the postmaster general has been in the Klondike the thing i nearest and Dearest to his heart has been As Good As lost namely demo Era tic control of new York St ate. For five years has been a request of Cio organizer is denied by supervisor i dominating influence in the policies of that state he spends Only about i two Days a w Elk in Washington the rest of the time largely in new York. He has Long nursed the ambition to be governor but now that is out the window All because he went to Alaska. For while was browsing thru i the Northland. The american labor party made a cd a1 with the republicans which probably Means democratic Del cat. Inside Story of How this slipped through is typical of tile present bungling within the democratic party. It began before departed in fact before senator Copeland s death when the american labor party came to and wanted to team up with the democrats. Alii the labovites wanted at that i time was to name the lieutenant governor on the democratic ticket they also proposed to run Sidney Hillman of the amalgamated clothing workers against Copeland Farley however turned them Down he said that while Washington was interested in the senator race it could not interfere with the state ticket and help name the lieutenant governor. Obviously this was just stalling. Postmortem alter Copeland s death the labor party came Back to the democrats. This time All they wanted was one assemblyman. They already assemblymen and in order to give their party the appearance of growing they wanted seven. But even this modest request was turned Down by this time Farley was in Alaska and tammany leaders could not get together they said it was too late to remove any tammany candidate from the democratic ticket to make room for i a borates. It was Only after this final Rebuff that the labor party went to the j republicans Here they were Wel corned with open arms. Instead o Glt it Iii ii it assemblyman they were premised 12 to 15 assemblymen 6 seat irs 3 judges and 3 Congress i men. J and ii torn Dewey. Gane Bustin f i District attorney runs for governor i the Republican ticket the combination will be unbeatable. That is Why so much persuasion is losing j used on Herbert Lehman to run i again for governor. He alone prob j ably could boat Dewey. Lehman a wife however wants i him to be a senator. Lylall bag yrs. No a Winterville a the $4,000 contribution of Frank Walker sex head of the National emergency Council to the Georgia primary Campaign is the result of his close Friendship for president Roosevelt. The president is too her cent for the nomination of Lawrence s. Camp against senator George and his friends Are supporting him through Campaign contributions. Frank Walker gave $40,000 to Roosevelt s personal Campaign in 1.932 Long before he was nominated at Chicago and has continued to give Ever since. A. A. Bob Ida. The state department still continues to License Aims shipments to Germany though not in important quantities during june Germany purchased $3,788 Worth of revolvers and a number of ail plane parts. C. T., Anderson. S. Cd. A tile appointment of Edward j. Noble head of the life Saver company As chairman of the civil aeronautics authority it anything has boosted the consumption of his Candy. Ii. J., Petersburg a. Col Tate Darden newly nominated democratic congressman from Norfolk. Va., is not Only anti new Deal but connected by marriage with the i Liberty leagues his wife is a Dupont. A Mutual admirers one of the bitterest confirmation Battles in the history of the Senate was the fight Over president Hoover s appointment of judge John j Parker to the supreme court. The Able North carolinian was turned Down by a narrow margin my a week later Justice Owen j. Roberts got the prize without a contest. Last week at the american bar association convention Parker re d Roberts had several very cordial chats. Both voiced the highest admiration for the other. You know Roberts told a Friend. I have always thought that the pounds in which judge Parker was marked during the debate on hts appointment were extremely unfair. I believe he would have made an excellent addition to the supreme Parker not Only lauded Roberts but also praised Justice Stanley re d. Parker was prominently mentioned for the vacancy to which Reed was named Lase Spring. Introducing him at a round table on judicial administration. Judge Parker said. A Justice Reed is the sort of a Man whom we lawyers would appoint to the supreme republicans chose Between Robert a. Taft. Son of the late president Howard Taft and supreme come Justice Arthur in Day in the senatorial race. By John Goette ins staff correspondent peking China aug. 9�? ins figures Are handled with amazing looseness in China but then they May err on the Small Side so that the estimate of three and a Hall billions of american dollars As the a out cd the War Iii China can be in understatement. A chinese economist Breaks this figure into such component parts As 150 millions for military expenditures two and a half billions in property damage 200 millions in losses to Commerce and Industry and 750 millions in loss of personal incomes. These Are All quoted in american currency. Again inexact statistics claim that there Are no less than three million chinese refugees from coastal Points wandering about Iii the in j Tenor. Seventy live per cent of i these homeless vagrants Are supposed to be less than thirty years of age. Older men and women have died in the Long migrations. Refugees classified j seventy per cent of the refugees j belong to the Middle classes while nine per cent Are persons who had i wealth and property when at Home. I persons formerly connected with i educational institutions Are placed at 55 per cent of the total wanderers 21 per cent with government of Kuomintang party offices to per cent with business concerns 6 per cent with labor groups two per cent with agricultural pursuits and two per cent general unemployed. Fillion orphans piling tragedy upon tragedy chinese welfare workers assert that the demand of a Cio organizer that the county Board of supervisors give general Hospital employees a 20 percent salary boost was refused today by supervisor Roger Jessup. Jessup chairman of the Board t to Cio representatives that Hospital employees Are receiving adequate pay and that no increase in wages is warranted at Iii time. War has produced no less than one million orphans scattered in various parts of the country. Stark and sad As is the tragedy of these living wanderers More grim is the great toll of War dead civilian and military. No competent compilation will Ever be made. However the fact that the police of Shanghai municipal settlement have completed the gathering and disposal of 23,313 corpses from the settlement and adjacent areas Only Many months after the tide of Battle moved in. Tells its own mute Story of death by shot and Shell. By George Marcoux you would keep a contented husband i it him think he is the Boss and by a Little tact y of can go right on ruling your Home to i our of n satisfaction the second Way that husbands want their wives to treat them is As Little tin gods. Every Man wants his wife to put him upon a Pedestal and to Burn incense before him. He wants Lier to regard Hun As an Oracle whose words Are pearls of Wisdom that she gathers up and preserves. a Sailor Man s comin Here Chi i 11 no rec r a Sai Lor wonder what he wants ? c ahoy skipper j have you got your Crew even done All signed up Jany Gookin from Hatteras i Well we to Singapore Ani need a i la sign for vc6ok�? grub an quarters ave Aye sir show me the a a to in reality that in what Eiery Man marries for Little As he May himself realize it. When he picks oui a girl for a wife it is not for her Beauty her intellect her entertaining line her amiability nor her domesticity but Tor her ability to keep the Joss Sticks alight arid make him feel that he is As Wise As Solomon As much of a Fascinator As Clark Gable and As big and Strong As a heavyweight Champion. If women told men As Many Home truths before marriage As they do after marriage weddings would be As rare As earthquakes. Why a Man should crave his wife a Praise above the plaudits of the world Why it should be necessary to him to Shine in her eyes no matter How he looks to other people Why lie should be More sensitive to her criticism than any one else s blame nobody knows. It is just one of the things that Are. But whenever you see a Man whose wife thinks that he Hung the Moon and who begins every sentence with Quot John says a As if that settled it you Wail find a floppy and contented husband. Dixie Dugan by j. H. Striebel and j. P. Mcevoy and conversely whenever you find a Man who is married to in woman wac belittles him who is always correcting his grammar and his pronunciation and throwing in his Teeth How much better other men succeed than lie Dees. You will find a bitter and disgruntled husband Wiio More Likely than not. Is eating out of the hand of some other woman who feeds him Angels food instead of dosing him on Gall end h or in w Ood. A. N also have the head of the House Complex. With Young husbands this is a positive mania. They Are uneasy about their authority. Jealous of a it. They want their wives to obey them. ask their advice. consult them about everything they do. In reality they Don t care a whoop about what their wives really do. They would be bored to death if they actually had to decide whether Mary should join the current events club or whether the in ing room should be papered in Pink or Blue. And nothing could induce them to risk their lives in department stores and speciality shops picking out Sally s and Janey s clothes. But. All the same they want Mary and Sally and Janey to ask their permission to buy a new rest and what sort of wallpaper to put in a room after the wife has made the gesture of recognizing her husband As her lord and Muster she can do As she pleases and All is Well. Men like their wives to treat them As a sort of Beneficent Providence the source from which All blessings How. The real reason there is a continual conflict in most families Over the Money question la not because husbands Are stingy but because they like to Dole the Money out piece by piece so that Friend wife has a living exhibition of Hubby generosity. When a Man complains about How extravagant i wife is and How much her hat and dress Cost it Doc u t mean that he begrudge i or a single garment or the Price thereof. Do tire contrary it is Straly his Way of boasting to the world How prosperous he is Aud How Lucky s a was to get a husband who could doll Lier up of you will Ofsars you will note that the Best dressed women among your a Quail tune Are always those who keep their glad rags hanging out Iii Public so to speak and who Are always calling attention Iii husbands pretence to some new piece of jewelry or a pretty truck or we expensive Tost that he has Given therm

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