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Arcadia Tribune (Newspaper) - August 9, 1938, Arcadia, California Page two Arcadia Dail Tki Faunl tuesday August ii bus f oohc�-0kkhah>ch>i><h>o<h3hchch&oo<> 00-ch>000 0 o o 0 c too it is an in pipe Tig it i 0 n Ewe a p Era 77 published Dally except sunday and holidays at 104 it first Avenue Arcadia. California Arcadia publishing company a. H a r o old noon president and publisher strange As it seems by John Hix for further proof address the author enclosing a stamped envelope for reply. Reg. To. S. Pat. Off. Contraband h by Dennis wheat Pyc entered a s second class matter March 14, 1930, at the Post office at Arcadia California under the act of March 3, 1879. So the Tribune was designated As a newspaper of general circulation by decree of court on the 8th Day of May i931, member Arcadia chamber of Commerce California newspaper publishers association k Arcadia West Side association 8 Bureau of advertising american newspaper publishers association it represented in the United states and Canada a by j. J. Devine amp associates inc. New York City Chicago Detroit Pittsburgh pa., and Atlanta a. Copies of the Arcadia i daily Tribune and full information about Arcadia and surrounding a markets can be obtained from any of these offices. It subscription Price single copy 5c 10c per week 40c per 0 month. Phone 2131 for All departments. J g advertising rates on application it &ch3 Odo 0000ckh000 <hx>0 0 0-0-00 oooo 00oo00 000h00o00-0<t000-0h> teamwork for health now that the National health conference after five months study has turned in its report the Sparks and the vitamins have begun to Fly. Reliable observers predict the present fireworks will not subside until Congress convenes and then a new Type of pyrotechnics will take their place for without doubt health instead of housing and medical care instead of reorganization will emerge As one of the most vital and Stormy issues of the 76th session meeting next january. The National health conference has audaciously urged that Uncle Sam Don physicians garb and for the next ten years extend care to those unable to afford it. Uncle Sam in the role of doctor would Send in a Bill for $8,500,000,000, yearly. This is the estimate of the sum needed. That vast numbers of our population Are in need of medical care and do not get it can be proved by More Statis tics than you could shake a Stethoscope at. Among the Foremost of All factors contribution to illness among the i Small income groups according to the u. S. Health service is inadequate diet and Lack of food to the worlds greatest food producer the Farmer this is fantastic burdened As he often is with far too much produce. On the farm not in the clinic clearly lies an immediate i solution to the undernourishment health problem. A Irish Low hmm world1? Light Woi Dot Champion Ute knocked out Eva punching bag at hit Piso hard inc apparatus Kil of him Iii coms All iou rounders if you want to hear the a Story of a Brave Engineer Casey Jones was the Rounder s Nameon a six-ei6ht Wheeler w/5, he won his ame Cassy Jones really used an en6ineer on the Illinois Central s j Cannonball express Quot his famous Farewell trip to the promised land Quot ended South of Memphis tenn., when his Loc Omote crashed a frel6ht train. Chapter xxvi they Here led out of the cottage urn round the Corner to it it other Side beyond through the Gray ii Alf Light that precedes the Dawn they could see u deep Gully with Muddy Banks in its bed a narrow Quot Ream was ebbing swiftly. They tossed it a Little farther Down by a plunk Bridge and came again on to tile Grassland up a Bank and across the Broad main Road from Sandwich to Ramsgate. It occurred to both the condemned men there to Maie a dash for it of they were shot Down Well better death that Way than what awaited them yet Sui ii is the instinct of All humans to Ling to life up to the lust possible Iii in it that both hesitated knowing the Odds to be so terribly against them. Before either had decided to Start kicking out they were across the Road and had been pushed Down the tar embankment to u place win in the River appeared again ii made a hairpin Bend. In i the Channel was deeper and tire stretch of water wider. At a in in w Ooden Landing stage running it above the mud a Large Rowboat a moored. Another moment arum i. Y were hustled into its Stern. I to f tin men took the oar while lie other two and the limper crowded into the seats which ran i and its after part. I. Limper sat in the Middle with his pistol drawn. The sex pugilist in the Bow oust Oil the Painter and any Effort on the part of the oarsmen the boat was carried a the Swift current towards the stooped placed a hand i. Neath his Knees and tipped him backward Over the gunwale. The oarsmen were dipping their oars keeping the boat More or less in position so that it drifted Only very slightly. The limper jabbed his automatic against Gregory s face while the Man beside him loosed his hands and pulled the Cord away. Like Wells his arms were almost paralysed from having been tied behind him for so Long. I eyes were wide and staring. The muzzle of the limper i t. Was still pressed against his Cheek for an instant Gregory a right leg twitched under him. A if Ells had Gene Dow n to above his thighs and was still shouting wildly at inst Gregory reached him and although he knew that he could never pull him out extended a hand toward him. The inspector grabbed it drawing Gregory toward him but the suction of the Sand was so powerful that he could not free his Bori up of a m 33 Sierra Madre news by Laura e. Cadmus wedding Date legion auxiliary is set for juniors will August 19th install officers at a simple Home ceremony with Sierra Madre. Only the immediate family in at a 2a�?installation Tendance miss Geneva c. Hill at an open daughter of or. And mrs. M. Hill. Jensen outgoing president of unit 180 East Sierra Madre Boulevard. No. 297. Juniors of the american Casey Jones a negro engine wiper in a Vaughan Mississippi Roundhouse one Day in the Spring of 1900 crooned this Little ditty As he worked a old Casey Jones he was All right he stuck to his duty both Day and night. They loved to hear his who tie and the ring of number Throe As he came into Memphis on the old i. a few Days before the wiper Wallace Saunders had been shocked by the news of the death of his id a1. John Luther a a Casey Jones Engineer of the crack a Cannonball express of the Illinois Central Chicago new Orleans run. Jones method of a whippoorwill in go his engines whistle had captivated Saunders and the song installation Grace i i Oak Ciers created was a fitting memorial to his Friend. The same Hugh Johnson says copyright 1938. By United press Syndicate. Inc. Reproduction in whole or part forbidden. Aii rights reserved. Ii it will become the Bride of Frank e Hailer of los Angeles on the even Over to the newly elected president ing of August 19. Norma Hogan Friday night at the miss Hill will Wear a White tailored City Hall dugout with mrs. Margaret _.,Ong rewritten and set to music by legion auxiliary win turn tile Gavel songwriter eel Newton Beta ame a National hit. Nicknamed a a Casey a because or suit with Matching hat and acc is Utz 18th District president of the Allecia from the town of Cayce. K series and Corsage of Gardenias. She american legion auxiliary As the will be attended by her sister Mel a Hill in a suit of Blue and Wear installing officer. The new group elected saturday ing roses. Hans Sulzer of Duarte i afternoon at the Home of mrs. Roy will serve the bridegroom As Best Man. A reception will follow the Cere Marjorie Pickett vice Money at the ranch House in Grace Jensen Secretary Adena after which the couple will user Mary Lou Lovejoy chaplain go direct to their new Home in los Finell Hill historian Lela Pickett Angeles. A kit it russian Jubilee set the russian Church of los Angeles. Of which father Gregory Prover ii priest will hold its Jubilee sunday at Wistaria Vine gardens. Dinner at 2 o clock will be followed by a program of entertain h Pickett 201 West Highland Avenue includes besides miss Hogan sergeant at arms and Velma Pickett. Marshal. A program will follow the installation and refreshments will be served the Public is invited it it it sunday night dinner guests of mrs w. J Lawless at Wistaria Vine a gardens were Ernest Williams wild through the Box ears for it Fri kalium of Holly Flower authority also noted for Wood. Who Heads the committee in charge of arrangements will be assisted by mrs. Sophie keel and mrs. H. Koblinsky of los Angeles and Sergi Serikoff of Sierra Madre. It it it Pilgrim Fellowship to meet the Pilgrim Fellowship group of the congregational Church will meet wednesday for swimming and a Barbecue supper followed by games at the Home of genetic Paschal. 3 in East Highland Avenue. On wednesday August 24 tile group will meet for devotions and a a Ocial at the Home of mrs. Waverly Pratt 359 North Grove Street a it Eteri to hold meeting the Eteri girls of Bethany Church will meet tomorrow with miss Elizabeth Harvey. 155 san Gabriel Ceu to. Mrs. Swam of Pasadena will be the guest speaker. It it it or. And mrs Elmer Martin Weese 58 North Canyon Avenue have returned Home from a week spent with mrs. Wees is aunt at los gatos and with relatives at Carmel and Santa Cruz. A Myrel Mac Weese Sylvia shipper. Jean Hinkley and Marilyn returned Home yesterday from a week at Aswegan Camp fire girls Headquarters at seven Oaks in the san Bernardino mountains. It it it or and mrs. Randall Perry and three children. 506 West Grandview Avenue left sunday for a two weeks vacation at Newport Beach. Color photographs and i hams of South Pasadena. Jones worked for the b. Amp o. And for the Mobile and Ohio roads before joining the Illinois Central. Casey so Farewell trip into the promised land took place on the night of april 29. 1900. With his 3 j resident fireman c m Webb he pulled into and treas Memphis 011 the fi38 hading learning that the southbound Engineer was sick Jones and Webb volunteered to double Back and take Over the run. The train rounded a Long curve just above Vaughan and roared downhill about 55 Miles an hour it was 30 minutes behind schedule. Suddenly a freight train loomed ahead pulling onto a siding. With a crash the train slowed tie fireman had jumped Clear but Casey stuck to his Post and was killed. Bethany Beach. i tautly the other Day i Bec years old. Acting the Simp i prise gifts that Cam to con c was a big. Beautiful a Garrison with this note a Dwir h a Hie Flag is for your i it Brance. It always. Porn to i wave a cheerful Greet q thanksgiving to the lord t Best land and government world has Ever found yet love. it in she reminded me years earlier when my father living the present Bac b n Bible. The note on the Fly says a dear Hugh Yor in and i Send you Thi we mend it to you As the very thing we could give you a it Lieve that it i the word of to Man written by his inspired the ants that it contains the i. Of the Ages and All the rub. Thinking that Are needed for a cent life. We feel that you la this and that you will wish Totie son to know that this b the Best lamp and guide to footsteps throughout his life Section lately s i. J my father a to yeah Here we have r Bible Mother Horn and Flag he constitute Ary table of among Thi a a red cows. To Siy in Quot Nae the u Gruel o eke a in on or Man a Cir to in re iter Thel Ong much i Rehg on or de imy dope a i shr or than in lits Angion but of in my to the popular Anion both got to it a it he Orny i Tor t Ciuc in son in place used to. No a land o a Ythi Quot is int Etc. Gov time impart Anc Dawn had broken and a the boat t m i ged from Between the to o links into Sandwich Haven on the Southern portion of the Bay the captives saw the vast area of Sand retching before them. The River a dinner its deep Channel twisting a. A \ ending Between the Flat i t bes which at High tide would it overed by the sea. Only the i met splash of oars now broke the s Lance of the Early morning. Another few moments and they a. Sed tile spot w Here the River i it tile outgoing tide. It was lip i Iii g gently along the Golden Sand \ it i mining out w Ith such Speed t at every Little Wavelet broke ten Yard further to the Seaward leaving a fresh stretch of Damp faintly so Ning Sand exposed to View. I he limper produced a pocket Compass and steadying it As Well As he could took a rough bearing. A turn her a he said. A we must Ltd i the Job about fifty Yards to the loft from the men plied their oars again. A few More agonizing moments gassed for the prisoners then the i Imper jerked his head in Wells direction. A undo his hands a he said. A if tile Anda shift and they re washed up later it la look As though they were caught by the the Man obeyed while the limper thrust his gun within two inches of veils Mouth. A make a move a he said a and ill blow your head Gerry Wells arms were free. His impulse was to lash out but his hands had been tied behind his Back for Over five hours. His Muscles were cramped and stiff and when he tried to move he found that the Effort Only resulted in agonizing pain. Tile limper gave a Quick glance round. No boat was to be seen. There was no one on the Shore. Full Daw n had hardly come and the faint still lingering Twilight must Obs ure their actions from any Distant Ca. Uni watcher. A Over with him a he grunted. Too Lute Wells wrenched his arms Forward. The Man beside him could Only knee the limper in tilt Groin a flashed through his mind hut the pistol would explode automatically with the contraction of the limper. Finger upon the Trig get and the Bullet would shatter i face into a bleeding mass of pulp. He decided to Duck and take the risk but the Man who had held him and the other who had d Alt with Wells came at him by pushing him violently upon the Chest Aud shoulders so that he went overboard with a loud spin h. Spitting and choking lie came up with his Mouth full of sea Antei shaking the drops from Ilia eyes i glanced wildly round. The boat was already heading Back towards the River Mouth its Crew pulling lushly. Then he saw Wells a dozen Yards away floundering about in the shallows. It was a matter of seconds Only before his feet touched the and. He tripped upon it regained his balance and stood up. The water was Only up to his Middle but instantly he stood he Felt the Sand giving beneath his feet so that he was in to his Ankles before he could pull them out again. He Flung himself Aal and began to swim out to sea knowing that his Only Chance Lay in reaching deeper water but the tide was ebbing with terrifying swiftness. As he lunged it it his toes kicked the Bottom interfering with his stroke so that his hands swept downwards and his nails scraped on the Sand below him. Gerry Wells was staggering from Side to Side trying to fight his Way towards the Shore but at every step he took the Sand gave like oozy mud under his feet and he Felt himself sucked Down. A on your face you fool a shouted Gregory desperately. A try and reach the deeper water then Well swim for i can to gasped Wells. A i can t swim. But the tides running out. If i can reach firm Sand ill get those devils the depth of the water had now decreased to a couple of feet. Gregory floundered on but it every stroke l1 took the Sand was churned up by his feet behind him. Wells stuck. He could Advance no further. He stood there in the shallow water waving his arms wildly As he endeavoured to fling himself Forward but his feet had sunk in and the Sand had him in its grip up to the calves of his legs. A help a he bellowed. A for gods Sake give me a hand to pull me Gregory turned a Little and splashed towards him but his Knees were now touching Bottom it every movement that he made. The Light was brighter now almost full Day. In the distance the limper. Boat appeared a Cockle Shell heading to landward up the Channel. Gregory could swim no further. He began to crawl Forward on his stomach knowing that to distribute his weight was the Best Way of preventing himself from sinking. Pm a ii Ion. To r Rucj not t nine or to in us cant it to inc an Ich argument on both fifes. Times religion i pure. Needed a government i Nav Quot ult t n and it i a i right n i Alt a a t or above needed criticism and Impi or Blent. Surely our system needed change in 193.i. But All this d an t mean that we should cast Oft or a yen loosen All Cid moorings. I a lady who a Rob the Flag note. 84 years old. As a girl she married a poor Man and went to Kanas in 1882. There and in Pioneer cd which the present standards of living of the lowest income classes arc Lux to ii joint author of the Bible Neie and so by work and of Denu l far beyond what today Sec orm nov should b a permitted. Children in College ago not to keep Hona she bore and reared her Cen in poverty and primitive it ions in comparison say j educated the. And famed for their own. Wealth but just enough i out hunger third and cold a they Buhl suffered much in w 11 h than o. In. In a under hosed. Both of them could tee flu Mark of the receding tide As it approached now by leaps and Bounds. At one moment they were struggling in Nix inches of water the next it was Down to three and almost before they had time to Realise it the Sou was gone leaving them stranded in the glittering Sand Gregory Felt it Well up about his thighs and wriggle As he would there was no Way to fret himself of it. The tiny particles formed a Glutinous mud which would not hear his weight More or Ley evenly distributed As it was. His Knees were buried and it trickled Over the hollows behind them. Wells had sunk up to his armpits. Both of them visualized the awful moment when the Sand won 11 by above their chins when they could no longer lift their arms and Wert dragged Down by the constant sucking motion so that the Sand reached their lips and entered their Mouths in spite of All their efforts choking them As they Sank and covering their eyes and Mouths. They began to scream at the top of their voices Yelling for help with All the Force of their lungs but not a sound came Back to them from the desolate wastes and no human figures appeared on the Distant Cliffs their Field of View had narrowed As they Sank and their eyes were now no More than twelve inches above the Sand. To their left the Channel Cut through the Flat expanse of Sand by the River Stour was still filled w Ith deep fast flow ing water but their Eye level was too Low for them to see it although it Lay Only some thirty Yards away. They ceased to shout conscious that their cries for help were unavailing and that every ounce of breath was precious in their fight for life. The Quicksand seemed to have become alive As though imbued with some evil spirit of its own. It sucked and chuckled As they fought it creeping up about them with gentle a checkable persistence. Wells had almost Given up buried to the armpits his head thrown Back he moved his arms Only sufficiently to prevent their submergence As Long As possible while the sweat of the terror of death streamed off his face. Gregory was still fighting against his better judgment us the Sands seemed to suck at him More fiercely with each new Effort that he made. It was then when both men Felt All Hope was gone that they heard the muffled drumming of a rapidly approaching motor boat. Suddenly it ceased and a loud report like the crack of a Small Cannon shattered the silence. They stopped struggling instantly and wrenched their shoulders round toward the left. Thirty Yards away a group of men appeared to be standing knee deep and rocking gently in the Sand. From them a Long Black Snake like rope was whizzing through the air a life line fired from a rocket gun. It twisted a moment overhead then came hurtling Down with a plop onto the Sand Between the two almost buried men Tho Lead disc at its end piercing the morass a Good Twenty Yards beyond them. To be continued copyright lb37. By King feat urea sgt udi Catt Lite 4 they not Only saw the building Dom it beginnings of that Southwest country but they materially helped to build if on the principles of those two notes. They both thought that the Bible contained a fall the rules and thinking that Are needed for a decent life a and my Mother still rein iou. By believes that this is the a Best land Ani gov rement this world has Ever found the Captain and the kids his we by Rudolph Dirks senators wife dislikes social i life of capital Beverly a s., aug. 9.�? Insil if mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge or. Wife i of the Junior u. S. Senator from i a Massachusetts had her Way she j 1 would live on a farm and devoted her interests to her i Imily. She is be seeker after honors in i Washington social circles. Instead she prefers to spend As much time As possible in Beverly j her birth place. In Washington. Mrs. Lodge is re i quire to observe a certain amount i i of social etiquette but she confessed i she does t live up to All require in its of the Job life in the capital j is As quiet and regular As the lodges j can make it. Books god music and her Garden Are mrs. Lodges hobbies. Senator Lodge is frankly proud of his wife cooking especially the soups she makes. His favorite arc vegetable and onion cups. Lung drive Between classes san Jose. Cal. Aug. 8. Or. Brant , instructor in psychology. Conducts clashes both in san Jose state College Here and at the University of California at Berkeley he too buies each Day. Tomorrow what famous sate Lias been unopened for nearly 501 years City Council meets As equalization unit meeting As a Board of equalization. The City Council of Arcadia today convened in the auditorium of the City Hall to hear complaints against valuations assessed against properties Here. The Council will gather every morning far two weeks it was announced. Act Dio Thev insulted my i a the. Al pcs. Sent done a i of Island ohs most Mon be v Klick. End its their ----7 i let r to Joe Paloska Joe boy you was swell t come of <d9 i can t Tell a what a rat i was a Joe let s never be separate a again. T c i know what youse a went to the president i Fer me. I a Afri shiite Quot a but we can t Ever be tether a a No matter How much youse t love Joy allure ---1 never wanta be within a s thousand Miles of Don t by Ham Fisher Wei at ? Well Fer the Luva Pete a Joe to think i let v that Dame lie about Yat think i was so nuts about a Dame that i turned against my Best Friend i done to know How or what t say kid. Joe a forgive me if a can. Toh la. Prob by do it again. In museum

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