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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 9, 1938, Arcadia, California Faire fou Arcadia daily Tribune tuesday August 9, 193$ 1 �9bbm a Beauty children health our own Magazine bladder ills often follow7 a bad cold p r j. Chrisman m d. The her has been a season of to Var of Conable weather and As Mig in be expected there has h t i i an epidemic of in flame at by troubles. This should a it a is in our guard against sudden oranges in the weather. Amen Lisa inflammatory troubles. Not the least has been the prevail net of cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. The bladder As an excreting Organ of the body of Paramount importance can usually be depended upon to take care of itself. It function As a mechanism of e x c r e Tion of waste provides it with a Way of throwing out often Jive material. Its troubles come mostly from the out fide As the fluids of the body pass through it on their Way to Dis a Osal. Or Chrisman w ills get infected cystitis it is True usually follows a cold but. As a Rule there must have been previously an irritated condition which turns into inflammation when the provocation occurs. Bacteria carried by the blood Stream will seek a place to Settle Down to business and Thev find it in the sensitive Walls of an irritated bladder. The irritation May so injure the lining cells As to result in a general condition of ulceration and thus the minute capillary Walls Are destroyed. Occasionally disease will creep in from an adjoining Organ especially from the kidneys. There is sometimes confusion Between the bladder distress and some affection of the kidneys. In some cases the trouble with the Uretha or the prostate the treatment required has not been carefully administered and infection has been introduced. It occurs at the immediate Mouth of the bladder and the misery is most acute. The pain of cystitis May be an occasional paroxysm or a severe pain of varying degrees which goes along with inflammation and which gives one a sickening feeling. It seems for the moment to of unbearable but. As soon As it passes there is unexpected Relief. When the pain is seated around the neck of the bladder the Organ is Seldom emptied completely and the retention of waste is an encourager int to the growth of bacteria miss Hunt drugs cure trouble it is not unusual to find people who thought they had kidney trouble to be much relieved on being told that their disease has its source in the bladder. There is no explaining this reaction Lance one ailment is As bad As the other and As hard to get rid of it usually takes a chemical examination to determine just where the trouble is located. One of the disagreeable body doors in bladder trouble is that of ammonia which is one of the products of decomposition which add to the irritation of the inflamed membranes whatever the process each feature aggravates the others and makes the general condition worse. The chemical examination referred to is necessary to determine whether the condition is one of acidity or alkalinity and whether pus is present. Antiseptic drugs that Are eliminated through the kidneys Are proscribed after the fermentation has been neutralised. A favorite method of treatment is to use Large quantities of alkaline Waters for several Davs to flush out he bladder then follow with acid drugs that Are Antiseptic and use Only a limited amount of aul j in order that the medicinal Ai inertia should not be diluted. Aches destroy Beauty try remedies by Jacqueline Iii it aching feet. Backache and headache Are the three most destructive enemies of Beauty they Dull your eyes etch lines in your forehead and around your month make you nervous Anet Cross and your skin old and Sallow. Ironically enough in Many cases these three a caches Quot can be traced to neglect of your personal appearance or carelessness in your living habits rather than to any deep seated physical disorder or chronic illness. Aching feet and legs and nervous headaches Are often due to the vanity that makes you Force your feet into shoes that Are a size too Small or to the High heels you Wear to make your Ankles look More slender. Sensible shoes regular foot care and exercise will bring about a permanent cure. Do you need glasses some headaches Are due to insufficient sleep or faulty Elim i n a t i o n and indigestion due to faulty diet sometimes you have them because you have neglected getting the glasses you need. Because you were afraid they would spoil your appearance. Correct the condition and your headaches will be a thing of the past while your face blossoms with a new Beauty. Backaches Are frequently due to Lack of exercise poor posture or excess weight. Often All three conditions work together to make life miserable for you. Get More exercise. Improve your posture and get your weight Back to Normal and you will feel and look like a new person. I am not suggesting that you be your own diagnostician. If any of these conditions exist see your doctor your Oculi St or your foot specialist but if the cause for your aches can be traced to any of the reasons i have mentioned their correction is pretty much up to you. Cure for backache Here Are some simple posture exercises that will Correct Many cases of backache. Ask your doctor if he approves of them for you lie Flat on the hard floor on your Back your hands Back of the neck. Take a deep breath raising the Chest High. Hold this position while you exhale by pulling the Abdomen in hard. Holding this same position Bend the Knees drawing them Back toward your Chest feet pulled up draw the Abdomen in As hard As you can. Then relax and lower the legs. Repeat several times. Sit on a straight chair or Stool Bend the trunk Forward from the hips keeping the spine perfectly straight. Repeat several times this is the position to take when Vou Are writing or doing any sort of desk work. Try it when you Are sitting on a Stool to Peel potatoes or Iron. Stand with the heels four inches from the Wall but with the hips shoulders and head touching. Flatten the Abdomen and try to press the Small of your Back against the Wall. Now walk away holding the same position the weight balanced Well Forward on the balls of the feet. This is the Correct standing position at All times. Slack suits overalls go on your vacation rugged clothes needed for sports on air lines vacation in the country Calls for sturdy clothes. The girl at the left wears a two piece Slack suit of powder Blue and White striped Denim with a shirt of sea Island Cotton. Her companion likes overalls in a Shepherd s Check of heavy Cotton in Blue Brown and White with a Royal Blue Linen shirt. With her Slack suit the girl at left wears a round Straw hat that is Cool and shades the face. The other girl vicars a visor Cap. Beauty tips dishes for today menus to bring cherries to table in new dishes by Judith Wilson a Herries Are Ripe cherries a Are Ripe Quot now is the time vinegar cleans Glass u e vinegar for cleaning Glass water bottles. Tea stains May be removed from China cups by washing them with vinegar and Salt. A or those who feel they Haven t the professional skill to Massage their own faces there is a new method. Instead of rubbing patting or any of the usual methods you Pinch your Way along. Using your thumb and forefinger in a gentle Pinch press movement working upward from the base of the Throat Jawline to temples and Over the Mouth lines to the nose. It is a grand method for a Dull skin and flabby tissues. Honey is one of our oldest known cosmetics. Since the beginning of recorded history women have been using it for softening. Smoothing and bleaching their skins. If you want to try it cleanse your face thoroughly first apply the Honey and Massage your skin for several minutes. Rinse the Honey away with warm water and smooth on some nourishing Cream As Honey is slightly astringent in action. Indian envoy Turhan and All Here to promote u. S. Trade any Case of organic i tuna Tion Calls for rest in cd this particular Type should by to a with bed rest As a Bane. Along with a careful diet. So hit the bodily forces May by conserved for recovery. Cystitis has a Way of repeat in itself and sometimes it taker Only a slight cold to Start the second or third attack. Avoid draught or wet feet and take your usual cold remedies a Little Mere promptly than Vou Are in us habit of doing. Kitchen hints bib Green and yellow i Good colors for k n c -.rations. Tile unbleached my shades will help lighten a to Kitchen. Remember that your Kite a a your work hop my your it your tools. A Good known by the neat net of Brand the Good condition of soap the ropes use hard laundry soap on Dew Rones if windows do n r scr up easily and you will not. R i. Improvement. By Talbot Lake a c an with All the Alba recently arrived he is harder Singh just been appoint Soloner from Indio states the first Stablish direct con. And that fabulous companies by his a year old Daugh. And Singh. Or Ole Presque As he amp boat wearing a i it us and turn on a enough a o3r. Gentleman the United states. He told the ship s reporters that India has enjoyed a favourable balance of Trade with the v. A. Having exported some $10.000,. While our exports to her were slightly Mere than $39,000,000. Indians chief exports Are jute Tea shellac Goat skins end Oil seeds. Automobiles oils radios machinery and canned goods Are imported. Or. Malik is forty three an Oxford graduate and was the first Indian to earn a commission in the Royal flying corps. He hit Down x German plan is was shot Down be mud the German line. Bot a reaped. He belongs to Tim f Khz icon to can this choicest of All the Small fruits. And now is the time to serve your family the Sweet Juicy cherries while they Are at the Peak of their season. There Are literally doyens of ways in which cherries can brighten your menus. Serve them pickled As relishes or you May convert them into colourful desserts either cooked or uncooked and use them in fruit cups and salad combinations. While the jams jellies and preserves you make now Are intended primarily for brightening next Winters food picture they too will taste Good right now. Cherries you will notice appear frequently in this weeks menus. Sunday breakfast blueberries and Cream ready to serve Cereal shirred eggs Toast Coffee dinner mock Squab Small broiling Chicken stuffed and roasted Fluffy mashed potatoes Gravy grilled tomatoes Grapefruit endive salad a Cherry roly poly coff monday breakfast Honeydew Melon hot biscuits with a Cherry conserve Crisp Bacon or sausages Coffee dinner Tan broiled pork Clines a pickled Cherry relish Fried Sweet potatoes jellied vegetable ring with Mayonnaise Coconut Cream cakes Tea dinner cold roast Lamb with relishes scalloped potatoes and celery buttered string Beans Cherry Shortcake Tea Friday breakfast Grapefruit juice hot whole wheat Cereal toasted muffins Cocoa dinner baked Salmon with Olive sauce boiled new potatoes buttered Broccoli fresh fruit salad macaroons Coffee saturday breakfast baked peaches with Cream French Toast Honey Bacon Coffee dinner roast veal loin buttered summer Squash Corn on the cob radishes and celery a Lemon Cherry ice Cream Mold Coffee a recipes will appear in subsequent columns. By Eleanor Gunn new York you la need sturdy clothes when you hike Canoe or just loaf around the farm boarding House or Camp this summer so the clothes shown today will fit right into the style picture. Slacks and overalls Are among the most popular for playtime clothes and you can t go wrong with today a two piece Slack suit in Denim worn Over a Cotton shirt. Another favorite is the overalls in heavy Cotton worn with a Blue Linen shirt. Now for some ideas on autumn styles. There Are some dresses that Are simple in effect but with a baffling simplicity that is the result of artistry. Such dresses Are not for Amateur Effort. You will find that Pink the Summers pet color will continue to be worn for autumn evenings because Pink is a Shade flattering to most women and a Shade men seem to associate with romantic ladies. Glamor girls we Call Mem. Tiny watches seen let me pass on a Little info about Paris accessories. For instance. There is a tiny watch set in the Center of a Golden Flower with Diamond stamens a charming thing and a Relief from the Bow knot Motif which thanks to the Louis Xiv revival is everywhere. This Fervour for bows started in Paris mid season showings when All important Couturier collections revealed new treatment of Louis Xiv fashions. Chanel showed enamel Bow clips on dresses big enamel bows on Ivy Leaf necklaces filmy evening frocks festooned with loops and bows of lace. Be Long considered his Bow dress one of his finest creations. From the Louis Xiv costumes also comes an important color that shares honors with the bows. A rather Light Blue with a hint of mauve in it. Dashing Little Jeanne Tete hats in this color Are Lovely with Black sheer dresses a color combination just launched by fashion leaders in Paris. Bows on Black hats tiny Black hats also designed by Jeanne Tete Are trimmed with ribbon or Feather bows in to s Superb color. Evening dresses of Slipper Satin in this unusual Blue and a changeable Blue and mauve taffeta with a Collaretti of Bown show what an Ideal color it is in the Bright lights and deep shadows of evening. Other interest in decorative ideas for autumn is concerned with ribbons. Chanel is one of the dressmakers who likes ribbons on evening dresses and several of her charming lace and Chiffon compositions from the mid season openings introduced grosgrain in simple belts a casual touch to these elaborately worked feminine sheers. This interest in ribbon As a trimming can be carried much further especially since it has been demonstrated this season that women like the ribbon touch especially lingerie dresses that have been worn so wholeheartedly this season with velvet ribbon lacing through beading. Its human but foolish to Gamble by Marian Mays Martin cometh ing you get for nothing usually costs plenty m the end. Paradoxical As this sounds it costs More than you or i or the other fellow can afford. Yet. Ive All have the temptation to take a Chance. Possibly the Man. Woman or child who docs just that would resent being classed an a Gambler. However when one docs take a Chance o n winning More than one has risked whether it s at a Stock brokers office or a county fair its gambling. In Prosper Ous times people Gamble because it s an exciting pastime. In depression times they Gamble in the Hope of getting something for nothing. It s not exciting then. Harrowing is the word. Mus. Martin copyright 1938. By Fairchild. A Brown Tweed coat brightened by Orange nubs is tailored with a Jaunt iness that suggests the Devil May care spirit of aviators. This Quot airways Collar fastened until a self strap is snug smart and stitched. Front and Back Are Flat while gentle fullness flares the sides modes and manners avoid indigestion keep business worries and affairs outside the dining room door. Done to Tell any bad news or Promise children a whipping at the table. By hum Oring the stomach too much it will become opposed to perfectly Good foods owing to too Long disuse. Tuesday breakfast i Orange juice creamed hard cooked e on Toast Cocoa dinner Bak a Ham shoe Savory Brown Rice buttered Strum brr a jollies Tomato Sand promotes hair health splitting hairs is no Mere figure of speech to the modern maid or Matron. Its very much an actual and serious problem. Ends Are All too Apt alas to dry after a series of permanents especially of you Haven to been As faithful As you should and who is a about conditioning treatments and tonics. If you re having trouble with splitting hard to manage ends. A Little special nightly treatment will help a lot. And Don t say you Haven to time or you re always a just too sleepy to and its All you can do now to Roll up the ends in curlers every save your Best funny stories for tabla talk. Question Quot should the Butler spreader be placed on the bread and butter plate or beside it a mrs. A. Tyr answer either Way is Correct. If placed on the plate it should be Laid Sla tingly across the upper right hand Side of the plate. Question of the Host serves the meat. Is it proper to pass the vegetables around informally and let the guests help themselves a a. answer it is much better for the hostess to serve the vegetables. If the Host serves the meat. The vegetable serving dishes should be placed directly in front of her cover with the spoon for serving at the right Side or in front of each dish. Question Quot a Friend called up after a party at my Home to find out if i had found anything la developed ten dollars urns missing from her purse. Evidently she believes someone at the party stole it. Does this make me in any Way responsible for her loss should i attempt to pay her a c. V answer since you do no know who took it you Are no More responsible for the loss of that Money than she is. You need do no More therefore than say that Vou Are sorry question. Quot the daughter 01 my Best Friend is being married Al a Church wedding. Would it he proper for me to attend7 i ant in mrs f d Quot answer a Parson in mourning May attend a Church wedding he. Or she. Takes a seat in an inconspicuous place preferably in the gallery and leaves directly after the ceremony thereby attracting As Little notice As possible. Gambling a Ever Monte Carlo has a Gay sound and there a something glamorous about the words a a Casino and but any one who a Over set foot inside the great Casino in Monte Carlo will Tell Vou that the gambling that goes on there is grim business the atmosphere tragic rather Thyri comic. These poor victims of a pernicious habit with their a a systems for beating the wheel May seem far removed from Little Johnnie who rushes off to the Corner drug stores pinball machine or from sister no dashes off to the local movie House because ifs Bank night or from Mother and dad one headed for the races the other for a Bingo party or a Friendly game of Bridge. But All these Are gamblers. Petty gamblers develop either into big gamblers or into their victims. A recent report compiled by a gloat insurance company shows that Petty gambling Nas spread amazingly. In fact to the estimated and staggering total of $7, 000.000 annually a lot of Money to a a chances and a lot More to Lese. Much of this gambling is Legal enough but a Good Deni of it Isnit. Betting on horse lacing Legal in 22 states and. In some states dog racing is also allowed. But. A the sport of Kings Quot is not a luxury for the Rich alone. All too frequently the poor also indulge in it to satiny Hie gambling urge. Let punishment be Swift sure but it must suit child a nature by Jane Herbert Goward a ciry tarts Del Day breakfast sliced peachy joked r be or cd cause in my time therees f the cd with Bere hat we re about to recon Doem to mean either extra or extra Effort. Heres Allt Ltd of r c the the hair up in moisten the ends drops of Glycerine. The it not univ the this simple Glycerine to to prevent split the hair also holds finn r v fruit it a c of i rub v in its with a it ii a i a f a i hint w c Al thursday breakfast in pineapple by oiled Ham Weberry Mullins loue ame i Modding Ca. Of butter ire it is re e sure toe Rnald Corn add a Tahr mixture d from the rinse the. T before u fill ran in one of his silly moods. U giggled talked nonsense and ended by becoming so boisterous he was sent to his room with instructions to remain there until he was ready to behave again. For the average child this no doubt w o u i d have been an Ideal form of Corr e c t i o n. By nature we Arr gregarious and do not like to be alone. Lit t i e children being e s p e Dally d e p e a dont upon the companionship the family group forced isolation a be conn7cd on i in gets in a hurry and g not Dan he happens tre Meiy obstinate Ile just had to Call Mother to be reinstated it sounds simple. 13ur Dan would die it Figuli a inept if he did hut a Harg a child Bas mrs sow Ord my approval of cannot Bear generally a. O come to then pc in. Bul to be sex a stubborn nature it is almost impossible to get him to admit or show by his actions that he is sorry. Parents who insist upon such a response will find they get nowhere with him. So Dan went to his room determined to stay there forever it necessary. At first he was extremely dejected. But nothing lasts. After a while he got out his Block set and started building. Mother found him playing. So thought. A Ile Isnit being punished. He is actually enjoying himself a thinking Dan had suffered Long enough and hoping to find b in contrite she had con a to release him. By she had waited too Long As a Rule proscribed treatment for correcting children is Funda me Tauy unsound. But it is up to the Parent to alter it to suit the or Cis of h particular child for this he has to know his own child and anticipate his reactions More or less where a stubborn Clr Lei like Dan is sent to his room As uni in cd a Call Hun out in a few minutes otherwise the child May find something plea ant to do there and forget that his brine Pun id d i be mud be Swift Aud cure to be effective. Bingo is gambling not so Long ago. Gambling among women was the Peg on which i Hung a Story in this column. It is a woman a privilege to have friends in for Bridge at a t nth of a cent a Point if she knows that this is within the Means of All present. But who really knows certainly the Money spent on numbers a form of gambling prevalent among the poorer classes can nut be spared for this purpose. Yet housewives frequently fall hard for the game of numbers sometimes peddled from door to door. Bingo is another favorite family pastime. Both Bingo and raffle Are popular forms of raising for Charity at churches Tirier subscribe to the Credo that to end justifies the cause. Vigorous protests have recently Ben voiced against such methods of obtaining Money whatever the purport. Betting on everything from the ship s run to mechanical horses is a favorite steamship pos i no. In offices everywhere there a Jackpot organizers for those who want to take a flier on anything from baseball to a boat race out Price fight Reform drives again t any and All forms of gambling Are constantly flaring up. But to y soon Peter out in face of the fact that 95 per cont of the Public want to Gamble in one form or another. Before succumbing to the temptation to take a Chance a a yourself not univ whether you Cen Alford it. But also whether Vou Quot can take it Quot a a loss As will As an improbable gain. Blundred to Une shots do come romping Home a but they Are still Hundred of one shots. It takes certain characteristics to be a Good loser and they Are not usually Given to women worthwhile hints keep your sandwich0 moist by wrapping them in lettuce leaves and eat fhe together. A i be pudding is much unproved by adding a Little can tour a Good dessert spoonful to a Quoit of milk. I col p de la the a. Wim be whitened by cd Soh in Ore teaspoonful of Cream of a a t. R in a quart of c a a water and put7 my the cloths in might to sock. Smock at night a flowered organza Smock with

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